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Full text of "The Australian Women's Weekly 31-08-1960"

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ueemtcri'rl in Auinralla for iratu- 


August 3), I 960 

Over 800,000 Copies 
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National Library of Australia 91 45 

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hiikhx iij all pmiiani-nt.\. 

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On d nut 

OUICREITt nun., iirni. 




Hr..a ' llUl L,i,L.4.-MUll i.}ilm-l. .. liiaiVV H "-f-U 

M.ltoiimc-. Sc«S|iTOPr Houat, 2« Eai:in3 St.. Mt-lliiiii Li.= ^''''^ISli: ^'Sj'*''- O-t-.O. 

AdrliKIr^ Biililil SV. Mulnldi: tiSt.tirs. Bmt aSBA G.P.O. 

Vmi!. C o NcW»»HpBT Slflklrr. L2& St. OPonr j Tcrraci^, It**rti3. Lotttri" UiO. DJ^.O. 

AUGUST 31. IWl Vcl. 28. No. n 

• The picture on ihe Q|»posiie pap;e is nol ibe kind of [ilclure 
our reailer* are accBsloiued lo seciU^ ut lllis paxier. 

We publish il a* a pnhlic daly. We know (hat every Aob. 
tralian wants lo see the mnrderep of Graeme Tlionie hronpbl 
to jusLire. 

Il i» now jjeven weefca Bin'cc llie Little boy wftb kitiliapped on 
liiii way to Bcliuul. Police hove few leads La follow; one of their 
nii>«>t valuable clues is tbe rug. 

They believe tbal women, wilb a keener eye for fabric and 
colnr., may recognise I he ru;; more readily than inuny muu 

That is why tliey sought the belp of Tlie AiiHtraliaQ 
Women's* Wi-ekly iM this Iragit case. We are glad to do any- 
thing in our power to assist tbeni. 



Prin>ri'^n:« Ai^?cunrlru% Difil 3, 9 

ifuid'e to tlie Olvmpic Gnmi'^ 33 lo 40 

The IjMlf Ludr und iKe -diaii-Tnnn 

(if ibr Rr^Jirrt, Robtri ffVfJft. . 16, 17 
Tlir Compefi^Jifinfc Fuutor* Irrnn 

liickntBtt . 19 

Miu <i H Of fish ni Gws T<y yiawvavi 

(s^riuK iijarl 4-)^ Aitnr T^lMcomtte: 21 
Moment of O^parlure, MirTf[.aret 

Avon ■ , , . . 23 

Dr^NJt Hf^nM: . . , , . . > « 31 

FasJilifn Froclcit * , * . , . 56 

l''a:$Si[an PaUirj-nn. . , . 69 - 

CoJor Preview — **W|iiie Wilder* 

n«^ti'^ . . , , - . . . . . . > . . . 56, 57 

FilniH , SB 

T*-Ii'T i?*ion Purwde .. * ftS 

IToittt^ and FunM^ 

Dun'i ShiTitit ihe TsflcliiT — Sfa*:'s 

DoiEL^ ||t>r fti^l .45 

Man in Apiron . . 

t^biriU-JiJiij; — Winriaw FhrH^.m .... 44 

iE^d<»0 NmioniLl tlnby Cotiimt , . . . 47 

Htfinir Pluri? 50 

lliiukrri' — I)rbbi«- jHaJtrn Manli- 

naiilliiw DrtirHcir^ . , 51 

Pria- f{fftpe& S2 

fte^ular features 

It S^Tims Tw Mp^ iJar^ihy Ornin . . lO 

WnrlJi lle|>arl]iig ... , ^ ^ Ifi 

AuElrflliui] Homca . < . ^ £7 

l.rf-ii*^r Bit\ . . . , . H , - . ^ . . * . 29 

ItuHH r.amijbdl 29 

.Wial fiO. 61 

Yotir lk)ok«fa«lr , f»S 

Sliir-i . . . , ^. , , 69 

Jackv* DiafTr 70 

MiinHrake, ClrtHswonl 71 


• Suilors for Princess Alexandra seem as hard to come by a« 
ihey were for Prince9§ Margaret, says Anoe Mathesoii. of our 

Loudoti stafi. 

AKNE toid us: "Lord 
O'Neill. King Baud- 
oviin of Belgium, Prlmx 
Ilarald of Norway, and 
Ju;m (.^rids. f'tdt'sT son of the 
I'rcicndfr tii the Spanish 
Tlirf.inr, ha\u- iir-n mi'niinni'rl 
iali'ly as paw i till- -JdilDr*. 

''Tin.' nuisl ri^'t'nt ia a youDg 
Itiillan ntjhicman whom iht^ 
Hrincpis imqirtl to d.ineos in 
fhi^ ftmntrv."' 

.'Vnni^. who givps the Prin- 
ccw's siinitning dirt fur hrr 
Nigcfiiii iciui' (pigfi 8 arist 
£1). raid: 

■*Artordiiig Tij Mr. Philip 
Hay, thtr Duehcss of Krnts 
privaip sfiTPtars', ]"rinri«L! 
Alt'jt.indrA i*i lonkinji. frjrwaid 
III hpr x'ifiiT to Niwcrin. 

"Atrira, hp jaid, wajs a rral 
rhallniuif lo ihi- Priiii'm, dif- 
Icrrnl altogrthfr Uom ht-r visit 
tO' Aijvtralifl. sini'i' it u-as <'.'iwn- 
Iklly of 3. more harrnaJ nature. 

"Nnr -wnuid sho tir abti" tf^ 
tnjny thi- 'very high di'gri?p of 
infuriTlalilv' did tn Aii^;- 


* -k -k 
XRK.N'.\ DICKMAN, authar 
of ^Thp Ccimprnsi^iing 

Kacltir" (piige IS], bi% had a 
varit-d carter sin re sh* arrived 
ill .Aufiitalia from EKglaod, 1" 
)fars ago. 

Stic ijegan as a cuok on a 
QiiEnisIaud shci!p statiaii, 
where she wroTc her firti siiurt 
story "frorn shi-er borfrdoni.'' 

Now f^ie is editor of n small 
masiieini' and romprrf of die 
'f'V ■KHsioii "Pets' Comer" on 
AiJpLiidc's ClLinrnd 7. 

Ili'tWft.'n tiint?^ she writ(*^ 
ad let 11 sing rujiy am) TV 
scTipl..>, Shu \i writing 

.1 book on du^s, "T&c World 
Aifaiust Us."' 

In real life Ttcna Ditkmiin 
is Mrs. Rcaa Cfont, of Moaiia 
Bcarh, .StJuili Aumralia, 

She told our Fkiion Di"- 
panratMit shp liked writitig for 

"Vou like off-lacat ^tnrirs 
and f pot SB rired of uriiinR 
tu 3 tomiulu," ihe said. 
♦ * * 

Our Cover- 

• Thr Olympic I'biinf 
drama Ileal ty higliligtils > 
Gold Mctial— goai of all 
ilic adilrtps from (lie 87 
natioiiv competizig in di* 
fJlytnpir (iama 
in Rome. CInr tovft 
wa5 designed b) s**^ 
orlisi Roger IJonnrllin, 
wKn also dwip'"' 
eighl pagr, jll-inlm, pull- 
out guide ro di' tJanies 
(pagT-L 33 to 401. 

Miirkrnaae. a fnvnritP f«r 
g<ild-m.>dal honors when wr 
were prfpariiiR the Glylflp"^ 
itiiide, has had nicer tii>l»blr. 
* * * 



Italian di*i~ .ire feslo"™ 
ill 11 fiiur-page puH-uot in CJ" 
nenl I'siue. Miin> of 
(fches AW. «hawn »Pf?" 
supprh mlor pielura of 
plants of wfiirh thi-y att, tfpl- 
cal — RpTTie, Vi-itiie. MSa«. 
Pmiifino, die .\dTintic tim^' 
Widi [he imphaiii W 
Rutne Ofvuipici, fal llie W'T 
the flalinos do. 

^.^S ihi.s i&Tue was going to 
press, It wai Riill undi-eided 
whether Stusrt Markeiirie 
( patfr 34) wouid ronfiisi tiie 
sinjjle srullitiii! event .11 the 

National Library of Australia 91 46 

This phatagraph is published lEt 
the request af the IM.S^llV, potice 

9 The Conualssioner of 
Polirt for New South 
Wales, Mr. C. J. Delamy, 
asked The Aufitraluin 
Women's Weekly to pub- 
lish this picture. 

ris a photngraph of the rug 
in which the body of 8-ycar- 
(ild Grattnc Thorne, ld(lnap|3ed 
from his home at flondi, N.S.W., 
on July 7, was wrapped when it 
wa<i found 12 ttiile^ away, at 

The rug CT one of thtsc vital clues 
whjrh imv he[p At police find 

Anyone who Terngniscs the rug, or 
OH'fts .1 siiDibr oiip, ii rcquraK.'d to 
CQiitttti Ihr pnlux. If in Sydnrj'. ihpy 
]hj:>NM tft^phonc pnlicc htadqunrt^m, 
BCI30. Cduntrj' or intprsiatt rradm 
^hnkjtd rnnfdL't their riyijrrsi poSit-e 

Sf tb(^ area in vt'hjrh the mt* was 
bovffhi or ninniifncturfrd can tie r^tab- 
li!ti«l it win lidp to narrmv poUcp in- 
I'tjljjjalioni to a p*rti" time or a 
partimUr plarr. 

Thr pnlicp ire ^irtxinu^ ro dLscovcr 
whether anyone owning a siniilnr rug 
hill bad it iioleu in rt'crnt WMks, either 
from a car or from a house. 

UaiT3 and othrr foreign matter found 
■II thf rug arc being examined at the 
Pfllifc Scirnlific Investigation Hiireaii. 
The pphi'p sny that the rug is pflrtj™- 
larly important lieeitupie of the lack 
of durs, otcrpt for (he picrr nl string 
which ixjuiid GrtieniB's legs and the 
torf whiri wan tied tightly roimd tii 

Sydney Potice have isiued this 
dcscrip^cHi of the rug: AlJ-wtKil 
travel rug of Ausmlian minufac- 
turr,, G?l iocKes long (lacluding 
(ringel by eiin. Lcngtli. exclud> 
ing fringes, is 6Jiin. Colur: All- 
blui-grey background with larfii: 
ovcrchcck of white, blacli, and 
niaroon. Coloriiij! a not is bright 
as thoM at proeot on die market, 
Md it is suggesied it could have 
heen manufactured !(l years ago 
or even prt-war. 

Width uf color buds: White 
3/lBiii,, l]in, and l|tu,: fclact, 
S/lfiio., Jin. and 1 3/1 (iin. ; 
niaroon iin. and H'm. Fringes 
ore m^chioe-sliiclied and apptoxi- 
Biaiely 2iin. long. The maker's 
label is niisiing, huf was approxi- 
■oaicly ^in, by 2in. and sdldied 
wiih' a iig-iag ,iiich. 
Althiiugh the rug is an atf-iiver dull 

grey. II ij thought i( wa.5 cirigbally a 

mufh brishiei grey-blue. 

Police say that it will help them if 
anyour can supyAy an idcnitical rue 
to llie one iii whirh Gracmr's bndv was 
'''ITIPf'*- l'>-""™ iieing iiiter^Sewed 
vill he jihown it insiead of the cclor 
trstutpnrmfy vi-jtl, which thf police 
at-' at present hating to work, a.v it 
wmiid rnnble more poiilivr identifi- 

ir anyone car, hrip with mformmimi 
Ml the murder rug, or ran ,upply ibc- 
Pohe^ with a t^ev ^r^.- 

urfjfd to comt- fonvari 

T>!» famjIOMLS WOMEM'S WESla.Y-ABffISt 31, 1960 

Thia U the rug in lohich Graeme Thome's body ipim wrtipped. 

Po^s 3 

National Library of Australia 91 47 





N<it mlf cleon chcsl congeitran but itraiiii hiddM a«Ml aai shiHS 
congeitian at well. His csBgh goat ... hi krrathti frstlj^ . . . 
ht il9e[»l 

jL L 

N•w^ mwt^ cvmplct* refill. Now. when yaur child coughf 
agttiu and anaiii and ciui't jret zUt tlucp Eh? naeds^. him 
TiMw Icnfrroved VicJtn Coueh Syrup 

Vitlci Cmigh Synjp eoDtaim a ipecia]. medicaily appnjv^ 
a ntl-congj^iitimt that not only cImim cheat wni;e!iHcr^— rr 
dnina c^hbI end ifnui carigfntion a> w^ll. Wliat's' fnckre, thin 
unique ^ti- ccmgciBtfl n t acmally ket^ cnng^tiQn from 
buLldin^ Up! ATtd. with cdbgcittinn. mawt . , . hix HCDUgh im 
goiifi , . . he breetJiH fr^ly , , . itiMp* the nigbt through. 
And you ilMp. unll 

M»i txcluilv* d«»p-p«ii«tro4lB9 actiaH, Impfrovvd Vicka 
CoiUti] Syruji Blng contSUls Calmnjum, the Amajnn^ tie^T?- 
pcoetrfltiinf >genc Umt bdn^ loothiriiu fowJii^^cioas dtwp 
irilti IrritatwJ folds ard cravirts af thrgut ^hetc otbec ?nu^h 
Eyrtipa tiftvtsr rftBchl 

And Vitamin C. Tp t»!p ynuj- child fight off lDf«>ctim] ttrid 
buUd III! roiift^Eico to colda, impfDved Vitkii Cough Syrup 
canLALn* freih-fniit VitBinin C! 

So doft'L lol u Eutegirtg. pergiitent wiiah ketsp ypur child 
ficrm gEtiinji the alsep he rnwdt Tonight, glvfr him new 
Imprejvful Vitks C<iiigh Syrup wtth Viumio C! 

Ne« wniOKD Ms 


Vllamin C 

Prttcriptlan ilro^ t li — tar adiltit 

New Vicks FORMULA 44 

adutl cuif^ti) G(nr /cii(«r, imire rant- 



# it's a icmle of money tossing three 
coins in the founUnn in Olympic Rome, 
becaitste you couldn^t wish nitything 
more thrin being here for the greatest 
extrttvaganm bt the history of the (^mes. 

Page 4 

EVEN befote the Olym- 
pics gut under way 
with the August 25 open- 
ing etrcmony it was im- 
pf>Mvib!(> not to bt tTispircd 
by tilt magnificent setting. 

Thr tjiiii!|.s arr an i^XrltTw' 
for irfAatinp nut only tirw 
spiiriing vmucs bui alw 
I ijiirilJesi ni'w builtliris!^. roadv. 
iind britJci-j, mil in itu>' 
IwUitu (r>>cliii(jin ri-cryihip if 
[f£ A wQi't of an. 

The rmiU if thai thir ritj- of 
^ miUinn h\ci'\ n(,TW has ;i 
tiiiilii-n antl itiiiny vmi' mnrf. 

It lias rhiinccd iriiirh 
that rvt.n ihr- Komntis 4ua^t 
know ^'hcrr thcvVf. ^ding, and 
ihr IrnfTiir becomes ckiorii: 
Ll\<^ like bpin^ djrowa to the 
liiiiLS rvcry tiillr yuu, enter 
a car. 

Wllrn 1 fjrsr urriird, IT 
cla>^ tw'far*- tlic rjiafTtes, I. 
like Ptftsmpn from sill rniinil 
ilii> ■uirHd. thniiBht i.h;ii tiic 
liijus inifiht lijtvc lif^rti n kiiidfr 
fiin- ihaii rovt-rin^ ihe Oatiu'j. 


Mv story WLi^ :vpK';i1. 

Ar Romp Inti'rnatifinol .Air- 
]>nrT I w^a<i iv<^lrnnn>rl by Twn 
[iri'tly lisiititlriiK — .Gabrk'lli- 
Mjci'hi di t'.cUi-rt' ;*iul M:iriti 
I'li/ia Ciamliiiio — iiv'o <if 3r)fl 
iiiiif^irni4*<l iiiiiTfJrj^trn; tnpi'i- 
ijiu iind !iuidif]*r ^J^^^cial OU'm- 
pu vjsJtnrs. 

They sped me through dii' 
CustiMtis and prctviili^d ;i etif 
;3n(I drt^'i"! tiikf inr tVlr, 

milr". tr> Dr>mua Pitria* a 
part (if ihf Pn-w Villagi!. 

Ffir thou' frw luiniilw it 
iv;ss li KtiJd-nii^lai perform pin o- 
ill nrtrniii^iiiiii- 

Biil [roiii (ht'ii rontusiciii 

'i'Tir drivrr. who muldn'i 
^|ii:Bk Knglish, didn't knii^v 

.Apparently nrithfr did ihr 
ihrrr pcupk hr wokr EroiiL 
xitrxt.i, an jcr.cxruni virndnr, nr 
14 {>olLcrmen bi: a^ed Inr 
dirccliDILV. And sn. fuur houriE 
and oQf. Conk'^ 'lour of Rome 
latcr^ t arrivrd at l>riTnm 

This titiv 4if iwn tmitclin^^ 
!»rmlwg till- Pri'M Villaar. 
liimrinu laoil iii-crt'dilrrl jour- 

M;^h:^T.^ of idl IlilUlin-i. 

of ^i*iicp I ;uid Diitnu*. 
^Momi" of M-iry) art* n^UgUuM 
I'riiTrpji .sr(,f]ndtwl fwr iht* 

VVhnf*V(*r dccid^ti lo bfvnw 
ihr I^r('s?inif*n m ttii; Hcusp nf 
Prarr wmtid bf-ai Damun 
Riitiyon n* a buiiii>ri>.'t. 

Th"> bullt^iiu! i» il^iiailv ujiird 
as an nv^TnifeJht hi>i'tc] fnt 
C;;iJh<ilir pil^ms, «(m Mill 
iirri\w-'d Ijy ihr Iju^.ju^d 
fiavK ;if[LT ilir Pt*'^^ Iiad 
hiiidriJ ta- 
in thii unliki^tv junibh? of 
I'tcss^ pil^rinis, jtnd itumks h 
.was srrnn rk:tr the floii'^ ijt 
?enfp wasn't rrallv. 

"Tn tliinli M'l- Rrutnblrd 
abtiuT tilt" aL'cfirnnitHlaiitiij in 
XfcltmiiTlii- liiilfti." tntmnfd n 
atmiH of AnnTicnn*^ whi* 
[liri'Liti-ni^d n mai's walkiiut. 

But thi'ir !!njiiiUUni(i> wiTf 
of littJr line, for no ow at 
Dumus Paris s,pokf ¥,ag\kh. 

All liir micTprptcrs yerMT ai 
Dninus Maiiiif snd no on'^ 
miild rivicfc tlirtiugi) tlw I'ftn- 
E^iia^^p harrirf rven tn tnak^^ a 
phoRf (.nil, 

I (Jiirnvcrcd thii ihi' hard 

Th^ mnrning ^fltr u^val 
church bfiUs lirraldrd bri:iik. 
fast. IJul the donrlcvck had 
j^tnritcil, ifiiprUoning me in 
a t'2it. by Sft, ronin. 

I'.vi'rt lini'" I liftfd the 
pboiip ffir help thf rEGcpiipn^ 
i*t givrglfrJ anfl ga-vp mn an 
niitsidi" line. 

Biingin^s Imall^ tiTnught \i 
jouraaiiti to thr resruc. 

"ynu could have ajKul the 
Olyfmii<"i> llHTf" lit' (inid. 
brealdn^ down tbf duur- *'I 
gue.w Wf ffkuld hflvi' ftd yon 
pizi.i undt'C the door, but 
n'r'd iifsvt have j^ot ib<* mrs* 
siiK*" ^fTtw hi're.'^ 

RiM (br*itigli this rrnnfusitin 
fihnnc tbc oNcilcmcnt of the 
IntiM'naiional (lity, spU'<rtdid in 
its (Jlynipir vunuirs ancj ro* 
ntsincr . 

And Uoimifi P^is' saun 
i-.iinf pcari'dil as jmy 

nifn 1-^11] I rt br-. 

Tbrv sri> ni-uVng arruii- 
crinird Xt-t lb*' Latin t*»mpnr3- 
tttf^tjt, ri'utt.'if that titnc nn^iifi 
nnihint;. ■■^prrt a »impb- <jm*v 
litHi tfi invtilvi' l?fj tjiinuii**' 
aniiiiuEi*t.l di»t~u«Moti. 

"At thk raliv t'vpnt-l in tint 

liiiiuis muld hi- tlayt Lite, aiitl 
tfw' tlmiiip rprcmoWy nitjfhr 
nor br till ISOir ciarknl 
um" Hpuriii-aMi't. 

But pvrr^^onc rrmcinbitrTd 
that (he RomiiDS havr htta 
smginK •MCi;exiiu\ liprciaculahi 
.sinLT bcfnrf C'hristendnmt and 
iH> one seriously doubts thai 
ihi^ mil br ifar gtmiat tnr. 

Pirf«i wra(hi'i i\ hflptaji 
Thiteatr"niaB killing hpui ha> 
breii rc'plncrd by idi'al Mi-rti(. 
rrr^int'in wartnth. which Aui- 
tralians lovi'. 

.'Vutl di-spitp prRcfictinn* 
that RoTnc sxtiuld br hurst- 
inp 31 ihf »t?atni and that 
pricr< would iVyrocVrt, tbcr*' 
iiu^ iM-fii lilt If nidciicr In 

Mofr than I50.0OO i-mtotJ 
art' i-x|>i'ctt'd. but Rnitii?, with 
ctharmin^ p^vcclteiiL 
rvpry iuttl. i an ci>p!". 

Thcrf is sill! arrnTDtntida- 
tion lu'aiiiihlc. 

In fai-t. Mr. H. CbHi... 
Dlyrnpii Village I'lrw. Srr- 
vii'e Cbiet, rsn't find t»km 
ftir n Ittxitrv fiV^-bi'd apsrt- 
iiU'Iit .11 £40 a wiTk. juii .> 
discus thrrivi from tin' \"illa5i'. 

A\ OK'tnpli' Vilhifji' Ihf ficH 
111 thp Aivjctralians on iliir mtw 
MTrr Mr. Rdgar Tanm'r, h"n- 
iirary wcrpfary of thr Auu- 
iraiiiiii Olvmpir F«lfr!ititni, 
.Vlr. Jark Howson, (i-ani'* »i- 
aisiilani ijciiiTal ni»tinJ!i;ri 
:incl .Mt. TaniicfS Zl.yfix^ld 
daiitthtrr, Annt' Anni-, one 
iif thtri- <prrp|arif« i«i t^r 
Airttraliin quartno In ihr Vfl- 
lasc, was thr firs! Ijirl living 
ill thr \vi:nim*x qnartw*. 
which arc Irncfd nff ''"I" 
(hi' main villaRp ;irr.i 

Hail on men 

On liw fi^^^ Slisllt lllf 
hrr try in tb<- ibirl' 
lumpd in a^k ttrr lailii'r'< lj''jp 
But till' uuiiiTk wituldti'i 
him pitsi. 

l-'or thi- "no nic" In ^ 
mmii'ii'i cjiiarti'r?" nilrs"* 
bi-iilB ^Irictlv VfaErtli'i.t 

With typical Latiii rtaW 
ing, howcvTX, thm U on K- 
itriciion (in wnnim 'm a"'- 
m™'s quartcfj. 

Atcixndi.idjuon lop^ 
In th.- Viitase fooWnt be Wt- 
trr. 1 1 i< dividrtl into "'^ 
.rarh in.ii.iii!K (rom amr W i* 

Taa Ausnidi.iAw Woirtjfw's Wittac.v — August }1. 1*^^ | 

National Library of Australia 91 48 

THE Ati»lriitian alhletes arc ho»u>d in tfiesf airy, lirU'StoriKy aparlmetits in Itome^s 
Olympic yUlafff, The flats are hviil off I ftp ^rnrinrl tin coitrrele pillars for ciiolni^sn. 

ril.'v iIjIs. tthiik will hr- 
<'in\T. prtmaiifiii Govrmimriit 
li<iu>iiiii* ahf^f thr Ci.'tnii**, »re 
•itrac'tK-ply fumLvhed in mricl- 
«*m fitrt^f ^v'?*<h4 furniiurr jnul, 
lite lite litilt nf Hi)iiian build- 
ing!'. (niliiTf niufhlp (itifiTs 

TwtKc diffrrfnt inrim% ars 
^med in 10 mraiiriinis, which 
(he or^aiiisrr^ my frimNTitute 
J ganircinnniLcal Towrr of 
Babe). Ninp rr^laurarKs oprn 
at tegMlit iitojl liiitu^v ani] 
culrr for the dilTcrcnt food 
1051 If t nl 87 iiatinm v,ilh UOflO 

TIr AiistraJiiiii>> fat irt Ria- 
uunmi Nitir — ihr' ti.'loiiial 
^r*^.•^^l.lJ]i■, Thrir iwblr n\nii-» 
urr ihv (pajm of the Wi'ii 
Tndii-s. Birmudj. Elhinpiii. 
Kcnvii, Nl'W Zr.ilnnil, Ulio- 
(jCTifl, Souih Afriira. iind 
1. Kiwda. 

Till' ii'iirh TFtiaiirnni sm'os 
nll-i*fnTirrs "vi'idi a mrmi out' 
luHild mjuTt to fiTid in iiny 
riinitiji! rjr uf a Kiirojjpftn raii- 
\».iv" aiHi i» ofB'ii 24 iuiiirs 
J dav ii> titfr (ur aihli'iKs <in 
fJiiliTi'ni iniiiiiiB; and mm\ 

ICL'Et Vkilii hrcr ;inij i\'ilir 
'.ivuLlahilL', bul it i^unliktly i1m-' 
nimovCT will ill- ercac in ihi* 

rill' LatrriT uf iht' IjiiiTiui- 
lintiiil Rt**i3ur;!nt ayl^^Jik.^ siimp 
1^[l[^^ish, so I afjki'd whelhiT he 
pLiiincii -^fxii'ial Olympir 
ip.ichi'iii dislii's and for dv- 
tuih <if i\)f iiMd, 

Si, »i," htr *aid uuJdiiii; 

Proud thai tic riad umicr- 
sttjud, he hiindi'd mc a pcyrh. 

Thr rhiff of thr liuilding« 
hou^inc ih*' Aiistrajiuii»i :iiid 
Nri^ /riitandi-iH i^ hiindvimr. 
f(ii);hiUH-<'ycl ('iipiaits Pandi 
rinri', lit thr lU'ilian Army. 

RrlirriTt In liy the Atisiii".* 
.ii Ct.T)H;<iii I'ury, ht i» ihr m:i)l 
v*'h(* ('jipr^. M'ilh illl thr li\ini*> 
pitdili'nis from iiivulliiiK TV 
III ilirjlijiir x^ith pi'imin^ 
Ronii'O*. u probk-in whiih 
rrinfTfintfiid ihc womrtri Irani. 

llirir Hal windcWN nrr oil 
liic f'Mirl it'vcl of tlir t^itrMi 
Triini ill. a iiru pibiir mcT- 
l),!". liritiBiiM! 'hf Villajtif. 

Vi^iiiiy sujctirn. Tii.iny iihn 
havr nt'^'rr Srt'ii in Rinnr, .-in- 
driving iifTifial f.ifi, iiddiiisi iii 
thr jinirmi i-fiiifii^inti. 

A \fW da\"> .1^11 I iJr[i\i- 
rminti ttir C^Kmpir siics with 
F.dgar lanii(-r in ihc .\iiv 
liLiJiAn t™m"* jfp. rfrivrn hy 
\iro'b. an rijThu<ia!«tir ^h'i- 
lian, tvhii dm-sTi'l nfii'Uk iiiir 
\mrc\ (if ['.ngh^li and |i;<>l^ hi^l 
i^irh I'.irtrf ri'*' rt-^uLrity. 

".■\t Ic.m il\ a ijiMid my dl 
xi'rilli; Rtinir.'* sjiid Tnnnrr, .H 
.\'u-i.ila .I'jfci-d yrt aiii'flisr 
polin-iium fiir guidance. 

Tlir riiiifufioii wdMi'i lirlptd 
wtii'ii rncnvbcn of ihr p,iity 
said Wf wtr goioK riMind in 
f Ihl Ics, und piuini'd in a Si-nso 
Unfi'fl (oiir-uny traflif! sign, 
-ayiilj!, "Wr wi'ie Itl lhi> Atf^i 

TIh' l;ini!Hii(!i' Ijantrr ts Mf. 
i]ir full and liulf fhr fnuirui- 
ii>in of iK'iiis in (llyinpjr 

At in Mflhoiimf ttir 
i n t c r p mm liurTpicit-d 
fliK'Tlllv, liiK mwt hrri- haVr 
hern (C( ruirc'd fnini iatif^uagr 
nrfayols iind iirr ma iH-wildcrrd 
asi thrit tirn viiMiiriN. 

On miitthiT lour of (ht 
\Tniir*. my iriiiilr iv;t*i Rny- 
nmnd Triad*!, from MkI- 
ht'iirnr, oomialiy a nHffr;<tif)n 

I h«y timlcome iit-ir arrivttlr. itrciifihteu out latinuage 
dtfficullH'*. pfw dirfitiuns nutl informntion. 

tiHiirr lAiiii i>ir Australian 
Knibawy hrrr. 

Rsy, ivho U .ircing as thr 
AuKinilian trajn's littafJw-, It ,i 
i%^a]kiii,E guii;ir-lnMilc, and sBiid 
lh.ii Riii«!tii> ireard liit- Olym- 
(Hi'a as .7 gfildi-H rippnrtmiltv 
III IhiIM a iiriv Rfrnir. 

'■Jmt a?i Oirrc wai an 
anrirnl Ramr, and a rcnau- 
sanee Rome, iJiii cuujd wfH 
l>ci.-anir Lnaivn in hislory 3s 
the Cllympic Romr/' he said. 

'riif rtjiinlrLit Lii>n tnclLnlr*; 
not oniv do- %pijniiiff vrnur-.. 
Irot wtTai iic-n- bridsrs— <mi' 
nvrr thr Tihrr — 1>iiildirti7>( 
f^alo]-?, im arrifiri:il lake-, itnd 
mifrsi .ir»d milr* rjf rii.idwrirTc. 

^iftdiuins arr piniitr* of 
arvhlttt'iuial liiilliMinr. (jlii- 
K-nine u-ith iiiiiil>lr and rirli 
ill inoralvii. 

Perfect settiHg 

MlU-ll (if lIU' iiltlry Ii in llu" 
Olytnpir CiiTltrc-, 14 nnKlt-rii 
(tardrn fily Mus.«olmi hppni 
for thr iinifiiiiiiins World Tnidr 
Rxposition plaiinrd for IS-fO, 

""J'Jlry'lt ^avr it loT .snmi- 
<p(-iiiiriil;tr ncrasitin tliry 
ittiiilt it hts'' ^nid Triadn. 

"Thry dfJil'l nrrd it bum. 
Thfy have so iiianv - kivrlv 
hltildillg^, nnd il in rhrir 
ifiiin Ut runtiiiiir crraiiii^ 

Back ill Olympic VillaKc 
wlitrh k cti i^itr at 

u tiwid of thr Tilirr, il ii 
pUiui(?d til liavr ni^htty 

.Anioii^^ film* schrduTrd arr 
"A Thnu«3nd Yrar^ of BoTt- 
ing" arjti "The Sattnnn'i 
Sirue^lr for Sqrv-i^-al." 

"They nmin'l savr n .vnt 
fur rnc," said .-Xntlt.illaii 
tviirldV fJiainpitin truilrr. 
.^liiart Maelti'iidr, who was 
ihr first Aiistr.-ilinii aihlrlr Ui 
I hp VilliLjji;. 

If ihrwr imprr^-irnis tif 
''llyrn^iH- CiTy su,i^r^t that 
Rome is iiirrrndy a rrnyy 
niinMl-up plarr, lhat'i jitst it. 

Itiil if'v a wtmeh'rfnt riii. 
I >i|i>rhil witli iiiili's III i]!t^~ 
!!aiikrd kmiIs .iiid. in in tail 
riitti or nu'Mf tnodriii Iiiilldini:. 
IS a pcrfrcl barkdrop fur tUr 

( i.lltK'fl. 

I miafantPi* ilion- vvon'l hi? 
iiiir prT^i,:n nl any iijtinn wUti 
wul^'t rrjijctam In %n 

Affifriltrirt iiiimit vhrn thr 
ri.itTii-^ rlirtr till S.i'pr»'nilif'r ! !. 

The Japanese gigglc^d . . . the 
Kttssinns stared . . . the 
Freneh 9 are a friendly 
wiule. it was all part of . . . 

iwB the 

IBLt'SHED ri'd as an ll.ili;iTi sunset as (lie 
n.urld Ii'iikcd in on iiic being bcuuifictl in 
Rtmn's Olytlipir VilSagc, 

Here, the Games organi^Ts i5!ivitMi»ly ihink that 
tiL'aniy and t3i(? prwessoii of arhipviag it ;rre thinns 
r-v-CTvonr and hi': dog should shafr. The he.nity saloci 
ill thr VilbEr'< long ns-enur of ahnps u a 
yitldfuh llowl, crilliij^-'Hi-ftpur (riti.'i-i walls. 

dor morning afttr lirfnkfaitini! ihi' Aimr'nilatt 
rttwing tram iti thi' Viila£»r^% intrrmiinrttil rcvlaiirantf 
I thoiiEhl I'd havr ;i t\m(k ihanipoo and i^t. 

f ntkonrcl williout Lfic firip of Aldn, Ricardi), 
RdzrlTa. and dirir Frjor fdllabtn-atiin;. 

Alda rcicik rhar^Eje of tht? fM-autv battle tcenr berauae 
he hftd one advutttagr civ^t the (jthrn. htc could spiMt 
Ktinlisli— or «n he TOid, 

.Anyway, I got the nimsagc artoss thai I warned nt)' 
hair wajhi-d and set. Thtii waj cnmigli in gatlirr 
round me the I'litirc nalnn »iafl of q-vcn. whn each 
had ti pull at the hair and (;flve a leisgthy i-erdirl. 

After "rnrnre" and soinrtliia^ sDiinitlni; like "maca- 
rnnl."' I iv,\* ready tii f»-i'. tini ••iifhti-<-n-i'>at.iilrI 
.'Vide wa< "tnuwIatinH"' 

"Vou hai-r rnlnrh tint 
— ymi knrnv, redila i r 

.\tl proteus Miti 1 
.suf5Kt"^ioii M-rrr ienni.-.. 

Thr Roinan.i mujtt :if'- 
prove tlii^ idcn of i ' 
yoiif fcjinKama - don ■ 
rprirt. bi-enune 1 tvu* •■ n 
rruiidfd wlulr » It-ljt.i 
inokini; hrrv.' w';is [kmit 
over my luck«. 

At about thii cimr m 
!itnall world, rnmprisn-. 
insi ahmt nery natini 
iif (he rnmpi'ling W, <uni. 
In .let' the otily t,ipti% ■ 
frniale in #he -^alon ciTi-u* 

The next biinir rain- 
when RirafrJi), offiwr-iii- 
rhargA'. wuvrd a rflariT. 
threnieiiinj! lo rut the 
hair jt'« taken a year to 
in prri'jarati<in fcif 
this C>iitnr.ii trip. 

!li< Itifiiid i-ye.i brini' 
miti whrn 1 wim thS* 

Later, throufrh ihe noix: of tlic dryer. I hr4rd Aldu 
suggejil a manirort 

■'Si, si," I agreed cijiiitiiiitsticsily. 

Next mnmcnt Afdo was pulling ofl ray sandals and 
reiiiing one fnoi oti a padded stniil. 

"Do these tnysslf," he laid pmiidly. 

1 negatived fi;ct and pointrd at my CngrrtiaiU. 

".Si, si, yon like manicure AND peiiiturc," Ju- Kiid 

Too weak lo jirotist, I agreed, aod pu Kv Rn^ellj 
if I lu work un my rin^^tmails. 

By now my CDsniDpiiIitan Budience k-u loving il, and 
an iiiilitin jrrp-driver h\e\i me Q ki«i. 

The icani oj asvi.«taiils fonipleti'd my beauty jcJ). 

My hair Imikt-d msij^ifiro in a nylr ns hiirh a-s 
VrMiviiis. sn whiit nistirr the cntor is as wattling 3& 
tJie flame c.l ihr f)ls )iipif toreh? My feet felt .ready 
tt> Mail ill thr mar.illnin- My liiijtcrnaLl?, in latest 
Latin vosniv ]c»rikcd fLke lolly pops— vivid ptilinh ffljly 
on the ireotrr uf eucli ti.iil, the sides pbin. 

It eosi almost tire — nearly JJMj pedicure J6/-, 
set and rinse .'53/-, rnantriire fi/-. 

I in drlrnhted "ith thr rrsulB, tint Til tnnlie my next 
appriiolniriil at es^-rs-t^tir ehr's :iirvta limi-, 

S'-ni can riiiie with tin- Riwiaii ifi/es, tlu- Ja[un«c 
gig-^let, even the' ihi-rky .iramu But iti time 
to hale out tvhrn— a* happrtied to nie — a pasiisig Press 
coliratiue luneK-i hyhtrriealfy and yelli; 

' ].<«ik ai Iter, w ill vnii: No si tmder tbay reekon 
.'ViiMraliwn.s are a wi'ird mnh." 

H I: i' i> It A / H 
l.ynfhio Strachan 
and "tfi« kair it*» 
Inken a year to 

National Library of Australia 91 49 

British Paints Limited 

KainTs Limrrea 


Looks, and wears 

baked enamel! 



New standard of exceptional 

^ Dfies overnight with a brilliant, 
luxurious, porcelain-like finish 
that looks and wears like baked 

•I* The more you wash it, the better 
it looks. 

^ Completely withstands boiling water, 
steam, grease artd all cooking (uroes. 

^ So very easy to use. 

The world's greatest 

colour mnge- 

100 colours to 
choose from! 

Ask to see the fabulous GLOSS-MASTA 
at any British Paints Limited 
authorised agent. 


For walls or ceilings in velvet flat and satin finish. To be 
used in conjunction with Gloss-Masta for at! walls and ceilings. 
Your choice can be dull flat, velvet flat, or satin finish 

SriTisii pQinrs Umir«d 

Srilish Cdnlt Umlttd 

the mmt expmdve and 

f^^'himip, mamrl made! 

Sritish Painli Limired 
Dull Satin plot 


SrlTislI Points Umrfed 


EVENT Hsmr tt EVERT pllltlw timw. 



« 7S fiilt colour ptota* la r»ai 

paint colour. 
% 424 GQloar iehcmai. 
« How ts prvpiir* 


* r of B ting problvmt 
eloorly lolvad. 

• n pogci. 

10'- A COPY 



National Library of Australia 91 50 

Hf illiner^ miaow 

LeVs see ho ii* 

this spring model looks 

• What with all tills 
talk of new spring Iiats, 
Michele the kitten tried 
oil a spring bonnet. It 
filled. It felt fine. But 
how did it look? She 
consulted the mirror 
. . . and laughed so much 
that even the mice saw 
ihe joke. 

iVo^ you can-i say it 
does mueh for me . . . 

Whtf, it's guile enouyh 
*« make a cat laugh 




mm .kpmw 

IN A FLAStI itiiit rite 

ThtK daluxe d-^ftnar bringt luad* id 
nie iii*itli deep, vibrfirrl tonmg , n^'iitjns ov«ry 
hl*miih freshKriing the nap . . mailing 
ygur Mjode iKpei > pictur* of 

MAKc ml irs mroHiAH... 
FSHEST aErnn ma mads fom suede 


for kid and finooth leathers 

Page 7 

National Library of Australia 91 51 



fishi grilled 

1 egg, bmtcd or poached 

cold, cookedf lean meat 
(not bacon or ham } 

I tliee bread fj" thick }, 
tomted but unbuttered 

1 teacup liquid without, sugar 


Tipo eggi, boiled or poached 

^Ib. fish or hlb. lean meat 
(rmi meaiy chicken, lamb, 
mutton, veal, tongue, or 
tripe) grilled, boiled, 
steamed, or stetced 

A gremn vegetable ( no peas), 

1 slice bread, buttered 

1 teacup liquid 


I plain bixcuit 
(no btUter) 


I teacup liquid rmo eggs, boiled or poaehed 


^Ib. fish Or ^Ib. lean meat 
(red meat, chicken, lamb, 
mutton, tteal, tongue, or 
tripe) grilled, boiled, 
steamed, or stewed 

A green vegetable 

Green talad with diet drets- 

ing * S,.,. fn„[ (,[ pagi- 

I teacup liquid 

JVa salt and iitiie liquid 

are key features 
ai the siimMuing tnenus 

• Princess Alexandra's diet is designed for a quick weigjil 
loss of seven pounds in tbe firet week. It is a hard diet, but 
effective. Its rewards come in a quickly visible weight loss, 
and a shape thai is noticeably more elegant in only seven days. 

fllHR did was prcscriExjtl 
!)y Queen Klizabeth's 
own doclQr to bring Prin- 
cess Alexandra to {h<; peak 
of physical fitnesii tor her 
Nigerian tour. 

TluTtr i^ no floubi ihiir ir 
will fJo ihiB, ihiii Alcx s warri- 
rohc for ihc tour will bi' m- 
hsint-H by h<?r ttrw shapt*. 

Scijr!f:< from KmHnRlcm 
Palai-i: say that Pilnrrsi AIpk- 
Andra ha.*r dilTicuitr trjikinj; 
to hrr dif.t — but sritk lo ii sHi' 

It must be dilTiiuli, fiw it 
is H vpamq re^iiiir. But ii 
is hi'jilthj, mi. nhtivc all, ri.-- 

Salt xaA slcahol are {or. 
bidden ahsoluiely, and qlhrr 
liquids arf rcstricird lo an 
miaJir ni iova lea-cupi in 24 


. dif- 

ficult cmwgk, and there iirr 
many othrr rt'strictioni. 

On the roTnpk'tfly zt^ 
!ifit;l(?d lUt aUo arc: All fruic. 
fruit juim (pno'pt Ipnionj, 
!iiSar, rhoi-olatcH, rakri, pai- 
try, clii-csf, mils, puddings, 
jam, mairruiladf, tiitrat. and 
vegeiublc CKtracK, putatoi^s, 
carrrjls, bfuiid beans, harimi, 
lima, iijtvy nr atiya beans, 

Tie three hutredients a]- 
loTs'td dial a root wnuld sciste 
nn Willi joy as a h^lp towardi 
more Uavor art!: l^ttitm juice, 
black pqipcr, auj vinegar, 

Prin.i''ii ,-M.-wiidra finds 
the lour cups (if liquid iHl' 
most difTjcidt part cf \hv diri, 
It niiMjis iliat sKe tan't have 
pvrn a glasi tjf sflli jjiinli afi,.,. 
>lir haji danrcd half si niitfit 
assa;-. uhIcms shr lias savi-d 
uiir of her cups u£ linuid. 

Hiiwrvcr, iln' no-alt nrdrr 
incan-, diat ihi^ dncin'l eci so 

The- Querfl't tloctcir says 

»VTif;ht tovs uf spwii jlniifiti^. 
the ss'fitht loss is cnly slight 
in ihr -ifcoiid wwi, hii( thr 
did tfalfj shasis phcnnmpttal 
iPilitts in the third vienk. 

Pritii.i'ss Alr.'xaiitlra ss-ill itay 
nn tier did until shi- rparlii'j 
her drairrtl weislu and 

Stn^s slender 

VJhfn she rrarlipii thii 
happy sijiie, the Quern's dne- 
tai intf iids to provide liiq- sviili 
a stabilising diet ta rmnir'T 
that -she ki'sps tu her deiired 

He ia studying hcf normal 
dirt HI present, rsinblishinfj 
its vseakiiBisej, finding out 
rhp fiTt>d-s nnd drinks that pile 
nil Royal ptmnds. Munr ii( 
'firm will be imliuird in the 
>rabiEj«inp diet, 

Prineew .'Vlesjindra".'! spar- din i.1 nrit a starvaiiciit 
one, Ili'r dlll-tur dnrsri't be- 
lieve in his pslirnts 
li iintrrs'. 

'*Mv diet is gluttony." hi- 
say», "it only iieedt iinagin- 
ation to make thp foudi 
grtti'd inlo allnirtivi; mealii,' 

Here are some further feat- 
ure! nf thf Rnyal diet .mrl 
pninters to piibtnbir rtishe'. 

• Onions, parsley, herte, and 
a little n-lBry may be uied 
for rtas'[j.rinj^. 

• Liquid used for iitrUf mint 
lie taken from the daily fotii- 
eup alluwanee, 

• If thirst becDme-s very i>ad. 
Alexandra t& alln^xd ti* Htick 
a small piece of ire, tir drink 
a small cup of black Luffe.-. 

Foil ciwiiing would be ideal 
lo save uiing iht liquitl al. 

Take your nient, fixh, or 
Eiwl and pitt on foil. Rub 
meat ss'itb Initier allqwancp 
'from brrsd M Innchtime), 
vprinkle with kerbs, .Seal foil 
and pltiee in hot uvcn to rflrk 
IM DK-n juire. Di) n« use 
»nlt, but .■icrve with blark 

PRtlSCESS ALEXANDRA before slie ,laned 
on her current diel. 

Herlis could be replaced 
with a nitxiute of 4Jie other 
flilvorinps allowed. 

Stew is dilfinili beiransr it 
involves using liquid. But 
it rould be stfjinaj^ed by miiitg 
the Itiricheiin tomato, 

Sliee tumato, and cut up 
stewinj; meal small. Flare 
svitli tomato and finelv 

("hopped onion and ,mm« 
until lender. Garnish witii 
parsley. Serve with blui 


Oac part lemon juiee, 3 
pans liquid paniRia. vi 
freshly groond black peppC 
shaken well logcther. Gaflio 

National Library of Australia 91 52 

slims for 
Royal tour 

By ANSE MATHBSON, of our London ftaff 

• Princess Alexaiidra is on a rigid diet — 
a diet almost imposed by her Royal birtli 
and her Royal duties. For nalural, fun- 
loving Alexandra is becoming more prom- 
ineut in Royal cixcleB both at home and 
abroad as the Queen^s repreaentative. 

ALRE;\DY in England a feeling is growing that she is go- 
ing to become thie Royal workhorse. 

PriiKrss Al<^andra jh nuvv |irt'p:iTing for the bi^sfcst offlL'i^l job i>f her- 
life — her ibrce-weck Nigcrbu tour that bdgifis id Lagns on Septeniber 25- 

Moil iuiponant fiintCion of a tnJlr lhai will In! nlmosl nil work and 
officialdom and formality will be on September 30, when she will 
represent thf Qiii^ctt m NiifcriaV Indcpeiidftncc ceremony. 

Thr Princpss wiil Iw railed upon to wear formal, glitmofoui gowBi> 
to \x llaivl™lj giDuiriEd on cvtry octaiion. 

She has ordered a whole new, wcmderful wardiDho of dsthes — w 
bonij-HFH' DiEaiuremrnt!. 

Fnr sonte dmt now die has been on a diet prescribed by ihe Queen'* 

well, ihe ha.s h:id tv punrttiatt her bu.<cy life in London v^Uh visits 
to nia!i.;eii,w Miss Margaret Macinnej, who has brcn masseuse to the 
K.eni himily aince Alox^ndru was D bnby. 

Her new sUrf figure is the delight o{ all scvot dressmakers, (lom 
leading desi^er Norman TIarnicll to off-the-peg manufacturers, who 
an preparing an extravagant and elegant wardrohe for faer tour. 

For nnre, Alrxandru ha.^ not had \Q be cdreful ol her peiuiies when 
nelecting the rlolhf?^ die would like to wear. The Queen lias givFn her 
a hHiidjfome mm to ^iMirnd on rhrm. 

Hr^r milliner ii in Paris choo^g new hai jtlylcjs for her. Her jeweller m 
London ii! poliiihing np her jewrli, including ber ciara. 

She will wear a tiara more often than a hut in Nigeria — even at c%ht 
o'clock in the morning. 

On her limited dress allowance. Princess Alexandra was named one of 
tht world's irn women. She has a superb culai -uaise. Now 
•he hai been able lo jjive lull rein to it, for ihc African lour call-; tor 
gorgeous, colorful gtiwns. 

Everywhere \hf will he meeting African chidi whose offioal and 
ceremonial robj.'s rso outdo anything in Parij, Lonjion, and New Ymk 
for iplendor and rirhilesa, 

iTif Qncra has taken AlcitandTa on board the Royal yacht Dritaimia 
CTuiriug lu the Orkney and Shetland Islands iwfore tht Roval family 
hididays at Katmonl. Together, they have beea going over the Nigerian 
pTogramsaic, wlih the Qiieeii briefing her emissary^ 

Princess AJexandra will be the first mcml»r of the Royal family 
to inicicupt the iraciitioiially peaceful .lummcr hnliiiay ta go abroad 
oil a Royal tour. 

The Princess will travel by plane, helicopter, and train on the tour 
lha« will take in the three srlf-j(Dveniing regions ol Nigeiria. 

She will lefLve Knno, in Northern Nigeria, on OelolMr 15. arrive ai 
Umdim Airport the following day. On Oeiobcr 17 she will be back at die 
airpoti to offirially welcome die King and Queen of Nepal lo Fjngland. 

In spite of her aav figure and her rlothes, Alexandra lias not yet 
changed" her hair. The shioBle is scarcely suited to a tiara. 

• .^eic, glimmer elegance for Alexandra 

snown here in London, mhere itfce hat b^en 
buity preparing far Iter Nigtrum lour. The 
picture was laken by Maurice fFilmotl. 

Tn. Aom..u.» W„^,^., vv^^^ _ ^^^^^ 

31, 1960 

Page 8 

National Library of Australia 91 53 

THE GORILLA, « lumrn} We.U Afrm and th Hetgim Omga. i> 

Mr unl'h a Imht «! uf, l» f. U car, hrnd a 3 har «/ mffrrod with hnrdh m,y 
fjl.m it bam Us c&rsi wfm exeikd and mt At fixtmteir do^iMtrm when iMmi-d. 


B B A N P 



Keet the NEW Bear! 

This is the new little Sear. He 
Behr-Monntng'i new intrniatiAnnt 
tfiBbol of the world's higiresi 
fliraliiy lap?!, flithciii^ei and sand- 
papers. Look for him on your 
fovourite tape Dv&rywhere^ 

Like the gorilta, Bear Tape is 
known for its amazing strength 
and endurance, it zips, off tht r«ii 

without snapping and ilofs stuck no motfer 
hpw rough tiie ticndlirtg. Bear TapM gives yoe 
more far your rroney, too — yoK can wrap up 
sexerol emro parcels witli (Is axfro length. Wliy 
iettlfi for less when Bftar Tope costs no more? 
For any mending, wrapping, holding jab abuut 
the house . , . in the sthoolroora ... or the 

Made by Behr-Manning (Auit.) fVf. Ltd., 
tidcombti, N.S.W. <MO«rowV * 

■ Trade mi,fV ^ ptepGrtj^ of Nortofl Ca. U.S.A 


National Library of Australia 


^fOT^n R- 

•^FS.LASt. lei nit' tur ytiiir iifii jirfiij 
... 1/ the traehfr tmfUt it tke'U 
tend me hamp^^* 


CAN hiidly wail to 
take a trip on .Syd- 
ney's fir.'it mav'kig fttoi- 
way, promised in motion 
before CKristmas. 

It is buin^s iniiiallni in ttr 
7(HJf(, [uuni'i tuiuit.>[:iiii); thi> 
Damaiit parkJsi; jiiiijun la thf 
Cullt-ge Street jubway svhirh 
leads into Hydt Park. 

lie«n, trvelltually will 
the only solucion tu innff- 
city trampon. 

At prcicni, Sydiji^ domt 
have its owli typi- of nuiv'ing 
fl>olw:iys. Vuu ^Land up on 
them to be traiisportetj from 
poitu [O ptjim. Thwy are called buses. 

The rnai fooiway will movj- at a more stately 
pare — ont?-jnd'a-hnlf nlUfS p4:r hour. Otir 
hopes thtrr will be rooni for lite impaticat tu 
ikjp put liiF pntipnt, an on esscalatori. 

* * * 

BOMB.S permitting, ' the next 100 
yearn will .sec a tremendous rci'olu- 
lion in living. 

With ihc prcsi:ni iacreaic in wnrld popula- 
tion the earth will gst mnire anli mure crnwiji'd. 
Id 61X1 yiyars thrre may be only sijc squiirr' 
Varrls prr persnn. 

Supposi' there w?rf no wars and thai blurt 
and white, red and hliw ttianaged tu Uvi> lo- 
getlitr amicably (uatikely, but there's no harm 
in imagining),, iaw wnuld living spflcir bt- 

Priisumalily most ol thr? earth Would br 
c&vered hy hnjrc block;? of flats, mtiltrl-storeyfd 
factories, and offices stretching upw^t^d to the 
:iky and dowowaird into the earth. 

'I'hi' inoiui-rar would be obsolete, having 
rhiikfd itKelf u(T the rondr;. 

Thifre would bs a strictly rostered ityitcm "f 
leiiurr outings, wlirn pprjple would be icin- 
veytid (packed neally in tuntaincri) to see 
p&tnbrs ijf sky or small areas (if tree* and jfrasi. 

And the vicwer.f wmild stand armtntl say- 
ing, "I don't kniiw much nbuut naturf, but it 
makfij a nice change." 

+ * * 

^OUCHES rjl 


AND all that fature-talk reminds tne 
that there have been si>me olf-put- 
ling acrounts of the moon lately. 

It Is raitl to be iim only airless ajid wator- 
leaa, but i-nvered in craggy clifts and coniinu- 
ally bombarded by mctci>rilrs. The first men 
whci Tand on it will ha^■<• tn live undFrgroimd, 
Thiry will feel a* people iilien do when they 
mcpt at close range surne adiiiirt?d celebrity — 
say, a beautiful, remme ftlm star who tuna out 
to have spots on hoi face and a hideous temper. 

* * * 

fl^HE Duke, of Bedford, embarkiri|r on 
his third marriage, negotiated with 
magaeines and TV interests for the sale 
of exclu.sivi: rights to photography. 

In ihij (he Duke displayed his customary 
btisln«slike approaeh lo life. 

Eventually those bibles of the Peerage — 
Di'brert and Burke — will draw dUtitictiom he^ 
liieen amateurism and prcifr.^iiaiialisnt amoni; 
till' nubility 

It seems to me 


-■- madncsw in the sliop.s 
— the "split-kvd blouse" 
and the "tun-hat." 

There i'i nn need lo bf 
jibirmed itbimt the tfilil-level It hi ttlerely a t^o- 
tiered blouse, or yuu toulil 
describi: it ai having an 
atlaphed bolcra. 

/\i for the Itin-Kati, they're 
lit tile mrn*^ department of i 
S)'dney store. Some have ma[| 
.straw frittires slandixip; up 
frorn ilie LTOwn and (.oidd 
double duty la a bru$h lor i 

I am not sure whether they 
are meant for boyi or jolly old boya. 

SPRING in the shops is prettier this 
year than fur many years put. 
The hats are flowa-r-gardens, thi? maierinl> 
so encttonting that thej- would tempt the muii 
determitted iTeatnik mil nf black stockings. 

Judging hy the ertiwds ruiind the di.^hv>. 
the first warm day: ahould provide i sijhi 
worth seeing. 

When the girls discard those bij; woally 
swiaiets and skins and get intn their numtiii'T 
dresses, the transformation will be the iriHi 
.siariling ainct the first butterfly nrawled mit 
of ill furry tot twii. 

* * 

DID you kiiow that the word "hsir- 
licctic ' was old-fashioned? 
The up-to-date tcrni^ are ■'cootsniit" »Dii 

* * * 

\KE-LiP expert Syd Simom has 
thinned the eyebrows of Ptei- 
dctitial candidate Richard Nixon to 
make them more pleasing to the Amen- 
can public. Simons also tises palt tV'- 
shadow on Nixon's eyes so that ihcy wi" 
appear less deep-set i>n the TV scrtcn, 
hdievcs that these changes will W" 
thousands more Republican voles. 

They say the shape of Cleopatfa't nM' 
Altered the course of hUtory, so niW 
A make-up wizard, ever on his toes, 
Sees portents tn the shaggy Nison 

With tweezers and a tnlte of pa*"* 

To make a picture pieiHing «» *** 

Th.e candidate, bewildered, sadll/ li!^*' 
"So this, bp patlic life, is mhat they 

Used dit/erently were Cleopatra'$ o'*'** 
When long ago her tangled viei 

Somewhere her shade looks on, sajfWS 

toi(?t smiles: 
"In mi/ day politics were much niof^ 

TltlZ AuSTTtAMAN WoMBSj'S WEEKLY - AugUSt H, 91 54 

The taste of luscious grapes comes through 

( whichever way you drink ii ) 


Mt'Willuim's (Vwtm Sin- 

rrifiuls (lrf)[) ill 
atnouth, emimy innlv 

Try ifl HI) BUSY fver^miily jjrfL'tiii!; f.if wlifUt-ver 

It g()(!s with cakes. .-<tim-kii an,| j;„„ii •■oiiv.>t-.sjiii„ij. 
^[(■Willkm's l-mn. Bhorry i^■ a H(KX.i«!h- «>k.HL.,l sw.^et sJu-m- with a 
. II wijiu Hint stivK "liosjjitaliiy." 

T*E AomwiiM Worm's WfiemLr - Auput 31. 



Simply f)lan- UtO ici: rnbvi in a js/aji 
nntl fMjiir awr 2 ot 3 or. rij Mrfl'xiliiun'i 
Cri'nm Siterry, 

Page l\ 

National Library of Australia 91 55 

rarla me 


The jel- powered 

gift for Dad 
on Father's Day! 

• fills in seconds... 

ilglits for months 

• Dial the flame height 

you need 

Ptve-Mcond relu«lllna:— 

Simply rttnave Fitlsr cap, inMrl mulri-rill, prais 
and withcfFQw. Ont Rtjn^n Butrun rnulti-filL lube 
holdi olrnoil □ yv3r\ narmal flai supply. Th* 

Finsertlp llame control: 

Tha smoolh-worfcJng matted wtitel lumi at a 
Iwjth tB odjuit dome tufahi {oi cigarette, 
pipe or cisnt. 

In mtin-Ifnurf ,jr««(iiatla.i .ng^md 130/., 

JJghfvn tar tnvi and wiwntn. 



National Library of Australia 

Frtpwn \.W^.^ just #o 

By WIMFRED MViSDAY, staff reporter 

• "I really only came to Australia 
to 1>1IY some ploves," saul viisitiii^ 
New Zt^alaml hesl-selling novelist 
Sylvia Aribtou-Warner. 

IWOULDNT be seen 
in public in Lhe ones 
you liuy in New Zealand. " 

But .\tiss A]ih(nii-Warni»r. 
whosr fir.Ht n^jvrl, "Spinster," 
Is II bcjvi.sfiif^ (except in 
AiKiraliii', wasn't iiCFinUv 

W'liM siir roally caTes m'.iirt 
n.hmn iv— nol i;kiv"L-» — bLip iht- 
lai^k of rccofnitinn in Ails- 
f.ralb r&r Iccjl writing lak-nr.' 

"NVw Zejland uTircrs arc 
just 1)01 sppri-Fiatcd in Aii^-i 
Tiyilia," fihc .siiiiri, "Noc, ftjr 
fii.ii mnttcr, .-krc AusttaHnn 

"Pfopir here just don'l 
scrm ro rriiisf thai ihrje is 
H) mUL'b lilraarj' I alms in Auji- 
traJia aod New Ze^and. 

"I bciaiLw duting my 

ren ctsvs hfrrc T'vi.' lalked In 
Aii^triili:in wrirfr.s and itpv. 
.nharr Illy vifv\/' 

Anci[hfir thing that pi;mirbs 
Mi» Aihlon-VVarner is thai 
AiiAtriiliaiL^ rr^arri Xi^' Zeti' 
lanctiTt a? "pntir hnckynrri 

.'VlihdUgli it hai tioi tnaijp 

Fnufh impiiirt Tipfe, "SpinKtcr " 
has lur inan)^ wrelcs been uii 
thf ('JILnB lisr tii .'Vnwr 
jc2, liflA spid wfll in Britnif 
anct <in >kp (j5iiiin<*nt. 

Mptrd-Crolriwyn-Mayi^t* hsi^i' 
bcTl^in the fiilll rij*hts an:! 
ihrin' itrtii-yiri arr trnmpntin. 
in play rhr hftfjiiH- 

Fie for role 

Tho tlireii (icixesse^ whn 
watii to ptiy .Anna Voron- 
tttsiJV, ir jspin.Mer in hrr forlii'* 
whi) irathi-^ in a tii-raclal 
irhiiol in New Zimtand, arr 
.Siraonp Sigit'jrfl. whu wuti j 
Rrsl ArlrPiS a^^'iircl fijr jii'c 
pi-rftifmanci: in "Roiini .it tin 
Top," DtfauT^h Ktirr, and 
Gti?lt CaT>(Mi, who is pTcparcd 
to rnntr nut of rLMiKimiuis 

T(i pliiy thr pan. 

Miss As1itr>n-\V:irTifT's sec- 
i>rid llnpltf '^Eqrt;;!!?^ 10 Idylls," 
the scury nl' a' "naughty, stl- 
fcih Frprrh girls" lovi; for ii 
'"diidicateil, inAn't miniitpr nf 
rrligiuii," ii M liL-dulrd fnr (lub- 
liraliiHi in St^piemljpr in Aincr- 
ii :i nnH Ili'itdinK 


• The work of Sir Joseph Brinks, botanist 
with Captain Cook, will iiifluenrr the display 
which tlir Royal HorLicultural StMricty of 
N..S.W'. will prtparc for it,s exhibition in the 
Lower Town Hall, Sydney, on tJrtober 7 and 
S during the city's Wajalah FfStival. 

A "babblitig tjrook" will provide an rxotk Mtting 
for palms mid plants u'hich Banki wcjuld probablv 
havf seen, rliiriiig his <!ar!v visit, 

pnjjcft takes lip iLr diemr of ihr 196l'l 
Wamtjih F<«itival— ■'Historii-al liTOttta" — «-ith em- 
phusis nn early Sydney. 

The Australian Wnmen's Wctdily w Rivlnf; prtzrx 
Fnr ti di.-curaiiw iloi'al t'uinpriitton open ti> all affili- 
ati'd snriftiL'^ of the Society. 

The priief will be pregenced to winners ut tlir 
upening u[ tin: I'esiival 

In ronipeting far thcin, fncii^ticii may chflone six 
dt'toraiivi- units froin Uicse niite cUiats of flowef 

I, FiiT ;i fo>cr; 2, foliage; 3. foscs; 4, basket af 
Tines (slenw to be in wiiter); Ti, iiifnmial; 6. mixed 
flmvrin; 7, for a dining lablr f stents lo be in waipri: 
B, diijwin^ Eastern influente; 9, depitting a Nen- 
Sourh Wales hiMorir event, 

Aay cmbefliihnicnl* are pEniiiSsibJc ill all ilii' 
tinftiraiivc claw.*. 

i'riiei will be int:ri'.j»sed thin year as (ollmvs: 

First priic in the section, SO guiueaj and a sold 

Serond priie, 25 guineas ,ind a siivcr piaque, 
ITiird priie, 12 guinea.', and a bronT^e plaque, 
Koiuth priic, 10 i^neaa and a j^uifial plaque. 
The AmtraUan Womcns Weekly will also give 20 

guinea-s for ihe best iudividnal deciurativc pfeee 

among ibp group entries. 

Eat h eniry will be alhiticd space 10ft. Kv 2tl. Gin. 

I hen- is nn limii In bright for the rahibits. 
Entrief shuuld be »pnt to Mr. G. Parke« 

'WWIlSfj). *erreiary of tliL' Royal Harticultimil 

Sih. ii'iy, ,if)8 Twill Uiiad, .Vnrth R)di-, hv Si pienilii r' 

"Hpintter" i» to be filmetl in /Veitt Zealand toon. 

When ihi- Un'i geiiiuj; 
slightly angrv alwul thi> lack 
of IiitLigiiitioii for niatiy grairf 
local writeri, Miis A'shtnn- 
Watuer is ,"i mild, soft-vtiicjcd 
N'l'w Zciil.indtfr whme 17 yc.irs 
i">f trtsrhiiiii vvbiir and Mand 
rliiltln-n bnif »iv<-ii hiir an 
iuliiii.itr liimwledRff of thi" 
priiblnni Iwwiiin^ :m infaiii^ 

Tli\ kniin li-£lt((! !• dravin 
into (hi.- smry uf "Spin- 
srer" with j;ri»Jt piietry and 

MLss Aithtea-Waruw o-bvi- 
ousiy knows and loves die 
happy, laughing Mauri people 
who sprinkle poetrj- u-itb 
(heir pidgin KnglLsh. 

But 1 could lull beiii'\'i' tiinl 
any real spin.tti.-r wuuJd have 
had the c^nunigy - or intdina- 
tioii — lu pqui- lonb, througli 
the fniddlf-jigi-d, liigniKetl. yei 
pa'^siotiati' heroine of the Iwirk, 
w-hai must be the iimi'r 
tltiiights and Joogings nf 
inimy a real-life spinster. 

iMve iragedtf 

111 rile bijoli, .Anna, full tif 
tnaleriial Jungiiig yet tnll 
uf iiiti'Krily, falls in love with 
a student )ti.'hoiilti>acijer, Paul, 
whn ex'entuaily dini^ts iiintieU, 
Her thoughts meal her lear 
i>f itrowitif: old, tlif fading of 
her Intiks, )ut fei^rets of lov>; "might have b*;im," 

Even M-orae is her fear of 
failure in tlic only thin^ .the 
really cares about— It^itbinf;. 
Siir worries uliciui the !ji:k of 
discipline in the ehildrtii, tiie 
vijiti of tin- Mfhtml itisper tor, 
tiiT gioiving tendency to talk 
tti herjelf and to the flower, 
iji her pardcn 

To lielj) tier throuj;}i her 
lonely houri .md tu rope with 
fl Mihmihotjiii full af Jaiinliing, 
jiJCTritncine, of crvin^' chifdreii, 
Anna furtihrn hersrU each 
tiiiiiiittif! H-irh .1 half-iunihler 
ei' liruudy. 

lio Ati-mi.tiMN WoiLi-Hi Wkhk 

"I jii*t had tu try thai 
myself w I i ould teford actu- 
rately juit what in .(Tr-rc 
would hr," said 
WaniiT. "f woiilda'i iniid^ 
mond it as a Intiifuctoty vtKf, 
of startinfc the day, au la^^ 
what the diffiriiltien niuatdl*'' 


As I siispetod, the aulhiw 
is noi a spiiutei. jifiss /Vjhloh- 
Warner in a veiy-m«ek- 
ljiari-ii-d niuiher at tkjui! 
qronTMip ibddren. nttd iftf 
li.n ;i iiiiirh-lovect son-iir-linr 
fplease dno'l' loryer him*'' 
.mid ibm- nrandi'iiiUir>ni, 

Her liasband, .VIr. Keith B. 
Henderson, hi iieadmaitct :af 
one nf the largi'st bi-radll 
.(tlioiiK in Nen Zealand, Tnu- 
ranga, in die N'ortti JtIiiiiA 

"I always wanted tn writt: 
» book, hut I wai too hMy 
tpaeliing and bringing up 
bahitu," she iiald. " 'SpiMter' 
took nie two years lu wtili^t 
:ind I worked nine lioun » 
day 00 ii e\n:rv day, 

"If I hadn'l been io happilj 
tnairied I cauld not have 
written as I did. V<ia tan 
always write more straogh 
about a wish than a renlitl' 

"Nut thai 1 wished lo lie " 
!ipuister, hill 1 <Jo rhink tlii'.V 
hai'c ruiher a wundeffiil limr, 
with so rniieh indepcnikflf 
imcf frctrdoin. 

"f couldu'i fiaiie writW" 
nearly Mirli a conviiiriHf[ 
jboni a hapjiy marriage, ft 
n'ljitld lie iiju (-ton; lu iny own 
heart and ray own lift- 
spheitet could probably 
a very \iomi Ixiok alKNl " 
happy inarriaue." 

Miii Aihton-Warner k»d 
iiUended to stay in Aiuu»li* 
a TooiitfL, hut ivat amiwu* 
after Itl days <o i;el hafk «> 
liiT New i^ealaiid hfune. 

"1 have to go liatk taftei 
the ,eat-di-ii." fiu- said wit" " 

AuRu.! 31. JMil) 91 56 


J — f'roniifitii! yiiuttg rirUeax 1 S-yetir-tilil Jetiin rtm 
Emden, ichii i* rii '^Shadotn of a fiunmatw' u 
aB »et to cry fo order irilh "Metliad" producer Wal 
(Iherry coaching her at his Acting iituAio. 

It^S €Bet lot* 

**3Methad** students 

— Mood to cry is cultivated 
hy a "^referencp^' — for 
Jenny it Ui a tad nonf; about 
a nngro fn a c.kniu JTOftK- 

— I I'tirs beiiin to fltyw and 
Jenny soba qftielty as she 
istentifi^S herself more and 
more with the negroes. 

• At Mrlliourne's new 
"Method" sehooi, 22 
yonng arlurs and actreanes 
are learoiEig to lose them- 
selves in the parts they play 
— so that ihey iiiay feel jusl 
as thff hero or the heroine or 
the villain niav feel. 

'PHEN', arcording tu srhool "priucipal Wal Chtirry, 
Bftins comes (rom th* inside cut — .not the 
ouuidf^ in. 

Wal tfhfrr^-, who has won aw^irris for thrrt^ play^ 
hp has pniiiurffl in Auj^traliii am) has iiiudinl 
<iiatnii ill EimlsTid, Europe, and Anu-rica. Ls aii 
exponiTit of lh<: SEanislaviki Mflthcjc) uJ ailing. 

Up is HMchins! it at bk ycarnjlti TTicatre Work- 
shop and Ai'tinj Studio, whicli in nnw prcwntinij 
"Shadow nf a Giuiman" and -Wl] Thar fail" at 
MrllKmrnp\ Njitlniial nieiitri. 

Tic Nl'm- York MpihtKj Sirhmil — whidi prodiiccd 
Marlon Brnmlo— fullowi-d. hi' said, niiiv n. station 
of ihr Stanklavsti Method. 

tlhriT\-\ siudrnl^ alto learn voirr ■ prf>dup1ion, 
(urio, liillw, piiriMil jind wl't-shoe dancins, fmcine. 

— .Subliing fieeoniKu almott hys- 
IrrieaL Jenny^f pt^rfwrnance is 
so real it is disturbing^ 

2 — face umt with tears. Jenny askit. 

"Can I come out now?'"' Soya 
ttmefifr Wal Cherry. right out," 

Ifc / ""''^-'6 Junior kughy Inio., 

C^.J, t t'™''"™ September 2. 

^'P""'h Jonallum Ram,den. i, /r«», row 

TpIliHT'EEiN schiiolliuys who aic members 
-'--'of Lhe Victorian Junicr Rugby llnion will 
lie sptin.fiired by The Australian Women's 
Weekly on a trip to Canberra on September 2. 

All uiidpr IG, tin* boyi will pla) mo malrlics agaio<i; 
A^C.T. under. Ifi icam, chixvrn Ut^pIv iiom ih*- 
Ckmibmnd Higli Schools in Caiibrrra, at the North- 
bonnir Oval cri St-ptcrnhPr 3 iuitl 5. 

F^riiET, un Augicit 2H, [hey will play at Puckafnuya) 
t)val agaioit a louring team from the .Vletropolitan 
juniors in NJi.W, 

1 hi- ViLturiaiis, raptaitied hy Jooiitliaii Raiiiidiin, 
son of Mr. Wa™irt Rajnsdidn, Prpjiidcjit of iht 
V.R.U.^ have he*:n chosen from Ctranis from ?chtx>b 
whiTf Rusby Union ii ptaycd. 

Ccoch of the louring U:am is Mr. D, K. Phelan, 
Viitumn dflfgair fur thr A.R.U. and President of 
thf finiior Kufbv Union. 

Twii miinaBerji, David Frasiir. of Srotih College 
Maff, and Lw Cousins, of Toltetihani Terhnieal 
SfhrKil, will ar^Dttipatiy the team to- Canl»rra. 

The boys will he bitletetl in the homes of members 
of the Cirbfrra lL»am. 

Mr. Rfim»:le[: said that Rugby was a game which 
rould br phiypd hy buys nf all ago, jiitc*. and weight 
It prnvid«i cpporlitnirio for boy.^ who wwl- not ih'- 
^pi!CCaf;ii]ar kickers which oihtrr football garnes 

Kugby, a truly itiientationiil g;ime and, eistniiially, 
u [film game, is rejardpd ta an otcelienl hesdth ai^ 
diaratiL-r builder. 

Il waji jttayed Girgt in Ettgland in 1823. The tildcil 
cluh 10 AuhtTulia^ ihr. l.lDiv'crftily of Sydnrj Ctub^ 
v/m loraied "H) yrius later. 

Australia ph^yed and won h'i firtt Kiigby L'nitm Te^t 
'.ig^iint the British I.sleii in Sydney in 1699. 

Fifty htFyi voluntwiwl for ifte Juoiw Union Irip lo 


National Library of Australia 91 57 

look now 

HuSbedin sukr-smooth shaving 

coming your way on Father's Day!" 

t:^^ J No more old-fashioned shaving for thu father! For Mm the old 

brush-and-iaiher days will sooii be gone forever. A lucky dad indeedt For years 
he has never had more dian a scraping a;:quainiancc wiih his razor — now 
he's about to make a shaving friend for hfe, Wonderflil gift idea? Make 
Sunbeam's great gift to shaving your choke for Dad on Sunday, 4th September. 


Jci Blaik:k, Ivory or 
Gun^moke Gre> 




Whukejx ^TTt, him wn ,bn 

nan •fmvors cjn'i ciu dJT ihs 
t»ic nf the hcltw 
Iktn Iw'tl tltc hariliiir'i 


Shakos I iihuA'cT'% mmijcil 

fiiapi mtici nf cJth whnler 
iibuvc >k[n fcfcl, ITieliullim- 
gfimnd Ijladc tuu tKcin dun 

Thi; remBlnlnjS wUi^^ ira^- 
taa\i.\ arc Jthw buck u'dl 
iKfuw •kill kwl, (tui (tKM'ght. 
Only SLlnbciin> SluwtmB^fCr 


Humer Green i>r 
Saddle Brown 


A ■« DAY 

Absolurelv no risji wlicn ^ 
you tJux'sc a Slinbcarn Shiicmaslcr ^ 
lor Dati. f-,v(m ihough that lirsE nonderful 
aJiare will be moutih \o cmnnce him, ytiur 

Simbcwn reiailcr will be happ.v [ti id hrni have 

a lull twti necks home tnal fur a iiniill dcpusil, 11" he it m\ timiplfleljr 
sBtisfial ai the end of ihis dme. yaur ileposii *ill be rcfuniicd in fiill. 

mbem super-smooth shavemastb 


National Library of Australia 91 58 

there's glamour Jiving in 

Waltz tengih nigJit that dances about your body in a 

dream of slumber soft Bri-nvlon trfcot, partnered with 

matching peignoir, each trimmed in embroidered leaf galloon. 

Two layer Bri-nvion tricot fashioned for the life you love living 
in Ivory with Ivory trim, Ivory/gold, Black/gold, Nil/gold, Peach/ 

gold. Sizes 12-18. Peignoir £10.10. Night £8-8. At your nearest 
salon that sells the wonderful things from Lucas-Vanity Fair. 


They'tt cati him 
'^Your Majesty 

# Peter, King - in - exile of YiifrosJavia, wiU meet 
many old friends and Uiou§an(Is of former subjects 
on his Australian tour. 

SC.ATJ'ERED over aJi 
-Slates arc some 
4D,flO0 Yugoslav .4ustra- 
liaiis and New Australian.s, 
Many of t ti e rti were 

.Sranni! ihi'in are men whn 
biow ihr'ir ynung tini; vfW, 
I A trw fif 'tifni wpj-r Rem-nik. 
Wjruy wcrr fifricrr*s aiod af>U 

j\imv. /V few were mrmbcrs 
(if the Royal fiiuind, Stjirir 
oavi? \vcn aidi-s t» their for- 
xRti king. 
! "PflcT," liiry sal-, tliinlim! 
tmci ovfr the yMfs, "a nli-c 

PeierTs arrival in .AiLStraUic, 
ijy Ji"i Tomft 4 Augusi 
'\\, ii an pi'ent lliiy hayr 
'vairrif iind pl;irili<Tl fnr 

HkCir li^rinrT Itin^ i-* tru:- 

itonri'd wirh a hn-iy [irh- 
irammr in P<^th, where \k 
■.vlll beKinlm villi, m AdcIiiLdr. 
\tflboiirDe, Sydnpy^ and Rriy- 

Ili^ i.i an iinnffirinl rrip, 
finanreij and .TrTdO^fd by Viik 
nitj frwTid.^ .^d f>kl sylfjirn iri 
.'\iutndja, fur Pntrt hin)M:l( is 
an illmiiKt [Ji'iinili'ss iiinnatfli. 

Id nucficncc ^vith hii frirnci^i 
be will be nddrcsscct as "Vnur 
Mii)cs(V " W&nii-n v^ill turlsy, 
men will how. 

.Naiiftfutl iiiur urffiriuivi'r ]'« 
• fiinrn'r ninjor of ihi' Royal 
I'liKt.slav' Army. Piihltrltv uf- 
■|ij«ir is an rx-rapbain, Vtndimir 
■■ilipa'H'ic, iinn' tif PnU' Puint, 

Ifu cityHMtse^ik tour 

(.IttI II Hi i 1 1 tPi, Sllli- I'f; m m 1 1 1 1 fp*. 
Udit:\' cnmmittcf^. tnothcrs* 
rdinminro arr dniiii; the or- 
?ai]iAin|i on a SlatH?.wcde frveT, 
And Yupulavj cveryivhrr* 
■■■tc tnkme liuctuiia] riaMume': 
'ui <iF flii'ilibolh, m-viing iind 
-inljroidi.Titiii; new (in« for 
ihrif chilttrai. (jolishing fhcjr 
rcedalB. Natioiivil dauo's and 
natiBn* air 'beiiii; rrvLvpd. Jinti 
. Jnunj men and womrn whu 
I vartrly rrmpnibcr ihi'ir old 
htrmf ate twiiin drillril in tnr- 
Sin^'i KolD-tlir Kui^'j 

Purpo^f^ nl ihr visii U for 
thr rx.Kinjr tn <irr how hi?» old 
[ritnds and furmcr subjri!!!. arr 
grlling dn in .-Vuiitr^H:! — and, 
if pu^ibtc, to ojKn j\uj}triifi2\ 
l^ali^ to IfiouSitiids mare Yugi>- 

Mjnv uf tht^tn arc men 
whn n5 yaunf; boys Icwii a lyg 
nr an arm. or conmrnfd T.E.. 
while fightinif as RiiorfilLi 
IruiijM pndiT Miliallovic in 
VuSuaJavia during VVnrld Wur 

Many of thp^fn jrr* "iimply 

piiiriini^ tii>tni's lor tliem, 
and ftir refiiDfca still rf(«sin^ 
into Wj'stem Eijrrpf from 
Tiro'* YuRoslavra, is full- 
limp job fnr ihc cx-Kiiiji;. 

KiiiR pL^icr 14 thp son 
KjTvg .Mcxandpr of Vugo,Ni|^viai 
jnd Qsiwn Marie, a grand' 
daiiiilitpr of Qiircn Victoria, 

Kins .\tcxantler was miir* 
di'rcd in Marwillrii in 193+ 

»/ PelRF, hi nji-in -exile, 
begins on duguH 31, 

in Eoi^Lind. .'V ri'EjPni V rhlii'd 
Yu^tn-lavio until Wnrrk jWI, 
wdiT it sijim'tl 0 nctiiwliiy 
jias't with ihe j-Vjiis, 

Then, wttti strong [lopubr 
siijipiirt — ■ tlic pcrjplc'fi sts^ao 
^IBS "beTtrr tJir gj^vt^ than tn 

wj^ rn'iTThrim'n. 

And Prtrr, a^d 17. uas 
u^wnfd King P^tcr II, nf 
Vugudmia. on Marrli 27, 1941. 

Axis [•jfti-^ thrn 
Vug<rtliivta. llsi small ormv 
WHS tUHViTlcSs. against ihrtii 
Hnd. -on .-^pril 17, ii siirnvi- 
dered — of! ida 11 v . 

UnutTifiiiUy it wilt iiiidfr- 

1^ - , **<""«■"• <■» o keen skier. 

III exile 

IVirr ^tk! lii^ Miiiinli'r^ jind 
a' Aivtlun of the iirmy and air 
fori-i' fled to llir Mkidlr Eisl. 

.'\ j^ovL'fTUni'nt-in-rxib' wji^ 
svi tij> In I^ondon, iind Vuq;o- 
'kv unks' ivcTr ;\ttarhrd 
the British fnrfra. 

.'Vt home. Cctloaef Dmz;! 
Miliaikiyir tarried on tbi- 
light ^-itb bi.* gnrrrilln Tronp^i 
- -CVtoiLi, 

Whi*n G*'rmiiiiy artackt'd 
RiiSAia, Mnsruvi - I'duratfd 
Jiuirph flroi Tiln Ttiiitftl miiH' 
sjLH'rnli.i tro*Jpi. Antt civil 
Mar, as ivfJI m the I'onlitiuid 
strusKlf against the itn'adrrs. 
ra.Efi!d until iht* very last davs 
•if World Viat U. 

Yngoslavia's hrnve rcsijitanrc 
™«, in ail. l,aiKt,(10n livw. 

Pfti'T ha^- never U^fn honir 
.i!5!un. Hi- hi^ nwr abdi- 

Ivnt yisir, ta Anwrira, hi' 
-:iid. '^Should Yugoislavia rvtr 
fii'conn; ji dcinu^racir rcpuh- 
lir , I would be ijiii' of iis lurjsl 
iijyu] si]hji'CE5 

In Penh he will stay at ihr 
Mt. Lawley homr of a lormcr 
ratupalitnt. Ur. J'lisritjak. 

Hr< vi ill tn' eiip%i-nl-h[nnir at 
a bjili ijii Si'pri*nd?<+r \ th"* 
••\-f ijf hk ;i7Ui liirilidav. 


National Library of Australia 91 59 

National Library of Australia 91 60 

What chance have mere 
men when o pretty woman 
makes up her mmd? . . . 
an nmusifig short story 





■ I.rCIA CARSTAIRS rniiTfd the vv,ilnut-j)nneili.'d board- 
IB roam. EiTiy iiULsrulinc eye swung a littli? fearfully in 
L-M her dircrtioii. Thi^ was ihc board members' first triimpii? 
X M i.if the wnman who secmfid lo b<" pulling Ihc shrewdest 
real-fstaie finiil in thi' liUUiry of Milwaukps, iilthoiigh Eitgwrn 
Kap[>, the firm'i lawycf, haH Kfioken to ht'T often. It came ha a 
ahcH'k to see how young and pretty — muficeni'laokmgt oitiiuit 
— «hi' was. 

V, K.. Swati^ fii^raian ul ihf biwrd ul ihe Pipp Tnwer 
Cnrpt^ratiun,, ^ot i« hit feiH US ^nmrSiiUy hh paupich would 
allnvv and csf urt<*d hur m thr rhair rrsrrvcd for hrr, Htr 
inimduted hiT 10 L*!opiild Ilummond, di*' prnsidr-ril, and 
numblrd rJli: rlnnu^s *>f th(> ItrflSttr hoiird llirndjcrs. Thru hil 
v,Tt clow'n, placed hoih Imnd^^ flat on the iunln)jjaiiy tablr^ atld 
half riiispd himseU in his nhair, Iranmg toward her. "Mrs. 
Ciirsi.iir.t, f'm .1 jnan whij Ixilievcs .itr J^^ttini; down Icj br;i.s5 
lacks. Ynu tuivc us ovvr a barre]. Yuu kiif.iw n. Btti I :im 
ctinlid''n!, iww I'vi: uii't yaa, iha.1 wdi a clianniiu;; liitlc 
lad)' will br lair and rc^uniuhli?." 

.AlJr.ia notldi^d hri;>htly. Hrr hair -sermcd strinl^ snlitt gold. 
Kvcrptl (ilinrliT, iIip Irn-st important member of the IjMrd, 
found himtt'lf wati hinj; it as tinHigh liypiiutiml. "I certainly 
do watit to bt' fair and rf.'saouabin/' .\lirt3 said r^rnr^lly. 

"(jf>ocl. 'I'hcn yiiu just trll us what you want trojn us,'" Swan 

*'rt3 just like to have ypu move this buildiiig off niy prop- 
erty." shr aiiiwered. 

K^pp, ihc! aftomryi leapctt up, strtMjf to the windtow, and 
luokcil tJown at tlic traffic inching aloiii; Wiitrnnsin Avenue 
tWL'Uty-cisht storeys below. He rested his forehi'sd 
the rqo] glass. " rbal"^ whjii she's been sayinj; for weclts, 
V. K.," ht shoutcrd. *'AI1 during our negatiatiuns^ tiiuE'? 
what shf Ims been saying." 

Sivan held up 3 pudgy hand. "LeL*s not Ret esclttd. It 
ntual be a mifnindrrsianding. Mrs?, Ciirst;ur^ is obvnousty a 
woiuaii (if intf Hiffence as well as chann. She knows it's )n> 
pnssible tii miivf a ihirty-Ihrre-slfjrry building," 

"It's uniy 3 mattrr ol eij>htc«] inrhpi," Alicia remarked. 
Swaji o|3nn-rt his tnmith, thnijglii better of wliat he'd starled 
to say. and xhuuk his brad. 

Alicia iflaiieed ainiiud the table at the wurrird ma^uline 
faces^ "Tbcy move housfs," *,hc iaid. "Uliey jack them up* 
put ridlcrs under them— " 

"Houses, yes." Sivan's far^ was geluiig red, "House! [hey 
ii|uve. Harn.i they mavf. Filling-stalLons, maybe. But the 
Pipp Tnwer th*y ciin't itrove. Du yon have ^ny idea how 
nnrrfi a thirty-iiiret-stcwry builctmg made pf steel and caa- 
crefe would wi>igh?" 

Alicia leaned larward, InterMtrd. "No, 1 dtia't. How much?" 

"Ttiou.iiands of pouncls. MilliQiLi. Now kt'.5 quit kiddinj; 
each mher." 

"I'm not kidding, Mr. Swan. 1 bAnglit the lot jicxt dcrar 
10 yim in good fuith, and just Iwcaiisc sotnclnidy made, a 
miMakc vvben thry were putting your tower np aiid goi 
eighteen ttu hej of ii on my land doem't mean I should change 
my plans."' 

Sivan made n heroic rfTort to control himselE. "And jtisi 
•wbai arc your plan.'i, exactly? Kapp has given me sonis- curk- 
and-bull story about what you're going to do, bm 1 want to 
hoar it first hand." 

"Why, 1 suppo.w»d fd marie i| clear. 1 plan to put up a 
rancli houae," 

".\ ranch house! Riglti smaiik dab in the middle of dowtt- 
iQwn — " 

"Ejtactly, I'm looting for privai:y," 

'■fritacy! Madam, do you rfalise that a hundrtd and 
for:y-onc thousand eight hiitirlred and Jixty-three people 
pass tiie Pipp Tewpr every twenty-four hours?" 

,\ticia l£)u|^hed gently. SWan sounded jusi lite her hmhand, 
Ben. Berj hadn't scfii iJic point at first, either. It it hard 
for a man to understand th,it you dcin t judRC privacy by hiiw 
matiy people pais by, but by finw many stnp in. 

"Mri. Carjnniri," Hammond said. He was a morosC' looking 
fellow, "We jre prepared tti oflcr you 1 liandunne profit. We 

will btjy that tot for i-noU|^h mtmey to ciiabi* you to purchase 
a lot in the suburbs^ whnre yntt can- — *' 

"The suburbs," Alicia said coldly. "Don't talk to mc about 
ilse suburbs. That's hovf it all sinTted," 

Glind^y, the |p3-st irtiportatll bijard mrmlser, h>rgoi be Was 
^fuppii^ed tn speak oiiEy w^hen VlL. or Hammond ?;puke tt> 
hitn. [Ic was srnring, still hypnotised, at Alicia's gnldm hair, 
"lltiw tiid it start?" he a.sksd. '"1 think it svould be 
tmeresting to know," Stvan ami Hammond ftliin-d at him, 
but he avoided llieii eyes. .'Vfter all. Mrs, Garslairs waj, smlluig 
a lilth^ sadly. He had the leeling that she was oil lide. 

"It all started," she ^aiti, '"'when Bert and 1 moved to the 
Heights to live graciotjsly."' 

TJinl"s what the .advertisement had said: "Live gradtstisty in ,1 
qiiiei, siibiirbau atnio^pliCTe." And, innocents that (hry were, 
she ,nid Bert bad believed it, They bad put ciown their 
money fur a split-level on a half acre and moved in. llert fiatt 
hung a iiwing in the single ficrubljy oak tirat had eti.ibled the 
real-estate man tn Insist the lot wa^ w^ioded, and John and, 
Nancy, tJie thildri:n. had jwung back and totth. At first it KiTinet! that it goiriEj to bi^ wonderful.. 

'"^'ou see,^ .Alicia tola the btssrd members wiitlfully, "all 
we ever wanted wits privaey— a place of our own, vs-hcre syc 
riHild get away from the hustle and bustle." 

''1 know jtMt how yiiii feel," Gliiichy said. He ipiored 
V.K. He didn't care about V,K. now. He wanteti .Alicia n> 
under.startri tliat he understood. 

But somehow, she went on, it jusi riidn t work out. The 
tirst tiling «he knew, Bert was a tntiiibef of the lleii^hn Pnwer- 
Muwer anti Crcen-niunib (!uild, a eommunity urgaiiisaciun 
iluif held meetiiiss almtjst constantly. And she was smnehbw 
involvecj with the Girl Scoots and Boy Scouts, the I'.T.jV, and 
the B.W.A. 

"Ihe B.VV.A.?" fllinrhy inquired. 

"Tile £)rid_^c Widi>W3 Association. Bert was forced by 
evil iivighlxiihond conipaniniiH into learning bridge. We were 
so busy that wi- never saw- eai h other except at meetings, and 
we had tu raise our h:mds and get the chair to recogntSre u& 
before tt;e could speak to each other," 

But the orptnisaiiotii weren't the', worst part, Aliein said. 
Tile worst parr wa.s the way everyboity kept droppini^ in nil 
the time, ft pst m that she simply left the ttoor wide upeti 
and pm up a sign: "This way to f jrsind Clenrral Station." 
After a year, she finally locked henielt in the batlir«nm ant! 
dlood in front of the minor and asked hersell, "'Is this the 
way I to spent! the rest nf my life?" 

"And what illd fou answer?" Glinchy demanded. 

"f don't sec what all thij has t-a do with the problem at 
hand," V.K, declared, "Our (une Is valuable, tnadami and 
I feel we should—" 

■^1 wont In hear her atistfor," Glinchy said firmly, and 
Ssvati was .so surprised Jbat he wnjs siJent. 

"My aiiiwcr," .Alicia said, "was no. This wasn't my itica 
(if gTHcious living. .Sii when Bert came home that night, I told 
him we were going to buy a fann." 

- "Bravo!" GUocliy looked triumphantly at VJt. "Kxrellenl 

"So we thuuDiht. Wc founil a charmitifr little home, with 
thirty ACfi^^ down a side road, with iiu tieighhots widiin half 
a mile. It looked wonderful," 

"It sDiifids wonderful. I kirep telliiiji; ray wife. Glarire, that 
if she weren't SO wutuid Up in her women's club and things, 
we could — " 

"Glinrhy," Swnn raid, hiinjpn^ hit fni on the mahogmiy, 
"I am willing to nit here aiid listen 10 Mrs. Carstairs, IwtcaitM- 
she is 3 .tjnrsl at this nieetiiiij and. in atldiiion, has tlir i'ipp 
Tt^wer Corporation over a Ijarrel. But 1 will not sit here and 
listen to you," 

"We liouEht the farm," Alicia unid, ignnring the interrup- 
lion, "and for airveral months we lived so grarimwly we cotitd 
hardly stand it. No irlephunes ringing. No neighbors, dropping 
in, Nobody calling except our close friendis, and thry came 
only by appointment- But, of r/tiir«', jt was too good !o Ian." 

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Page 17 

National Library of Australia 91 61 

Worth Reporting 

NEXT year, Mr. 
Tho-miiS Gamell will 
become headmaster of 
Gftloiig Graiiim;ir School, 
in Victoria. 

Thii mouth, Mr, Gimeii 
flirw out [lom Fjiglajid on a 
quick vmt tn the- ifJirwl, and 
Wf> wcdt along li> mf et bim. 

We iotuMi Geclonj's new 
Head mrastiring windows in 
ihc bfadmaster's houac. His 
wiff, he cxplaiiied, IS gain^ In 
maic iTurlaLni; ready lo liang 
wiirn tfei" family srrivps. 

The famil)' indudia five 
children; RoWn (12), Gerald 
(II), Malcolm (9), AliJwin 
(7), and Stcptirn (4). 

"No, I won't mind at ail il 
living at boys' schnol maies 
tomboys of my daughters," ht 
tottJ «s- "It won't hurt ihvm. 

^"Ycii Icnnw, there's a c<t- 
tam boys' si:bool in England 
whcKF bvjidniMtvr ihdibccalely 
ta3cv\ ^iHs of 12 for a year. 
It's wi'll knuwn thai girls of 
that a^e ar# brighter than boys 

NETT . . . /le measured 

-^nd boyi loathe being beaten 
by girlii — so it nrpa up ckvu 
averages ^tiniirably." 

Mr. Garrbett hasn't any such 
r*rviiluticiiiary idea in mind lor 
Geclnni;. He says, tfanagh, that 
lie U Aj^in^ educaikm Talltiw- 
jng any Act pattern; his aim u 
Id briiu; out itie best in evi^ 
student. "That if, ||>ctliiij; to 
knCFW and msikiiijs; friertd^ with 
eadi one indlviduaUy,^ he eic- 

"Td say the most impanant 
part of a school's duty is to 
teaeh ia fltidents to thiiik, aitd 
think nraighL" 

Antics flights 
of fancy 

JTLYING is a pkasantly 
tjmck way of getting some- 
where. Bui it has curious 
effectj on Mune people- 

Film »ctre?R Ann Todd 
spends a good deal pf time in 
pJauia, flyiiig (nam one movie 
"StK;ariein" to the neit. 

"Flying makes me feel like 
a goddess," ihe iniists. 

Thaf*ji not all. It abo itn- 
pFoveii her eyeijaghi, 

"1 can always Icam my liuiv. 
so mutih more easily in i\tf 
ail/' she pay5. "On the groiuid 
1 can't read vtithout giassi-s 
In a plane I don't have l)> 
use thera. 

'*! suppose it Is sometiiiii{r 
lo do with thf light," 

. . . respect for kindtCM, 
but not lAe Ucw, 

Philosophy of 
a playwright 

'J'Hl* CTttrc - cOiTnedy - dritna 
"The Hosis^f^" try' iitr?- 
press i M*r I rish plaj'wfLghii 

pUying to OBthusiastic aud- 
iences at Sydney's EltzabethaTi 

Mr. Behan d1<i npt cmne to 

New Yodt on Scpleiiibin' 2 for 
thf^ firoa-dway pfoducLinn. 

Hk Ainmcan agonl:, Abner 
KljpsteioL, asltd Elehan for a 
brief dirstzriptiou of **Thc 

He got iha folLowiiig reply: 

**! rcKp^'ci Itiudncss in 
hLLma.n beings liTst ot all, and 
ktiidncss to ammalE. 

"1 don't res|WJCi thp law; 1 
have a total iireverunre for 
aiiysiiiiig ronntfctcd wf^H 
dtrty, except tb:it which maltcs 
the road* £ftfrr, the bi>tr 
*ixrongpr, iht' footf chcappr^ 
;uid (i]d mf,n anrf womrn 
itv^mif^r in. win tpr and Jiifip- 
pif.T in the summ&r^*" 

Which may nm c^plaLcr dip 
pby. But il doi.'s give samr 
iosight Inta tht! Behan philo- 

You puff the 
petticoat up 

''J"LL huff and TU pufi 

V\i hltyw the bnuw dwvii." 
That's what ihr big had wolf 
^id to ibc thm: litdr piggiVs, 

Now you say, "I'll huff smd 
V\\ ptiJT and rU hltiw my 
peilicosT np," 

This is. a npw Aro^r- 
i ran idea— the * 'puff- 
aiHt - hjow" tucna t . 

tt haa a rati celled 
iiuirr mbr. The Tiihf 
iaflai cs tti tra nif i>rm 
an urdiniiry frilly slip 
Salt* a hooped crinn- 
liije style. 

ptugramme, an g^gfi 
TV puhlirily hand-nut sn 
'■ . and alto n tbt si«^, 
will hf Mrs. EXiiahcth Le, 
wka^r uncU wnt taif.n 
ftinnihah-" I 

^Riviera^ for 
llie reaUy ytmn^ 

jV LONDON Mwjpajv 
cnluiniiist hai diirovcn 
the "screani-nge fUv^tat*" 
It's at Fruiiaif><in-Stii, 
Esses. And it's where »II „ 
Top Ghiltircn antl ^uk nAi 
nics " go wliitt 'Didilfc. „ 
Mummic take a wdtomc 
Test at Monte Ciria tt N 
or somewhere COQttnaitt 
like thai. 

Aerurdin^ to the rahininiM 
Frinton n a ponti*^ Yn 
torian .^mbol of te^petal^li^ 
Thctr are none al Ijiou luji 
amiuemmt piers or ie«<rejii 
kiosks or eales or [ujjj 
eoaehioads of holiday-tqftkr. 

Just lots at little loidk i»l 
ladies and najinies. 

But life for the tnp'diawr , 
tot; iut'i always as jklyllir a 
ywu Eiiight think. 

Hie nannies are Jin, 
women, ami iife is pknnixi 
Keeping a firm huld on hi) 
17-i7ionth.'Old charge, Lori ^ 
Kenlis, Nannie Mtay Mai' i" 
elaborated ... M 

"We go doim to ilu beul. 
in the mnmiDg. Thtn Hi ^' 
I^ordship has a rot Wor jn 
lunch, anii thi!n we go IhcJl t' h 
the bi'ach. Wp have to, iho jid 

a walk, and bfd." 

And if it's wet? lliei 
Inni^diips an? NOT pcrtoiite-j 
to play togKther in tin! pisl , 
house lounge. 

Instead, tfacy are pennittn i, 
to invite their fiioitii tnt>{^ 
their rrxiftli foe a |;lui of miii , 
and a plate of jelly. 

Oh. the [disdpliited) (im «^ 
it all. 

J^MERICAN tefer «« 
Striga wriiii *Wli7 '! 
his ipart timt. at"-' 
Don'i dig me ni* T™^ 
downlKat eearcr- 

Dmi't dg I 
AiuJ 1, „ 


CAiL BVTTEKFIEU>, 4, witodeU lAe 

Tut AnsmaijaJi Wome.v 5 Wttaii - Aue^n i^- *^ 


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T 1 


RS. PAYNE askrd, '-Whul time ii 

"Oh, iiboNi now," tcpliKi Marcia. 
M]uinting invii at (hi- front of bcr 
n-am aJiantung shirt, stitdilng iiji a loose 
Uimiiti widinui taking off nhirt. 

•■Mnrcl.-!," contjnuid Mrs. Paynt', "I v'vh 
iiiK nnre v-ou'd wear a drrssj sninptiiitiij; 
, ■"■([>■. Alwajj Airts .iiid stmv Ji's not 
''■mini no." 

".■Vncl rm nut h-mitiine, t-idiPr." Marcio 
clipptd off the thriad with t-»rf. "1 ffci 
wmioriiiLIt in shim aud.jkiru. You'd havf 
me in tnuslm EriiLi atid llnppy haM." 

Not quilr." .iai<i hLT irioiliir with a lililn 
niiilc. it Ilttlf HTvJ). "Rtii y-.jii miiM atliiill 
ihit rvsryLhing you wrar ij a bit— wi'll. 

Marciii fiscd Lhr gold linJis inio her cuffs. 
Shf? ffljicentraiaJ on it, iiol looking al her 
moilirr. "And what jni I but a jphooLumii? 
How ItPttft can I cjrpjs Ihnn in kfriiinc 
"itii mv job?" 

Mti. Payiii' <iitrt>ad Jitr h.inils in a slightly 
dfspiiiring gi^iutc. -'But Marcia, d.irlittg, 
finite going out io a conreri. not iutn the 

Marciu turned slightly w eJieck her 
I'lrking-soatn) ill thr long mLrrDr. "Witii 
'"■ntge," thEsnid, aiitf her voice held noth- 
ljut a shgtil nntc of dismissal. 

"Marcia!" said ker muthfjr. '"Marcia, why 
■")n I jfoii marry George?" 

Marria imnrd tn iha mirror, jmooihlng 
L'Jrk hi-r luir. "Oh, Mother,- die s,iid. "luit 
■■sjiiin! PI fine not again!" 

"But why nm?" jic r.,iktf;<i Mrs. Pnynf. 

Mjrda jighed with exaggerated patipncp 

iheo, oiurr again," ihe Mid, '"l don't love 

1 warn t in lovp ^vhcn I married jour 
"fiCT. And I was hapjjy, VVfll, rrhiiiunably 
•ppy. myway. Somt men vmi di.n'i fal) 
• lovf « „h until Qftct you'vf beet. mari i«d 
I'jr » time, l ,|unk George k ...ic <A ihnn." 
.*?"■>'< 'wl di!|iO!cd lb find nut." 


Utml you inidCTitand, Mofker? 

Nut pnly dn I mil love Gi-orge — 1 t-an't 
think uf anything worse in iht worlil tlian 
nclitiilly being in hive with him.'' 

"Really, Marciu, I just don't undeiMand 
yc-u, OiH' woiilij think that y<m plannid to 
slay an aid-maid schoolteacher all your 

"I can think nf wnrsifl things," s.iid M^cia 
lanly. "and njn- of ilifm ts beulg married 
to CJt.■o^_^5^^.'' 

"Thni why go out with him?'' asked Mri. 
Payne with a kind of des|3pfitti? di.sapproval. 

Suddenly Marcia'a irritation pvapofstcti. 
Shi! Itratjt over and kissed her mnthrr's Mill 
prcny cheek. "BDcaust! he's like you,'' die 
said "ITf gives me no peace." 

The doorbell rang, and, smoothinR her 
skirt, Martia wmt out to meet CetHge. 

7 hp cfiiicrrt irsc^tlhml. Marcia sal iso- 
lated in ,-1 sfen of glorioiii sound. Once, be- 
tween the movements, stii- jjlaticnd ar (ieorge. 
li hi" had fnnre than one facial cxprpasinii, 
iliL thought, IVi not well enough attuned to 
"pot it. 

After tl wa! uver site? sat mntionless for 
;< moment, (ijing to mlold herseif in the 
faEt^iiiappetirinf; rnists ul music. 
- "Colfri'?" aski'd Gtorge, "At llip Cri- 

He spokp as with iiKpiration, aldiough 
ihey always hod KolTce at the Criterion after 
a inncfn. 

"Of," slie said griively, and they 
filed oiii with (he rrj!t of the crowd. 
_ .She held the same mild dislike of the 
C^rilrrloii as she did of all coffre ioungcj 
that were .shoddy and VBt held pretrasions 
to art. It wa,s filled with people like Crt'orge 
and herself — sichiHiTiriiclicrs wh» had been 
to concerts. And the rolTee was nmcr very 
^nod. Hhr had ofirh [houijhi of trlHne 
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ThB dancers moyeif around her, birf 
Marda, iail and slendetj simd aloae. 


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George And luf^ifsiinj; thiiL 
ihe^ wrnt somewhrri! risr. But 
it was iilways linavy ^mw^ ID 
•jTpLiin Eompthins: jutntiglhle. 
Cifce frrliiigj. lo Gecirife, .und stie 

cfrink \\iv Criterioii'i biid fofTe^ 
wlthrtuf i:cimpLiijii 

Tiiry not ihcir ubu-iI uIjIp by 
ifn- wintJnw. 

"Look " sJid fieornr. 
"Thcrr'i Brian and Fmii.'' Ht 
wa^-ed, unEirces?fcinly it 3crmird+ 
hc^ aticr the othrr tww wftc Hi- 
ready on thtir wny ovTr. 

"Mind if wo join you?** asked 

"Nor at all," SJiid Nfaxcb 
swiftly, hrigbtly Shr fcund 
tjfiorpc'i ctjmjiiirjv more bcd-f- 
□bk divided by thrct. Actually 
Eiuin and Fredq royld hardly 
t)*f (CrkMiCrd .13 iwfl peopJr. Thty 
wtrrc ■rnifsi'td, in fliii incliv'iaibl«, 
all - e-n-ffupnaiiin^t beirtUkfiL 
Tht.^ whole w«rld wrre outaiclrrir 
They liviid \ty a ctHTdOU of iin- 
c;cnsumii3Nit<:<I kw'e. Watching 
ihtrm i* ikey Kit hand in hand 
auTOfii [hf (able. M il r c i a 
[hfjiight: Is thiit w}iflt i wnnl — 
with G^^^lfgeT or wilh nnyofiE? 
Foiscjiiou of mind, jf pcrson- 
olity. of mv identity '■xs n per- 
luri!' Could I giandi !t? Could 
1 pDESibly likt- it, a* Freda so 
nbviDUfly likes it? 

Laler^ ^fttr rupj; of thf 
iciriblc coEfL^p, Erian iaid, "How 
obout /oflimg up to jny .i3Ue^^ ? 
Wv. gul anmi; new LPi th^r t 
think you'll like^ '^-nd can 
bavc jtpacfht^rji trnd a bctllc of 

ThaTB whit I passes for 
hrmiMj for darin^^ lutellectuiLl 
rntErininment m ihii tigbt liiilp 
ciftlc, Ihoii^ht MnrcU. Briani, 
Ihr callrctor of jktwi-c lassies, of 
wftird, iintunefiil folk ntu-sie. is 
L^onsider^d daO£E:mu?tly differ- 
ml bctauHT he invites jJx or 
f^igbt pf;oplt" tu his pocket-haad- 
krrchu?f-sizEhd aparimnni for hnd 
fijod atid worse winc^ and dis- 
russion nf obiururr philosopl^iies 
9 bat nc^ni' i?f U3 undentand. 
Oh, well, it kill* an evtning, 

A nd tb<*n ah e thcufiilj, E : T m 
only twtnly-nJnr, "VViiy abauld 
\ l>r conLcnl la drift almig, kill- 
ing evenings, with pcopk' who 
irritate and bore me^ bitt whoni 
I ran'i di^Iikr, becaiue I wa* 
biuu^ht up lo lovr wiy nrii^h- 
hot 7 But fhc Bible veri« 
un to aay» "flluis (hrni thai hate 
ytm/' Bvu who would hute 
Marcia Paynr, the flld maid 
»t'h<M>lteachc!r? Even Would 
be a fcikaac, IjOVc, Kale— I 
do not know wliBt at is like lo 
he searrd with nny strong feel- 
inif or ID want sonielbifig with 
iill my being. Even fear would 
fdl the eiTipty bowl of my cmo- 

Lattr, ill Hrrun's aparlniTcnt, 
when ihe and IVeda tidied up 
lor tht liflfty, Freda gaid, "Are 
you and George engaged yei?" 

Irritaxion ran ■with Epidcr 
ft'ct up Marriji''t jpinr 

"Not liDW 0/ ever," shr laM. 
'i tliqu^ht Td made ihat dear 
A hundrfid rinicB." 

"^You used lo say that about 
out with him/^ laid 
Freda ccmiplacenily. "But you 
fin. You knoWi you'U ckangr 
youT mind ami marry hittK 
Yom'1] h:tvf to, bi'cauie youVt* 
so riij^hl for earli tiiher." Mjircia 
movtil hrr head fretfully, but 
Frcdtt continued. "Oh. V^s^ 
ycnj ure. Yon'rc iMJlh tPHi'Ucn 
— H<K>d <>TicB, LCK>. And you 
bath like tcaciiin^. Ci^n^E yflu 
»t-r ii — the twu of yisu mining 
a sfMA Bf-hool sumewbrre ?" 
"No," said Mjir<:in flatly. 
"Oh , Cdme nijw,'* Freda 
chided softly. '^Whal's wron^ 
with Ge^jrgz-i' He'i ^ood, look- 
bHg in SL ntild sort of way. He 
drrascs well. He earna li^d 
mooey - - for a lea-rhrr. He's 
well qaalibed. Hr'U do bcUet. 
And (.'jsndidly, Marcin^ I'd i[ive 
Tity ryp-f*:rth to hnve n chanr:e 
d^E ihat boii»- thai hr inherit'ed 
from the family. Why, if Oic 
iwQ of you i:ouldrt'T siart the 
iTiijil rxi'luniv^ hhool ri^hl 
ihrrc in fbai baimc " 

"i luppUHT so." Marcia moved 
mllrEiiiy arnund tbr room. 

TfffiE ciSmp^ivsati^g factor 

"Blit. dan' i ytps tee. Treda ? 
It** idl 5i*fh a lovely idea — and 
1 don't fed AtiyihinfJE ciboui '\\. 
Nothin 5 a t Jl 11. M-iybe I'm 
one of ihe people whci 
thHiiisfh th>; wholr? of fhcir 
IKcft j\nd nr^^^r rrfidly know 
wh^it luvr w all aboul- 

Thcy wenl out into the 
living' room lo join the pa^ty 
which wiu just bcgltinirLE, Atid 
as Marcitt crofSfied the threahold 
she fell in luvt- coin^lcicly 
for ihc. resi of hrr bfe. 

The inlrudiiciian wtIS almfii! 
unhr:ird — a prrf^uiciory 
mumble ffom Bnun. Cyprian 
Evanii, Miireia Faync 'l^eir 
glanrei met in a compSeteiwM. 
aj complete ai the Icfty ihal at 
last fiudj the prfjper l^ck. 
Widi her hand in his, she said, 
ridicii lotisfy, un prrd ie lably . "I 
tliou^E ycai wrfe nrvtr com' 

And ridii"ulo»isIyT unf>redicJ- 
flbly, he underaLtKid. 

^'1 cjLtiir fl* woti as I could 
bt' luAd. 

"*You iwo krnw earh oihsr?" 
G e o r if t. poot hiunderinR 
George., misfin^ what evcryont; 
che had secnr misglog die 
he-ivy atmojph^-re of mirarU. 
ihe sccnl of rnw, ovvrwhelnuns 
initanLancoua lo^r-e. 

"Wp do now." said Cypriflti 
gravely^ scntly releming Mar- 
cia'i. hand, imd Brian, itppallrd, 
rmibrd in with, *'Let's all have 
a drink, fthatl wr?" And the 
party closed nroLinel iheiti, Woi- 
ting thcJii out as lht>' auaod 
obi ifcloiii to an yone else hu ( 
. Themselvt*. 

Laler, Tred-T, ;eppalh"d, not 
knowing whM to «iy, laid 
limply. "You knflw he's mar- 
licd. don't y^ju?" 

"*Yri. 1 know." Not knqvf- 
iiijC how she Eiiiew, hut knowing 
in that terrible instunt when 
she knew she lo^.'fd him. 

Cyprian Evana bad come to 
leach ficnior English in Miird,Vii 
stihool- He wan art exchange 
teacher. To M»r(iii. br wiii 
Lverywhere. His handwriting 
on the noiire-hoardt hu voice 
as he read poetry to hii clas»". 
watching: bi\ head ouUined 
against th^ cDmniorE-fOom win- 
dow as They pcrliicly drank tea 
and diai.iia*«i the problcHia of 
th*ir pupili' bchauouJ. 

They met a few liiriM dis- 
cre'c t ly.. try in ^ to fool ihrm- 
fclvea inio thinking thai they 
could have an inleliijjeni, 
pbinnit frifndship. dpfintfd in 
their minda as a friendship 
wh ere the two psirtiea roiihl 
Leep theif r::noliLtm under <*tiP- 
trol. Music louk on a new 
meaninsj. art an. added bril" 
li^nce. 'llney ate in little rates 
run by Imlian migrania, whrre 
ItAlii^ii workmen ulc, and ihr 
cofTee was bl tick^ bitter . and 


'lTT liacy knew 
all the thne that was no good^ 
that they cawld not fool (Jif 
world, or. more important, fuoE 
eiiih J^Hher, 

'"I havn to tell you about rnv 
wifCt" said Cyprian one even- 
ing. "She would havi^ <Jme 
with me, hut our little ;^irl waA 
biim wiih hil:ii<ieral hip disJora- 
don and she hat her lejji in 
plaster. It has lo bt rhang-ed 
evt^ry ffw nrpntbi She's geltin^ 
ulon^ vrry wdl, but U's a criti- 
cal time in her trp:»tmniT. I..atcr 
an, in about four monibs, they'll 
be jiaini"H: mr here." 

H is voi cc waji ela bo rately 
raiual, bul hit. hands trcinblecL 
Mai^iA feJt her skin tjiiii(en. 

'■PIcafiC dnrt't Cell cne shout 
h^T," shp said. "1 doii^t Wdirl 
her to become reiil." 

''Bn I shf is real," replied 
Cvpri>*n. "She is real ,ind I 
srm married to her. And she 
has to be eonsidercd-"' 

"Ve^. ihtr hat lo he *"(in- 
slderriJ " 

"She'i I! wonderful prriton, 
reaUy." C'yprinn did nut look 
at her. ^'Shc's not -wclh clever, 
fliat ?hr 1* tw^Ttnrs.* iiaelf Shn 
wanid rto — in £at (. she- dot* dn 

itQm pa ge ?9 

a ny ihi ns and trvrrythinu for 
nks. She coidiin't poRfiibly fttand 
alone, Somp p>«jplc Ciill't." 

But J can'i smrid alone any 
more, thwuqbl Murna. I c:*n"t^ 
and yet I will have u>- 

"W hat you re siiyitig. in 
effect, is that there's no hope 
fnr— for MS? "I'hsit *he wonild 
never divorce you?" 

He twit har h;uid and gently 
foklrtl her fingcri oru? by one. 

"Thai 1 i*'OLild never ffive 
her r«3aori to," he *aid. "Thai 
the prohnh^v wouldn't di-vOfce 
me even if 1 dad. And that 
there would he. no eliHnfc of 
hnppinc» f(iT either of us, evtin 
if we did. We're not ih'c type 
cif pen |i] I." tfi ™ vk fiappinrD 
like leeches out of innDCciit 

I hate her ' innocence, 
thought Mardii Most «f all 
1 hale her for her innaccncr. 

■^SuppDSiuf?;' "If^f '■'i^l- ''J ui..= 

quoted thr worst of KoliyWHod 

blmi and said *3e'* biggrr than 
boih of ui"?" 

His voice wa» still gentle Jia 
he enclosed her fnlded fin^rrt 
in hiB himd, "^Then we will 
have to cul li down to size." 

Tlie next day Mnrcia went 
lu thr Rdhaol jjriTiripal. 

"Miss Burpfer/' she said, "I 
want to resign. 

"Oh." she jaid. "Must yflu. 
my dear? After bU, he'i only 
hcr<: for a y^Jir." 

ThiT all knowj she thought. 

"1 couldn't aland It for a 
year,*' sh^ said. 

Miss flurifeT dnnlirned on 
I he deak with long, hony liiii^ers. 

ins herself that she necdtrf 
ftjr the trip. Cut as ili^nder as 
a willow, In gulden latin, ^jth 
topaz act in her eani, afuund 
hf r tieek, atid on bet wriit She 
pilLHl hrf hflLf hi^ii, w.iniing 
fliuldcoly to br rail, eo hu :ibiive 
the pet ly whifipering iJ^it 
floattd around her eiirt, 

'l"hry were dflncing Itt ihr 
As*eiabl y Hall whm she ar- 
riwed- She »Lood for 4. mo- 
ment pulling herself up to brr 
full height, and !hen Uir walked 
slowly down the iLAin tfrwardi 
ilw daneer^. I| *eeinfd U) hrr 
ihfll ahr did noT nim-e, ax^d yri 
Bh4! proifreaicd wiih slow, 
jsrJifre. Musir drummed in jicr 
ears. And beltiw she could lee 
Cypriaik waLitin,!; for h**i. 
rian''s iface, bfii(:]ud hy ihe 
bbLcL-and-wbitL! of j)nQnymQus 
jnvn. ih»; bright c£ilam <A un- 
named wonifrn. As ibc reached 
the Ijoiinui ittrp ihr hrard iQmc^ 
one nay, "Well!" in jtn jkmd, 
^hodced kind of wayj And «une- 
one eUe, a man, GfHirgei ^t - 
"Mook, fine, >Bd 


N^^f despair; but if 
jfou dOj w(^rl<- on in des- 

— Edmund Burke 

^'Sarac. time ago," ihc said, 
"yon wtre offered a travelling 
strholarship. Vou refuaeJ it. I 
beliei^r. hcf^nuse your fiither 
hnd just dif^ and you felt ibjt 
you wouldn't leave ycai mother. 
I think, if 1 pulled □ string or 
two. you could slill take it up." 

Marria (to<id lisoking ai her 
fff^i. Iryjnf^ to crowd Cyprian 
from her niirid, trying to con- 
rentrate on the places th^l I'he 
had always wan led ii> see. 

"Yea/' she said. "I wcwidd Ije 
S^ratefijl if you could do ilLat 

''You havirn't asked fot ruy 
advire, and I doubt that it 
WTJuId Itr v/*i\i:ani'C," M i t 
Burj^er said. '^But T have 
bc^n a school teacher lor a very 
long time , and vi n g AiiK-'i re 
hai bfeome an iflgr^ined habh, 
In evcrytbinB we ext>crienCCt 
howewr bad, llii-rf ift always 
» coin|>cnsdling factor. 1 do 
not know what it will bt* in 
this casr, btit if you looli for 
i I for yourflclf ynu wili find 
that it will h-e there." 

Marcia hs<\ a ritotftent of 
blant). white terror as she strug' 
glcd with the Itan that she 
must not ihed. As she turned 
s. nd run f nam th r |> rtnr j p,\V s 
olTirt iht! kaew hnw ail ih^ 
hunted crBatutes of ihc earih 
muAt feel in flight. 

It w:a^ arrutigcd that the 
Achol^jr^hlp should <ilart at cHt- 
end of the term. Sbc was lo 
By Knglaiid on the morning 
alter bi^akini^-up diiv~ 

*^You fjan miss the Break-up 
Ball," said her mother. "You 
ifty thai you are too busy 

*TB go to the biill," Jtaid 
'After all, cv^tsn if 

m runmnH 
i/i good ordtT. I'm iTgniing. 
b.iric brrr in riKhteefi months, 
don't forgrt. Ml not ha\ie them 
feo^eniher flie as a cowi^rd," 

Brsidn. three was fome ide<t 
in hrr mind of a littlniZ rndui^, 
a splendid roncluEjonT 3a tbjti 
ihf iuiild say afterwards: "On 
thu doy it ended — this loi-e 
affair Thflt never realty hrgsn " 
Sbr boui^dit & new drcu, tell- 


lid to 


bliii!^ iiouth 

If "Ai Ira.'si rto one cvt 
II flBii At nic ro f"*'^ 

J. EfERE wm a 
titik- idiocked silenije. and thni 
EsmooFtr hiwrdj '^I3r «tuieT. 
Tk»t*l you pver understand Acy. 
thing?" Then Muiria knew 
thaC tkey understood, and that 
thoir heart* bled for her, JwiE 
a» hers bled for hrrielf. 

Cyprian itMik lier hand, 
and aho atcppc^l Jii lu thr 
f^diir. He put hm a rni 
around her waisi, lir who hud 
never hdd her, lioldinit jicr 
now in the full vicW oE huQ' 
deeds of people, h wai Ij^^ 
fontetliing iL*t on 4L itau, t 
dance of ^ff'Witll q'tt 4 Mlltl 
suite, none of it real, notie d 
it artiially happening. 

At the end of the daaee Jte 
ted her to a chKir ax tlit -edse 
of the firwr. He i^avc s. 
Utile bow. and f»r o Kcund 
thi'ir eycfi met. Tlien he lumed 
;ind wnt buck to the xatbem. 
askinK Miss Burger for (br BCSt 
dunce, strariTig her auftnre, 
flowcrtrd-chifTon bulk stmmji 
the moving figuTi^it. HaUJa 
nloud for a moment with IcF 
back prcs5<:d a^alnit the owl 
paurllcd wall. Tln;n sbc, V^. 
turned and walked away. Atf»y 
from the f>eoplc, the dandpj!. 
and the musir. walking riowlT- 
;ind very tall Small, [fivill 
thinft» impifijjcd thcroMlv** 
aK'ii"*t her nenses. Tte fni»n 
nf her drtis at the walkwL The 
fact that her carringi hurt. The 
suspicion thi*t she hiid ladiJcrea 
;i Stocking. 

III all nver. Don'I loot Mck- 
W.tJV, don't nin. 10 the Beaf" 

Thf plaiiff Irft cjuly '°« 
nKimins- He not 'mi" 
at the btii ttation. »> !« 
port Str could InW k™ 
to bt. Ai Ihc [-.line storaJ ^ 
the roohnpa Jhr ihcrajhl, <K- 
iKjalli one o) th«n hr it "l""!' 
Or noi ailmp." 

Sin: tried to pick «■>' 
tioUK, but couU iwn 'W'S"'"" 
it For a iBompni ihr. was m"' 
cmnt. prMsiiii; trtnitjlins im}"' 
to hsr fiii-r, pr^yioh .y. 
In tllr lime 1'"" 
Wlilrl on thf '^il'^''^^, 
the tint- wli.:n ii d™' ["^"r 
to niuri. when 1 W"'' 
oUicr (hinas wilhoot 
L-Horl. vyhrti the nm w^t"" 7J 
again, when 1 am rIbiI '0 
alive-" .. oj,,^ 

Shr rnmcnibia«l >^ r',,, 

wn, lo br found 'n "TJlK^ 
OA dry ai drlcd-up 

M^rr.iLi. "After alJ, cvtsn u - j ^ . | ,1,. i_u«ti wyi 
i'tn runt.„« ...y. ™ 'rdl^'l^^'dttT-'pt;; 

m a dejiccnltd 1"H *'r''ujU ' 
flftu Ihr laugh JJ'^/*"'" 
(hoc-i with it •il'-ntlY. 1'"'"^. 
bt.rl!? huTld l«ta« *^ 

Sii^iam wil 

National Library of Australia 91 64 

[■^IK KIXilNALD acreptcd the sjtuatipn. 
i' "hjlosophicalljf. There was. nothing Sir 

ij now 

>*ginald liked better than a criiU, and 
now thai il rcquiml decisive action he 
19 nioying (h? whole of ih? Bagiihat affair 

"Smart felHw, thai Ferguson," bt said. 

Wir'v!! fx^ti lueky to keep it from all thrji? 

'[■respcindent? as lung as wt have/* 

.^ir Reginald was to far quite p^es^ed with 

<c Bag^ot nrgotialiotu. He had gaincti a 

.vrtii.'al ikdvantaRe for the Embassy by in- 
farmiag the Soviet Mlnisitry of ¥oTeign 
t^MTS Qf ^er whereabouts several hours before 
"'pDTti ffoin ihc militiamm ilationcd outEide 

I -kit's blr>f)c caofimifd Ills statEm<»it. Ur 
fdlnwed [bis up by making out a coti- 

'iiciitg i:a$e for |:iackiii^ Miss Bag^ot of! 

ijtne without furlJuir publicity. Both Gov- 
I'jiiments, he ^tuiff^ Ei>uld i!A.^ily be rrtadi^ into 
^ugiiing-flocks if the simple lacrts of Misi: 
liagihot^£ fold wtne published in the Press. 

Sir Rt^na-Id had no doubt that* after .3 
luitabic period for cooferenres and delibera- 
icms, the Jioviel officials would agree with 
iis jemiiile arguments. Tlis main purpose 
WW was to prevent Miss Eagshot or the 
Xapier famiiy from §'^^"5 *riy unanthnrised 
iurrvicw lo the Pres.! and to despatch htr 
tuck to Engiaod at the earliest opportiituly. 

"Vou ran tell tlie Consul to put in for hi?r 
ait viui diii morning. Aud tlie eky afttt 
inmtirTDw, .it the latest, she iihould b<! cm a 
^bnu for London. U youii^ Fergu.son ki^ps 
fcj) newj (o himiell utitil it appeor^i in the 
Guardian,' (hat will leave only one day for 
ikf rotTespondents to lie really rnjuhlesiiine. 

ynu'd better p^ojie ttp that fliit of ytiurs 
md warn Mi« Ilagshot tu up™ the diKir to 
lubody until you ctuiie home for lunrh." 

Sir Reginald luineH bank to his "In" 
lay and giulled annihi r ihcaf of ftaptrs 
iMiiirtii bim, di.stiii«)n^ liii *«Te1ary with 
jlie farluddioi^ look, wbirh tnost ol bk stifi 
n*d learst to iiiterpre.t ai a. danger si^tud. 

But Jaflcii* plunged rrikk-isly into an 
Ktount which she was forced to abandon 
kiH.wjy throush as it beiame inrxtricahly 
mieff MP ivjth rhurchcs, sincerity, batabiikas, 
illf riddle of Ruflsi-t, the liiodlint?s5 of simpJc 
IBipIe, and the delermiriiition ol Mis.i Bag- 
i«. Sir Rejifnigitd, htiwrver, had soinriiow ■ 
luiiaged to (tiienangle the main thread and 
jollow it through the wi-aving piitrn of 
ktie'c hazy expbmations. 
^Iluinph," he grunted when at Uwt 'ie 

jWlMd for hfeiith. "So now Miss Bagshot 
lihncies hcTself as a soi inlogist 1 She mow to 
"I»nd thns- months with a Russim family 

"il he able m solve die world's pfoblfois. 

I urn' munlhpt— she wtnildo'i do it in three 

■ICS. Tne longer one stays in this rountry, 
mure tifien mic changes ooe's opinions." 
roby wai whimptrini; and scratching at 

lit do«r ind Sir Reginald stiimptd across 
■m let him in. He Ijrnt down aud putted 
abf muundvdly and Toby lirted bU hood 

«ilh H wuili- but brnevulent display of aJFec- 

«n. Jackie bad ofiei, obstrvcd, the rela- 
between oiajtw and dog were al»-ay^ 

Tell inf,- d,,m;mdBd Sir Reginald, 

ITP "P ""^ apfK.remly reathin^ a 

««&^ho! (ike? VVu>ild there be any iwrnt 

"Tins her at ibis uase " ■ 


1 ^^^'^ eauiiomlv "No. 

Wn I ih,„t ,he> it all unt^onablr Her 
J^'™* »r* lull ol eom,„u..,,^^, ^^eo you 
how Jir „,ived ,hem on her uwn- 
tliey re alwaya her own opinic™ — she 
Jj^g Atwr-An^i. WoMo,-. w.=,=».v -August 

Romantic ending 
to onr brighl, 
amusuig serial 




deesn't bf.Trrow any^tMn^ from other people.*' 

"I see," said Sir Reginald, although Jackie 
doubled that he did. "She wa^ prob-thly pre- 
pared to btdievf that the worM wiiA squarti 
until «iie went round it for herself?" 

"Exactly — ^ind then, too, she does the most 
extraordinary things in the most ordinary 
wny imaginable." 

''Humph," said Sir Regin^d agiin, "I 
dtiubt that my opioiofis would, carry much 
wtught in that case. And, of course, if the 
EtcbiUisy ha£ any oSiekl contaci with her, 
the entire I'rcss curpi will immediately arrive 
oa your doorstep. But I suppose it's worth 
trying. We mi^ht ju.^t get away with it if t 
come to your flat rather tbaa bringing her 
down to the Embassy." 

Jaekie sped through the Moscow 
sireetR l>e»icte Sir Reginald in the Rcilltt, she 
reflected that il was rather tikf taking the 
irresistible force to meet the immovable ob- 
ject. To her knowledge, the Antba^sfadur had 
Bci'et ycl been proved wtEni! in an arituniciil, 
oor had Miss Bagshot irver btfPo coovinced 
by one. Jaetie was quite certain she had 
been right to encoortige their nieetinR, but 
slic was a little apprehensive of the ouicotne. 

However, her expectations of blood and 
thunder did nm materlaiete, Tlify found 
Humphrey with Miss Baphoi, hopelessly re- 
peating hi.*t arguments and only too eager to 
?iumruder hist place to the Amba.wadQr. After 
introductions had been performeti, jariiir 
and Humphrey rclirect lo the kitrheu and 
waited with lEicreaxing trepidation, for the 
sounds of battle to commence. 

Except for a long p<'al of ihv dcMirhell, 
which herjild^d Steivari Ferguson-!* arrival, a 
short argument with Jackie, followed by the 
brisk closing of the door, there wai a long 
half-hour of uneasy silence in the tiny ball- 

When at last the AnibfLSsiador emtirged, he 
antt Mia Bagshot took polite leave of each 
01 her. Sir Regittald did noi Inok exactly 
jubilant — nor did he seem completely de- 

""Vou mu,<it remember. Miss Bag.thot, that 
IVe done my share of travelling, tcKi," he was 
saying as he opened the door into the hall, 
"So think it over for a few days. Il sounds 
very interesting and adventurous to live in a 
rimrch witli simple, kindly people, hut, you 
know, it beromc.ii rather iincnnifortsble after 
a whilp without inudem conveniences — 
especially at our age. Pack of romantic non- 
sense, y'know.'* 

"B«T you're quire wron^," relorted Miisfi 
Bagshot. 'Mi'j only when one is qtiilf uncom- 
fortable that the real traveller begins to 
enjoy it. 1 told you about my year in the 
.-■yfricitu jutigle, didn't i? That wa.s one of 
the liappiest periods of ray travels." 

"Perhapj vcni're right. I hope so for your 
sake,'' said Sir Rrgiiiald, jjiving MLtti DaJ3[- 
shot one of his rare siiiiJes. "I.el me biow 
if you change your itiind. Miss Marsfi had 
Iwst stay here with you for today. No, don't 
come to the door with me. Tm stirc theje 
are jcveraJ correspondent' there already." 

Stewart Ferguson had, indeed, ijeen re- 
iiifotced by three of hi.'i rulleag^le^. He was 
vainly trying to put tliriii off ihe scciil wlita 
the .<\mbil!i^adur eiuergod tin to the titaireaiie, 

"No comment," grunted .Sir Reginald over 
his vhntildrr he pii."ined thetn and moved 
(at down the stairs, without piuhiiig or look- 
ing behind him. The corrrapoodeuts stood in 
.m irresolinc gioiip by the dour which Sir 
Ri-gioiild had pulled firmly sltut behind hiin. 
utidei:id4-d whether to wait mitiiide the Hat lor 
lurthef devrlopmenti or to follow ihi- Am- 
bassador and pester hirn for a itaiomimi, 

31, 1960 

Itttkh vmlted (JfUiet/y while Humphrey reached up and 
cort^ulty lifted Miss Bagshot rfown from the windm-silL 

But Sir Reginald's brusque '"No cranment" 
had been so definite that, in the end, they 
ran^ the tlijorbcll uveial rimes ^nd then 
settled down for a long jiege on the itairease. 

As though drawn by some magnetic sixth 
sen?ie to the source of a news story, corres- 
pondents continued to arrive on Jaeue^s door- 
titcp. By lunehtitnc they were dotted all o^r 
[he staircase. Not all of them knew why they 
had come. Most of them had heard, with the 
strange telegraphic speed in which a rumor 
immediately became all over Mos- 
cow, that the British Amb.x'isdur had called 
during the moming and .spent half an butir 
interviewiliut somebody in the flat. 

This was unustutl enough to excite sus- 
picion and, once they had arrived aa the 
!ir.ene, the of familiar Press faccE, which 
gteeterf ihe.m .sufficieriily confifmed their sus- 
pirtcms to make them deeide to Slay. 

Only Stewart Fcrgumn knew for cert.iiti 
that Miss Ilagsltoi was in the flat and this 
informatian he carefully camouflaged by a 
H!rf« of ingpnioui morics — each one more 
improbable than the lajtil. 

"It s quite a tragic case, " he said, shaking 
his he^d ntournfulfy at the early arrivals. ^*AIJ 
the bathrooms to these flats arc litled with 
miher ajiiiciuatcd gfis geytters. And when 

Miss Matidi, the Amhaisador'i secmary, was 
ruoning her b»th tlilit morning, the whole 
thiog suddeJily blew up, 

"I hear she lay there unconscious for several 
houi?. When she finally mansgcd tu struggle 
baek to her .wnsen and crawl along the pass- 
age, she fainted again at the telephone. For- 
Itinalcly, about that lime, they phoaed from 
the Embassy to find out why she was laic lor 
work, and she regained consciousness long 
enough to whisper a message. 

"If you'd beeo here when I Erst came yott 
would have seen the three Russian specijsli^ 
arrive from (he polyclinic. One of them it 
still there, fighting for her life. 1 expect tfie 
ambidaifce will be sent tu »oon as she's stronji; 
enough to be movisl to hospital." 

Stewart relaleti all this io'lhe most lugubri- 
ous and pl.'iustble of tones but, rarrird away 
by the effect he .seemed to be having on hi» 
liMcnerti, he could not resist adding a few 
less convincing details. 

"NatiiraBy Sir Reginald Ls very upset the 
whole incident. ^iis.s Marsli has liecn wilh 
him for ye.-ir!=; and here, in Moscow, ihou- 
fianAi of miles from hrr home and family, he 
stands, as il were, in loco p.irrnt!i. I gather 

To pa fir 41 

Page 21 

National Library of Australia 91 65 

A short short ttory 

By Margoret Avon 

HBN ytiu'fe snvcn y<fars old ,nhJ 
you^ fadicrr wiii lHp bridc^ronjii 
Lhc oiiK rcnify nice things aLuui 
, , tfH" Hi-driing, thought Tifn Mj>;- 
IdlKii' fnrfomly, wert' the dt-ep, glorious 
iKimmj of die pi^an in diMrch and liiL- 

Jbit he iini lind any ward! that 

mlA ejtpriM I hi' mlitarlDcm and thr fear 

% pirkrd up his latpsl miMjel plane and 
•ni slowly (Inwn lhc stairs and int<j Lhc 
•dy to wnit tlipre, a* he had been Ijidd™. 

Iii< latliKr and his prcrrv, guy, new 

Hi- knelt on one d/ iIip bright rt*£i 
jliion* uii Ihe HinriDW-smt ;iiid remt-ni- 
•Trd how he had looked fiinvard to ilie 
dJing. [t was going ii> be like a binh- 
r party (ir s Cfirtstnias party — otdy 
cli bigjTT and b^ncr. 
fhcn, wlini it was pit ovi-r, the thrrti 
(hcui would gn huuip ttigeihcT finni ihc 
holrl whiTr the rcreptinn to he 
cL ^ Frotn that very mntncnc they'd liv 
antily. He would tw likp nihn^ boys. 
Jul « was not goinK lo tw quite like 
I nnd^hf wanted to tight, tn hit out at 
fn-thing, jciniplindy, jus, aa he'd donp 
iilhi n|o ivhfii the rhaps ai srhool 
'"d liiiii atniin his red hnir and luked 

'I hadn't got a nicither. 
I I! shoiv you," he'd told them fit'rtely, 
'■ddng ^on^^ right and left widi rcliah. 
diflJB hirf been hij Xriendi cvrr siiittf. 
ly. no' miB hiid tea%td him or asked 
silly qurationis yet his fistii arhcd just 
ley hjd Hone thejt. 
On an iniMulsc, he jumppti dywn Irom 
la perch liy ilie window, vfaiked avrms 
blue tar|K.t and Irani ac;ain5i the 
lly Icfi of what .-vcrydne ralk-d the jrajid piatio. 
n -tprftd ivirli thi- name. Mc'd alwajs thuught it the 
IHI piann tji the world. His rjwn mnlher liad playrel 
*ery day and flrhrra like it, to ihousunds of people all 
■ Uir world— until stir urnt It) heavi'ii. 

had iio-iT bi'ni allowed to fourh it. His fadicr laU 
r » oJiPti thai 1 lit) had given iip asking him lane ago 
* Uiought now that if only fte could sit on that long 
Htid try to Iind ihi- ntitf-s nf ihe (s-undcrlul muiii: he'd 
I m chiirth. perhaps he would feel Ijclii-r It welled 
fom «nnpwherc deep within him. Tiim-ttim-te-tiim. mm- 

Jliffened tlica, hearing his father's deep voice Thtjy 
enniin| He siraighteUfld np av the door opened, and 
^ mother, Jdl, tainc m. Sie sat down opposite him. 

IhiL'"'''^..*™'' " ""'in'^nt. Tim. Ht is jutt putUng 
m the ,«r. ,he totd him. "GEamiie and Grandpa 
. IBiung ready lo take yuti tw die circus." 

he 5aid, and add«l politely, "it will be very nice." 
'.. you rememher the (dmi, we went to that iay you 
"ie a hinct eye?- Jfll tuted lilui «ith a .™ile. 
a- M^t people, upc-cially growu-upi, he thopeKt, would 
beet. l„,pp,^s i, i^^^u, ;„ ,1,/ £ 

'1^1 hoy , football while sitiiog in ihe park readiut- But [ill 
' ™iy laughed. * 

^TLT^l-:l '"T- " "^-^^ ^ accident." 

tea and » visit to ihr rircus. 
"Imr,J.''''^"' "P""'" stammered. 

round' ir^^^? r""^'^ «"d 

wao, ' '1 honeymoon present for vou. Somediitie 

^ ih:.f liM . . ^'"P^' ""«riaiT,|y. He noticed 

Hb father c:,me and sat «i the other iidc af him. 
,^Auw.«aA« WoMF>,-, W5ESLT-Au£u>, .^i; IW 

All leading 

Tim's father leanf over him lovingly as he sat on the ptad« 
stoal holding the little box in his hands. 

"Perhupg you didn't know lhal the son ol Llie bridegrooin 
always has a spt:eially wonderful presejit. But it is not given to 
him imiil just before his lather and new mother go away 
(nr the Lotu-ymooh." 

"Ikcauic, you jsee, it is the first time in all ihei* live*, that 
his father has gone away on holiday without hii son. But 
il isn't Tcally gcrndbye., Ttni. ' After lhc honcymonn," Jill 
said confidendy, "the three of iheui always gt» togelher." 

So they knew, Tim ihmiglit. They'll Imown all the time 
how he hated the honcymocin. 

His father took him tip in his arms and sat him in the 
midille of the stool, facing the piano, aud Jill slipped the. 
hux Iniu his hiuids. Mechanicallv, Tim pulled away the silver 
pajiiT and lifted ihe lid nf thr .anall biw. Wojiderinsty, he 
Ufted oui the miall key lying nil the cntton'-woiil. 
Atid dien suddenly he kaew! 
"Is it . . . !j it . . . ?" he bf^gan, 

"Yes, its the key lo the piano. Jill said she was lure that 
you'd liite the piano for part of your honeymoon present, 
more than anythiii^." 
'T— pan of?" Tim asked. 

"Well, yr-.!," Jill told him. "If yon han-e a piano., you have 
to leini how to play it, haven't ycju?" 
'"i'au mean, really and tridy?" 
"Yes. Really and truly," 

Tim fitted the key in thr lock and turned il. He lL«tened 
in a hair of ecstasy while they explained lhal the man who 
played the music in church also tau,i!;ht people to play the 
piaiio. He wanted to leach Tim. In fart, he was goins to give 
him the first Icwon today, 

Tim's ews ginwed. Incredibly, he didn't want to fight 
anybody any mon?. Even mote inrredibly, liei ause he was so 
happy, he watited to cry, 

"It's the wondcrftilest present on earth," te whispered. 
H.' felt iMo fcissej on tbe top of his hepd. Then reverently 
be o[HTi. d the piano. Lost to the world he stroked the keys, 
Ifivinuly and with infinite hope in his eyes, 

Il was a Iuhk time before he knew lhal the rlreaded 
moment t>f departure had come and gone without his know 

in-rr it Itn lltniui ■* ,>fij-I.L'i ^a. . ir_.„ " ^ _ j." . 

injf it. By tlipti it dldri'l matter. For his iinaginatian soar- 
mg skywards drciniing of the music he would p!ay^ of the 
miinnicn£ of return. 




All Thgse ntiikfrs pitt (I 
santpte pack of Cal^on itiio 
j-ivry Vaihrf they k/L Thfy 
tnymttnend everyone Jo t/fe 
Cal^n hei iiiisf it putt an 
end IP laimilrdisg ifniihle 


Walcr and .^oitcd clothing 
coniuln hardncs^i mineraK 
which combine with st>aps. 
detergents and dirt to deposit 
stubborn film, both ^m the 
washing and the mathine, 
falgon prevents film and 
makes ^oaps or detergents 
wash ailortihhingly belter. In 
Ihcflest riiiH: il washes awuy 
every Iraee of ^oap and soil, 
or "hiiBjqver dirl". removes 
iilil scale on Ihc mathine 
find prevents new clogginj; 
deposits. This assures con- 
sistcnl performance with 
minimum maintenance. 
< algon laundered clothes 
■ire whilcr. softer, brighter, 







ask your grocer for I 



works /fke aJm/rac/e 

(.Mul recall pncc. 4/ 11 luritc (isckd 


National Library of Australia 91 67 

National Library of Australia 91 68 

Almost a miracle ... and it can 
happen to YOU! A lovelier complexion 

with ^^(/^m6 fabnlous Beauty Offer 

Where is the woman who does not long for a lovelier comfikxitHi? 

To face the world with a flawless, joutliful skin is to know neiv confidence, to earn 
coropliments aiid admiring glances, and to feel a new liEauty that s«ms to sprin!^ from 

We believe that #vrrv woinan can have a lovelier e-nmplejiion and we are making this 
fabulous Benuty Offer to prove it. 

Tlie bloom of a youtWul (.ompleiion is due lo a plentiful siippl) of moisture and 
lubricain."! in the skin tissue?. Gradually these vital coniplexion hemitifiers diminish 
thrtiugh daih expo.sure to sur iind wind. Through rt'senrch, Revlon chcnustsi have found 
a way lo nearly duplicate the skin's natural moisture and oils — and Revlon include 
these niiraeulous injircdients in their cosmeties. Vou beauly-lreal yti\a, face svety time 
you iiiitfce up with Revlon preparations. 

HI1R.E iS YOUR OPPORTUNirf 10 have a complete REVT.ON make-up kit for 
Ihe amazingly low price of 4/6. Before you have used up Uiis generoii!. supply you will 
huve positive proof llial Revlim hnve the miriicijlou> formula to give you a lovelier 
complexion. This trial si^e olfer is avaitahie miy through The Australian Women's 
Weekly — send for it to-day. 



The complete make-up. Pressed powder 
aiitl creamy foundation combined. 'Love 
Pat' adds skin flattering colour to your 
complexion in seconds. And Revlon 
eoloiir won't cake, streak or turn 
orange-y, because 'Love Pat' contains up 
lo three times as much beautifying oils 
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lips with Revlon's 'Lustrous' Lipstick 
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I mm ■ !■! I 

National Library of Australia 91 69 


on the table for 
every meal! 

and imJJ'raVM jntt^vidutil lHa^fJiifx- 
AltvAfi h&vf ][ an ihr liHe fi^r 

unrury finmciui. Kcen't A^mia CKil 
ihc ric^ nltllf Qk^imrs of mil 


Continuing ■ ■ • 

CIlAUtlMli^ OF TOE BaARll 

How young tlo 

Do you feci ytaii ymmgcr 
lhaii ywu TcaHy are? Are 
yuu fit and alive wlien ymi 
waic Hid siiafkiiDg with 
aiasf sM ttirough the diiy7 

In nitc Beam }du have 
ihc ideal family laxalivc for 
CAfulipjiiioii And hiliou^tic^ 
ladigsiiotL hvcmliacu, «ck 
headjichCn and tos.-^ df sj^- 
tiic when due lo faulty 

B« youihtui and gay all 
thjo' the diiy — lake Bile 
EteaitA. the laJtalivc p]u& 



. Fitr pHjile wlu tMDk— 

The Observer 

AlKtTalia"B flnct 
fortnleliUj rrrtew. 

Stmrt the WMskend mQ 


I/' from joax Nrwaeent 

liltJe intereitrd himiclf- 

"A tiiJKliv'tsian- All of a auct- 
drii tlirrr- wfrrt biitl(Jo2*r5 unfil- 
ing ^imiind ^cfos5itlir mad and 
sn mr rmiTr snort i n 5 Lh rouf^h 
Ifir ficlda lu Ihc eart and west 
of m. -IT1H briore ytm cinild *flV 

werr hack in Lhi* aiiliurbj.*' 

"I'll hct you rriatJf- a lidy 
liHU- profit oui' of yuur (hmy 
nicrr*," V.K- said. This wwinan 
didn't reiAkr much sense, hut 
vou n<*vcr rnuld tell- S'lnit^" 
uiDf!5 the shrewd ooci seemed 
ihe stufiidest. 

*10h. "wc i[L;idd loonry, all 
righL We hd4 c^ui for a wliilt?, 
hut dtvrioijera kcpl haTigmi? on 
ihr door w^irttirtg lo blIy^ nnd 
rhe nrvw iwip;lhbofs Itcp; banjc- 
ing an lhc door, and pretly 
sotjHTi Bert was ii nn?mh*:i' of die 
Kura\ - LivinK Rtise - GnJw*:i»' 
Aj^oL'ial i nil - wtic h me t con- 
suntly. and I was mixed up in 
Ihe Girl Scouta amtl Boy ^«»uti, 
[hr F.T,.V, and -'^ 
"a.W.A.?*' GLLnchy 

"C W-A. tlus timt. Bert wjii 
pi-nuaid^ Ity evU neighborhoorJ 
troimpajiioiii lo le^ni koH. 
onr day 1 locked myself in thv 
Imdhruain and alood loukin^ 
the mirror 

urtdtmtiand ahuut this." Ham- 
mond luid. He tiad been brWid- 
iiig inoroscly. "How canie you 
krfp lorXindf youTfelf in th'^ 
bmhrtHm iind kxikirig in tiir 
FniJriDT ?" 

**I sec VDU li!iveD*t IhTd in 
the BjburJm/" AUfia laid. "Ir 
you tuid you'd know ib^lU ih-* 
only plftCr you v-au be ,^qdc>. 
Anywayt I asked, myself if ihii 
vfji my *<!rA uf gr^cioiu li\- 
itig, and I told in^'viir no, h 
wajn'i. So fjnrtTy soon iwr 
tMjyiin tooiijig for higgrr fainii, 
farther out. We ihoufflil if wr 
^ol it hig enough uuliody irould 
crowd us, and if it wat >0 far 
itiit that Bert ipexil moat of 
hii tLmi: cummutiDj;^ ihe mb- 
urt>s wmild quit rhasing m 
i\.nd let m a]onv " 

"And yosi bought one*" VJL 

"Wr benight ptw- Ninety 
;icir^i, vnth an old ho-usr thnt 
toukcd u if jl wonld U- a lut 
of fuD to U]>> 

"'Did you fiiKiIly bavr pii- 
vncy?" Glinch^ demiindBd. 

"We ccminly dad. Even out 
frimdi CDuldn''t drop in any 
more. None of tfann could find 
No TDfetiugs. N'u nri-gh^ 
hurji, No coif. Pfo bridge." 

"Bravo!" Gbmby rricd. 

"But it didn't work ouV^ 
ALiriii idid. 

*\Vot ^nufb?t mbdiviu^ 
V''.K- demanded. 

'^'NiL It Wall A h^^vixy. i^our 
lanefi. With Ltir left one scbrd- 
ukd Id ^ n^ht through ouf 

*"Aha!" V^K_ laid. If a man 
vmited long eoousfh in 1 deal" 
lihr thi% there wa_i Alurji^'f an 
opcnini;. Hr K-izrd it. ""^Vou 
mmtroncd than 11 ta possible to 
mo\>e houien. Why didn't you 
juai iai;k up ynur hciue and 
movf it out i>f the rii;ht of wa*^, 
the way you warn us io intwc 
the Pijip Tciwer?"' 

*'Oh, wc diouith) of (hat, Bu( 
a rkiveT-iciif in.te.rset:tkin was 
jilarmed lor wh-cre oi^r hausr 
wAi, and by the tiwr^ ifte land 
hud bem broken up with s\] 
the main road^ imd act-cis ro;ub 
and lumiifT^T not 10 mi^iitiein 
ihc bij|;hway itst^f, ih'p-rr wjm"t 
ii de»Dt building lilr Irft tlial 
wuii^Ebi'l he riylit amonit the 
inotrJi jind restAur^nit and EilU 
tiatioii^-i and thin^ ih^t 
wrrr foUuwlne tlic mad crcye'i. 
So , wfal^' ibc bi I llcSuK^n wrrr 
j.^irD:ii'hini^ 1 Ira'Led myself in 
rhf biittmjwm jjid stcud luukiu^ 
in thr mirrar ajid mJ^ini; my- 
iflf if tbrnr wnsn't scnnr plare 

in liic wctrld where wf ffjtild 
fulE} our drc^ajn and ilvc 

"i'm Koing 10 try tl*aJ my- 
JW.U. ' Ciinchy said. 'Thr »eit 
time CUrirc ^taxti hoisndini? 
mt; about somclbtng, I'm opsins 
to bu Ti myjiplf in and look in 
die mimjr and- — 

"Shut up!" V.K, jihouied, 
"It's bad cffliJugb lo put up 
wilb hystrrical woincn, Clili- 
chy. wiibouT — " 

""I bcjf your pardon." Alicia 
iimd up. "I do nni regard 
fiiyjclf as an hysterir^il wcitnan. 
Go6d-day, gcnlJemen. 

*'Nqw, wait a miniilc,"" V,K_ 
hcavTCl hirciBelf out of hi* chair 
ynd troltrd around to her, 
"Voti raD*f jiis-t walk out on 
ut^ madiim.^' 

dtdn'l CMiie bcrt to be 
called an hysterical woman. I 

far^ stnA I wotildn^t aik bim to. 
So i kept thinkiag and tKitik- 
jiig. Biandinp thrjr iii ffniil of 
liie mirror, and tinaUy I fig'*'^ 
out the answer." 

"Tht civ/V^ GMnchy cried. 

'■Exactly. 1 rettiembcrcii 
soinf diln K my mothrr alwayt 

"Ntttr tru»fc 31 man wilb a 
mouitachc?*' Clinfby a*kcd 
eagerly. "My mother used to 
say that. My father finally 
ihavrd hit off» but ahtr *flid it 
wai too lute then^^^ 

"1 rather Itkc a man wilh a 
■ ma ll mDuBtacbr myself." Alicia 
*aswi "Not a big bushy one, 
bul -t neat onr. Like youra, 
] wiiHi yj.>u'd help mc periixade 
Bert IQ ((row ane. " 

isn't really very difficuti- 
Vtyti juit FtDp ihavmg ^our 
up^r hp. Thlit ii. 1 don't 
mean ytfUr Mn. Gaishiiri — " 

■^Call me Alicia, Everett." 

"1 mean Bert stops shaving 


•vfni just tryin;; to cxpliiin how 
il all happrncd: hut if you'rr 
not inicreiLed^ therc^s no nerd 
to continue. Juit move yoor 
buildinj; rightcen iccbes to the 
left- Otherwisp. I'll see ycTu in 

"But wi; ca!n''t mmv iL Don't 
you understand? Vlfc caii**." 

"1i/Vr,llT il'i on my property, 
and ihcTL- won'^t be room fci our 
ranch house unlcsit you di>.'^ 

V,K. flung bii armi alt^ft 
and sank inlo Lhc neafnl chAir, 

Alii^Ki turiicd her baek on 
him. She smiled at Gtmchy. "At 
kaJl ytm'rr a gentleman, Mr. 
Glinefay, You don't think I'm 
an hyslcricat woman, d*i yoti?^ 

*1 ccriathly don't, E^-ery- 
ibinfl yipu'vt said Imi made «:nfle 
to me." 

"Il would/' VJL muttcrrtJ. 
He turned la Alicia. "I de- 
mand that you Atay gnd ccui^ 
linuE the djBcassion.''' 

'Tm ioi^iy. Caod-daVi 

**Gliochy," VJC. xaid^ "ytni 
seem to be aperating od the 
same wav^e-^leugth ai thii yoiin^ 
iady. Suppose yau ask Her." 

"Would you utay if I asketl 
vpu V Glinchy itK|uircd. 

'*T tnipbL Tf ytm'ft really 

"1 a^m. I wani tt> find nut 
whiit yj'U did whtrn those buU- 
tlatprr, camt inoriin^ ovrr the 


Alicia Sill derwn. ^"VWH. 
at hrsi ] i^f>uKln't think 
what in elo. 'l"hrfT sremed lo 
br nu pLict: Irfl, unU'SA wr lofrk 
a boat for 'Rait, And I knrw Vd 
OfvtT tiilit Bijrt into ihjL" 

■ ' I wou! tin' I bf t03 iiirff 
V.Ik, muttt-red. "It sounds 
ine lake old Bt'rt dm^ ptreUy 
niufh- what vou w.ijit-"" 

"He vi^uldn't commure thuT 

tiiiy Alicia- And pretty' soon 
there it ii." 

"Well, why don^i you drop 
mver some niRbt for dlnncrr? 
Maybe y£Ki can hfrlp me talk 
Bert into growing one," 

Kapp, the AKOmey. put hlA 
hand on V.K.'t arm.< want 
you to r«n«nbef this " he said- 
^'Tbe biU for my part of lire 
r^egotiatii^ni may scrm a littk 
higb. but I want you to noK 
how ihinss f^. You start in 
talking atKnu reaj ettzie, vid 
you wi nd up talking about 
maustach£< It'i jnai like with 
my wi Fe, You A ttn- 

ftible eonvcrsatton about run- 
ning up char^ BCcouciti al! ovf.T 
lijwu^ and before you know it 
you'fr tiyins *u ciJlliliJi why 
you bouj^hl 3 velvet onokulg 
jarkei in die winter of "ihirty- 
nmc. It takes something out of 
a man. dealing with a woman/^ 

'Tm not intcrcmtEd in your 
tTDublei with Mr>, Kspp*" 
V.K. laid, "I'm not inttrcftcd 
in Glinchy^i trouble^ w^lh tJLrw. 
nil rich y . Tin not evrn in- 
tc rested m Bert's moustache/' 

'"He doean't hav^ mous- 
ta rhc," .M i tr ia m id pit liro t ly . 
"That's the point. If EverrtI 
wOtild ccHTir ;iriiund — " 

"I'm not intLTESted in that 
eiihf:!-," VJt. ihouied. "What 
I'm inlcrrilf^ in is working out 
an arransnncfll 10 biiy the 
dghtei-n inchi» of land yuu 
<Tvni th:ii seemi to l>p occupied 
by the ripu TuwtT ihrtiu^h the 
critu itupidiiy and Lritornjar- 
tCTu-e iif some of the paiple who 
work ftir mf- Nnw. wliert in the 
world were we bcf&fc wt gnt 
olT the subject?'^ 

'^Mlfia was looking tn lh>r 
mtiTctr. remniihrriji^ what her 
nKJlhrr iwrd to s-ny/' Chnrhy 

' "I'm itl'id samrbody r^n 
keep irafJt of the utiMtmn. 
Clinch^, maybe yoii^re not 
-quite Of — bul iMwr mhid. 

What did your nioibn ahv^ 

"Sbtf slwayt »aid thai if 
wanted tf-^l pjivary, the 
place ip lind it was in a cn>wil 
And *Q I aakcd &rn, 'Wh«R ^ 
it rile mu*i erDwded ttnuBA 
hfTir?' and he Bid, "(n CtHiakv 
SuLlium when tlie Bra^ 
pbying ihp Cubs; and I jghi, 
'Nti, 1m- *erij;ius,' aiid he said^" 

"1 gucMi 1 could TTtbe** 
V,K. told himsetf-aUHiCn^w 
got cnouBh itjuhed jiw^y ta 
quit and bo KKiLh und jim 
on thr rand.'' 

"I think that mijiki be a 
gWHt idea," Alicia told him. '-f 
didh'! vrant to nieiuioB It, bat h 
im*t hi-altfay (or a eoan ftmt 
ajfe to |ifE I so exeitcd over IwCh 

il3 J""' i,^*^: ^"""^ K^ff 
red. Tt<*ur blo^ pressure " 

•^I had the C/iiait bkH»d fwesr 
mrc in Milwaukee ujiiil 
walked intn ibi* m(n^. J^q^ 
where were we, cKarfly?** ^ 
"The Bravf* were p(»noir 
the Cuhi, " Glinchy lUteSst 
' Of eounc. The Bi*re» 
Wcri! — Ni>, no. dial -wmi'i it 
at aU. It vna* inniethinf Aboqt 
being alonr in a cmwd, whkh 
makci about as mu£h lecttK ax 
what'* been hrtppciuni here." 

"But it pi^kci a gmt deal of 
sense, Mr, Swan" Alieii ^ 
him. '*Bert couldn"! lee it at 
fir^t, either, hm 1 kepi tipdipj, 
ins i* eKpltfintng 
explatTiini; il, and finaiElY fjf 
<iajd^ 'Oh^ go ahead-' " 

"If I do quit and go mutki. 
r (Ti taking Ben with me," 
Swan said. "The pttor gqy 
Eii^eds thr tvsi more than L Aad 
w you pirked aut the lot nj^^ 
lu the Pipp Tower and iSniiled 
Co put a ranch houie on \if^ 

"?*oi tjEiictiy. Vou di^'t 
\tAve your oJd KweT built then. 
Lt wiu only part way up, 10 tui- 
urally I didn't have any noiiiin 
ytfu were g.oitig to spread if ti; 
over ray propenyT «nd by 
time 1 noticed what ytru wne 
(^pin^, the foreman wqilldn't 
t hange it. 1 «tked him tn km- 
frral timcs^ but he wniddnt.*^ 

"I would like to Kk one ^aa- 
lion.** Swan's \'!oice wat ffcUnis 
hoam. "How can |0U 9^«rd 

'Oh, wf had Eoti of money. 

W'if mnde quite a bit vbxia tlKy 
bciuKhi thui Fini fami of nun 
for the Eubdit'tsion, and idutn 
we sold ihe iecitnd one, tlie 

ptirc was pretty high, ^wciaJUy 
after I'd gone ip Madi*M and 
^ked with the h\s^vtHf-^^$rt- 
men I boyi. I hjtd to iin Kitfal 
time^and talk to ihcauUitiftrr 
a wbi^e they laid ihey'd give 
me anythinj( I adied." 

"To set rid of ytMi?" 

"Thai^i oAf tly ibt way 
man put it, T didn'( ihim it 
was v^ry friendly kitn, but 
1 took the thcqud- ^Jtywar" 

"FH -bci yGti did Mtdani. 
1 hftvr dealt with mnse "J^*^ 
operators in my time, denltwtb 
thcnn man to man. and tbrtyj 
tmnc aw*y with my diirt «»d 
Kjmetitne* their shirt*, um. Biii 
nrtw. in forti-thrrt yttP 
hujinrtit fijperiencr. luvf^^ * 
deaU with aftyonc '^,5.- 

'*Vcs. isn't she wDnrinfal 
Clinrhy aJied. "I «^ 
move the tower and — — 

"YouVc nut of «nK''l 
turned to lhc lawyer. "Art T"*" 
mjn! there arcni rotnctloni 
ag^t^it bulldiitg fl nmc" 

*'.Nont." . . , 

"Wh-n'l the matter wU* 
aldr-rmen? We pay 
laxcs." J 

"Nobody irwr rap«<™ 
question lo cotn* up. 

wc pay yoti 


The AasTMALiAN Womek's Weeielt — Aug^ ^: 

,h, wrim.. way. OlFvi"«J^ 
wrmian d«-« nnt intn"! " 
a r*n<:h h™« hrrt- 
b» rvrr huik a rAiJch " 

To page 32 

urallv. under (tr p"rtT!*l«" 
in lir CIST of PilAwO •?^' 
iVilsr^ oner jbr piMf 

brrn " , 

"Lislirn, K.PP. ^ 
more turn- huntittg *f ' ""^ 
hoin iaitrjii of 
mUn't br in Ihli h» 
Wy ran find pn-c.-den"- JS' 
for ii liBl*«l«»-„^ 

National Library of Australia 91 70 

* Thit btsautifui meto aeroii Ihe Canning Riner to the 
Darling Range* greeti two arlUU every morning from 
Ihe upper4ewl bedroom*. At left. Heather (McSwnin. 
Marjorie Loatt u nurting their Siamese eat, ShiL 

A UNIQUE and charming spHt- 
Icvd house at Salter Point, Perth, 
is ihe home of Victorian-bonr artists 
Heather McSwain and Marjorie Loats. 

The house is ptTciird atop a hitf-acre 
block which tlopcs stetply through banksia 
and ulher native trees to the hanks of the 
Oiinning River. 

The inside livin^-awa, both upnaLra and 
down, w in mir big room. 

The hall, living-room, kiichen, and the two 
upstairs bedrooms share a {lunimon sloping 
ceiling of Incal knotted pine. 

The upsrairi liedroomi art divided by J» 
]ong wardrobe, half of which open* into one 
room and half into the oihpr. 

The end of die wardrobe, facing the down- 
Rtiiirs living-focnm, ii tJisguia^d by a tfiree- 
diinenaional design painted by Heather. 

The bedroomi can be iirrefned from the 
living-room by (ull-length eurtains of bald 
black-and-white siripci. 

Heather and Marjorie did the interior 
tiling, painted all the walls, and built the 
garden wall and garden carport. 

'Vhc house is decorated with srulpiurcd fig- 
ures iind pottery by tlcalher, hand-boaien 
copper and punraits tiy MurjoriD, fjeautiful 
wuiid carvings by itarjorie'i molhcr. 

Heathtf, who work.i ui home In a gardcrv 
.■jtudio, plans to hold an athihllion of her 
works at the house. 

Pictures by Owen William*. 

• Set on a gteeply tloping hill twieeping dtyten to the 
Canning River, the modern hoiue teemt to be. lutpended 
in the air txmong the natire treei and haah joliage. 


• From the modern kitchen a door lead* to 
laundry, ghawer rec^t, and extra room. Mar- 
jorie iMOlr' mother htmdcaroed the cabinet, 
cheft. and mirror-frame in the kail. 

August it, lytjLt 

National Library of Australia 91 71 




NOW you can wash every item from your finest cashmere twin set to 
your heaviest woollen blankets 1 Rigid tests conducted by the Australian 
Wool Testing Authority proved beyond all doubt that the mild slow-speed action 
of Simpson 2-Spced washing means peifcctly reliable and safe washing for all your 
woollens. Now you can whisk through your whole week's laundry with confident 
ease, knowing that all your lovely fabrics can be machine-washed with ail the 
gentleness and care they need. Imagine what this means - no more hand washing! 


1 NO T* 


Simpsctn's superior agiiaror gives you 
cscliisive four- way washing acuoii keeps clolhcs fram tangling. Lets 
them inoyc frcdy abuut so nu hidden 
dirt is left in ihein. Qothcs come bill 
tangle-free and sparkling dean. 


Your wash is sooner done with 
SinipSfln two-speed. You climinaie 
the "repeal performanDes" ihal ire 
required wiih a smaller lub. The 
big Stmpsi>n bowl lakes a full lo-lb. 
of doihes — washes ihera with 
maximuin effideno" and ease. 


What a difJerence! New slow speed 
means oompleic wringiiig for alt yciur 
heaviM iicms. Normal speed is iusi 
rigJii for convcnienl, easy handling. 
Super instinctive wringer adjusts to 
every pressure — rdeascs in a flash. 


The new low speed of Siapsen 
two-speed means nylons, jwjr 
Jadest lingerie, p^edoiiS woollens 
receive the same care as hand wash- 
ing. Normal speed gives the bri.4: 
action necessary to remove deep din 
from all your heavier wash. 

Simpson's Super- Fiher' removes 
ftuff, lint and fbzz as ii cleans and 
re-deans water while the dothes are 
in the lub. Lifw off lop of agiiatur 
for quick and simple rinsing and 
cleaning. This Supcr-t'llier means 
a deaner, sweeier wash ! 







{also stif hmi rrvvkl) 



National Library of Australia 91 72 


S howered vwHh Showers 

Ji'ST fIEJ^*■ miich is tinr expi-ctcd to "foric out^' in tin? natiic 
ol frirndship dicse cUys? A friend hai Jus( (cccivni lirr 
ipjik invitation lo a prc-wL'ddin(! ikowrr for t)ip otic last. 
jc nip this secftu lo bp a clit^ap way to nblaiii a glors f»x- 
Vrt one bei?rndf?e3 a tiufftij- wodduiij prpwept, and in tKe dbys 
ijloi J kitchen ti-a waj the (hitig everyone wns happy to part 
UP for the iiulc bridr. But uiday ws've rcailicd the limit. 
RjuJicEi and patipnrt? a/L- i.-ihiaiij.tfd and FVoryoni" is rtrliuvpd 
the liappv coupk dcp^iri un thyir weli-jadcn way, 
il/l/. ID Mrs. H. HaiTvood, Hoban. 

nji jjiyiine beat my intrniaiiotial weddin^i; I had .1 month 
ago? I am English, tiiy fiancr Italian, Ijcst maB Swiss, 
l/uiL-smaid Dutch, and flower-^] rl Austrjliaii, 
£]/!/- to Mrs. C. <>itn)dan)niicD, Uarlliigliurst, N.S.W. 

fhere'* ■ aecJIe !■ her arm 

SAN ft sewing needle into my Lirm over 30 year^ ago and, 
jlthou^ my doctor opt'rnt«J, he failed to ri^movfi it. Can 
tiy <rthcr r^^den Jay riaim to a tiredk in.'iidf them? 
El /I A u> Mn. E, Cizaly, Baxler, Vic 

I tteporiing a, thief 

I 'J'Hi; attioii (ti .Mr,v Grabbc (Qirf. ) in not rcpon- 
ing a wtiinan shp'iaw tihopliftiiig was one of mis- 
placid kiiitljip^s luirair to the shop, the gmcmt 
oublit, and, in the Inni; Uiti, lo ihr ihirf herwlf. 
£1/1/- Id Mt. F. Diioa, Anbum, Vie. 
I * * * 

JJRS. GRABBli was right to rmiain alriit. T Iciiow 
pfoplc wiio have called m a?«stanl imnicdialely 
iitd had ihff person Healif^' searehed, hut thiy said 
tie hidetiui. embarrassment of ii all was saminhinB 
■fit^'ll iii*vc?r forget, 
£1/1 A to C, E.. Litllf!, Swan Reach, Vu. 

! * «• * 

JN my Qpiiiinn Mrs, Grabbe did the right thing. 

Prtirniiim of shop]! fling is .^ jrb for thi: shop 
delfcliie, RrmemljLT — Silence ii (lofdeti. 

£J/1/- to "Do a> jm would be done b-r" (name 
Mpplied), Wayvinc. S.A. 

* * * 

p]VEN though our doian't like the idi-a of "putting 
ihc-m in," not to do so will only lead the shop- 
slWr into thinilng if ifae ran get away with it onre 
' liy mit again. A discrem word m the sjileswotnau 
i«iuld dn, 

^ £1/1/- to Mra. G. BatUortl, Rofkhamptan. Qld. 

A iiitiek?' way to Iwnty 

JJONEY has been tny beauty aid tor Inany ye.aft, I faL it 
ill every poiiiLblf! way atiri it ai:L» ds a laxative, t have 
it in my tea, coffee, ot ciicta, iii milk or a Iruii drink, t ptu 
it fin my breakfast food, iti stewed fruit, jiinlfet, and milk 
puddii]);^. I rub it intn my face, neek, and amis — leave it fi>i- 
II* niitiutc% — tbfij wa.<ib it nfT iji wami water. It cleatis enil 
soltenA the ^kiti, 1 rub it into my hair ht^fore ^hatiiptMiing aritl 
smear it on burti^. Iloncy keeps iny skin soft and loand- 
smooth. My hitshand yaes boriey to ■lea.^on a ^nnv pipe .ind 
treat an old one when it P>ccom<:s tot) stronpl, 
£J/tA to Mrs. V. Webhet, Toowong, Qlil 

J'\rF, comr to rhe sad r cuirlusimi AiJsiTalian women lark 
good manners, r'm an Australian woman, bin niam 
of my A[i5fratian arqiiainlaiice^ whom I've kitunn for year*, 
!ilil] .inncauket' thrniH?lve« uver the telephone .as Mrs. or Mis> 
So-and-so. Overseas women. e3|jeeially the Setits, always 
say "Jane So-and-so .sfiestfing," even liiou^h we arc not on 
Chri.?tian.iinmc terms. Are ,\u.!traltaii schools or parents to 
bitinic for tliii *how of had taste? 
«1/1/- to "A.W." (oame suppJied), Scaior^ Vic 

Slie*d ban interMational aport 

I were able I would do away «'idi all internatirtnnl sjwirt 
— ^thr Olympics, Test matehe.\ tennis, etr. .Such spore nialsei 
for ItH) mueh ill-feeling Iietwcra nnlicjn?, I'lie word "spnrt" 
has lost its mistning; nnwaday.'i ibc only iinpurtant thjug is 
to win at all cmts. liiese eontcsbi: have beccnie an undignified 
siramlile for medals, trophies, kudos, or large suinj of money. 
Tile partieipants are no longer persons, but slaveji, pawns in 
tfic hand.! nf trainers or pruiiKileri. How wonderful it would 
be if they all rebelled and rf=fii?if:d to lake it any longer, 
£1/1A to P. Marsdeo, Artarmoo, NSM. 

Why be shy mhnnt Itl 

J^^OST men react the mdga/.incs tfieir wives buy, but why 
won't they admit it? Dad was caugfit reading the 
"Weekly" when his friend railed. Turning red. Dad apolof-ised, 
claiming he was just reading Mandrnkft. Hii friend annuiinceri 
he never missfd that page. But wtien a diwiisiiion bK^an about 
other sections of the magaiine, they knew all about them sind 
joined in with their opinions. Although they lioth emphati- 
rally state they never read women's "magazines, they're the 
first to t'omplain if Ute magazines arrive late, Wnnieii aren"! 
iiihamed to read men's maKa-iinei. so whv this attitude? 
Cl/1/. ,o Miss C, .'tihley, .\therloo. QliJ, 

"j^Y wile and I wcfc taking 

-'■'A nur new baby lor a walk 

in her pram when we met Mn, 


'■."rf-jy I set thu baby?" she a.skcd 

She tookcd into the pram aiid we 
Halted for one of itie kind rrmarks 
thai people niaic about babies. 

Bat none rame. Mra. Orpington 
imilrd in an enigmatic way and said 

We hade goodbye to her rathej 
«»lly- She had broken one of the 
Hen mlcs of etiquette for meeting 
a taby^ay tonunhmg, 

I admit there are diflletihies in 
lalkmg to. Of i,t,o„,_ J, 

n,tj are usually asleep, and 
mav look dugrunttcd, 

-Senior habit-! ibai can sit up and 
>™nei^"' ^ fonvetfsation- 

\J!Z u';"^ "^'^ If™ ^ 
^ .ind-new baby some sort of com- 
pliment « csptrted 

JL^"" '"''^ «Pf™ 


Sometimtii pcereis are tongue-tied 
bceause they do jjjii know whether 
the baijry is a boy or a ttirl, 

H you are in this sitaatioti and 
arc graping for the rijthf pronoun, 
be rareful not iti say "it." TarenLs 
reieni thi«, Thi-v think their baby 

looks ohiiui«ly feminine or massni- 
line, as die case may be. 

The safest I'DUrse is just to rail it 
a haby. ■'Well, you ore a fine baby!" 
IS a sound, neutral .sort <if remark. 

A serious mistake is to admire thd-. 
pram or the blankets instead of the 
baby. My wife Imi nryrr forsotten 

her old schoolfriend who said, on 
seeing our first baby: "What a hcau- 
tifut pram!" It is 0,K. lo throw in 
a kind vrnrd abotit the pram later on, 
but not first. 

As for recognlsiag family liie- 
ne.i.«-5 in the baby, tny advice is 
tititi t. it is aslciijg for trciuble, Vou 
may be ri'i^bt in saying, "fie has hi.s 
father's nosi'," but you will eii no 
thanks if his fatlter has .in ugly nose. 

[fere are fomiT more nimnirnis 
that should l)e .-ivoidcd by a tactful 

(To a mother who has several 
other childrtin) ",\nrl how many is ' 
that now, Mr^. DawLins?'' 

viTo an elder brother or sister o( 
the baby) '"I thii will put 
Tour nose out of joint." 
^ (On hearing the baby's name) 
"It's very unusual, isn't it?" 
^ Above 1)11, don't «iy to the niotherr 
"Yriii'd bns-e yoitr work cut <nit 
now." She will, hilt does not like 
lieinj; reminded of it. 

You can he a successful and papu- 
lar hithy-peerer with .^ little effort, 
but only if ynu rrniemlier the main 
rule of the biainess: ;ii.t/ rnre ami 


dressed ! 

I haven't 
put oo my 

nail polish 

How e.ouir] any woman "without it ? (lutt^\ naij 
fiolisli IE itic sinarlesl coal yon wear. Usp it to 
aenenl yirar oostume in a bidiliaiit. dear red — or 
choose it to bleaii quietly in a softer, pitiknr tonp. 
Lasting irtilntir, that resists chipiiiog and [iccling 
for day» and dayn. 

4 i I ■ ^ 


/tegular 3/3 .... BriBiance 4/9 .... FoitI S/-S 

Ontf Vmait hit that full, ricll, 
ipiey flsvDur ihmt h« Imit 
tatnotn ior avmr 100 yHn, 
f Vsncflt tfc iiflt juit * (^ifTy — Jt*j 

fht curry. 

JusC ask for 




National Library of Australia 91 73 


I I 


flustralfa's Greatest Name in Cotton 




"W%af a fining gift for Dad 



tlolfing. (.cniiif, sattit'iijiig, beaching . . wliaievei' 
he does •uerkcnds, hc'Ll. do n oasicr iti a "GniiKj 
Slam" The freo-swing gussei, is ihs most drawolic 
ativancc In comfoii styling siwe the -open ni-tk" 
»umea sliirl5 iiKo spurt shifts 

its an idPii (iL-VflorH-'rl by V.S solf iiros and 

Munsliigwear !lJS..Vi. The aim tuffs, ujl- alwaji 
iieal-tlitliig nei llajsping when yuu pe piiltlng on 
the gi^aeti Kxtxa tail len^ili prevents ride-up The 
foliar is liiji'd-wearlns rib-knit. The cool, absorlatrnt 
tiuiicycunib mush {abrip Is long wearins, endlfMly 


?,?nfn..?',""''' K?"", ^^^'i'^'" ^liehlighied by eatii weektind. Colours— Grectl/WWte, Char Gi*y. 

h m »Tti.^^^ ^ -'^"^■y "'hlte, Champagne- Rust, Ught Blue 

him two at that keen, keen pnce Let him i-hango Nai->', WUili-KPfl, All White. 





Packed in polythen*. 
Now at your fanDoril* if»r». 



31. 15« 

National Library of Australia 91 74 


# A pattern for 

design is available 
pesponee to many r©» 
({ue^ from readtent*: 
The dress wa» originaJl^ 
published in color 
our August 10 sp: 
fashion issue. l>e! 
and how to order a; 
given at right. ' 

ERE ate other queries and answers 
chosen from this week's faskion 



"Could ymi pieoit advkr sic about a 
WHS nnl? I have bcmshl some Klae 
tbicn uut now WDoder if the sliad^ Ls 
"^ftct I usualljr wear blue toocs." 
Ulac a a vc*ry (athioniible color, and per- 
''»ll|f I ihink ii i> a good idea to wear a 
;ic nucMdi* your usual color range, fhic 
moft pnpuliir suit drsigns fot sp-rlug 
- » slmfi collsrlizss jacltct snd easy-mt 

T^'OULD yon bt kind eoougli to lell me 
VM^c (tl die newest pomT^ m ^ninier 

'■ good nufnluir of summer dresses arc 
■velcss. Equally pnjmbr are tht priiicess- 
"c. ihe ItTng-torin line, the dress with pleats, 
■"S one widi hias-flared fullnps. Summer 
Hiili inainly haw short, neat jaekt'w, AntHher 
Ejiilar trend is the tunic or owrbltjuise_ 
1 'in famti in all Icnisths jnci is worn witii 
I ' "under skirt. 

I ^ WAfiT tn CDmhinc a sleeveless white cot- 
loo top wi^li Moie sort ol skirt to wear 
, Jj"^ lenoH. T)a ycm (hinli diis idea vniuld 
I «ke a rattrfactury tcmots outfit?" 
I I di>. The ikin should bs while, 

iSt^lrag*, and either flarwl or knife- 

.\BT1,R j slinr, ammmi of wiar my sVirts 

"'r^lnP » »5 at Ibc hacL Is there anv- 
■"i? thai Can he done to prevent this fault?" 

.Hr, "^^'P "^"^'o "i* 'hapr .if a 

"'f aiid keep it frum sagsms- 

WISH to maiic a itenii-iormal dSoiKr 
frock for a very special ocdaskm- We 
5iiIFcr from Tcry hot wcKthcr up Iicfc, and 
Fabricji that launder arc best. 'Hus being 
the case, I wondered if a coltna fabric would 
be suitable." 

Cotton would be a ^ood rholce. The 
acviTSt cnitoDs come ia a wiiic variety ol 
weaves and testures smd in a superb color 
rangi". JSumberi of this season's cottou prinls 
are patterned as extravagantly as sIIIe. I 
suggest one in this category (or y<?ur dress- 

"P LEASE help me with a little problem, J 
am having a new party frock made in 
printed chiifoiL. but don^£ eare for floral. 
What other type of prim would look 

A coin spot. Black dots on wbite are 
currently popular. Equally attractive h a 
wbite !ipot on a paste) ground. 

^^^C)UU]i you advise nie about suitable 
dresing for a 9-10-5 office job? The 
clolbe? I am needing arc for summier." 

Don't oveTrJi-ess; a casual riiie took Is the 
cDrreci lopk fpt a girl with a jut), 
Matcbed scparatei, 3 shirtmaker dres."), and 
a froal-butwued eoat-dtrss arc die desi^s I 
reeoiumend to help achieve ibis look. 

TI1P fabric choirt' Iti important. Drip-dry, 
wrinkle-fret cottons will save hours of labor. 

Don't wear over-e labotatu jewellery and 
shoes or a tuo-low-' bndic4>-top. iJa wear ? 
color that really beeomes you. This means 
practically ony '■pastel. 

31, 1960 

National Library of Australia 


Sparkling Pyrex 


worth 59/6 
^ yours for only 



— ^ complete 

P?- ^ ▼.^^S/- for postage^ 

chrome- plated 
stand and 

This Ions, elcguni coffer carafe pours so ciLsily. 
Rc^er drip3. Wn Ihc latest design in spark:linp 
PYKlfX, with handy two-lo-six cop martins. 
It's hcui-rcsistant so you can boil water in it on 
ihe .\tove if you wish. 

At 29/6. this Nestle'* offer is unbeatable value. 

ipan only 
while sfochs lost. 

Monsy returned If vnablc fo sitpfly. 

There Is ou iidverlisiog on the curulc arul your 
tnoney wit] he rcfundcii if you arc opt 
completely satisfied. For each carafe you must 
send a paper label from a tin of Nescafe.' Youll 
find your carafe is a Rne way to serve any kind 
of CDffet — bul especially good ftir Nticafc, Ihe 
world's favnurite coffee. 


witli a latiel Item 
a ii^ of NesmIs- 

j EnclDsed please find: Hdniiy Onbr, Pnrta) (fate, Otopn lor 

I lincluding 3/- tKntagc) snd label* fiom 3 tin ol Ncstale. 
I Please send coflae caiatc, traliiid at to' 

Sar>d To; 

Bo* 4003, O.P.O., 







. . . because I get titat 
somewhere in every meal with 


— for energy . . . hcaltliv 
skin, firm Hesh . . . and 

VITAMIN B — for vilalilji. 


slimiilale nerve an;l bruin 
cells, and for healthy tcelli 
and IxiriLs, 

MILK SUGAR - to aid digestion . . . 

... all this in a highly concentrated furm. 
mixing easily into almost any dish you can 
think (if, adds that edtra food value to 
every meal — without fat which, when 
taken in excess, car he such a deterrent 
to complete health. 
Boiilac canliiins till the nutrients of 
pure, fresh milk and, bccausf it is fal 
free, it is an ideal form of milk when 
weight reductifin is dL-sirL^d ... for 
sickncs^ where fut-frec diet ji» 
pre.vcribed and for uti nonna! 
dieting to niaintaiTi a good 
standard of general fitness. 

USE BOHut mnm mm soMEWHai in every meiil- 

with cercaK, soups, scones, vcgetublcs, drinlu. 
cakes and desiitrts. and lor ice-cruann making. 

colourftil and 
diet and 
recipe books 
are available 

14-20 King street, MELBOURNE 

A wonderful Truffood Dairy Product 

Continuing . . . 


from pag& 26 

ihr midtflc (he downloWn 
d iatri c t. This it lunpl y 4 
ifhcmc 10 forct lo pay her 
pHee. Albwais her to thtnJt 
ttiQl Wff accept ihff siatemcnn 
aE face valur- merely trorifuiei 
ihe tisui?/' He tiirned to AIjcIhl, 
"Lrt'i puE our card* face up. 
Whai da ycfu want fnam uj?" 

She Iwkcd ar^jund tht tabk 
ill the mitjruliijc fAceii. Wilh 
Ihc cscL'cjJiion of that mce man 
Giiimliyr nuDE ihowfd any sign 
fbiF roinprrhc-ndijig plain 
fcminjn r cammnTi ttic even 
whrn it vvaiLked in and 
down- Sbc li^hrd.. tt was » 
nuisance, bu l aht' d j uit tiavr 
ta go over if ail agnin, the way 
ihe did wilh B^rt. ujiiil fioaily 
they j;rajped U. "I m\^\M as 
well lUtl At the hc^ilinini;. Wc 
wvrt! [[vLng in (l*<- Hcisht*, 
wi[h ihe <^ammotion and 

doi^irhHIs Hnf^in,g i^nd tclc- 
phoTurl jiaiiji;Iin^i and finally I 
Jut-kiHd mysrtr in *infl looked in 
the rairrtir and 

V.K. le^iped la hi* feet and 
liPgATi lMi:ing the floor- "Nq! 
I can't sLand it. Bj^mmaiidj 
yuii idkiT uvcr." 

"Mrs. Carstain/' H^imnond 
K^id 9iHii;hin$(ly, 'Vr ar? ^iiJ 
rtraiDn abk bu une^ imtn . 
undcritimd thai all's fair in 
love and rejit esiate. You have 
Qs* us V.K_ so aptly pui il. 
tJVCF a barrel. Ncrw. DbviDLbsIy 
you are nt>r s**''^S build A 
Tunch houif iicrc, Util thai 
daesn L uiaiu-r. Wli;^t. mailers 
is how much you will accept 
fiir thr rishiecn-intrli itrip ttf 
land. Namt- youf figutrJ^^ 

"I krcp TtillinK you and idl- 
iiiit you," Aliri;* i(ajd. "I don't 
want to sell. All 1 want Ie tor 
you X-a grl your 1i>Wtr qS my 

AMMOND glanced 
desprrjtrly aniund ihc tablf. 
"I nivc M]'}-" he mid. Everyjne 
nvt>]£l^d eye, tK- 

rept Clinchy. who v/nt h^m^ 
injj- "Evprcll, yoa tflkc over." 

"I kmvf it's a dei|«:iate ttt%> 
cnlniitin^ Ihin lo you, bul I 
havr no choice. You two seem 
tu iindrr^iand ench othtT. Pull 
ui out ot this ufifl yet] 
namr your own rtwjifd."' 


".\ny thing T am .iiilhoriietl 
la sivc ."iway.*" 

"My own key to tlie eitcu- 
tiveii' waititoom, like the other 
dircf lorj.^" 

"WpI! nijw, Glinchy, Hint's 
fuppasE^a to require,! two-thir^i 
%%>ic of the baarti. But ym, 
ru ICC that you Ktt one," 

"And a niicTDr ot niy own?" 

"Two of them if yi>u ^ont. 
Only don^t let u.t doHni.^^ 

Glinchy i^t up ttruiKhl' T"!!! 
ftire bccantf urt Eind hnrd. 
''Alicb, 1 £111 .1 bkuitifsini;!!!. 
Avil T iiin jB^oinic to maite 
you a bmiiiesi propojition." 

Alicin giggled. E^hr apolo- 
iiUfd at oiLcc, tnit ahc just 
cauldo't help it, site to^J him. 
He reminded her ^ zmirh of 
Bfrt when he waf iryins to be 
tiTTiT tvith hi?r. 

"Wc kavi' rcartied an im- 
passp," Glinchy went on, tryiftK 
tu Ignore ttie rcinartt, '*:irul it 
li time tu aee where wc atnnitl. 
You want '4 plare to' live in 
the middle of town, wlicre therf 
won't be any avi%hhifTi drop- 
ping in 10 horrow luitur .^nd 
where there'i b: □liniuium 
chine e of finding younelf 
trapped hy AU unexfjcrted iut>- 
division development. Riithl?" 

"V^rry well put. 1 knew you 
under? lOtltd, Everett," 

",^nd vritnt our btiildinff- 
We could, of cotiric, nhave off 

^gbleen inehia iht 
hrina it bick to our own 
projierty line." V.K. had 
el»p|>ed one hand over hit eyei- 
ifaimnond wan ijuOdrty liii 
head hopeJesily "But that 
would be difficult, not (o uy 
cKiwnjivc- So I would tUfjgeii 
you build your hoiiic eighteen 

"1 can't I waul three htd. 
foomi, a family [oejo, 1 irtiitijt 
DiKjkp nnij — " 

Glinchy raijett bii hand. "1 
ace ept your word that a imallct 
huuile i% neit the anrwer ] 
a family man. I linnw dial when 
a woman hm her heart Kt an 
lOmcihinK there'i no use argu- 
ing, That haj hcin tlie ^ri,., 
of my lift with Clarice. 6ui 
[here is another way out," 

"Move ynui buildini;?" 

"Something ten draitic The 
Pipp Tower rijri thirty-thice 
jtoreya abtnv- the ilreer. tt ii 
made in the lorai ol a Hatttncd 
pyramid, part of llu: hue of 
which il on your lot. and ttie 
(op of which ii— " 

"Get on with it, Glfndiy," 
VrK, uree<l. 

"I'he tap of which ij 4it i^sti 
building site." 

Alicia jtufcd at CliodlV'. 
She turned list fttze ilmly 
srmiiitl the table. The men 
were all leailtnt; forwartl, vrnit- 
inS' "A railed Kemae on a 
rtwf," jbe muied. "1 don't 
Inow . . [ had pUnni^ a Uitle 

"We ll h:iul the di« fut h 
in the aer^'ace elwator." VX. 
cncd. "Glinchy, I apologise 
All thew year* I've been doillfl 
you an injustice." 

"And 1 did have in tniiid ^ 
fljiRttaiie pntid .)Ult OLitsitIc ihf 
picture window." 

"We'll Imild you One." VJt 
said. "In fart, in reruni foT 
youT lot we'll huild yau the 
dOKROneJesi, privateit laQcli 
house in the ccuntiy And 
think of the view you'll ha*« — 
the brcwericii, the watet-Slira- 
iloii pliat. the — " 

"No el cue nelghbwi." 
Glinchy lold her wflly. "Nu 
one lo<ikiu$; In your fuctnie 
window. Easy coniirjutiiin by 
elcvalur. .^biolute priiarv in 
the middle of the cfowd." 

Aliciii lUiod up. The llinll 
sold head nodded. Gl&why 
fouad iiirEiaeU ncxlElini! wifli it- 
"Geodemen, I'll Ao it," M^>=> 
Mid. "You may Iw" 1»>n 
huildins where it il I 
that the minute we get 
someoor ia ctrlain ID Ita^^ ^ 
jiihdivliion on ilie neljbbi>i'in» 
moft or deeide to run a luper- 
highway thirly-ihtee itoreyi in 
the ail. But Bcrl Bud 1 w^'(S 
take lliiit chance a a""' , 

She left after the papeo hiitl 
been signed. , 

Gllncby winhcd that Ihf 
meeting could have been pfo- 
longed. He hod never 
((ivct) this mufh lespei-i before 
But now life wai back 10 no'- 
niaL He toufhcd V.K.'I i'"' 
hciit^tly. "Mt. HiinffliorHl 
promiietJ. yau know.' 

"Now what, Glinchy? 

"Thai key." . , „, 

V,K. .land nt him. , Then 
hr iMck in hij cl"^- , 
led in his pocket i 
mine, Glinchy." lald 
••Take thil gotd.pbiat 1'"^ 
l»y» gave ine on my toruc n 
Jinnivfirdiiry. V™ ""STllL 
Bul ihefc'i one 1"^' r< "* 
to ink." 

"Yes VJC 

"Let' me borrow ■! i 
in a while. Let me ttKli "'^i 
door and jtand lu '«"'•". ",{ 
mirror and think. Miybt '( 
Jive Ions enougli and « 
often cnoufth I'll f>!""= 
how 1 got that wtinisit » 
houae oti my roof " 


The AurtitAtiAM WoMiiN's Weeslt - Auftuii 

National Library of Australia 91 76 


Page 33 

National Library of Australia 91 77 


Oni' III ih<- wi)rlr<'5 
^rciaii'sr women ^piin- 
ifrs, Murlriie, n 1956 
r>ly-inpLiti and the 
1 fflH'il i. or! fj - rceonl 
holdf r, will cimipoii; in 
th( 101' mrirei and 
rrlsy cvcsls. Sht' ha« 
Ln-fii sinig^linK 
gain form aft'i iiijurv 
ill prc-Ohinpit tnniulis 
and hopwi 10 strike her 
ofd brilljaiicirm Romp. 

Aiistraliji'a lop sprinrer, l.lciii* vv'ili r^pt-p- 
sani AiisiMlin in thi- llKt-metrf and 20(1- 
owlTfl cvpntt ill Ronif. Pfnis, aBi-d W, 
liirs ill Ij'rhjim', N.S.W., thfi htiitic lawn 
of tormffr Olyiiipir star Marjurii; Jackson. 

Anna Pozera 

lie only javrlin Ihrower in the Auitralinn t«im, Anna 
rFprestmted Poland in the 15156 Olympitv. Slip xtavid 
in Austtali* tci niitry*. and was nsturalijwd just hefnii 
the Otirdifi Games, when she won 4 gold ms^al for 
Australia with a thi*n wodtt-fecord throw uf l8Sfi.^4iii, 

They're in 
the team 

# At the Rome Olympicn Aub- 
traliii will hv represenlcd by A 
lme-ii[> of mort! than 200 sports- 
men and sportswomen, all striv- 
ing for ^old-medal wiiis. Pic- 
tured On tbese page:^ are some 
of the etar-studded teitm. 

A liki'ly pEi^ld medallisiT 
lifity is a wfirld-Terord 
holder and winner of the 
ISJiti fHympic KlO-mctre 
and 2t)iJ-iiietTi' tilh'i. 5hi; 
will nm in tlim* ovraits 
and in thf riilaj in Rojiir. 
Fteit)% whu Was 22 on 
April 20^ lives in Sydnt^y; 
is Ml- 6|in., and wcijUis 
411). With Bptty ip 
tlic *prini rrLiy ivSLTn »t 
dl6' tiaiiir^ will bf^ MiiT- 
knt' Mathrwi. Tiir £)ug- 
gan. and Norma Flpininir. 

nave Power 

Austraiia's best all-round runner, Hl-ycar-old 
DavPj whu liviK bt Corritiiiil, N.S.W., is third- 
tup man in tJit world m-trr I0,0t)0 metres. FJr 
the CtirdlET Ei^pirt.' Garner ^-titile and 
QismtlLoti diampioii, and h a pOMibIc mcdullivl. 


Alhy ThommM 

An G I y TIL p i ^ n 
who P ft r • into 
tht Rome Grid with 
an imprftssivt re- 
cord, Alby b a dis' 
tance nmiifr, lie r*?-* 
presented Aiivlmliii 
at ifir 1056 Gamfs, 
and hLii liecn sc-it'tt' 
(id ti) romfniu: in 
thi- 1 .'■>rt(t-KH!trf and 
5()tW^m(Mri' tvcnts. 
Hf holdj^ boih 
wnrid twH-rnik' and 
(hrt'p-milf IKQfds, 

Clorla Cooke 

A Sydticry hoiist'wlfc, Glarin? is Australians rrpre- 
(entativf in the 80-BH»tni hurdlra. Now 25, she 
was a hnnli^t m ihe Mcdboumtr Glyntpics, and won 
n brnitzp medft! fl( CardiiT. Sou^h Australia's 
Nonnu *l hrcywtr is alio in the Bri-metrc hurdlei. 

NmI Freeman 

Australia'': J^toati^jit n|E' 
round walker, with 
world-diLLi times, Noel 
is wrll tvLthin miidal- 
winniiig cslculalioTis. 
He will compele in (wo 
wems: the 20-ltilo- 
mrtre ( 12 niilrs 752 
ysrds] and dne 3D-kito- 
nietre {31 miles 120 
jrards) road waits. 
Noi^l is 21 and liv<.-a in 
Mflbouiro^ In Olym- 
pir trnininf; he has 
been walkini; ino^t* 
thzn 15il mH^s. a wct^k. 

ChlUa Porter 

ljnduillcllg4?d in Alisirdiiar h(?h-jumping. Chilla, whu 
IsVn ill Wfstfni .Australia, i^ in w<irld rlaw He Won a 
'liver nipdiil in ttir> MflUiurnf Ulvmpi(-s. and rhis year 
wun ha fifili iiiiiotiul tiilc Thi. world record was 
reccnil) smaslii-.d by Amorkaii athlrtt- Juhji Thuniaj. 

Tony Rluc! 

A Brisbane doctor^ Tony 
hii hrfu chosen for the 
•SUIJ-Qietre e,ve-nr, Tlie 21- 
year.fl)d university "blue*" 
h o 1 d ft ilk' .Auairaliaii 
hiilf.iiiili' irrnfd. He wa.s 
.wcond to Herb Elliott in 
the national half.inilt: title 
uiirlicr this yrar, hut hr 
lias teiiirn Elliott and Iiis 
[arm indicjitei that iie'U 
Itr [I finaliiii in the- Games. 

Stnart Mackenzie 

A favorite for i^uld-incdal honors ui the ain^lc 
sruUing evftnt, Stuart recently won hi"? third 
Bucr.ecsivK Diamond ScuIIa litic in Swir/.erluiid 
Thi.-! tni'iil ij reeiirdi-d as one q( the lup itiidi 
for the Olympics. A Syeisty hoy, Stuart is i '■- 

Page M 

Toil AlI5TH*l.lAh WnsIBN i WtExtT - All^U^I ?l 


National Library of Australia 91 78 

Tony IHadlgui 

An rJtrrllent golrl-mi^dal prnNpcci jih AiJ.^ir;ilirt^ Ii^ht-Kr',ivyw4*ighi boxrr^ Tflny 1a jin 
rjtpniJsrictid Olympian. lie compptti] in ibe ll<? and Mt']baunM^ Oamea, ;ind 
WAS A Rold incdailj'si nl tht Cardiff Ernpirr Giitivca. Till tccently Tout hain 
'parking as a mal> niodt'l in »w Ycirjt. fjc turnrd ill on Krbnjarj' 4 Ihb year. 

Laurie Morgan 

A gT34iyr fram Cciidobolui, N.S.W^ L!iuiJ<! Morgan j.v cs^pt^in of AunuzViu-'it Olympic 
Fnu»lrian tfram, which tsttcllrd at lir rscmt Badminton TriaJs in England.' A msmbcr 
rif the loam, Bill llaycrofl, Li?t;iiuc iht; hrat Amtralian to wiii iht TriaU; Ijrarie was 
runner-up. Ail eKp<'riL'nt:ed fiorscmim^ lie nairowly missed Olympic BclecLion In 1956. 

■lerb Elllatt 

AuJtralia'* wnndw miler Hprb holds tin- covetpd world milt rword aud frequently 
breaks the fogr-TBlnuie milp. llprb. who is 21, w a hot favorite for die s"ld-nietJal 
hmnDri in the l3(K)-mccrcr fvt-nt and a ptissible wiunpr uf ihr SfKh meirci. A Wnilem 
Auatraiian, he now livrs ill MclbiiOTnc. He li 5fl. llin.. and weia[hs lOjt. 41b- 

R«lly Tasfecr 

Anotber top ptoapecl for medat lituiors in Runit-, Roily will skipper Fakon VI, a Flying 
Dutcbtnan-f lass yacht. Roily, who won the world titlr for Plying I>ii(chni!in y:arhiis ill 
Aujlriii ill 195fl, IK'Ps in Wmtem Australia. H(! won a stiver medal :it the MplbOuriif 
Olympic Games, whrn he wnt rnnsiderpd unlucky tt* lose dip tJccidin^ on a protest- 


Aii9TS*u*N WoiirENS Wkeult - Au(;u41 31 


Page W 

National Library of Australia 91 79 




First day . . . Actgnsi 25 

• Thr tiilJ* t^ntt of Sport 
{haikttbMi wtighilifilt'ii). 

• The ilnrling line ml Rumf't 
new Otrtitptg xiBlmming poitt. 

• Tfir nrm flaminia Siadiuni 

Oprning Ctromonj, 
Boxing and Witer Pfllo 

Sevond Any , . . August 26 

SwiOTininf . . . Mfn's 100 metre Irnatyk 
btAb and scmi-fiiuLs. 
200 me(rr women'ii brtajisirotE heats 
and jic[iii-fiaa]Sr 

IfM) rnelrc womro's freestyle heats. 
200 melrt mtn's brcaststroke heats. 
WoEneii*^ spTiDj^board diTiDg cElmiiia- 

Modem Pentathkio . , . ricfing test. 
CydiDg . . i Tram limc-triaE race. 

Scratch tprint hrals and eii^hth^ finais. 

Tandem hMtj and (jnarlcrAials. 

ItH) metre time-'tnal horn fitnndtikg stort- 
Canoeinf; . . . heaEs. 
Wre^liDg ■ . . Gree^-Reimiui. 
Bii^ct>>all, Hi>diey, Water Pnla, Boxing, 

and Foolbali cJijniiuitinnf. 

Third day , , . August 37 

Swimmipg , - . Wnffleo's ^nngbaird div- 
ing senti-fiiiqis, final^ and victtity ccrt- 

Men's ^pringhnard diving elittiinalions 
ahd Kcmi-jin^&. 

Men's 4 X 100 metre medley relay hcats- 
ItK) mclrc wnnicn's freestyle semi-liDal'y. 
too metre men's frc<;vlyle final and vic- 
tory ecn!mr)ny. 

200 metre women's breaatstifike final and 
vicltjry ccreoioay, 

Cyeling . . . Team pursuit race elimina- 
tions and quarfcf-finaLs* 
Scratch sprinf mianer-finab. 
Tandcui semi-imalf and finals. 

Modem Pentathlon , . . Fencing rest (epeel* 

Basketball, Hockey, Water Polo. Baxing 

Wnstling . . . Grcco-Romiin. 

Canoeing . . . elinimatiuna and ienu-£nab. 

Fourth day 

Rest Day. 

August 3fi 

Fifth day . . . August 29 

Swirnmiag . . , Women's high-diving cii* 

I(K) metre wamcn's butterfly heats. 
Men'* <^ingbDard diving final and vic- 
tory errenioay. 

20() metre men's breaalslrofce .vemi-fimilj, 
100 metre women's freestyle Gnal and 
victory ceremony. 

4 E 2nO metre men's freestyle beats. 
Modem Pentathlon .... Pistol-jboeling test. 
Fencing . . . Men's ftnl, individuaL 
Biisketball, Bojtinj;, Waier Polo, Football. 

and Ifnckcy climtnatian.^. 
Wrcstlins - • . (-ireeo-Roman, 
Canoeing ... R 1 and K 2, Men's 1000 

metre Gn:ils. 

C 1 and C 1, Men's 1000 mcfrc finals. 
K. 1 and K 2, Women's. 500 metre finals. 
K 1. Men's 4 I 500 metre rtlay final. 
Cycling . . . Tcnni pur^il race temi- 
finab aitd Bnals. 

ficraldb nprint semi-finals and finals. 
YaehtinE . . . l''irst rucc. 

Sutth day 

AnguNt 30 

Swinuning , . . Wonieo'j high-diving fiaal 
and victory ecreniony. 
4 x 100 iiKtrc women's medley relay 

400 metre menjs freestyle heals, 
too metre men's back-^tnjke befits. 
100 metre ntiaicn's buttcrlly final and 
vidory ceremony. 

200 metn; Bum's breaslalrake final and 

vietory ceremony. 
Modern Pentatbliin . . . swimnnng lest. 
Fencing . . . Men's foil, individual, efimi- 

narions and final. 
Cycling . , . individual road race. 
TToebey and Boxing eliminations. 
Wrestling . . . Greco-Roman. 
Rowini; . . . Pair oarii willioul cox and pair 

oara with cox eiimination^i. 

Fovr oars with cox elitkiinatioris. 

WalcT Polo . . . semi-finals. 
Yachting . . . Second race. 

S<^v«tEtli day . . . Anga»it 31 

Swimming . . . 100 metre men's baei- 
stiokc semi-finals, final, and victory 

Men's iligh-divTng eliminations. 
200 metre men's batterfly heaLs. 
4O0 mfitre women's freestyle heats. 
400 metre men's freestyle final and vic- 
tory ceremony. 

IDO metre men's baekstroite final and vie- 
lory ceremony'. 
Athletics . . . Men's ihoi-pnt, qualiGcatioiL« 
and final. 

Women's long jump, qnatifica'doiii and 


.Men's 100 metre hents and ^piarter- 


Women's 80 metre hurdles heats and 


Rome is nine bour;» behind Australian 
Eastern Standard Tiiw. This mean.? that 
the O pelting CcTcisony taltcs place 
at the Olympic Stadium at 4.30, on 
August 25. -which is 1.3H a.iiL, AugTist 26, 
f;.S.T. The Closing Ceremony at 5 p.m. 
on September 11 becomes 2 a.m. Septem- 
ber 12, E.S.T. 

(These tinie-s will be half an hour earlier 
in .\dctaidc; two hours earlier in Pert}),) 

The finals and Victory CeremDnica in the 
iwinmiing evenLs are held at night, which 
a between dawn and breakfast time the 
lollowing dny in An^rali^ time. 

Pctg« 3S 

— • ^^^^^^ 

Men's 4O0 mmte hnrtLes beats. 
Men's 80(1 metre and .VKK) metre heUL 

Fenein;; . ■ . Women's foil, individuaL 

Modem Fentalhlon . . . Albklics test: 
40(10 metre cross-country race. 

Boxing and Hockey . - . EUcbinatioas. 

Wr«stlii^ . . . Crtco-Ruiuan. 

Rowing . - - Four odr> without coa and 
eight oars eliminatiuiu. 
Single scitlLt and double schUs elimina- 
tion >. 

Pair oars without cot and lour ozci 

with cox elimlnaiion-i. 
Water Polo . . , semi-Gnak. 
Yachting . . . Third race. 

Eighth day . . . Sept. 1 

Swimming . . . Men's high-diving lemi- 

tCK) me lie women': baclutroke lieati ami 

4 X 100 metre men's oicdley relay fiiul 
and victory ceremony. 
400 metre women's freestyle final vtii., 
victory ceremony. 

4 I 2fW metre men's freestyle tetiy 

filial and victory taremony. 
Fencing . . . Women's foil, ifldividul, 

eliminations and fin^l. 
Hockey . . . [^liminatioos. 
Wrestling - . . Freestyle 
Athletics . . . Men's high jump, qmli- 

ficaliaos and final. 

Women's javelin, qualificalioo; and Gn^ 
Women's tOO metre hcjitt and quarter- 

Men's 100 metre semi-finals and final 
Men's 400 metre burdles scmi-finjili- 
Men's 8D0 meljc 5emi*finals. 
Women's 80 metre hurdler linaL 
Men's 3000 metre .steeplechase beau. 

Rowing . , . Sit^le seulls and double Mdh 
Eight oars eliminations. 
Pair oars with cnx and four oars tnth- 
out cox eliminaliftns. 

Boxing . . . Quartci'-fiitaJIs, 

Basketball and Water Polo . . . Seroi-fiaali 

Football . . . cKminatian tCFund, 

Yachting . . . Fourth race. 

Minth day . . . Sept. 3 

Swimming ... 4 i 100 nKttt woaira'* 
freestyle relay beat$. , 
1500 metre men's freestyle heati umI 

Men's high-diving final and vie Wry cere- 
mony, , 
200 metre men's butleiffiy-strokc WW 
and victory ceremony. 
4 I 100 metre women's uicdley KUT 
final and victory c^rentopy. 

Fencing . . . Men'* loU, leains, elimliur 
tioDs and final. 

Hockey . . . EJiminatiuns. 

Wrestling . . . Freestyle. 

Athletics . . . Men's long jump, tiuilifra- 
tiims uid Stml. 

National Library of Australia 91 80 

National Library of Australia 91 81 



ntimit to [uDibiill rrutrliri 
tki-h wri*k dour up in (hrir 
^^lt^r^( fasiiiatt:; purdy for tlu: 

Wily (Ifi iln'y puradr if fr""t 
n* ihi' tun-.irting sqiiild' They 
trttiv Likirlt llic fnihiisiiulk liar- 
rai'k^'i^' viirw oi thr ^acnt. t 
W'inh girls wmild about their 
"boy activick*" in a diffcrcnl 
way. — "Ushaokrd," Ftiiiil Pip'f, 

Bodffie clotltes 

I^J^fVNV people brand voudu 
aj bndpicii iKTcaiiSP nf thrir 
dodiri. This is ii grave tiijus- 
lirr n> ihc TOjorily of tln'ie 
yflung pefiplc who hav<? not 
hvr.n lucky enough la have 
lastrful suidancf in their dre«- 
Ing, T have two fricmif who 
wear whni a gtti.1 many pcopfc 
wciuld I'jll "btiflgii!'" cliiihw; 
finer boys could not bt found 
anvwhn'i'. Tlic?<r tinriJasonablc 
pcupic sfiduld kam lo jud^e 
llid chnractfr hy the hcin, not 
by [lie ctatfics which aurrnund 
it- -Pjiilmr Sraick, L^ikpm^^ff, 

The for^atten sex 

JT is all VC17 well having riuni- 
petftlfjjts with bit! pri7.c? like 
a iiatp with "Knokii'" and other 
soch crlcbrilii.'^ but hnw coulil 
J boy will a d.Kr with "Konkie"? 
I think it wuuld be a ^rc-jl id™ 
if Homebody fhtiu^ht tif spftitiioc- 
ing a ctMiipftjiion lor hoy^, with 
ttie prijc a date wiih Annette 
Funitpllftj DT J«j?n*thinjf sirnilar. 
' — "How fihijut it" HrifmnT. 

Hit tunes 

^THV Ir thai so msany 
^dultj; nowaday^i SP-fm to 
tllink that sam-r at the fal»t 
hit luntjs are ridifulons? Th«y 
iitc no worse than mme of the 
hiH that wetr rfmtdrd whni 
they were tn-nagcrr, such as 
**Stonc Cold Dcsid in thr M^r- 
kct."— H<lli!en, Waralali 
Bay, Vic. 

Them arr Ittldi 
harreH in this forum, 
Sfiul yniyr maps, linf, 
and tee pay itifl /' }•>'' 
every letlfr used. Send 
them to Box 7052 
WJf, Ct.O., Sydney, 

Judy HeJfiseit 

Onr pin-up*. Since he 
migrated froffl England 
(uit on three jreors ago, 
?9-yeor-Dld Ion Crnw- 
ftfrd iiiis won hitnielt a 
lot o( Ions through TV, 
Interstate tutirs, oppear- 
onc^s tit tlonce^r t)rt 
disc. His lost single, "Up 
Town," did v^ry 

When in Rome 

QUK pkii^nl: sea'ifli' (f>v*n is 
twaded rdfJi aujrititer hy 
fun-Hceking youths. Th™ 
ynuths^ uAi^lly ordinary; ^i^nsible 
people, sHiJilDnly bcronic louts. 
Loral dan or*- not gocid 
niaugh for thrai, as tJip drink- 
ing of iilrafml is not perniittt'd. 
Nuis)' private datJce* allowing 
this ate tun in oppu^itloti to thK 
loL'al oftes. Surely it Is not ask- 
ing too nmcb to t'xpci-t thf-Kc 
yoiuitj to show rr^pcrt to the 
pcnpje. vvhrt live prmiunently ia 
The »irea? — "Local TtfttOgtrf*^ 
I'irfnr ffmhar^ S.A, 

Gay the moaners 

J WOULD lille in w:im (elh«' 
ternagefs wftu in,iy be start- 
ing jntis to licwari; of the 
*'moaner," Often ne^v plrls nntl 
lxjy'5 tijjsei by the r.anstjnt 
ntnnning <if .^tjrre eniplttyer wliu 
di^tisficd with!E iit 
hc'r, or fifs^ job, ^'Ct the mtwiucr 
never sjivi^ up the job but often 
rauses sutnc Dther fcUoM' eni- 
plovM la leave. My adviee <n 
tcenjigeri lo turn a dc^af ear 
lo iiioanfrs and tell tlicni m 
leave if the job is w tad. — 
I.inda O/taivtTy. BTaadmetiiiocj.'Ji. 

TnU glrW club 

Ji^ TALL Wnrntfri's Clah liai 
icccnlly been fonned here 
iji Toott'oombA, It Ls r>prn rn 
.ill wnmen over the hrlRht nf 
-'U^ 7in., and the irai" aimi oi 
; ! II c c1 uh ojc to obinin r^dy - 
niadr rUithps tC5 fii and lo have 
litJiisfhuld HUtrjii^^i fnade hif;)i 
t-naiigh. This h (inly llic start 
iii ^vJtai we hopp will hcctnn*: 
aji aswrlatinn with bTanrhes all 
ovpi" Auistraiia. I 3 m J fi ajfld 
T\rn 5ft- ^m. Lallf and ucilil ilie 
Huh vij,^ fon^ii'tl 1 Wis Vf;rv 
r«llBciwiis of my hfigtit. Hut 
jiu^' \ aun proud 10 be taW, ;ind, 
in f:iifr^ I feel sliigin at (lif? mret- 
irtfts. This flub is ncft only lot 
lAdn wflfiicn bill for iccn- 
.i)i,cT!i like mywrlfi .^ryrtne in- 
trrcslpd may obtain dciails by 
uriiitig to HoK -H^ Tc/wTi Hall 
f',0.. Tixjwnjomba. — Pam UttKiri, 

Study first 

"Y^J^HV uuist so inciny scher<»l 
funrticit^ he field dining 
tiie la-rt term, when must of nui 
time spt'nl itudyini! for 
lixami!, iiiiilrad of during rhr 
finrt nr jctond temn, when much 
marc time is aviiilal}le? ficxt 
icmi Wit air e-tpecn-d to attend 
a srhonJ bnll, wveitil schrtul 
.Mirifils and iimccttj, a fete, and 
■;i sporw day. Siiti-ly this is a 
hit itntch to' ajk with die csams 
only a couple of month* away. — 
mne Hill, Smth)>w1, 0.14. 

Tanganyika Teen 

l^J.\NY tinifS [ have read nf 
^vcelcend homework beins 
unfair; ivell, liilrii to this! I 
attend tile only Eumpean 
sreonditry sehofsl in "l*a.tiEanyika. 
Jt is a cu-educalJonal twtartlirtp 
jchool. We tiie at e.30 a.m. 
nnd start lesaoii,'; ,it fi n.m. Fjt- 
ccpt fur half an hour's break 
v.e work Ihtiwgh till t Iii 
the -aflemniiu, aa well .is gaJiiei 
and other aciifitiM, we have tin 
hour'iE pK'p and another hfJtcr 
in the evLtiingi On Saiurcl.iys 
the titnrtallk is the sainit, t>nly 
we end lesion* at H.3I1 it.m,, 
and in die afletnuou there i.' 
orjly three-tjuariei^i of au hour 
prep, fin an Aunralian jnysi.'lE 
and havi' ailended 3 seliooi in 
iiydney. 1 ihiiik wc work initcli 
hiirtier than you do.— HiwAetA 
Guiding, KfliicfiM, T^iigmxika. 

Suciai sheep shoiv 

r DtC Kabian, Johiniy Devlin, 
'Idnimy Sands, and Din, but 
Ihrre is one thing I don't din 
and that ii bi'inji '•prlred " al the 
local danres. .A.* K'On 
music starts you vre yumie fel- 
luns walking up and doim in 
front uf you and loDkins you , 
cwt at though vou were 3 mch 
of fhecp heins judged. — "Bliif- 
Ribiioii-Oal." Biimif, Tin. 

Heip wanted 

COl/'PLE of weeks a^o I 
bnufilu B H-ater-n;si«aii' 
searf for wet weather. As thr 
scarf is all white, the time h;t> 
come for me to wash it^ T iti- 
tjucstion ia— htHv do you Ha>h 
:, watei-resistsnt srarl.' — fudilli 


YyHY du AuslraJian irenapers 
wor^ip their .■^nfiencan 
counlrrpart,<i? I brlicsc i am 
a typical Au.straliari 
girl in most resperlt. fnji iiulib' 
ninst rf my friend's f deplore 
the iiiateri'alistir outlook of 
yoidi!; Amerlram today. Arc 
thr croj) nf knock-kneed, con- 
eaJ.'e-chc!itrd. pallid, rock-n- 
roll start *i'li>] perfonn revnltinK 
gyraliont to tlie .<itrain< of 
p.ia'iidr.i-senlinii!nlal lyrits worthy 
of Dur adiniratietl? Or the 
AiDPiitan teeners who appre- 
ciate mch antics and ask f"r 
fnnre? -Can we respcri a natitin 
which jbuns conuc:t with 
negroes, but is represented by 
those tsrnie negroes in evcnii 
nf the Olympii Game«* I fail 
In ."a^e why .Australian tecfiagci^ 
rfmuld idotite and envy tliese 
ytumK Amerirani who attain an 
nutward false niatutity. — Sun 
/.iirii;/ey. Fian^^-^ttiit, Vip. 

Margatet Blfthe ojid 
her younger sirteri. 

Down on the tann 

^JfYONIi who thinks f»mi 
work is easy ought' to liavc 
his head i-xamined. 1 itw 
tlvcd nn a farm all my life {H'i 
ycflraj and, believe me, hmtinj; 
is the worst and haidest job of 
ulL Vou set out of Ijcd at +iLl 
to milk the rows and fixiirfi at 
7,31). At 2.3(1 in thp aftenntnn 
yost milk sjjain snd finish aljowt 
5,30. Wf go into town (mi 
miles) twice a m«nib but hardly 
r\er go to the pidtutts, as we 
hjsve to Gco lioiiie and Uiilk. 
Some people seem to tllink 
that fnrminn ei jnst a maner ul 
lying on the sifll.i, rentiingi 
eomics, and sm^niniliitf in the 
treck, arfd tlwn milkinn nh«mt 
ten ctfw.s, but moat farmeri 
around this distrlrt milk up «t> 
90 rows. — Margatrt Blylif. 
Baeckiiand. N.S.W. 

Opera is NOT averrtBted | 

# Opera einpers dftn't apiwar l« pal baU as muck inlo a song 
as rork-'n-fiollei^ do, appording to Kalherine Thomafl <T.W. 
27/7/60), so why should ihey receive ho much prais* and 
applause? MohI readers disagree wilh her. 

QI'ERATIC. arias tisiislly 
last froni Ih't' to swell 
minutes. So how eaii ill opeia 
siusjrr, who miist alvj be able 
lo mi% fluently in E«veral 
laii|tUiig(s, Ills compared with 
"a K"y with a Bifiimirf 
wbosiT sons '> rmisitleted 
phciioinrnol if it liLtts for four 
minutes? — Erics Durham, Cfe- 

J THINK, ihnt tw>ce yoUJig 
people should Iciim to 
apppeeiatc npera, whirh be- 
sides the rwisii (wbieh ii 
"real" miisie] has a very in- 
tcresttiiig story to fnllow, — 
Mif^nt Harvey, Fividock, 

0PERA singers ntust da a 
5;real deal of study and 
(irartice before they can be 
successful. ThLs training in- 
I'ludcs levsons in vo'iee ptodue- 
lion, which cspU'ins why 
opera siiigcis do not appear to 
Tise much cncrffy in their sing- 
jn5^. A Root! opera siitger can 
fill CI large dicatre witli his or 
her voice without the aid tjf 

a mtcrophc3iu>. Mtjst r«iek-'n- 
roU singers would find this 
rather difTicult, mainly bf- 
iiauic of their lack of ttaining. 
However, despite I be obvious 
superiority of opera .sinRet« 1 
woulci rather listiru 40 mtidern 
TOusi^ lhaii grand opera: — E. 
SceJicy, Gratjedsle, Vic. 

opera singer must sttidy 
voice eontiot arid breiilh- 
injf, imd every dnv iroist do at 
least one liour'.s singing exer- 
rises. He musit also study the 
rudiments of and b« 
able to sing a souk direct 
fmm tl:ie mmlral -score. He 
intist study the history o£ musi- 
cal form and lie ;ible to pass 
certain aural l:est5. Of course, 
die opera sinRer does not sweat 
and have perspirti^ion rtinnin^ 
down his fjice! Tlic homi of 
daily praetirc keep him lit and 
in good condition, ^ that he 
can sin^ strenuous arias w'lth- 
o^t any outward sign of strsin. 
ft is only the unconditioned, 
untrained persons who wilt 
under rhe .strain. Tliey pant, 
perspire, and in fftmral sliow 
their lack of condition. Any- 

one at -all can smg lock-'n-rUH, 
whieh rati be good fun at 
limes, hui it takes a loUy 
skilled and dediratcd penon 
tu become an opera linjfer.— 
tf injonie Evans, Lmf Coi", 
A? J. ft'. 

r HEARTILY ajree «tl' 
Miss niomas, who siys- 
duit rock-'n-rcill singrn »tt 
criticised far Mio much. The;' 
put their hearts inlti tecofdtogs 
to piuvidc etitertiinratEt lor 
most people. - Afurroy 
ion, Albany, WA. 

W ISS THOMAS- ohvlouily 
has never listened to^!>" 
opera when she slates tltal "1' 
opera sitngers do ii suna "P 
on n stage and try tsi itng » 
few notei." Opera singeri «^ 
not only required to BtiS 
also to act and even dj"" 
(a.i Joan Hammond aia tn 
■■Salome"!. As for the l«"" — they mint leant PW*" 
upon page of wurdi and 
(or operas which ctJoimi''" 
usually for well over aa hour. 
— Judith FuW: 


Supplsmtiit td The Aastiollon Woimsa's Wwkly — Ai>S«t 'I' 

National Library of Australia 91 82 

i% story abmii 

Bj' Wtllinni Joy 

0 The muBifiaos on the stag* were 
rehearsing for their next performance. 
The hall was empty — except for tte 
heat and melody of "Music, Music, 

THESIi lioys were really 
good. It was hard l(i 
believe that they were all 
only 15 or 16 years rsld. 

Soon iJtcr arrived tliey 
mitchfti fo "Whcii th« Saints 
Cln Marrhing la" aiid Ijtci lold 
OS how thr band y,-sa formed. 

Ii aJl began early liM yvjj 
at a mncung of ttic RL'tordud 
Music Gluh at thir Eoii Iliils 
Boys' IHgli Sch<iol, Sydney. 

Kcviii Doughij, who staittd-ilic 
club 30*111 aft^i the school 
optned fii'P yirar? ngn, was n 
puiniw. Wjirrtti Tiirg<rl, u 
fiMnli-yMr boy, uf Kingsgrovt, 
jtlaytii Ihc gwiiir, Kcitli GouliI, 
aku at Kiiigsgrovp^ had bi:fii 
playiiij; ihc ijanjti sincr lie was 

Sfj line day ihe three of thetn 
ro\^thfT aiid gave a "livii"' 
psffumiancc at a club mpfltinij. 

McinlHTi wrrp su rnthni!iH»tic 
that Warrefl, with Mr. 
Doughty'si svippurt, gol p^rmis- 
liw [rotn ihr. hcadnkaatcr, 
MirliicI Cannon, to fona a 

aiisvi'tr (o *it ajifH-al for 
itiiik'iaiu, Bolihy Morriiiiiii rajnc 
ilung wMj his rlnrincl. Rii:hard 
Fiplris tjitii- fa.ntar(J with the 
dnims: St'i<!nc:t^ inastt*r J*>hn 
tacns rnuld plnv thi- irumpft, 

"Preflif rutfged " 

So sviih drums, tlaritici. 
uunijlet, gulliir. banjo, and 
piano the band started. 

"It Has pittty ra^^L'd nt 
Srit," Hiid Wum'n. "We starti-il 
wnh 'Raim Street BUii-\' 
und 'I'ciii I'leiir,' which his a 
(larinei tiiio, hut wp w^n- 

The hand was well fmiagh 

Htlvnnnrd, hon-tvtr, tn play twu 
Itcini at last yfor'i irHen)! duni f, 
frhni fuutih- and filiii-yMT 
•pniiils iiivitisl girU frnin ■'the 
l;i">I iirnii dtc lojrf," as the 
' Ilifth a i-allrd. 
i'huY alEo phiVcd .it ihr tirc- 
"i^U 10 Mi, CiimciLi when ht 

Mi-nt tivsm-ji iatl DKCwnL?r 
for mi>ntl»i^. 

Then tamt; the fnd-nf-thc- 
yciir crash. Mr. Doughty left, 
iiabby Mcrrison tranifprrcd i« 
jncillicr vrhtKil with hi? tbrinitt. 

■'We weri' liaril hU," 
VVarreii. "w early thi* ycat an- 
olhi'f ippt'Jjl went out for Tn<irti 

Serwiid start 

Jolin Foxc, of Kiiissgrovc, 
boriuivcd his young brother s 
saxoplione and johicd. 

Allan RoyaK whu had played 
(jiiiy elassieal pirces from 
Mosart, Hitch, and Tchailtm-skj 
on ths piano, swindled tu Ja«. 

Bohhy Beiyne. uf Enrlwond, 
camp atung with £100 WCtih of 
drvims his piircnts gave him us 
a tSiristniai prt-scni. 

Eric Krieger, of Pr>i«hurst, 
bought a guitor fur £15 and 
topic private leiMoiLs. 

Sciencp maslcr and urum- 
pctiT John Lucas took charg^e 
□od rhf band got off ti :i tsetoiid 
powetfu] start. 

Every Friday, for two huum 
ti(tLT school, they practise in the 
school hall, and <tII put in 
several buui^ ai practice at itamc 
each wri't. 

Warren Tai^tflj who i* leatli'r 
of the hand ai IB, said he 
learned to play tlte piauti befttrc 
h* fell the urge !o play the 

"I wanted a Kuir^r for 
montlts," he said. "1 pjMs I 
nearly drove Mum iBad til] 1 
pot if. I pfisferrd her till she 
honfjht a jjuitor from a p^Dfe^- 
liniial fur £2'). and I've joil 
hnivlied payin;; hei haet." 

Kehh Cnuld, the nther 
fiiiiiidatiMi mftnher, soid he 
.fOinetimes gets sick of playing 
the banja 

"Sci I bought 11 Ktjitar for £6 
hiym the liny nesl door and 
wijrked ill tt (hop at Chrbimm 
to pay for it, 

"Wc were terrible at the U^- 
ginnins. but I (IlinjL we're prelty 

good now." 

Sudjileitiimt t» Tttc Auitmlfar Weritcn** WmUj— AusuM 31, tHQ 

DHUMMIR of the East HHIs 
School Band, Bobby Boyne. 
At right, John Foxe fSox), 
and the teocher-in-charge, 
John Lucas ffrumpelj. 

Bobby DtJyrie hiid played thi- 
sido drum in a Hute Ijand and 
later in a. cadet bugle band. 

"Thai was very different from 
tliia," he iaid, indicatinu; his 
ja?z.-s]iare drum, his hns'J dnitii, 
cymbal, and hi^h hat. 

"And these iirai't the bist, A 
I'lill set tit the best would cost 


Erir Krieger hmtght hi> guitar 
in .May tad year sind Warriii 
T'arjjft iirlped liijit Inani to 

Eric iitkei over the dnirrn 
wh«n E^^^hby i.v uol avaibhle ar*d 
lias nL4i? cmi;rgrd an the band's 
irniienraiator and ■iniirUt. lli.'i 
tierrorntnnce of "Mac t.Ke 
knife" in the Loiii* ArirHtronj; 
style was (inc of the hii;h spcrts 
of a recent amateur nisht. 

John Fo*e played the piano 
till the call wetil out fut ralun- 
teer.^ to save I he band, hut he's 
now keen on the sax and very 
irrond of the icistrumciit he 
borrowed from his Ijrothpr Rus- 

"It's a Biitschpr," he said. 
"Dad gave £(i3 for it — a icr- 
rifie bareaiii. They're AirtiTiean. 
They cost £280 now and Aub- 
trnlia doesn't let mitny in."' 

Philip l.artE;, of Riverwood, 
joined Ihe liand rtcriitly as a 
guilari-tt. flii mothiT RBve liim 
the guit,ir for his 13tlt birthday, 
but he wouldn't look at It fur a 
yeaj. Now hivs got to like it. 

Haril ipwrfc 

The tfihearsd 1 attended was 
tor a performanep the f^itlow- 
ino night at the ftanlkham Tfills 
NlasonjL Home for Childraj. 

For two solid hours they 
svcirktal hard. From "The 
Saints" rbey swiichetj to "'C'rfira- 
van,'' "Red River," "The Uirth 
of the fllupd," "Bad Man," and 
"Tie Me Kangaroo Dimii, 
Spurt. " 

Warren Target ,ind Erie 
Krieger took over tlie mike Irion 
time to (itTie to sing the lyrics. 

The rciienrjinl was still in full 
swiut; a^ I left 

.And at BaulkhLun HilLs tfto 
f^jlloi^'inc nii^ht the i!fiO boys and 
girls stamped and clapped the 
liand into eneori- after eitcore, 

PIANIST of the band, Allan Royal, with Keith Gould 
(banjo). Selow is the guitar section — Irom left. Ken 
Laurie, Pbilip Lang, Eric Krieger, and Warren Target 


Teanoaia' Weeklif — faqi 3 

National Library of Australia 91 83 

son^ for 

# Tlie besl fun the 
Ifiamondii. had on iheir 
Aa«tralian totir with Pal 
Boucfi was when they 
relaxpd off stagr wilh 
ih^r friends the Dell- 

rE, tighi boys of these 
two vocal groups had 
a hilarious few hours losi'iher 
— harmtiiiising, 

And the Diiunonds' partinff 
gift so Di-lltomtb wm a nnv 
sotJg by Hal Blaine, "She haves 
Mr, Sthr- Luves Not." 

It's s ballad, the tjTK of saag 
both groups like. 

The Diiunands ore twa Cans- 
dians, Mike Dtiugliis and Dav^ 
Somervillf, and two GatlTunikins, 
Evan Fiiht-r and John Feltcn. 
Tlwy liavc (oiifi'd Australia lour 
timts lit two years. 

The I>lllones arc BronU' sur( 
lilisavpfs Noel Widerbcrs, ttrian 
Perkins, Warren Lwras, iuid Inii 
Wilson, who have hten suiti-is- 
Ful on 1"V, rtcords, and singing 

During the past tix years ih* 
Diamond* have made 3D record- 
ings, inrliidint Tfn which becnTnc 
American hits, One nf ihctt 
favorite?, "Liflle [>arliriV' has 
sold murt- diaii 2,0O0,ft0(l rn-oiils. 
Tln!ir IstPiti album is "Songs 
From Thi! Old West." 

Tht DIiiiiiond.1, huwfi'rr, atr 
not resting iipoo their laurels. 
Each is lenminf; to play an in- 
sirumeut and tatking dantiiiR !«.- 
aons to berti^fir ihp act. 

All four wtTvt interested tn 
mitsic long belorc they form*^ 
their vocal group, 

John (whose speokius voitt ij 
as drep and mt^lodlous as tin: 
ba55 key lie sings in} was record- 
ing wiEh studio ^nups while at 

Evan, who sings tpitor, w as erne 
of the [^irigimil members of the 
famnu5 Atnerictajl Four Preps 
before he joined the Navy Far 
hii Nutiofial Service. 

Mike worked hiK wa!y through 

GIT -JOGErHEft for the 
Diamondi and the De//(oncj in 
Sydney. fr6m leftj Warren 
Lucas, Svm Fhher, Bttan Per- 
kins, Mike Dougfos, John Felten, 
Ian Wilson, Dave Someryille, 
and Noel Widerberg. 

rnnKfrvaloriiiin by selling magi- 
2iiie stih^TTptiotTii. 

Dave made his tleliui al the apie 
ol five whr'ii hr santT u1 a con- 
cert "Oti When?. Oh Where I Irs 
My iittir tVt; Gont'.''" in Chiii- 
e.'se. (Hin mother was the 
(hiu^hler aF a miflsionnr)' in 
ChiUvi. ' 

Worth Hearing 

Fiml PiAMo Csncerta 

"jmS is probably the most 
FaiiHiu.s and cerlainly the 
mitsi popular of all piano 
cBncerlos. And like most nf 
Tchaikovsky's tmiiliar works 
it has i>e£n raided by (be 
makers of popiulai sMigs. 

Ironically, though, Tchai- 
kovsky hiniself hoTTTtyrtd a 
popular tune of the day for 
the secfiiKl movement of the 

The coni;erto was writtca in 
IB?*, when Tchaikovsky was 
34. But Tchaikoraty devel- 
aped rather later than some 
composer^, and (his i^ one of 
the rju-lirsl of his well-known 
Works. It cxhiHlt all hk 
appealing tiinefuhiess and 
em^ocml rxcltahihty. 

There art rtforded per- 
fonnanccs by the two most 
fainou,^ of prescnt-dny Russbu] 
PtanisLi, (iitdf (Popiilar Rec- 
ord Club) and Btiditer (Car- 
iaia), and another by a young 
American pianisl who has bad 
a jpcctaeul^ swicctss playing 
Russian musie to the Rus.sian£, 
Van CUbrun (R.C.A.). 

Martin Long 

Stereo discs for 30/- 

addStian Co a M^de range of tSln. LP moitu.tiral dl;cs, the 
Popular Record Club regularly ismct. hij^-qualiiy stenro- 
pllunic TCfordi Inr nnly SD/- each. It rmLi nothing to join the 
club, so fill in this coupom and send to Popular Hct^d Club, 
Box S4m, G.P,0, Sydney. 


1 wLsh to join the Papular Record Club and regi^iler my 
a;imc lo be advised of future monthly releases. 

Mr,, Mrs., Miss * , 




^u?ith A ins tic Baker 

9 If ToDimy Sands hadn't made an Ans- 
Iralian lour in March, Johnny Devlin's 
newest single foJ* Teen wouldn't hftve beun 
"I'm Gouita Love Yon," with the flij* 
'■'Widted, Wicked Woman." 

Tttmmy s giillarisl, 
wrote the Buddy Holly 
t)'pe "I'm Gonna Ltive 
y <3 * n d Tommy's 
d/nmmcr, Hal B 1 a i n «, 
poiTiposed the flip. They 
both back Johnny on the 

Tape? of both sides aic 
now in the U.S. with Scotty, 
who T»o|je5 tn i¥>[crc3E the 
.\nTenran Challenge Ijibel, If 
he's succc-e^ful, this rould lead 
10 an BVi!tv:&!i vliii to 22' 
year-old Jnhiray. 

But even if this doesn't 
come off, plrnEy of intercRting* 
things arc Imppening to the 
New Ze:ilandcr who nnw lives 
in Sydney. His "GijfolOi" 
thnush it didn't make ilie top 
leii, waa in the eharT.^ for fywtr 
two months. 

He's conliniially making tsi- 
terstate appearanreii, had it 
"Bandstand*' bookioj^ once a 
fortnight, and in a coupjr of 
weeks will have his first LP, 
'^"Re^l Nrrv^u.s,'' on the 
rerord-bar roltntcni, 

X«ea] talent: Widely or 

not, Rolf Harris do^n*t try 
for another "Tie Me 
garu<i Dovm, Sport" with Ills 
new Columbia single, "The 
liig Black Hat.'' It's a 
straight comedy song without 

Flip, "'Little L<)st Bc»y,^' i^ a 
comic treatment of tht: 
familiar story of the thao^ 
rreated in a big depiirttrieiil 
jFtore when a baivling small 
boy ^eti separated frnm his 
mother. Rolf is the boy. 

JJERFl'S the fii'at disc for 
38- year-old Bruce Gilles- 
pie, the half-Indian boy wllo*s 
bevn makini; a hit a^ a nij;ht- 
rluh singer in Sydney and on 
the Gold Coast. 

'^Velvet Waters,'^ a former 
iii<^triiiTienlal, but ntiw with 
lyrirj! by Australian Doroihy 
Oodds of "Granada" fame, is 
the l)i^ side, flip is "Teen- 
aso Love," >vritten tjy Brure, 
and slanted to please- the fans 
he made when h(; was on '^Sis 
O'Ulnrk ^titk'^ and "Band- 

Peps: Hnw di) you lUte 
yiiiir TiMiiniy Sand«? Sinaira- 
ityle, ur ai a Straight-out 
romantii: halladeef? A Capi- 
tol -15 gtve.s you your r.hoii^e- 
The swinging "tUd Oaken 
Bucket" is the one that's gfit- 
tiojj the big liooNl, hut the 
ballad side, "These ."^rc ITie 
Thinj;* You Arc," is an i^i- 
Leptlunally good example of 
'romiiiy in tender mnod [isee 
picture tin opposite pageli 
and has a beautiful melody. 

TjY^Hl LE you're waiting to sec 
20-year-old Frankie Ava- 
Iras^s first movie, an H.M.V. 
EP, "Songs From Guns of the 
Tirnljerland," lets you h(;ar 
Frailkie in .Sfime of the film's 
songs — "Two Fools," "Your 
Cheatin" Fleart," "'rhe Faith- 
ful Kind," and "Gee Whii- 
Whilikln.1— Golly Gee." 

BON-tJfiN of Viennesir 
[Mips in rabaret style' 
fomts frcHn ntii^r-player 
Anton Karas and a group of 
fjther musicians and iingers 
on I'yc IntcniationaFs LP 
"Gross A us Grinriii!;" 
C'Gre^liiigK From Griniing^"')., 
The delightful ^'Vienna 
Cabby Song," "Vienna, City 
of My Drsain.s" and Kariis' 
"Cafe Moiart Waltj" and 
"Zither Dirty" — among other 
t:uiieful, .wnti mental tunes. 

QNT; of Amerira's top 
favorite danccbafld lead- 
era, Les Elgart, colls lii>, new 
Coronei LP "The Band with 
THAT .Sound." It's his t3th 
album, so the simtid's pretty 
smooth and cultiviited l^y this. 
.-\ viiried programme in the 
big-hotel manner includes' 
"The Man I Love,^ "Begin 
the Begninc," "^'esterday." 

(Capitol 45 J 15 proving 

iofiflitjr Derf/n 

But its all — or most <rf II, 
anyw:ay ("Wandcriijg Mia- 
5irBl, Fhtec little Giils 
iraai School") — tm a Consiet 

Wkb Stanley Mullnwjty gs 
Pooh-Bah, Dutnis Kiaj as Tic 
Mikado, and that ntiugre 
from the Met., Helen Tiaqlet 
fshe went imo nightclubs aad 
movies), J.i KatMia, the 
whiile faninstlr tliiiig ratne 
aboui :is an .^rnerican TV' 
show. Break it gejitly to ilic 
folks — they'll conic sround. 

Classical: W h t rcr«r 
miidcal ptiiple gatii«r. Hie 
^ or inl^alcd imjwrl- 
anec of Gijstav Maliirr (18IB- 
1911) ii still a topic ol cnn- 
tention. Fellow countiyaaa 
Ffiti Reiaer, who a( lint re- 
jetted him, then daaie to 
rewre him, ccuducu Ihe 
ChieaHO Orchestra in lo tni- 
pre?i3ivr reading of Miililet'* 
Fourth Symphony — cer- 
catnty one of hh most benuti- 
ful and melodious. Ls) lelb 
Casa k the soprano Kilt^isl 
(R.C.A. LP), 

TyjAKING H rather l<eep 
descent to the pop t!w»i« 
for those who prefw the color- 
ful and exotic, a W, and G 
stereo LP "East i>) Suei" offers 
the 101 Strisss ia a wvitl 
progriiminf that imiuda "In 
a Persian Market," "Song of 
India," "Kathmiri Stint" and 
Tehailtoviky's "Arab Daxe.' 

Ballet: RecDtdiiigi of two 
Russian worfci, botfi of ij*'"' 
have inspired celebrated DiaB' 
hilev ballets, tould have y«u 
biting your fingrrnails in inde- 
cision. Kinuky - Konttlitn' 3 

mi blunder for 'Ilic Kingston thrilling "Scliehcraiade," with 
irm. They re wmetimes the orrheitra of The Vienna 

oinre melodidi^s, hill ihey's'i 
never had a better .vtory to 
tell than this one of iin inept 
outlaw. "The Escape of Old 
.(nhn Webb" on the flipsitte 
is iinrther in itir narrative 
style — but only trtediocre. 

Star tnrilf ' The .Vfikado," 
with Groucbo Mant as L,(ird 
High liKcrutioner? .Sounds like 
tome craw nurrealiat dream. 


Opera_ under Mw" 
COITUS on an mWI"''''" 
ting Top Rank LP. 

(\n a World Rcco'rd Club 
LP there's Strai-irMly'' 
coruple.t, fast uiating P"! ■ 
rouchka," presented i" 
liani color by TTie PMl^'' 
monio Orchestra nridetEIrtm 

PdflB 4 — Teanogers' Weekly 

Supplement l« TJie ADilrilim Wc«im'( Wiwkly — Angut It, 

V ' 

National Library of Australia 91 84 


fa New York 


9 To avoid the pub- 
S Kcity circus that 
» would accompany a 
1 1 big ciiurch wedding, 
Tommy Sands and 
Nancy Sinatra may 


Nancy is ptoud of the ttm/elf engagement nag thai Twnmf gore her. 

TOMMY'S manager, Ted 
Wick, told me this lasl week 
when I was trying lo find oui the 
young couple's raamage plans. 

Siruie tJjcy announced their en- 
g^errient on the eve of Tommy's 
departure for hii recent tour uf 
Australia, both have been avoid- 
ing Press interviews. 

Sa I had w put the question of whiTi 
antl wlipie to ihcni through Mr. Wli-t. 

Nancy's reply, acrording to Wicfe, 
Wits: "SoinvtimL- Iwlorr the end ot 
Nnvember Tommy and I will br 

Tontmy's n'ply: "TlHit'i right — be- 
(otc tic End of Nm-onbtT." Bui Wick 
Mid Tommy wJnlttd mischicvomly as 
MP sail! iL 

Tominy dur to md his acitvc duty 
m iht U.S. Air Forci' in mid-Novrmhci^. 
But Ihrff h n« rtavon why iWy foddii'i 
Oc Wlimcd ivhHc he is siitl In uniform. 

A« Nohiy p,n it: •■VJv haven't n-ally 
JTBdr np nut ttiitids what to do. 

"Many prnp)e think we should have 
a big wedding niid a big irci'plion with 

'Thnt fnghirni both nf us, brrmisr 
WwiMt ta Th, Aamiwllm Woman't Wecklf - Aaguit 31, 196D 

we Iwl thnt mnrria^p i.? » privatf 
oeta&jon, not a thre*-rin^^ cirrui. 

"Yn we woiilct Iiatc (o hurt our 
frirnds and family." 

Tommy rettntly rnmpletcd his IjaiSe 
traiiiin.n; ai L.arkliind Air Forre liasc in 
Texas, pud hh ifrciiip was Lraiisf erred to 
Ixiru! fJcarli, Cjlifnmia — about an hour's 
cJrivc from lilt hoiist ill f3«-rrlv Hjlls 
whfTi^ Nani:y livf,s with lipr ntrkTluT, 
brothrr, and yttting ^isltr. <ir licdly- 
woaA apjrtmi.'ni hii inDthcr niaintains 
Jor him. 

Tommy makn the drive cacJ« week- 
end—hi? k oflf duty Oil Smdayfi anrf 
Mondays. He atso tlriv«i up frequently 
during the week, rfltwrTiing in time for 
rtv(;illp at 7.30 i-orh mornins. 

f refer auiet life 

SaiJiL' i>f Tommy's off-duly time is 
devoted to recording scsiions for CapiCfiJ 
Record* (E.M.I. in Auslraliii). His 
current hit in the Li^. is a rhvthniir 
verhinij of the cild standard " The Old 
Oaltirn Bucket." 

Bui most of his iimp oil the baic ij 
spi'iil in hand-holdiiii; with Nanry. 

There is little gadding about in .warrh 
i>f the slaniorous life. The romanh'c 
couple prefer to sptticl (heir i-vritinspi 
(piictly al honip watching television, or 
goinsi to 3 netghb<idio(3d movie. 

A few American columni:fff.i have pul>- 
li^hed iteni* questmiiiiig whether father 
Ffanlcic really apprt)«d of Tommy as a 
pros pee live son-in-law. Othcss por- 
trayed Tommy as cowering in fear of 
the (jreai Kinntra. 

"Tlie triitli," mid Wick, "ia that 
Niiiuy'-S father lovra her anil tru.ti.'i lier. 
Jf .ihi" chttfir Tt*rnjny SantU, it wa>v fine 
with Frank. Whmevrr I've sec them tn- 
);i't!ier, Ti>inmy and Frank have always 
siboivn respect fiiiil frieiidb'iiess tor esth 

Tommy's arranftenimt with L'licle 
Sam is the popular Air Force njserve 
plan, .^fter the liH-inonth (raining hiich, 
hi' goes into civvies except for one 
niotith's aclive duly each year until 

Aj far as I could determine, Tnmmy 
in unlikely to be shot ditwii in flames. 
Tlis job with- the Air Force is an enilh- 
Iwund i>ne in the hangars. He had 
turned down the tiffcr nf a job in the 
cnrertsiiitni'nt jcrvices preferring to be 
a "G.I. Joe like everySiodii else." 

After his transfer to Long Beach, 
Nancy and her mother thre^" a "wel- 
romc liack" party for Tommy last 
.nimlth, and thertf he warmed up his 
pipes before a Sfnall moh nf Ilnjiywood 
celehritien, including Fablau and Fran- 
kle Avalon. 

The 20-ycar-olid Nancy. Jiowr\'er, ci5in- 

trnted herwif with paa.sing ihc cartapes. 
She gave up pinging in public after pne 
of the .ihnrtest careers in show business. 

"Slie plan."* to retire li> bl;enme Mrs. 
Tommy Sands," said Wick, "after de- 
riding ih.n -ihe iit not the world's best 
perform pr." 

Nancy'ii career began and eiideci with 
an appearance t3ii her father's '*Wel- 
comc Home, fcllvis" tclc^'isioji pn>- 
Sramnic last March. 

Too busy tor trip 

Sinpjtra pawed up the party only 
l*c;tu.^e he w,ib out nf towin. .All tlte 
Family, including: Mns, Slnaira, ate 
nn the best nf terttis with hiin^ and he is 
a frequent visitor tn the hmuc 

If '3'oirtiriy niid Nancy decide to havi; 
B turiiial wedding after all, it will doubt- 
li'ia be held in a Komiui Catholic 
churcSi and her (athcr yill give ihc 
bride away. 

Both Tommy and Nancy haii ex- 
pressed a desire to honeynic™ m An.'s- 
tralia. Wick said. T!ut the 33-yearH3ld 
Sands said that he would be ton busy 
To travel that far. He is signed up to do 
a television show, a nightclub tour, and 
two tilmi fnlliiwing his diichargc. 

"I'm going to bitvc til support a wife 
now,*' Tommy said wnth a grin. 

TnJinsei*' Weekly — Totw S 

National Library of Australia 91 85 

rWfS LfGGV LOOK leaves 
the black-stockinged bee's 
for dead. Dogmor wean 
men's long cvemng socks 
with a pleated ikirt and a 
maa'i hiack bulky sweoHir. 



• Pretty Da 
clothes are o 
intUvidual loi 
the croicd. 
of money — 
ouin. Then 
maket them 



PINK AND Pftfrry. This nflan 
shirtwaist vtes a itmp/es: eve/i- 
ing drea which Dogmat unpicked 
and sewed, nntst!f 6y hand, into 
ihii easy ■ to • core - lor dress. 

/ ■ 

V ^ — * 

HIGH-WAISTED eH«t was easy to 
achieve. Dogmor sevsd leather strips 
into siile seams of the suit, then 
tied a bow. There's a maiehing bow 
an the simple swathe of Yelling hat. 

EVENING DRSSS adapted from a Per" 
design utas remade from molhtr d'ssi 
Dagmar hml five ywrs ego. She bought 
her Victorian Itead-comb tor a guintf 
at a PeHicoai Lane stall In Loitdon. 

Suppfomtnt to TH* Agjtraliqn Woin»n'« WmWj — 

31, m 

National Library of Australia 91 86 

fic||iir Roiibicek is one of the 
"^ear^ids '« Sydney. Her 
and elegant, tvith that 
at singles a girl out from 
<0the« don't cost her a mint 
designs and makes her 
% til fashiom change she re- 
in i| the iMest look. How does 
ik^f Turn overleaf . . . 

SLACK sun designed by 
Dfjgmar for winter wssk^' 
ends. She cut out ihe pants 
using a pair of blue jeani 
OS a guide, Theie pAoto- 
gtaphs by staff photog- 
rapher Adelie Hurley. 

WHITE BABY LACB, which coits sixpence 
a yard, a/res o Cute touch to this dtess. 
Dagmat made it from a cotton tkitt which 
she unpicked then made to her own 
^l0e*ehss and high . waisted design. 

National Library of Australia 91 87 

controls dandruff 

. . . this mother knows that Theraderm 
controls dandrufi". She knows thai TherBcierm is 
safe for all the family loo. She knows thai clean 
healthy hair is a girl's 'Criiwning Glory' 

Conirul l)*ndnifr with just three gppUcations of 

Shampoos, ionics, ordinary preparations remove 
only ioow dandniff rrain the hair, they don't 
remove ih« hard, scalj layer that slicks to the 
scalp and kficps forming new dandruff flakes. 

But Theradcmi, with pejietrHllng Sarthionate. 
riMoves the hard scaly layer and kctsps the scalp 
free from dandruff for months. Thcrademi 
kills scalp gernis . . ends itching and burning 
. . ketpi scalp healthy for months. To keep 
dandruff under cbnlral use Therfldcrrn regularly 

DAVS jttui ifAii^ MiMii praju^a- 
Irans — flffndrult tomea back 

MOJttHS affer ming Therait^jm 
' -3ti|[ no dandnjll because TtKn 
ilEnn w^wrfls Itard watj itjM, 

in NEW 

Theradeim is m Entirely NEW 
hitiDn fat difldrufi iwitrol 
telexed after eitsnsK 
tlinltal testing— and ngw 
ivwlsblt fmm loui fimil) 
chenrisL Prit», t2/G. 

# If you warn to be well dres§ed ^ 
and' remain well heeled, never throw 
away your old clothes. Instead, new 
them into ««omething new. 

THATS the ad-vicc of 
Jlagniar Roubicek, 
whcjsc smart rcmcddled 
clothes HTV. shown on 
page^ 6 and 7. 

By pnif Lising what she 
]>rt?acht*s, shs! has a wiird- 
nilie ol rlothfs that all wy 
IflW). L'v™ tlHHit[h Mime of 
liii'irt d»iL' from 

fJa^niHir, ii mndi't, is Jong 
^intl li'Sgv, with jlinuldicr- 
Icnctti hair the qui twist 
ititci iilinn^ my styte. 

"A3 iouii as I sec srimo 
one wrarinf; an otittil jomf- 
thm^ hkf onp of rainf, 1 
nwh siraight hompp grah the 
^rinsursr and rfniakf' mine 
into ^inuthirr iiyjf,'^ idic* xaid- 
a nort'CQtifflxmisi nl 
hpnrl. I jusl caii'l bear mass 

"TIjBt's why I dL'Sign my 
{itolhp^, I suppose. I sketch 
a dir>ii);n in a book whenever 
I think ot one. Thpn, whrn 
I dcridt to tpmako last 
ycrars modirt, T just havr 
dwidr tm the dciigii. 

"1 (HfLisiirf nivwif all m-ct 
^md write all thv int:h^-ji in 
the hook — from nhuuldcr 
tu va\K and all lluit tnr( of 

'^Thi^n I unpick the old 
dr™. iron thf maici-ial qui 
fiat, nnd cut it to the new 

"I alwnys pui the folds or 
pliaL-i in first before cutting 
tlio niaii?riai. 

"Fur that short taffeta 
I'lTiiing dress, f juit cut a 
rheinisty nerkline and made 
ihc liodicp three inches 
Inngrj than my waist so it 

hloused when 1 sewed ii m 
ihe ^kitt. 

■'Before I start I'm ajwa^t 
absolutely surv of wkm 
going lf> do. t ^cver eut 
iirit and wwry after. New, 

"WheJl i'vp cut the drrai 
out t lark it all up and IT) 
il un. 'l'hat':i ihi' oflty way 
I can ever tell jiwt h&w i| 
louks nirjs an- usel^^ 

"Then 1 usually lacli Li all 
river again, with all ihe od- 
jll!>tmen1^ and changes ihnt 
uinke il Inuk better. 

"Then I press il — 1 presj 
likt' mad ai eVL'ry stage, ia 
fiir.i — ikt\d if> it en again. 

"And it's a gond idra la 
have sunieune with yint tvho 
can give nia npitiiim. 

'"Then finally I niarhin*! it 
and, ef course, press it agsin- 
That'.-i all. " 

0.ij;inar makes it all saiuad 
very' simple. That's fierausc 
she >, had kiis of priirlicc, 
aud mayljf herjiue ahe leami 
some of till? fmer points of 
dresdmakJjig from a l„en- 
don Louiuricre a couple of 
years apr. 

r^agmar wai; fn^m ii; 
Oauitda and went lo live in 
Lnndon when she was mvcBi 
-She attended the Royjl 
Ballet School and the Royal 
Anldeinv nf Dramatic Art. 

Then came lots of small 
parts ill hlnis, iiieliidin£ 
Charjffi Chaplin's "A KinH 
in New York," In ".Around 
the Wnrld In ISO Da>"s" ihe 
Wits the nanny in the pnik 
rij;hl at ihr begiunillg. 

After marrying in Lon* 

don 18 inonrJi5 ago, she and 
hpr actor hmhand cimf to 
live itj Sydney this year. 

Aik vt/iir family cAfititrf— Ae knows all ahmu uandriiff and Ttieradftm. 


Fust I — Twiipsefi' y/teUf 


'/ didn't mean to scream, but I thought 
surely she had f alien. " 

^ppltment 10 The Ausrnjilon Woimn's W«lily — Aii|U(l 31, 19*" 

National Library of Australia 91 88 



Train crush 

"1 HAVE strn a girl oa the iraiii 
goin^ rwrhool and I wouU lite- 
fo mrrl her. I am a boy o( 16. I 
dmi'l i*MOt ro be (heap about ibis, f 
know one of her giil-fricads if that 
will help. Also, tell mc, plea.ic, bavp I 
Ii> uk a girl if I can Idss her good- 

-Hoping Soy," N.S.W. 

All jjiLrcrtlui-tioii from a mulunl 
[titnd ts a timrt-bouDrcd wjiy rt) j^et 
to know anyone, Thcrr is Mithtng 
«lii:ap abnut it. It » the iiitral way. 

YoKr plum for jfOiir frjrndsliip si'cii) 
to bf nilhFr long-raiijac, I^avc ihii 
kiwring alone fur a wliilr. I dnn't think 
ihrrv in atiytSirog more gbasliy than n 
kiss tliat is askrd for. You ask for it 
^ilciillv or by your bt-havicfurj holding 
hct hand in tiii; pictures and. sO or, 
just not out nf th^ hint'. 

.After yoii'v<^ iskffn her out a few 
lima you'll kiww when voii ran kiss 
her, and ihm wait lor iht? righl 
motnent. Don't ask, for goodness' 
sake. Can you iningine thr ghastly 
gap while you waitcci for her to 
answer? Or what would you do if alit' 
SHid "Ni>, thank ynu" j'tut bficaiHi- 
atn djoughl she ousht to? Would you 
say, ''Som<^ other Lime:, pirrhapi?" iind 
drtole off into the nightf Just don't 
come at thu asking b«in«s9. 

Love or leave ? 

plaiutini; for some tlim: to go to 
anoth« town 300 miles away to livr, 
and my parents arc In agreement vitb 
thk. My problrm ij (bat recently I 
have met and (alien in Invr i^ith a very 
nice boy. He ha\ aiiked mi; to go 
steady with him. But I ref usf d bceause 

I don't wani to involved, as tlitvt 
will be loo much bcartbrtik for both 
of us when I leave. He s.iys be would 
prefer m lo have a few montfat lo- 
getbi^r ratlier than not sec eneh other 
any more. I'lcasr lell oie if you think 
f havT doar the right thing by not 
goin^ steady with him. There is no 
question of my not leaving, as I have 
promised to go with my girl-friend iti 
a few months and I can't £d bacL on 
my word now." 
"Dccuston," S,A, 

There's nothinij likf □ new bny Tn 
make exciting plans dull and pnint- 
li-ss, but I do think yiiu are being un- 
aece-isarily dratnutit about it nil, 

Why not go nut wilh hiin until you 
IfaVL? Must you "'go steady"? 1 think 
it's all su silly. 1 Oiin't knmv why you 
just don't go nut with him oc:c:isi*jn- 
ally and enjoy his rompaiiy, tht'n go 
oft later, as p!vnL>d, to work in that 
other town. If it's rcafly love, 3flfJ 
miles won't st'pamlc yoii. 

Family friend 

"J AM a lU-ycar-old girl and tiurly 
altraftivc I h.nve knowo a boy 
w^ho b 17 for nearly five ye^ars now, 
.nnd he is good friends with the rest of 
my family, especially my elder farolhcr, 
and witb me. I am sure he lik« me, 
becau*ie he Ls nlway.s doing somedilng 
fflr me, and he is very t:an!iideratc, but 
he "u loo ihy, I ihinJt, lo tell tiH!, A tew 
weeks ago be took me to a show just 
because I said I wanted to ^iee it but 
couliin't, and when I thanked him the 
next day he said (hat he should be 
thanking me, not 1 him, ilis friend*^ 
tell me that he uieniions me ftimictimes 
and that he alway!. slicks up (or me in 
any arguniem whether I am right or 
wrong, 'lliey abo tell me, but I don't 

"About thot big history exam iomorrow, Sabt — whf not 

come over and worr^ iogsther?" 

SupjildKcnl to The Australian V/omen i WpeHy — Auijuit 31, 1960 

know if they are joking or not, ihai he 
ljet» a hil jcahnti if M>mc other b<iy 
takes uie out. The trouble is that, 
though we arc friends, I've nevef 
thought ol him as aoytbing else, but if 
I knew wbai lo rlo .md how to tcH 
whether he ii juM being nicetir whrlher 
he lika me Inilv, I would know buw 
lo behave towanls hini wit howl wurry. 
iDg abuui being forward." 
L.D.f., SJs,.Vi. 

Do ynii iiH-an to tell me you don't 
know whetlwr or not this Ihiv likin you 
after a five-year friendship? Vuif shoidd 
h.nvr yc-ur liirad rjad. 

I kimw your liicndship been 
nlatoiiie and that he's 3 family frii^n^, 
but, really and truly, you mu« know 
he likes you, as ii( roiit^t! he dm.",. 

Treat him as the good friend he It 

Forgotten trinket 

"J^T 3 Christmas dance a huy I was 
dancing with picked up my brace- 
lel, and, as it had a weak clip, put it 
in his pofket so I would not lose ii- 
But I forgot to ask him for it after 
the daace. As he i% now caipiged to 
be married next month, do you think 
it would lie all lighi far me lo write 
him a letter and ask lor it, as it was a 
keepsake. As the boy has now !efl the 
town, T do not see aim." 

"Aiurious," N.S.W. 

I really do think you've left it St 
bit l^'ng to iiisk (his hny alaoui thi? brace- 
let. Hi 's [itubaljly Ihbi il by this. Per- 
haps yon roultJ write id hint and say 
sonirtking like: "C^an you rcnlember 
^^■liat happened to my hrtieclet?' — 1 have 
a refijlh:iijon of you pit kinii il up once 
when it fell off, but it might wdi bavi! 
been snmconc e]^'.'' 

What 1 am trying to .say Is, i{ it is 
iiii porta tit enough lor you to write to 
hiiu about it at this stage, phrase il 
vo that neither Itc nor you loses any 

The other ^rl 

"■J^'P to a few weeks ago I had been 
very friendly wilh a boy who is 
the «ame age as ttiy^lf, but now he i.; 
attracted in a girt who, I think, is 
pretiier than myself and also three 
years older. He still talks and is very 
friendly towards me, but Jus whole con- 
versation is about this other girl. 1 
don't know whether lo let hint go, or 
what, but it has luade tne extrcaicly 
unhappy, itnd ft woiild be diffieult for 
me to drop hrm. Mum ihinks be h 
just a silly kid, bitl all Ibr same 1 kuoM 
that 1 am very jealous, although I Iry 
not to show it. I would like some 
su^estifjns on what 1 should do." 

"AlmcBl Fnr^krJt," Qld. 

Its the girls you dun't hear :ihout 
chat are dangeroiis. Men never talk 
alMiut llieir .itterel lt>ve.s to Uic girl they 
art" l,tkii]g out; not until thry are ready 
to give her the bmsh-off onee and fer 

IF it's possible for you to do so, jtisl 
go on the ssny yotf are, taking (ittir 
notit^e of the exinversatiou^ since you 
wanr to haug nti to bitn so desperately. 

Why dtm'i ynu go out with olhcr 
boyi, (K-rasinniiliy ,-tntl talk tn him about 
lh«mi? Ic duem't ever do much good, 
except to your own morale. Sorry lo 
be so hleak in tny suggestions, but if a 
EHan wants tt> strajf, he strays. 

Worried at 14 

. "1 llkVr. rriceolly turned 14. My 
problem Js lhal I have not ycl had 
my periods.. Most girls have them 
between I2-T3J. Could yon please 
tell me whal 1 eotdd do?" 

"Worried."' A.C.T, 

just wait arouiid. Each jjir) matures 
at a different age. In Australia the 
a.^e is bi'iween II ntn! 16, so, yuti 
see, you haven't a thing to worry about. 


J'^C) yols admire those girls , 

with ih- Bandbox Lnnk? 
Well, don't slop at Ihe adinirini; 
stage, because people should he 
adniirini; VOL'. 

This Just - freshly - washed 
and - ironed - and-hrushed-anil- 
polishcd siulT is pan of iIk- 
Bandbox T.nok. 

.'V fiirnil of mine always 
used tn get dressetl in a morn- 
ing rush. She dragged a dress 
out of the wardrobe, picked 
out a pair of shob, a handbag, 
and glorci (il they happened 
lo be there). 

She ran a coujh through ber 
hair, streaked on some lipstick 
—and then twre out of thr 

.AntI she usually luoLcd — well, 
(juiic pretty. NOT bandhoxy 

Then she hegan tn tbioJi abiiui 
those I'erlect IVople whn grL 
all their clothes rr:,id>' for Ihe 
next day Ihe nigbt before- 
Being a strong character, she 
decided to do the same. 

Now SUE has the Bandbos 

She says if takes only abnm 
15 minutes at night lo iron a 
tiress and clean shoes and put 
out everything etc so that it's 
ready In wear next morning. 

The other part of the Band- 
hti-% Ijink is a SArl itf .^V WARE- 
NESS of fashion. 

It's being up to date with 
what's new ( like the InlesI 
slee\'e]ess look for spring] and 
knowing how to adapt "fashion- 
able" fashions lor herself. 

A girl wilh phitupi.<ih amis, (or 
example, woidd know she 
couldn't wear a dre^t that is 
wholly sleeveless. So she buys 
— or sews, if she's thimble- 
fingered — a dress with a slightly 
clungated shoulder-ltac. 

Tlus helps to disguise the 
siae of her arms. But the im- 
presaioa of a slecvclcit dress i^ 
stIU there. 

You'll find this fa-diion. 
aivarmcss in the girl who miie^ 
and iTiaCcfacs her colors cleverly. 

She wouldo'l be satiified wilh 
a grev dress with pink acrces- 
sories— which is pretty but 

The aware girll—the Bandbox 
girl— leams ihc grey dress wilh 
cocoa accessories, nr with a 
sharp yellow, nr olive-green, or 
lun^uoise. Not, of course, more 
than three colors in tme outfit. 

The Bandbmt J^k takejs 
practice and perseverance, Bui 
il'.s worth the lime it taltcs. 


• Aith&tigh fMifi-nnnir* Qftit initiatt 
at-e ttitaayn Bii"*^, i4«lli»r* wiU nttf be 
iintwffTed miif^it real itfmt^^. titiii ad- 
drfM* i*i Jtendrr is glrrrt nv in gnar- 
ant^* t>f fn^4t faith. Private mtticrr* 

National Library of Australia 91 89 


f '.toiif.HV IVEIiJUT'S 60WE \ 

" ---^^ yQLj oU&mtA (50 





9 Novelist H, G. Wells' lime machine 
was fiction, bnt the lime machine 
which girls use really works. 

YKS, lasss can rrntkc time 
&taad still, turn back the 
cloc:k, nr flit into the future- 
with the greatest of ease! 

HlW? It's MTliplK. 

For 1 refer, iif course, to 
girls' cavalier attitude lo agt. 

hcx\ hop nboard thi' m.iir\'flllouR 
iimdiine njid see how U worls, 

G'trlj start lainpcring with liniL- 
when they've siill But ilicir tiaby 

While a male mile If, content to 
act hiJ agtf and wt'ar rflniperr, litrif 
gills put lis tinn' niiithitu' into 
furward ^Uiir :iiici, wtatiiiK Mum > 
maki-up aud otlmr mndtitis, hv- 
Iiavr they wiU in )5-odd y^^irs* 

And lasses are "o!d efrls" «rn 
before thfty leave schooL 
What high.-iclitiol girl dooin'i 

rtprd hrr 13 j rar-i as up utilucky 

S(i^ onri? more* the tinir niarhinc 
lluin5 ^nd ffjr the ht^nefir of ever^-. 
one, piirticutarty hoys, rfic iitips 
niri v'Mi'^ .itid is A iiiiitiirt' ITi. 

«Aobin is l«p»'» 

J A.M 15 and I think Aohin 
is tops. If vit <i(of3ped to 
think we w'oyld realise we idl 
probaWy have done some ol 
Ihc things Robiti hits men- 
tinUetL We triighl not have 
lhiiuf;hl anything ot it, hut 
other pcO[!lc may have nDtiecd. 
I think it is much better to 
read j^bo^l and cfirrcct our 
muht^ilies rather than have 
other pcO[jlc puinT them out to 
So, girls, 1 think Robin is 
doing us a favor, pot an iti' 
jury. — Margartl Rodgers, 
Rtwkriale, N.S.W. 

SmcIi u*e ef the niatbini' tarries 
on until n girl i& ^1. 

How ever, when shr gels the key 
to ihe (3onr she prninpLly nScs il 
lo lort lip llie lorn-ard gi-ir works! 

KuT, at a I , a gh-l rEctoiis thCTt'f 
future in the futiirie. 

She's ntvfrr been 21 hi^oir, as 
the old sciig says — but she waaus 
lu bi- it iigajn niid ag^inl 

But ihn titiLr tnathitie dat'sn'l 
stand (tatheriiief dust from this 
tinii! on. 

Na, stir. Girls oil up the }evefk 
marked '^Preseul'' M\& ^'urk it 
furiously lu make Lime stand will. 

And, agaiuJrt all the laws l^f ' 
nature, thvy ijet away widi it where 
M'if-nri* has f3iiied- 

"I'he elTicIency iif tht; maehine in 
stop|)ing the einek is prnvfld by the 
fan (hat every buy Itnirw'S ^irts 
who hnve been 21 sei often that, it 
they gilt a key each rinie, thtfy 
I'liiiltl njieij a wdl-iwclted lock- 
iinith'x :^hop! 

Girb (I'll '.till call 'vm that, for 
want of a heder name J are content 
tr, Ir:t tirnr niark tlnvp thlt!( — until 
they rriieh abuLit tlie 30-y<:ar mark. 

Then, ns iit driving -a car in a 
htiilt-vip jupa. an K the limit. And 
feiii.ilrs. Ukc s()eedcoi>s, make sure 
the limit l\ fiifurccd. 

EveiA though they aren't theekj 
enoagh to pretend they're still 21, 
they're run licked. 

Again the time tnnehine ccines 
to the rescue, Fnr there's still the 
■'teverse" le^'er and, truly, the re- 
verse applies! 

On bcr 3(iih Wrfhday, a wianim 
(I'm sorry, I jiitt ran't keep up 
this "f^rl" business any longtr!) 
scoonm back live years and has many 
happy returns — to 25! 

At 3 1 she'i 26 — ind >u on until, 
when she really Teachci' the gripe 
old aRC «f the RnarinR I'ortiea, see 
slips baek Intn the past, tn S5, and 
Starts fill nver ai^iii. 

Well, I, fst one, have mti out 
of lime. 

t hope ymi timc-nuichifie opera- 
tnr^ fire^'c plaocuug la take years 
oil MY hfe — physieallyl 

You woiiWn't liave the heart to 
harm a ckan-t-ut, vmjspoilt young 
tnun, viuiild you? 

If you would, ytiu're not fcd^ltMl 
to mv ilst birthday parti' in 19fiO, 

And IStil, and 1952, and 19&3, 
3.iid ... 1 

Pnj* 10 — TteaoBtra" Wtehly 

S-up^fHiient tc Tho Auitrotion Wamea't WeikFy — August 31, I MO 

National Library of Australia 91 90 

♦ # 

• Norhing ipoib the fun of n 
last-mrnule date as much as the 
Fcsling that you're nor looking 
your be«t. Here, then, to banish 
ony such regrets, ii a bevy of 
hints, reminders, and trme-soving 
beauty tricks for the giH going 
places in o hurry. 

The whole thing oims tD shaw that, 
with just a Few beauty boosters up your 
sleeve, you con still be a dnizlot for 
e»en the most festive impromptu op- 

Ge( a bowl of ice-culws ffom the 
fridse, then quickly and thoroughly 
cleanse your skin with some cool milk 
or plain soap and «rQt«r, 

Next, rinse welt with warm water, 
pot dry, and, to promote thot well- 
known glow, sktm the face and neck 
all over with cub«s of ice (see picture 
below). Pay fiorti^ular attention to the 
pieces where your skin seems to need 
most toning. 

Thh i'mpie treatment, which takes 
only a hw mlnvt^s and costs almost 
nothing, will leave your complexion 
fresh, smooth, and really pepped- up. 
fn hot vieother it moy be repealed 
wheneyer your face f^ls tired and hoi. 

the tub with hot water and throw in 
some essence or foom. Make a cloud 
of suds, take {^our bath-brush qnd 
scrub all over from neck to toes. Now 
turn on cold top, run water, ond 
splash your foce, neck, and chest. 

Hap aot as soon o$ the cold water 
nips you, rub down, spray with per- 
fume mist, pat on dusiing povder. 
You'll be in a glorious glow 

hairdo makes all the difforence to you 
oaks, ond the longer you can let it set 
the bettef. 

But tackle it first with a hairbrush 
slipped into an old stocking. Brush 
vigorously, porting your hair ot One- 
inch intervals as you go. The nylon 
will pick up lint and grime, giving your 
hair a thorough dry-cleaning. Keep 
moving the stocking to a fresh position 
alter each part. 

When there's almost no time at all 

to set curht dampen your hair with 
your fayoriie cologne or just brush the 
hair back bard all round for a coupfe 
of minules, then LIFT it ^ntty into 
place with your fingers instead of 
combing it, and spfoy lightly. 

This idea presumes really expert 
cutting and shaping, 

Alternotively, apply some spray on o 
brush held several inches qwoy from 
the container, then bruih the hair into 
place, bit by bit, spraying the brush at 
you go. 

Take core to sptoy the brush lightly 
and distribute the fixative evenly on 
the hair strands. 

stage all you can hope to do is cover 
it up. A spotstick will do it, or even a 
bit of while lipstick put on with a piece 
of cottonwool on the end of a match. 
Stipple it on sparingly — just enough to 
disguise the horrid flaw — smooth edges 
away to nothing, and powder thinly. 

needn't cramp your style, thanks to the 
artificial variety. Trim rough cuticles, 
apply the "folsies," and coat with 
fresh polish. 

While naih dry, take a short catnap 
■10 rrtinutes will do the trick— with 
the ^eef propped high. C/ose and cover 
the eyelids with two pads moistened 
with witch-hazel or just wrung out in 
ice water, and open them to fresh 


National Library of Australia 91 91 


Women's shot-put, qualificatictns and 

Mcfi^s ZtNJ metre heals aad {ptortCT-fiaaU. 
Mna'i bannncr-throw, tiuaMficatioEU. 
Wdmrit's inO mftrt Hdtai-boith and ftaal. 
Mcii*s -WO nic(T(r hurdles finu!. 
Men's 8tH) metre and 5000 metrt fuaki. 
kilometre road walk. 
Boxing . . . Quortcf-fiosls. 

Rowinf . . . Four oan with cor and lour 
oan without cox temi-finaU. 
Piii pars with cojc mid pair oais iriili- 
out co]c scnu<Eutals. 
Eigliit oars scitii-final!;. 
Sialic KuU] juid double scoTts sem!- 

Basketball . Scini-iiiiiUs. 

Wattr Polo . . Rnais. 

Vathiing , . , Sailing o( postponrd or 
ii9>iailed races. 

Tenlh day . . . Sept. S 

Sndmrnin^ . . . 100 meat watum's luck- 
stroke liBal and victory ccrcm^my. 
150(1 inrtrc men's freestyle linal and vie- 

lorj- ceremonj-. 

4 X itj^) nirlrr Hamuli's freestyle relay 
final and vjclnry ceremony, 

Feueing . Womea's loiL^ learn, elimina- 
tions and JinuL 

Wrmling . . . Freestyle, 
flockcy . . . Eliminaliod*. 
Uoxing and Basktitij] , . Stmi-finiils. 
Athletics . . . Women's disros - (hrow. 

Men's ItO metre hurdles beats. 

Men's -HM) metre heali and [juarter-finais- 

Homen's 200 metre heats. 

.Men's 200 metre wmi-finats and £naL. 

Men'-, haiiimcr-lhniw final. 

Mcuj Mm metre .siet-plechase final. 

Men's 1500 mclrr hcat5. 

Water Polo Prelitnioary finals, final, 

and victory etrcjuony. 
Rowing . . Four oaf5 with eoi and four 

oars witbuut eox finals. 

Pair nars wiih cox and pair oars withuut 

fi>x ftnak 

Single sculls and double icuUs finals, 
l^i^ht Qar^ final. 

\'achling ... Sailing of posljiojied 
or nnsailcd rac^. 

I^levvnth day . . . Sept. 4 

Vachiioif . . . Sailing of poslponcd or 
unsatled races. 

Twelfth day . . . Sept. 5 

.Vihlctic* . Mrns pole vault, QTialilica- 

Men's Decalhltin; tOll metres, long 
innip. shol-pui, high jump, and 400 

Men's jrO metre hurdle^ semS-llniili and 

VViimrn'v disrui-throv finiil. 




Men's 400 metre semi-Cnals. 
Women'.* 200 metre srmi-finais and £nal. 
EtjuestrjMi Sfiorls , , , Dressage Grand 

Gymnastics . . . Cotnpulsory excrel^ — 
Men (team eompctition and iadividuaJ 
cnmhineil cxerdscs), 

fencini; . . . Epce, individual. 

Hockey . . Quarter-finals, 

Wrcslting . . . Freestyle. 

Shooting . . . Free rifle £nal. Free pistol 

Boeing . . . Finals. 

Foolball . . . Semi-finals, 

Yachliog . . . Fitih race. 

Tbirtecnth day . . . Sept. 6 

Atidclio . , . Men's diactis tbniw, quali- 

Men's Becalhlou: 110 metre hurdles, 
discus-throw, pole vault, javelin, and 
1500 metres. 

Men's bop, step, and jiuup, ipialificaliuns 
and final. 

Women's SOti metre heats. 

Men's 400 mttre and 1500 metre finaU. 
Equettrian Sports . . . Three-day eveatr 

Dressage, Dressage Crand Prix, 
Gynmaslics . . . ('ompulsory eiercbes — 

L,-tdic9 [team competition and individual 

combined ezexei^). 

Fencing . . . Epec, individual, eliminadotis 
atid final. 

Shooting . . Free pistol finoL 

WrestUnK . . . Freestyle, 

Football . . . Setni-finali. 

Yachting . . , Stxih race. 

Fourtceuth day . . . Sept. 7 

Athletics . . . Men'i javelin-throw, quali- 

Women's high jump, qualtficalions. 

4 s 400 metre men's relay hcili and 


A-Ien's pole vaolt final. 

30 kilometres road walk. 

Men's discus- throH- final. 

4 X 100 metre watnco's relay heats. 

4 s 100 metre tncn's relay heats. 

Women's 80O metre Qnal, 
Equestrian Sports . . . Thrcc-day event: 

DressaKc. Jmiiping Grand Prix, Individ- 

ual: first and second rounds. 
fiyniBasiics Free exercises — Men 

(Icain eonipelition and individual com- 

Imiecl eiercLses). 

Fencing . . . Sahrc, individnal. 

Weightliftiu^ . . . BaEHamweight and 

Shooting . Small.bore rifle eliminatians. 

Hockey . . . Ssmj-finak 

Basketball . . Finals. 

Yaehtins . Srinth race. 

Fifteentli day . . . Sept. 8 

Athletic; , . W'omen's high jump final. 
4 X 100 metre women's relay semi-finals 
and GnaL 

4 X 100 mctee men'* relay Kmi.fintiLi and 

Men's javelin- throw final. 
4 E 4{M) metre men's relay final. 
Men's 10,000 metre finxL 

Equestrian Sports . , . Three-day event; 

Gynutastics , . . Free esCTcises — Lailies 
(learn comp«liHon and individual eom- 
hined exercises ) . 

Fenfing . . . Sabre, individual, eliDtina- 
tions and final. 

Shooting . . . Small-bore rifle final, .\uto- 
inatjc^pistol Emal. Clay pigeon shooting 
final; Fir^ round, 

Wa^htlifting . . Lightweight and 

Baskcthatl . . Finals. 

1'achting . . . Sailing of postponed or 
unsailed races. 

Sixi.«eiitli day > . , Sept. 9 

Athletics , . . Marathon Race. 
Equestrian ^wrts . . . Three-day e^eat: 


Fencing . , . Epee, teams, eliminations and 

.Shuoling , , . SmaU-bore (prone}, climina- 
tifins. Clay pigeon shooting fiDfll: Set- 
ond round, 

Wrightlifling Light-heavyweight and 

midd k-heavy weiglit . 
Hockey . . Finali. 

(jymuistics . . . Special women's competi- 
tion on 4 apparatus. 
Basketball . . . Finals. 
Fool half . . . FinaL 

Yachting . . . Sailing af pastpaned or 
unsaiied races. 

Seveuteentli day . . Sept. 

Athletics . . . Marathon Race. 

Fencing . . Sabre, teams, eliminatinns 
and final. 

Equestrian Sports . . . Three-day event: 

Shooting . . . small-bore rifle (prone) finaL 
Gynmaslics . . Special tucn's competi- 
tion on 6 .ipparatiH, 
Sasketh.ii; . . . Finals. 
Football . . . Final. 
Welghtlilting . . . Heavyweight 

Eigiiteeulli day . , . Sept. 1 1 

Equestrian Sports . . . Jumpiog Grand 

Prix, teams: first and sccund rounds. 
Closmc Cereimniy. 

« Thv Home Otymptr f'illutr 
{built to haa4e athi^.t^*}. 


• Thr Sporu fata 
gfmntallfM, mtd i 

tmltetbllll ) , 

m tnlmor of fhr iiutoor 
pforliVe poof for twimmer: 

Faqe 37 

National Library of Australia 91 93 

Daviil TIic-ll« 

(Jiild iMdal.lisr for \hf 
100-lTiL-lrcs batksiraki; 
cvppt in the. Mrlbimrnc 
Olyinpics in IfSS, 
David liiis hipfi hopes 
jif t"(?pea.ttng liii^ t'ffori 
in Kotnc. A medical 
student at QuKCnst- 
iand UniT-Trsilj', he'fl 
6/t. 2in^ wsislis I3st. , 
lib,, and was 22 an 
Jnnunrj 1 7 ttiia year. 




• Australia's team o f 
Mwiiiimiiig aensalious 
i^tioiili). on their records, 
leave Roiiiti with a batch 
of gold inedale. On these 
pafjcs are some of the 28 
swimmers and four divers 
who comprise the team. 

World - rfr'Jrtl lif^lf^tT 
tnr Ihf lliOvrfs. liri^asl- 
strukt;, »hc linpcs; lu 
liring Australia victory 
in die 200 - metres 
event m Rome. ThU 
will be the first Olym- 
pic appL'ivriince of 
Unspmary, who ccimes 
from fiundabcrg, 
Quei'nslariiJ. She's Sit, 
Sin,, weiRhi Sit. 91b., 
was 19 on August W. 

Mnrilyn Wilson 

Natifliul b a c k s I robe 
tlmmpSin, Marilyn is 
utir iii tva barkstroke 
rtpreyeiitatLVPs in Aas- 
trali^'s vi'tMTitui's jiwini 
team. Tfie other i.i ihf 
captain, GcTgajniii Bfc- 
krtl. Marilyn, who is a 
Virtnfian, was 17 un 
July It. She is 5tt. 34111. 
and weighs 9st. 41!). 
Tliw* arc 12 ^th in ihis 
Auilrulian tfam cil 28 
wnrld - rla£\ jtiviinmori. 

A Ih-cas LStroke rham|jitpn, I't-rry was fourth in 
the- 1956 Olympics. ?liitce ihm he has broken 
Euur ii\divi(lu4l world rrcords, .mri rcpifded 
as mil! of Au,%f ralia'n best gold-mcdal prtupMt'!. 
He is 21, rumes from West Wyalonj?, N.S.W., 
nxid IS tjtiG of the swim tcam'5 two niarrietfji. 

David IHckHa 

A freiisL)tlF jwiimner, 
David i» Aunrilian 
Uriivcrsily Cbtiiii|]laii 
for tJic 'ifyO' and itfr 
metre evmis. He sttim 
inin Olympic cali:ulji- 
rinn? duriag ttic 
niilional . 'chnmpinn- 
ihipi in Frlirmi. 
David, who was 19 n 
Fubruaiy 2, lives 1; 
Biinhiiij, West'Sij. 
Ausirilifl, is 5ft. I] in., 
and weigJu 13st. lib. 

nreville HayeR 

nolder of ihc wprld record for ih? mcii'.i iiiOydv, butiertty- 
stroke, Ncvillr is another nutslandiug praspecl foi Ronii! 
honcirt. He startpd wimmiiig thii wniki; in Sydney <iiily 
lail year, and jiiM bt' "hp likr-d thv look ry! it." Sinif 
than hi}i rcwritti'ii tlit: rft:uTd btxjkn, Xi-villF, who vaJi Iti 
on IVceriitXT 2 ln.« vcnr, is 6ft, ll]iii.. weighs list. RJlh. 

Dale Kjrieg 

A Sfiuth Austraiitin, 
Date is nfifr of Aus- 
triiliVB Strang brigradc? 
nf ivutneu freffnylcrj 
Dntr, whn livrs In Ade- 
iiiidp. 1™. !7 on -AfwH 
3. iA 5lt. bgin., and 
wfiighi I hi. 5lh. With 
the tpst of thi? OI\'ni- 
pir swim Team Dale 
liiis sp.cril cii^hE prf> 
Ofympic weeks nrain- 
inj in Townwilip 



Rome, Dawn 

AuKlrafia's greatest hope in Rome, Dawn vt«ii 
ijto jfcild medals at the MelbQumc Games, tiiif' Ik'P" 
to dn belter Uiis time. She holds four wot! ! 
for frcA'atyle ovt^nls and one for butterfly. ' ' 
fruiii Sytlncy, she lives in Adfliiitlc, will 1^:^ 'S-' 'n 
.September 4. Her height is .'ift. Hjii., weisl).' I It. lH'- 

Lorraine Crapp 

Triple jjnld mprialljiil 
ai the Melbtnirne 
frames, f r E e s 1 y I e 
rhampinn Lorraine 
t'ritpp r*?tired nfttir 
the Clardifl Gaineii in 
195B, but madf a 
t. iinirback to igin 
Si^leclion for RiMnji, 
.^hr liven in Sydney, 
wtlHw 22 on Octotjei 
I, U ih. fifin. ull, 
-ind Meigliii llljt. Slh. 

Su^n Knight 

Till- first woman ever 
rlio-itpn lu represff!nt 
Australia overseas si a 
diver, .Susan ti"' 
gained prir-Olytnptf 
tjtperienci' in America* 
Hrr grace ^ divcif 
has bei'n helped liy her 
pxrace as a quiitllied bal- 
let dancer and teacher* 
\ Sydney oirl. of 13, 
ahe'ji 3ft, 4jia. tall, 
and wriehs 9st. SIh. 

Barry H«l««« 

The naiiorul Wid'- 
board diving (lmf>- 
pitin. 24 - year - »W 
Barry is a nitinSP 
of the loiirXnySI 
diving t c > 111 '* 
Rome. A Sydney hm.. 
ha (Dtnpi'ted ill t"'' 
lirlliotirnr GisaO in 
1956. He also ref^ 

iln- World Gania^m 
Mnsci-m' in l'^'- 

Tr ITf 

National Library of Australia 91 94 

National Library of Australia 91 95 

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National Library of Australia 91 96 


Sir KegiiaW alwayJ been 
J „y emiitifraur lowa rd J h t* 
sTafT. I gather he's Ronc b;ick 
It} [Lr Etiibasfly nci-tv t*) make 
a perwnwt "11 to her fnothrr. 
ii will br a ffre-J-t ihofk, rm 
iiffUid,'' Ste-vj'flrt addrd with 
rclitb. "AIci fJi'T, I litfar. is 
hurriijiy mtitibtcdr" 

"That docin'i fDujitl like ihc 
Ambnaaclpf T'vc heard ttbout." 
one of t*"? vixliDg corre^pon- 
dunu said ftuspici(>ii*iv "1 got 
the imjjreisioii He wouldn't cure 
if hi* entire stafT -wjcr*.- iwah 
lowrd HJJ m an earthquaie," 

''And tf it's juit an ordin^rv 
accident, ai you tay, why are 
^'ou Einnging about for so lonjj, 
FergTuon ?" fiix^ another. 
Strwart looked pained. 
"Misi Mnnb i» .ii (jfriioiiaJ 
friend <>f minr, NaturaJly rm 
v=n' concrfiied, loo," 

"Uh-huh. Well. I don'f sup- 
□oir vou'll Jn ind if wc stay 
bfjt iind Iteep yrtU <?OttipjinV- 
Vou Jtiight wjnt ID borrow our 

Whcfl his firsl stuiy <^nUapied, 
Stewart Lnvt-ntrd athcni irj dis- 
luade lilt ncwconicFS from Lak- 
injf ujj ptsnmuiirnT pOB^ttinniR on 
ike jtaiidsWi ably ictonclcd hy 
ihe c;irly arrlvali, who hud. by 
thii tiisie, improved and ex- 
lendt-d the eume. 

"The fliii btrlojiRii 10 iv/ij of 
the Clhjinccry Buardu, And bit 
ni^T' — you know Low it is in 
^jickirow, old fcwy — llif^y w'efe 
pretty bored and i^i-nt down to 
the Metfopcd^- far a couple of 

itom pqgg 23 

"1 gucM Use vodku was a bit 
stroiigrr thtm ihry ihnuehl. 
and u gniihcd up witli ant' of 
Uirm hutlini^ an inkivdl yt the 
iiianj.j3C!r of the restnumnl ?.nd 
tht; othtT one — nn Irishman 
railed O'Flnherty — takm^K a 
JwipT Al th^ Rr<J Army. 

*'1t dtrvcloprd into .1 hii of 
a brawl, and both of Ehrrn hrtvt; 
brtcn i^ivun Lbe boot by the 
Sov'inri ^utht>ririi'S- Natur.illy 

•J- • Spots of pdint on 

tiles ear be remOTed 4^ 
X eosily with a cloth ^ 
dipped in nait-poJish ^ 

tliFV imu'i Iclllc llii'ir flal ur 
thry inisht be urraled Su olJ 
Sir Rc^gK, in the m*!t (right- 
ful trnTjirr — >\>u\-e TJrli]>n[jly 
hifar<l bow uiti'ontruVLible 
he\ auppc»ed to Ijr at timrsr- 
canie rountl herf to tell thrfii 
atf in pcnoa. There's really 
nathirk^ to it. old chip. If ycLI 
want to c\it iloilf nud have 
your lunrh. I'll cover thiR little 
fiiutry for you." 

"J'hcy Il'I ib^i^ iniaBpnntion* 
run riot, and rumors flf.v^ frrjiTJ 
gruup to ^otip. i>;4ifiin^ in ma- 
m&nttim nntl df.ttiil, until Lh.r" 
littwt iirfiviils refused to be- 
lir\'e ,iivylhiil^, imd iiU itoliilly 
on ihr hottoin sl.liri, obstinate 


fvaryoM orer 35 ihould iaia VttomliKMIiierol Copiflles 

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- ■ ■■•^>: ■ ti£ L'htJtdallv tliose Ftvcr 35 — 

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it work and pIat- In oiany tasei. lood alMw doei not Jii j 
hjll jrtli [rf iiipplyinB the body Hdlh rouch nevded nutiienls. 
Ouibi tiling bv hjlvirs ii no lucKtr ocscssjil'. Voii i-an 
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jnil yon ll fi^l ^.^^ 
tuinltli and vitaliir jmpmce — 
J>t tt v^n' iJwrl time. 
J^'-inbi^r, tills ivay _ thi- 
VYRMIN war — j, tlie nalumi 
W'lf (u i^ra! hcillh 


tim dasSr tS^tm at itjit itd 

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YLtaffiift ai IJ33 (,t.K 
Vitfltnih M lltbpdeiirin |i rrm.]. 

Vftnm'm 117 (t fT\H}m,\, 
Vilomir A (EBCC 
VilimTin C OQd I U.). 

Vrtcimin D tl^ i.U.|. 

Vcljanifn E {I 3S inqt.}. 

Vitumiit PP Mlcotinamid*. IQ rnflt, 

}(|i 4 mq^.; :|rart. I7J ititfi. god 
MflJtquniu, my. 



* MOOUCT Of sCoTT » lOimt ¥Ii« 

Thi! AumiM jAis Women's Wmu.,. - Ait{;mt -11. mo 

ill rheir deterrniniiEitJTi lu ilny 
rtnd di*ti>VTr the jnith. 

'T tipor it'g the mojt ftittht- 
fiil hlsick-iTUMkrt cital. The 
ae.'LaunEa.rit frcfm thr Knthiissy 
h,ts Eircn iixin|Lt HiibEidised Gov^ 
LTTinirjnt ri^ubJrrs fin.tiarc Kome 
suft iif dnLbr rxc han^^r with 
Swi-'ii francs and Gcrnmn Enut 
iFi,irk.4i. Shockii)^ rjisc of rm- 
ir-j^lmr-nl TA'ith lutl thtr Eeu- 
baasf ctiocerned in It, 'fli«.- 
Xdai'm [til syppoird lo lir- bi thU 
fliU, ^uu leCf and Sir R*'|cij^it'' 
hfld tf> ctttm and src li fui him- 
aclf before mnking hiii rcpoTL 
iToirtt? to rock the Ftinricfn 
OfTirp Uiy-higb. I dnii'l know 
that I'll itIiV. Thcrc*s prob- 
;ihly mon- lu br pickwJ up -"Vt 
ttlc £[i]bii3iiy.'" 

"So it'i nuihin^ ic> rfei wittL 
Mias fJaffshot?" 

l^;ivl' yoLi that idra ? Some 
pewpli? rotind here just hcivt 
Mhr-lT^irk niindi.. This story ri. 
bj'speijf tJiiiiL llini stale old Bas- 
shot casii. 'fhiR ia rtra.1 ncwi." 

Inaide Lhi- [Lit ihe coji^tant 
huiTi vl ruriviTfl^nion out3i<ti: 
toundH iu li-urugh a paLTiku- 
lafly livt'ly ca4:k[ujl party win 
ill pTOgrti*- Oi^ [' id oji a I ] > i 1 
was n'itifcirrrd hy pni]ons,r[,| 
on ihf liotubell whfrn iUr. 
Frcia <:QntinRcnt fcU in need of 
divcFsitjn l^ut iia rhr dtjor rr- 
TTiiiiricd ih)ii -.Kiiiimfii ihv.i^' yp- 
p(>-^l<i, tht^y fmo-Wy wttlcd dfiwn 
to inDnotonons R(3S TnorM- mesS' 
^i^ES■■ on thr bell rvrry tm rnm- 
uto an J rfniihdRf rhul ihey 
wtfc ALi]I their. 

'I"hf* a.i?enci(^i :LJid Ihosc r»r- 
ri'FpoiidL'ntt who wi'ip lortunatr 
vnui^kih iu h-.n'r ii£5lstanu mnm- 
inined thi-tf ]>ir.kpt«i m relnyt, 
iprej^ding cnnrusioTi nn their rt- 
lurn by rrhitin^ LnniilinLC ii^i^'.*'^ 
ilnnis tbiit Wert- dcvrlrtpinu m 
(Hh<rr qiiiitrf-r* of Moscow. Thu 
n |] lem nuide ou t u liuji i 
tbcy nculd, cnd^inf; eoip* uf tp.i 
oi- enline irttaln. jtcfordinc; to 
iht'ir pprsuaaLvp talentSi froin 
Jtirkai^^s diploma tie neiifhbvrs, 
who to fiRhl their wjj.y into 
thi'iT uwii fhTi whpn thoy 
.irrbi^d hortir hii* liinth, 


UNt. of iliia toni- 
niutiui] had iLie slighieai eJTerl 
On Mi»s B.Ei^shol'5 nerves. 

Shr sat [filtTily doing her 
kiiittlni? whi]p JiK'bic and 
flumpkrey pljiyfrd ii^ndlruui 
i?:ti]ips of patitnce ;*fiirj qiiaircl- 
led between. lEit^nuLU'et She 
.HfTiTcd with jijckie that ihc 
prrsrXLt litLiatiun niaide it ini- 
posiiblr tor h^r to leave thi' 
ilat fur ptrhapt ai-vtrttl dnys; 
bill ihv re-fused to br ronvifirrd 
by tLiimpbrtTy's a.rgurapnls thutt 
t h ? problcni woid d only be 
wilvfirl by her dniding tu rc- 
turri with biin to Eiisliiud. 

."Nonsense." *hc said, r|i<"k- 
inji htx iteedltU iQgeiher. "Tliey 
rqn't ftuy out thi*re on the utaira 
f orevi- r . Af tc r a fc w day J 
they're bound to sivc u|3. And 
I sliaK bp .iblf to ijfei on wilh 
my own pLins." 

Durm^ the aft^moan the 
forrtspon dents, out of sheer 
borcdam, ndded to tbcir 
rAstc by ihoutin^ mcsiagef and 
wfiriiinKfl through thr door, 

"Thi' himik's i>n fitr You'll 
bave (a h'rl aut quick.'* 

*'l.lcre*s. Sir Ro^maJd again.. 
At Iclisi^ let him in.*' 

About six^ck Stitw^urt 
FiE^uaon persiaded one of the 
neighbors to aJlow the uje of 
hi s ph om- . « nd mAdt' «fVCTa I 
facetjouH^ callt befflrt Jacltir left 
her ttceivcr pcmum.ently off the 

Strnn^ely i^nauglk, it wui 
JiCkic who bEn5an to shtlw 
iitraiiT nndrr the fnfort'fd tifjie 
VV h HIT Miu gih at. i h T h-e 
pnitit-nt Wisdom of nt^e, ajid 
Rumphrcy, in natural temper 
umrnt, could h^ve be^n xc' 
lecietl m pKtfcei pilDlotypn for 

To page 42 

foul tkcd^J'^CT GUDW jyay^iff^to Im 



keeps perspiration 

GelVtle tact lathkr 

le:^ves you feeling glowing clc;tn, 
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gcrm^ that cause (icrspiration odour 
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all day, even tinticr inukc-uf. 1 ileal 
fnr MnaKP iiklii bicmishiri, il cluans 
deep down inlti ihi; port^, leaver 
yuur.<;kin rudiaritly dean. Begin 
m enjoy ttiai [urrtshing, CJihilaraling 
Tilct reeling, 

*ffim'd hy hhoralory li'st.t la nitih 
iiHtiy V}% of germ:/ wlilcfi raiisi- 
pmpiruliivi inUmr, 

Page 41 

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Continuing ... 


Keen's Curry 


Made by Ihe matiuracturm of Keen's Mustard 

htildinR a poritinn indcfinjiclv. 

aJity wai fnmtrated by ta- 
activiiv ihc cnirnpcd riunr- 
tcTi Hh small flal. 

"ri vTOuJd be diftcTcni If 
tho correipoTidrnrs wuujd sc 
AViiay iniriorroiw." »hr fumrd- 
■'Bui Sirwari'ii iiory wjSI be in 
fhp 'CmardiaTi' in flin mDrniixg. 
so they' 3 1 all ^no^" Bur- 
»bai u hcTC liien, of 
only ^ucfislru^.'^ 

dare say tJicy'M 
fa i riy corn chsmf ly lo" i B h t, 
whm 1 h:ivr tD puih throuBjh 
ihcm to K^t biirk to the MeCro- 
poir. So far Tcrgiison 
doem'l know t'ni, in hei*, IQO, 
Humphrry rfjisoned. 

'"Ypu muld lue the back stair- 
raw prrJiapj." Jjckir luisftMltd- 
"'li dorin't lead jtnywherr be- 
c-^usr thai nde floor ai tiif btJI- 
tom La oiily ii*rd by the janitort 
fijir colLcf liQji? rnhhUh an-d 
lockcci aR<aii> <wery rnnmins 
Bui ail the kiti-hcn doors kad 
out ibffre. Yo\x cauld uti inty 
thfe kiirhf^i of thr ffround-fioor 
flat and let yourself out one of 
the windowi fHring jj^*? court- 
yard. Now who i* it Uvt^-s in 
that TE;round-fluor flal?" 

Jackie hall clo*r(l her cy« 
in xn cfforl tft think, biifc her 
facr frll :u ihc remcmhci'iict. 
an d ^iiDounc^ d i n a ^ ol 
litter dtfi-at: "Utrb WSJton, 
the Rcutcr f.Qrrcjpti(Klent 
There** no uie trying turr» 
Kim into an uDy-" 

But while ihcy v*rt-SY doing 
iWr wafihinfi-up she rpturncd. tt> 
the idcit flgain, and said thtre 
4tfm(cf he no harm in invcsiiffAt- 

'*Y«ii nirwr know* hit kitchen 
door miKbt be the latrh, I 
don't bolt my own very often." 

Npithrr Mi» Ba^shot nor 
Humphrey took niOfr thun ar 
:uc»drTnii initrrjil Lo Jackie's 
ticw scheme* for :irt!vc in- 
trigue, They were runtent to let 
nifltleo <infl Jtl-Jiig wilh tht- 
pasaive acee|iLrin'Ce they had 
rthown £ilJ f]a:y. But they did not 
iry ic* restrain her whe-n she Jili>d 
bnck the boll on the kitchcii 
door and crept quietly dawn the 
tiArrow, unlii h.i^'k (lairv 

She waj i^ne for perhaps 
len and, wheii. ah'' t*- 
turned^ her eyes gleaxm-d wilS 
J. Tic-'w siptirk of Excitemfni. 

"Ii'tl juAt too. easy. Therr 
were voi ces f roai the kite hen 
when f firfit arpived. sn T wajtrd 
until I heard focjlstrpi i!ain|( 
dcwfi the p^jdFi^r, Th(*ii i 
tried the dnor nnd it simply 
piiJihed tiptin. The ftont door''B 
open, Too, and ygu can see 
F:.ii;hi down the hLill passage 
frtiru the kitrhrn, 

"I rhink Hcrhy Wilsan niust 
h<" htildin^ :a Hurt of dpeu ho^use 
Tor the rest of the correnpan- 
dctits.. Quite decent of him, 
really. Tbere'j 4 wbnk grOMp 
of Ihnri playing pmkri or aonte- 
Fhiii^ in the jittinit'Coont^ — ^ny- 
wiky , the nDE&e (iDin therf: is 
terrifif, Nn}>&dy «vOitld hpar a 
lliltii; ^oing cin iu the kitchei;. 

"Sd why roiildn't iwe siW 
I'iipir out the window?''^ she 
concluded. *^hfrre'« i^nly <^ tiny 
liuir jump ftDin thr sUI. Miu 
Hafshat, and I dare say Hum- 
phrey muld ^o- hrxt 4uidl li ft 
you put," 

''And whrre," dentanded 
I luinphrey , ^vtrm g a disai>- 
proving jet of cold y^i^i on to 
the scheme, "are yau prfipaiing 
we would nil rsi'apr to?" 

Jn-ckie that him an iinpnticn) 

*^Vou Ctiu^d su back to the 
Iioicl £ind E could take MEss 
B^ij^hot to cbuiclt. TKat's what 
you w;iiiit 1^ dti evcf^^Mfllly, rtn'i 
it? Wcll^ let's do iE toni^itht! 
There'll oo sefkse la hanf;ine 
ibmn *hw fl?it jim Lillmc Time. " 

llctlllttti* liA.Ti- be rcfrr- 

ir^m pa ge 4t 

J;iekje'x TWifi rhangra of 
jDood *crL- mont bewildering: 
but ihr ciiJOiulaiiv'T riTeri vnat. 
cc-Htat^ous- H uniph T*?y r ouJ d 
^rr that his uttnts rcsofyc Wfl.5 
betfiiiiuai; to weaken under this 
jii-w irniptalion. He itarted To 
protest^ aitfl rereivf3d n vieioui 
pinch froan Jn< kie, who fHUhed 
hull mu» the stiiinj^-rDom, 
while MiM Ba^hoc staod^ itill 
undecided, in *Ut tiallwHy. 

"Can"! you kv U'j the very 
thing she dera^irtdcd, pulliTiK 
the door eloited behind them 
Hind It-nvinf? Miw Basibnt alone 
to Tiankr up her mindr "I don t 
honcidy know whit jfl f-xpect. 
But 1 told you lait night — ond 

"fferp they rame/ 
Quwk nou"— ^|ro stand 
he'tween the knives 
like I raid:^ 

Page 4Z 

I itiE>aii[]: it — lhat teeumd meet- 
ia|B^ with Soviet .icquiuntancea 

diBillusiooed by Ehrm hundredi 
uf Eiuies, and it'^ not toi? much 
to hope iiisLt Miss Uagihot will 
be tbifi tune. Vou khow it's 
(.inly artug^l personal experience 
■which eaiavinee:^ hex. Your iir- 
yumcMt* yfott'l t^et iinywhrie. 
Sa give tbix scheme a chance l 
tt ciiti't lead to any hartn," 

l^pfore Hiiniphrey rould reply 
MiiE BaRjhors head, topped by 
her oldJaahjoned felt iini, 
thrust ittelf in At thf door. 

"\V*lli^ Jackie, if yauVf coni- 
aniF la rhurrh with me. dori'i 
{land th^re arguing with Hum- 
phrey. It's already K^eiiin^ 
infc, .%Jid c^*ru thr bus ridr tiikca 
twenty minutcji.^' 

Jeu kic dew ijiio the hallway 
with n triuniphan t bac k ward 
smirk ai Mumphrey. 

*'^Of couri^ I'm reiidy." 

"^rm coinm^, \oa,** EltlRl- 
phrey taid with hopeless but 
dogj^ed reiohition. 

XH£Y Ht all the 

lights burning in the flat atid 
wei:lij;e<l the kiErhcn duur tO 
make it nppear boLted. 

Thrre wfn a Iditd uprtWT m 
[he kitehcn of rlie ^iround-f^cwr 
flrtl, llFut J^ekir Un>'k it fti a 
propitiuus si^u. "If they're in 
(here ncjw they'll hnrdlv rome 
hack aEraio for hours We*vv, 
cmiy ID wait tt few minulff and 
the whole operation will be ah- 
aoluirjy p4ain itailioi?-" 

C'eruinly the uwrter of ihe 
kVithcn scrmcii to be t>I the 
same opinion ai Jackie. 

*'Ni!iw you can a!' f?et back 
lit yuui hciiU on th*- iii' re-:iv " 
hr wa_s teUing his g.ueAt$ luudly. 
"Voo'i^t: loakrd in the relrigrr- 
aif^r and ihcre^s ihj mori^ becf- 
li\'hdi do you think this ii any- 
vray, a frrc f;dlair?" 

Their voica faided ai [hey 
triMJi^cd out dou^ the ha,Il, Tbr 
fcot&tcps died away, am! thrre 
wuk, only thr distant buzz of 
their i^onvtrfution from the lii- 

J'jickic waited » minute 
luniter sand c^^utiously opehed 
the door a few inches. She 
^liiiiced down the hallwav. 
trtade a quick biM t}ion:»uRb 
nirwy of the kitchen^ and 
turned b«cik to Himiphrcv and 

Miss Ba^hot Ui ihe ahadoiw 
behind htr 

"iJumphre-y. you'd betler 50 
fint. There's a chair he- 
side the refriprr-Tlur- Pull thai 
across 1(1 ihc winrfo>*r jnri un- 
h-Hrv the boln- When ynu'yr 
;uHi),ied down.^ waii for Misti 
BajFihct 111 foJlow, ean 
rlimb tm to the till from the 
e.hnir. Vfisri Basshot, sci it won't 
be at all dil^lcult. liut if jom*^ 
ofie w walkinjf dbimt iiutside, 
HumphTcy, give a. iCooplc of 
t:ap5 on the window 10 we'll 
know not to follow, f'll rome 
bitrputlins- (he f-hair back and 
pulJin)^ the window fliMfd be- 
hind me," 

. . A few wfDndi Ihitt llum- 
phrry Tiad (he kitchen ch&ir in 
positicEt and wa« vlrui^sluiK 
with ih'* hravy holls or the 
Irtr^e double windows. The 
bi>ltciini ori.efl cave T^ay "^asily, 
hut the hiph boltfl. juit wiihin 
his resell, rusty and ob- 
stinate. The lanli.i-ht^ bin^^d 
into the top pane anii thr ooly 
part of the window rver openetl 
j n witi ter, raui^ht a ii:ainvt h is 
jikjulder. almnit «verhahtnf inji 
hiin. He L'cald huve liciiHti',^! 
himself through that eaiiby 
rnotLgh. bur ii wa.t loo hi^h 
for Mia Uu^hd!, ffc b^nqrd 
it closed Jtfiii steadied one fool 
a..a[ainst the central-hratinp fadi- 
alDi" to tenth thr top halt. 

"^Soniehody'i e □ m i o 
wiirncd Jackie in a 
whisper, rlDsinio^ the door and 
ie:u'cng HumpllTry to his fate. 

Hr. threw d despairing liixjk 
amund the kitchen, ttaiSed frcnn 
the eh:iir;, and scrambled under 
rb*^ kitrh^^n tiiblr ai he heard 
footsteps alc)D^. the luill. 

1 1 was 1 he ttimsic&t of h id - 
ins pl 3 A b ij ike L, several 
lint of dictcrgrnl. a u-ruhhirki^ 
hruifi, ajid ;i pair of maidN 
worn dippers were his crdji' 
f'fimDuHage if anyi^ne ^iatTi'-rd 
toward ■ the iable Icgi 

Scarcely dsrinf^ t" hre-tthe, 
Hunnphtney f^w the 'bott<}m half 
ui the intruder ■ hcsi taking hy 
I he door and fumbling far the 
li^hl a witch, A figh of relief 
alniott e;s(^aped hini, This waf 
not Herb Wilson, the Reulcr 
rorrespondcnt,. who woldd pre- 
sumahly know where rvcty- 
ibiiiy was i^r should be in hii 
own kitcbu'n. 

lii the dini g'low frorn the 
hall liRhl. Hutnphrej' naw ihi: 
trokiacr ler^s move forwnrd In 
the dift'f!i(Oii of ihr ittove, TJiert 
tliey hesitated ai their owner 
frit ahflut, flearehinir for some- 
iliinj^. Then thi-y moved bark 
to ihe door aj^:Hifi and^ iO'ine- 
where nfMve his he^id, Iluirt- 
pk rrv hrard ii U isgru 11 1 let J 

"Hey, Hcfb. whtrrr the herlf 
did you say thsse nta 1 1 hex 


rht iiiwc,*^ Herb yrll-ed 
down the corridor. 

*^The*'''rt n-ot-^' 

"Nrar it Ehrn, Ymi'll sefi 
^cm Eomi^whfjc." 

' T ran" r fin d t he blaslecl 
light sstfitrth." 

'"'li'f. r'^hi outnite door, 
you baL" 

Hurtrphrev drew back n* tut 
ht^ <'ould a^^nst ihe waLln 
flfnrLi"" ai ihe harsh electric 
lialM hlo'-d miHdcnly in e\'rr>' 
romer it' the kitchen. 

It inn%i have illummHEed 
ih> elusive matehbox as well. 
The irouicr |egs niAdc a brief 
a [1 d T riumph a n t excu r?i on 
at' test the k itchen an d van- 
ished oi!t of the door withoui 
9 heir owner n ppearittg 1 o 
ffliince in Huinphrry'g Jifftr- 
Ti'^n. The light went off htkI 
Humphrey found himself 
hitnkitiic in the ^ini-darkncss. 

' 'O. K ?" wh l»|Wred II aekie. 
openinji! th^ drajr atf^^ln- 

"Tust " ttt fell his way bark 
to the rhiiir ?ind ciimhrd on to 
the radiatior Jicain. This time 
li-- il^rrw all his wf<i^hE apiimi 
thr wi ndow and f r 1 1 the * 
•tip down iJmosi hrfore he had 

To pa^c 44 
Vilsx AusrHALiAK Wi>A(^> Wethiv — Aurait il 

Ask for 

in any of 
these leading 





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■ 7- 4* 

Cantiuuing . . . 


■ ouchoi It jnt) Ft mid fiil ilStll 
'iixikips down into thr luphali 
.[td .t fret bt'tcrw- _ 

Thcrr wen- lights in iht 
.-icH»rwftys "^f t^'" "Htm? mom 
vtnEnraSES nnd another over Ihe 
liinrirl of the artiwiiy. Voicrt 
iiimeJ fin ilie »liil niijlit air. 
I>iji Mfjicthpr Ihcy wcrp inside 
the- block ni ouBiidc lie couM 
not tril. 'VhrTt: was flijtodv in 
sijjht and he ;iiniped. 

ll MCllir.d only a Eerond or 
iwo latrr brforc Mils Biagslml 
{oJlowrd him. Wliilr lie wai 
lifting hrr rarcfiiliv from the 
sill Jackie jcromplislUKi tpr 
rearEtmrd arliE.>n and cimcd the 
laLI wfndawa behind h&f. 

"Thrrc's nut much wind, 
luckily," she mid, ttilnndjig on 
Ihf outer ledge, looking up al 
the bUus and surveying the few 
mQliorilt,is illijuds In sei normul 
nnd unhurried a fashinn tiiat 
^|Li^J^p^l^cy w.U!tetJ In ihafce hfr- 
"Ihr. vfitidowi shouldfl't hipw 
open before we gtt trark." 

He let Mivi B.ispihui tin her 
feet *1nd hrld up an Him to 
Juekic., but she tlild already 
hcul dtiwin, bracing her handi 
OH itiF iidsr. »"d jumped 
lightly dowji beside thrnu 

"You ^dl riefit. Miss Hiijphol? 
Keep your liiuc iijrned and 
wnik cti liie f>Lber side of 
Humphrey w "wc ihe 
nulitiansan. 1 dare say he II 
m*gniae you, anyviuy, ljut 
thcTE's no sEdte in looting tar 

Jiickic! Sit a quick pate 
through the nichwuy, called 3 
chcertui guCKl et-eriiitg to tke 
sijlutin^ niiljtijtrmin« and Itirne-U 
riahl luvutfnls the bm twp. 
t'nere w.xb no queue At tliia 
liuur uf I lie iiiKht and they 
boarded th^ first hus which 
i.uriir aln^g. 

^'Dan'l took now,'^ Jackie 
f^id M ibc drew buck to let 
Mils ti£i;shot p.iis down the 
uLil-c ol th£ biia. "But tltere's 
a frtci)^ gettiiTL! un Ijrhind ua 
— Ehc one with the :;loucli hat, 
di3i'l£..wled sliocrs iind grey 
(j^ardinc rainco^l. I wun't say 
aiiytiliuEj ttp Mia Bag&liai. It 
iniKht only woixy her.'^ 

"Yim mcau he's' folkiwitis 

•Xike a. timpel. He hasn't 
looked ar us <inrt aiid that's a 
sure iign^ I've bpcn iollt^wed 
«ltl round ihe markets jri Samar- 
kand 411 d lioklliim. And the unly 
way 1 could tell — aiidc from 
their dothei wiiicii are aliu^isi 
a lUlifonu — wm that everyone 
else suired at rtie all the time 
.[ild whoever was tAiljnj^ mt for 
the fUy ju»t strode pa;ai wilh- 
oiit one gtsncc It'i cridentiy 
one oT Ihc main poinii in their 
traJtiin^t coursE." 

tf ACKIE went to 
the frnnl iKsil}r Mia 
fSagshot and Jlumphrr^y scruiiA- 
ised the other p/iascnscr as he 
waiird brjidc the iruiiduciresi 
to Imy ihfif ticketi. Hp was i 
Hjuare, tiolid yoiinj; man with 
heavy black ihoej, a pmniiienl 
Wtiytwatcji, and an expressian 
t»f sUL-h rpmpletc bkinkness tji3t 
IlutujJircy wa* seized wilh A 
wild desire to stand un luj ticad 
just to .observe whether ihe 
ptikcr face was raijable of a 
rtuld ihow of intc'reaL 

\V"h*^h he ino\'ed down thi^ 
bui l(j joLn Jackie .ind Mils 
Baj^shot. HtliTiphre^ look up Is 
sidewityA pCN^ition in ihe seat 
behind iJiesn, hU arnj stielcbrd 
alDojf ilic bark of the Iradicr 
jKit so he could Klaiiee taci- 
wanli without having la turn 
round and confrcml their fol- 
lower _ too ohvioudy. But iJie 
iiTi|i,issit'c ytjung man slipped 
into a seat at the bark of the 
bus and spent the cnfite jour- 
ney gazing hxcdty aM al the 

Ail the iamc he aliehled wiiii 
them at the tertilinus and made 
wff in the opEbOsite dieectiDa 
from the one Miss Bagdiar in- 

ffom ptrge 42 

dicated. waiang her hanj to- 
wartls the domes of the chute h 
.■md ieadinic Humphtty and 
Jackie dnwn St street of thops 
,%nA up a steep and muddy 
little path whiefi hranehed off 

"Thut"i all perferlly nor- 
itml." said J:ickxe, observing 
flum^jhrey's surpfiae as he 
peered nfter the co,tt-taiU tif 
their purswer vuniflhing ro^md 

+ • To tnokc floor- pdliih ^ 
^ go furfhei apply it with + 
% o dump clol-h. Leave it 1 
t for 20 minutes before 4 
rubbing. t 

(he corner ol .i itnall luliaHinn 

"He'll wail round that cor- 
ner until we're out of sij^ht and 
then come on, keeping a street 
away ftfjfli in .ill the Tune- It's, 
part of ihe lysiein- Were not 
supposed to kiusw vnr'ri? being 

They had fallen a little be- 
hind Miss f!ji|;shn( m they 
I'lltnbed the slippery narrow 

^'Hut isn't all this going to 
be ntther diiri^erous for her 
Iriunds?''' protected Hiunptirey, 
Wutt^hini; liii uunt'» straiii^t 

back tnllijii' ufi (fie tlopF, ;ihejd 

of theni, "Sunly he'll male i 
n^rl tatl they'll got tmo 
trouhje, won't tftey!" 

"They're probahly already jj, 
irouhle. If she's being followcil 
lanight. it's pretty ecrlaio shr 
WW followed tail night- Bui 
there's not much wc ran du 
iihoui it now. I.ct'« wait and 

Jackie quickened her sieni 
and caui;ht up with Mtu Biig- 
jhol. "They arrived together 
on the flat piece of s(ram)d at 
the top of the hU| with the 
churrh riling up in fnint ol 
them btryond the cruml^a* 
stone wall! that hid once air- 
rounded it. 

It was Jackie who 'nstirxd 
tile Iwo rnilitiamcti . stabdjnn 
Kuard in the shadoi^f by the 
doar ijf the <:hurcl£ Mia Bajj. 
sbpt had already icd Ihlitii 
through a gap iti the wall and 
vna ^ad^'ani-ing engeily lowatdi 
the churcti wherl Jaekie pui 
out ;i tc^lrviining ,irm and whiv 
pered, "f don't really think 
we should ({O any fiirther, Mia 

By litis tunc Miltnphrc'y't 

lo the pale moonlight, tiimm^ 
by the c-hurcii wfU.ii and th* 
sunTDuadini^ [TEes, and he, foa,, 
could tnalsr out X\ic s1ut{K] of 
two mLlitiamen wLih theii jaci 
l>o6l», peaked ca|H^ if&d gun 
hoisten nvirkglng from th<ir 

"NoriBerne," e3idniiiie4 Mui 

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Another "Wales" Service — 

Sending Money Anymhere 

"Tceing-up*' (he wndjjig of mofwy anywhere in 
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u bank draft Ho send yourself, or they will send the 
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Ovtfr l\VOQ breaches tirti! agenda throughaut Amtratia^ 
New Zftaland^ fUi, Poptiit ami Ne w UvinM, 
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INC'EHMOanllU] IN WW suum w^tJS 

Wir^ UMrni> LIARIUI* 

r H F. "WALES" 

National Library of Australia 


Don't sihoat the teacheri 
islie'^si doing her best 


9 Little Johnny may dt^ribe his teachf^r as the 
fiercest dragon — ^niy arhoolhoy sons tlo. But when I 
relumet] to a leacMug joh recently, I found another 
side to the picture. 

FOR now 1 realise that 
nrarly every f!»ild 
has a wealth of dramalit 
talenl that iiiak<:s .Sir 
Laurence Olivier look ]ik<? 
a pathetic amateur. 

'I'hfy fly bomr frntn ti-hmi 
. . . wdi'f^'s Miimi* . . . tbL*i] 
iiiT thvy go iiitu u inraty livi-- 
an drama iilumt iJidr schfiol 

As Ihcy warm up to th*" 
subject, (hi- trachpr hfinmcs 
u villain or n saint. 

*'Gf}sh^ Munij you sliould 
hplvf seren hrr, 

"She serciiiitif at int. Her 
eyes wrrc Hashing. Talk about 
a super leoipcrl 

"I vfni ^CATpd stiff, 

"'And iill bccau"?*! I said 
'Excuw inc' whrn I accidnn- 
touched Pri<icilta's hiiir 
with a rulrr.'' 

Sinrr I returned lo the 

wortd of cKalk iind black- 
boards I have bL't;ii in- 
rliupd tn r]uck with sviiipa- 
theiif horror ai the. highly 


• A free Iraflci fiiving sug^eFilioas ftir the school 
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'iandttichtr'i, i^^ty liitli; salads, hcoie-niadr biscuits 
Ewiih rccip'sj, and olbrr fnodi lunl in ghr well- 
knouB Oslo liiiicly. ii .nlwafs availabl- frnm ITil- 
Auiiralran Wnsijcn Weekly Mo Jicrcraf-; Service 
Buruu, Bon G.P.O., Sydncj-. Encloie a sclf- 

addmsed, stamped envelope when dtdering. 

colored piciurrs of tcaiihei'K 
my iiwn bt^ys pFtiducf. 

Thi' ^onidu-i are veri<ahlff 
.Sir Galukidj aud VVy<iu 
Ii;irps. Thfy ran do evt'ry- 
tbioR— s^vim, suil lyats. pky 
foolbaJt, breed do^s^ mrtkc 
televisioit) sets, and give 
"huauf" lessons. 

But ihi: b>addiu — ihcy strap, 
they ypll, they dun'l kuiin' 
anything, .ind are firunipy. 

And I'vi- noted that the 
.same mild, urdinary teacher 
ran hr u Da\'y Crotkrll one 
riny and a Frankensltyn the 
next — it juFt depends oa whjJt 
liappened rn the rUai^rouin. 

When I'm Eearhin^, and a^k 
for ifflp \^'ith rfxstumes fnr ;i 
^rliool play, niy ^ppei],f gne,*! 
like this: 

■"If yoti bring your gamea 
ronipers lomnrrn^^', w'e ran 
unf rlicni For Eitziibelhuii 
pa£tr«, PiThiipv you linve lui 
nld b^rcl ih;ir Mum doesn't 

want. Tbat wtnild make a 
dtisiiJjIH Eliadiethair hat," 

However, iny buy>i doah 
liojne with a ineisage like: 

''Teaclicr tays we hav(.' tn 
have (if-^au^r wir^^, long- 
Closed pliers, a bodkin, wud 
iilver-paper cul-(jutB, If wd 
don't ^tft them by tomorrow 
we'll jfet the Jiitrap." 

Angr^ mothers 

Outragril, 1 am just ready 
10 Iwigin: "Well, you tell 
tearher . . 

Then I remember tha< 
jKimewhere a s'erri little 
*f:hfKj[^;iTl is probubly dish- 
injj out this uitimaumi i<t :iiJ 
Hnjitrj' inolhtir: 

"Tejrber -siyi »-c' have lu 
fiavr siloes with butkU'j, a 
pliimpd hat, sia^ht'd rompers 
in g^een and ftpld. Ob. y*rs, 
s;iiiiiitt*'B, iivo, She waiil.i them 
III- trimnrinw," 

Another tbijig: 

If ihefrV It si'hdol tt4t on 
the hori:^i][i, there'll be more 
hezidaeht;^ iind ?ie|c uinis 
than In n ^'irtnriau novel. 

Surrounded by Ittvln^ 
friejids, :in ' invalid" tuuers lo 
the sick-nxim — till the luiidi 
bril rin^s, wht^n ?<br hurtles 
nfT her bed <if pain ;ind out 
(n the |jhyi!riitiiid. 

Hill, in the finiil wash-up 
after I'XaiTiH, Little Jiifmciy an:! 
Liiilr Mjry fin off very 

iiilhtlv. All thi* IjTiiine is laid 
at tirurflcr's dfjon 

Letters from parentii flow 
ihiek and fast: "Where arc 
the leaebers who can inspire 
their pupila?" 

■'Sciioal prujeei* art^ a 
rrfupe fi'iF rhe lazy l<aeher," 

'*f read ttll the eias-iies be- 
fore 1 was Ift, hm rtvy fhtkl 
ri'ad^ only F.nid BIyion." 

One thing a vertain type of 
Little Mary iieecf mi'tes i' 
the title of teacher's book. 

She is noi cmttcnt wiih the 
el ass textbook, but vpeirdjt 
home with the news of yet 
a neither Ijottk iiee<litd. 

Wheii learher S£ti|^■ in wiib 
"l~lii' I'syrliolotfv of Frerieh 
Tearhinn in the Modem 
.Srheol." Little Mary is 
jpziijg snniKty 3t her tiVMi 

The lesson in like rold riee 
piiddine;. for [jirtle Miify 
kniiw". il iitl. 

hrr mother sayn ovrr 
ilie batk fenre: "Why. my 
M:try loves Frenrh. Vk'ftai Ijifi 
lirKik^ the pfrf^r mile has in 
re:id. The last niie was st» very 
I'spensive, The tearhet said 
<hi' niii-it huve it." 

Tfieti' are many probjetiti 
ivhcn Li I lie .Vinry in'cr^ her 
frail I'taft i'>n the sell of 

And one itf die toughest 
is what lu put nil h(>r report. 

E liituvi' HI inurh tilmut her. 

Vitr insianee, I teinember 
her reading "1 kniuv a Luink 
whereon the wild ihyiTie 
blows" «> bciiutifully th.ll 
nirH'JOiiftht sernti'd ii> shine. 

Yet -Jie wTDic in her euin 
paper, "All ihe pheajantx 
wcni la chureh in the Middle 

All, me. Too many leaeiiers 
have said: "Mar^' has been 
trying thi.^ term,' 

is he JSe mm Irpe? 

fiM III liis ijort ? »[wi)i in |(E gg 1 
f'l Fjltei Djt. |i5'( sure |( 
»f Binoilts locliey bunll "M" ir 
llll"liH!(i«ff(" (iiyliiri briBfl, 

Is fte ihe QUirr type ? 

IWa tt nlit 1 ttm'l tan mitth 
"mull Itlk." TlK imiiirv bnitil 
'BOXER' gr •mtmr »c suie ti be 
hii (til It*. 

Will) » naif tmiii'} lltj)(i».(ii 
liuKt? Any slylc cl tmtf \Kini 
will time lliis Uni gl falliBf, but 
tri Ite Ijctaf 'SKORI,- 

Is he Ihe PRDGRESSIVE lype? 

Mtvts Willi Ite tmtsf Thinks and 
9Et( 9S ^911 liT 'loclieita,' Itt 
iimtit nifln trMs will it lor tim. 

Ma.ybe even sirict, buT ItvaIXe lusl 
tlie law? nwx aillisi the Jictey 
'SHOBT' or 'BOKEK' style. 

ts tielheCONSERVAnVElypc? 

Frtlfysef in (iiswaj! but itery tiiiiif 
gl cngfiirt. fur ttiis klnll gf talliet 
tlig Jgitliey 'SBXER' gi 

fathers lib Jocketi^ 

UNDERWEAR by H|^o-*yb-t-.^ 
* Pay to remember ■ . . Father's Day (SEPT 4) 



'it Manufactured in Australia by the House of Sp«edo 

to the ex>act wortd-wlde ipe<:ifiutiDni, af Coupers Inc^ U.S.A: 

_2,i»_jWiw.n.v \^'oMl£.^^^i Weekly - Auguit J I, I 


Pags 45 

National Library of Australia 



Exchishw puhatot 
waihi's your clothes 
boU -clean! 


The freshest rinse, 
the quickest, driest sl>in 
you 've ever seen / 

Evciy feature 
saves yotf work with the 


rug. iraUt ,mftrk 

© T»ii tiHii lot lulu the sfttl. While one load © H«iv»ntUc'] ciEliiiR "SiUiitj IteUitt" Pilntir 

IE OEins m-M, inulher is (iwli-iinseti, wI'Miried. washes a toll lead ol whitts boil-clejn in iusl tour 
Ho iwBe last lor Jou! _! — — .. ' 

©Eiiri !9uif „ut at s(iiHlti IrBSh-rinse: j hu 
naiWoad at once. Ho Hmrntjili spiiwlfjini dries 
ireui) itcBis rejity to inin. 

<nini>te$ (am niinule iloes woDlltusl! 

O (■tonilic tmt iH ^ii'drier s«itth steps wgsh- 
itij Mill 11 when wasli is il ils cloansst. Sfin-drret 
Jtfliii *h«!n jua Dfian tlie lid— m safe! 

0 Homtjullc wiiljr uriU hutir. i( liEsts iht nal.f li^l tsi tioiltns point, rishl 
in Ills washmf. tub. Cor.tT ... just a |«w puunds iitnfe. Aali »uur Hoorar fittailBf. 




geranium*, and 
ikedtiniit at ifw 
David }amiftont' 
ho irif!, Hunter'M 
Hill, N.S.W. 

Window flowers 

• Window-l>ox flower gardens., well plant*?) I aoil 
well cared for, make a splash of lively color for a 
honse or flat. 

IF the sill outside a window is 
loo narrow (or a w'mdow-box 
a gpoup of pot -pi ants can effec- 
tively decorate an indoor sill, 

Sp#?cJEilty driigncd cQri*."TTre bftxts 
3md buxo of stolid or larick arr mate 
diinibli'' than tht popular wotMlm boxiis. 

Wnpden boxira should tier mode of 
*lqiit wood, prffuratily caDC-itirli ttiick 


and giva! several coati of paint t>aih 
idiide and outside to preserve the 

They arc best painfcd white or a 
light fcrfor ouiuidc to cicflfci hen — 
one of the greatest hEiziird.s iti gitod root 

Window-boMS should be plancfd with iit qiurh 
rare a gurdr d bed. 

A good jMiil mixture la. two pa.rts good Itiamy gurd^n 
Ml], one pan old well-roltrtl Iftaf mould or finrly 
sieved old cow niimure, onr part :^]id. 

Geraniums are favoritps with most window-box 
gardeners. Once e^tahli^hed, they thrivi: happily, 
providing 3\lmo:[t yfar-roiind color. 

A cnmliination uf pLintji h effective — ' lor inslanrf^ 
g«runjutns, Inbeliji, petunias, phlox, .md ivy. 

Othtr su^gostions arc hch"<itrope, portulaca, Belli* 
perciinij, diaiilKLis, bcrhs^ some vilrieiiw of furhsia, 
polyaiithm, I'rimula obconicn, miniature roses, saxi- 
iraga, violas, tulips, datlodil?. 

# Trailing geraniunif 
brifihten thi» facade. Ger' 
anium*, (Hire planted and 
ti*tabliiht:d, need leif care 
lhan moti plant*. 

• If the tilt un7 broad 
«ruj«(lfr for a mndoip-box, 
group pot'planii intid^. 
Belaw: Colsut at lA« win- 
doMct of Mint M. Caleittttn, 
of Bondi, ff.A'.r. 


National Library of Australia 

The AdMTftALMN Women's Weehi.^ - Au^piist Jl. l^i^^^^^X 


OrgOhised by 
in conjunction with the 


• A fSOO bursary for secondaary-Bchool education, as 
well as £1005 (ash and ''dream" priases every year tUl 
the age of 12, await the lucky young winner of this 
nationwide contest to find a typical Australian baby. 

THE bursao" ^^'1 ^ P^** ^"f J- 
Hcin?. Co. Pty. Ltd., after the 
Vfinncr reaches the age of 12, as foes 
to any secondary school nuininatcd by 
the winner's parents. 

In a!!, £2860- in cash wilJ be awarded lo 
priMWinnfTj in all Saics. These cheques 
will br bamted to the winnen' mothen when 
ranjte arr kttown. 

The NatjanaJ Baby Canfe^i W n search Eidv 
(or a mere pretty-preuy Iwby, bm for a 
good-lookiiu;. well-adjiulcd, healthy child, 
wlih the Wsl phjfaical attribulnK. 

1(1 ihe tarty stages, each of 2^ areas 
througliout AustniUa will be judged in three 
age ^Dups: (1) Up to six months; (2) 7-12 _ 
moriilB; (3) 13-18 months, 


£5 caih lo each area age-group urainer, 

£250 ra«h 10 each State priicwinner 
(chosen from imonj; area pri^winner?L), 

£750 caih in the lir^t naiional priwwinneri 
"dream" giffj iiiilfd lu tlie child's every 
Chrislma* till the igt of 12; and >hai the 
bunary for 5ei-(Midary--scHpol edocalioft. £-150 
nth lo the second Badcmal winner, and 
£100 aah lo the third, 

Narional winners, cbcwn from the Slate 
wittsers, will already have wan £250 Stale 
and £5 area fthn^ so their lutal cash 
prizd arc: FirK. £IO(K: Kcond, £405; third, 


Send ii snapshot or phtitogrjph ci[ yom- 
baby lo the adiiresi shown its llti: entry 
fnrm (at right), lo reach there nnt later 
thar S<p<(!inber 23. 

A properly filltd in Oitry forni mwl he 
jci'iirely filed to the back of tbt ptajtofraph, 
whidi shaold be full length and show face 
mid phy^it^ue {"learly. 

Any sis^e o-f photograph is eU|^ib1e, hut a 
niittimum siw of five incht^ by three inrhra 
u reenmmended tn aid jiidgkig. 

All area judj^n^, atld m Tasmania State 
judi^iu^. is by photograph. 

H. J. Hfini Ci>. Ply. Ltd. will pay cxpetue 
tor other State finaluits and their motbcn 
to go to thetr capital city to compete in pcT- 
soo for their State priK,, and for State 
winncni to come to Syttiktry ttr compete for 
the tialitmai prtHS,' 

The raaLiunal judjEfes are two child special- 
ists and the ttu\tron of a large obstetrics 

State winners n-ill he announced ill The 
Austrahao Women's Weekly, Novemlicr 2; 
the tiatlunal ivtnaers in the NuveridKT IS 
issuir. Details i>f State and National Baby 
Days were puhlish<d in iajl week^s iifur. 


t. MBiHt will clq>r «ith thr Lvt on 

BrptEmbciT Sa. Enlri« maai potted la^ urtn at 

HnHan-t Bttni Bai 7it]t. G.r.o., SrtBcr. 

No enljjfci wBI Iw tdbuMrr^ ^Tlrr thin d»l«. 

IM>t u ««^ *s fepiK'ruev. 

3L an phntofTAphx Ijeronlr tl» tnoerty «t 11. J. 
UDhu CMinnT Ply. Ltd.. »nd wUt fEtuTntd. bat 
B« rcKpafl'tblllt^ YlU Iw ucpplrll. 

i- ^hr Jude^E' dMmiiD Till Ik final nnd D* cvr. 
n^iKiiidcnfv wUt bf M^Errd lata. 

D. .^rfi BrmwtuBm *1U be notified hj nuH 
luni^dlilcly mllcf jadelnc. TUr Simic BiadLMt vtll 
be BDdfled bj phBiLe or leiefraML. 

EmpiArft' iBIjd IbclT famitin^ sf antrmttu 
t^flaUdKlHl t^exn 1,td. iuid ttm ak»ct«ttil HMIt^lL- 
iH, II J Hriiu Cvmpui; Ptj. Ltd.. ud itfcncii!i 
■lao^^tHlcd wllk tlic eente^L «rv not elljltilr tc Fiitcf- 

T. Tbe Ht^te tla^lHLf 1* ^rallabU In ruip^cliv-t 
atMir capital* froai Ociabfr It t« a«(«beF 'l!>. Haeh 
Slatr w{ti(M.r t9 b« air*ilab]c in Srdacr from Octoib^r 
M la MovriatHTT 9. I^friutv caTaria^ Lhl^ trip, w- 
ejadinf all lafei and tlnit-^aiB aee«miBad»ljin] for 
moLhrr and ttlU, vin be ^lid br UM Octiu Can- 


AGE GROUP Q np lo 6 mmilhs Q 7 to 12 mnnlts Q 13 to 18 n«ii(hs 
at titti£ of entry (tick cott^ grw^)* 


CliiltiS Surname ™- 

ChiUI's Christian Name — — — — — _____ 

Sd _ ___ 

Dale of Birth— — — — — — ^ 

Weight al Birth — — . — 

Wiighi at Ptesenl _______ 

Lsigth at Binb — — __ — _ 

LcnRlh at Present — — 

Dale of Entry ~™ — _______ „ 

Molher'ii Name (sunuine lasl)_ 
Adtlres . 


Addnss aU entries to: 

BOX 7074, GJ-O, SYDNEy, 

ThU form muM be securely fixed to 
back of photograph before forwarding. 

Girls are cattier than 

DCfin" BIAWE BOe H» ftBtAKTiftj Wf Willi 



fVSMtiS^ mi S^TH AW 

Fight Tooth Decay All Day! 



Use CtilEateUental Cream to stop bad breath 
and fight tooth decay. Colgate's active, 
penetrating foatn gets into hidtien crevices 
between your teeth, remoinng decaying food 
particJes. the caitse ol much bad breath and 


tooth tiecay. Protscl your teeth the Colgate 
way. To sttip bad breath, to fight tooth 
decay, to keep your teeth sparklipg white, 
brush your teeth with Colgate. 
Childrm hive its extra minty flavour! Yaa 
will love it too* 

Juflt on 

• brwihins vilh COLtlATE 


«ET THE 11* F*BI11V SIZE »HP SA»( 3/1 

31, 1%0 

Page 47 

National Library of Australia 

Pamper Dad with these wonderful 


...i*h 'Inner 




"• lid ttrHrilrr him Ciivlr tvmfort mtliu 

The .niirtiM. 01*1 cwttiwaTlhr >o||m' ttr', cvu,' nwn L'..d4.>i.c luiitr Clitic Mtiwici- 

I. ™i ami .iiutinl aiili vimiiK fltxhkxi mc jmid I, 1.1,1:, ,),„„k or 

ilnhul imp at ,tafcl Inner rittlc -TO-i BnaH. fid. uwuftirmlitf lluBj-.. rct}l< lit uripcv 
cttaLi imii .N111. "M-ft. .Blpo iind ttitrU -Hid: Wiiits'j wfnw. pT-lin tutwn^ 43/-. 

t.>iul Mill iLiu u. rtlM^ m l^tlcr IfiiiiTlMMl -llltl ^npiil-stijl knilli-LS ^-(.IlirTi 

kuKly lww\[ [wv-Vel WnJa mtfe of ^nlimts luul fumercri in kniUttt atKoii. 44f 11; 
;|K*» in Tcj^'kfiir- ."otfi'irv jl uliiihllj iir^licr piicr 

p.T.u.'s-checks, stripes, plains and white * Bright, Breezy Summer Nighters 

Dili-, fu,<,utuc IM.U.^ u, i, hifisrMhsii-eur im^ ,.l jwitmi. jiut- .ahiu i> inil in 
•hltc. LcratoniiMi. iot»m. IvlliMn wui ctojik viaWtmiU l^itcil unilrrwaf far 
amlern ntrii 13f6- 

isn tight , . . saeoo! . . . so comrortubk. CilMinlly <ivlcd Suttuner Niglilers 
in ciiKv-cure no-imn uvuron. CHdiim; iiis f«iiril£ ccAar\ ir. iptus, iinvcltj' 
pnnts, M/6, 


1 • 48 

-Auoust 31, 

National Library of Australia 

gifts he can wear! 






lop (iivwue with Auar,ili[in men in Hiitepriurf Stfrtch^ ZeHtens — lie 
ttii iliiii s-t-r-c.i<4K.:% to lif itll siwji. .•^tav^up■Il^^llly.-l^l"dll>■ iaag. Chome 
fi"lii ihc Midw iaiijit. p( styles, pajtcrnsiinij cntiin iii AuslVjIiu, mcluJinu 
Ihc WW •hurauhcd ptin«.-s-- ^ai jtiuifamwJ ^hrinkpriitif. miu-hinc- 
wnahnblB, untl (luc frntn dumng. ||'9 

C WHITH iBt.AZtR.STglp^ (VHPiV SOS. D niSTIK't-TlVtfcSdSCiSSiai (■AtTERI'it, 


, ^"^ Autimmw Wctt^Ws WeEKLi - Aum... 31. 1960 

l)<ilfgm>l Cltf pim Sax H tie Stt . . .^flfJIft^ 
ttTiltfort-V'inr nitrri. Wtt /ai'^Ir xTWch 2eahmx h'W> 
I'rrfyrHy muh'httix mittlvfii wtnrm' fk\ 

a I HicivS WII H A lllPH-Kt M 1 — I l-NTitF SI HIPtil 

H Hiimi-i) xni F wrrH sntiPEs iv bold croiORs 

^ HO 


Page 49 

National Library of Australia 



# A steeply pitched roof is a 
feature of ihifi week's Home Plan, 
No. 907 in onr series. It has bettii 
riesigned under ihc directioti of 
Iwo experienced architects. 

THERE ajT three largff, 
spacious bed Tooms 
wMeh open on tu the 
garden. A screen separat- 
ing the entrance and ttr- 
rsce gives privacy to the 
bedrooms at the fiont of 
the house. 

A [argp livijig-rnom, 10t\. 
hy lilt. Bill., oprfii tm In a 
p^vT'd trrrace, id(?a] for sum- 
mer rnicrttijnijlg. Thfrr I? 
ample sinragp .^piifi? ihrough- 
nut — rloik riiplinnrri, biiili-tn 
wjrdriibes in All <lii' hpdrfiuim. 
3licl p[Mily cupbt>;iTd spare 
ill the? kiltHen. 

In our illustmEiDti. A tikhle 
his b't'n pl^iced in s utility 
nrm of 9(t. by 9fi. Tiii? umld 
ctiniblr jut ^ play ar<;^i for chil- 
(Iten in wrseber «r is a 

■Ilif balhrcsnn. laundry, anif 
kiu-hen h:ivp hrrn placrd cldsr 
tftt^Hhi'r III ^vc i>n plutiiljiii^ 
ffiits; and ihf toilri, ihaiigh 
fonnlnif pari of the irholr 
hathrooTii urea. ItHS bft'ii 
fluwd off by n wsll.' 

*J"hw holTir i^uulrl he plarrd ■ 
armsj a wide bliKk Of h-rti>ili- 
y^'\ii^ Qtl u narrow %i(r. !l y4iil 
dp-ride to build In timtwr, jl 
w..iuJd cast fi-oni £S7S(J-JC>^+5[i 
and ivnuld cover fln ;ire.^ of 

li.e sjquajfs. In lidck, ilii' 
area would l>e 12.S uquarr^ 
jtid would cml fiDBi JlKJllO. 

The prirf>5 we have given 
hrre art only apprHximate aiitl 
do iini inriude »he price ifl 
yuur land. Ftir urruriite roil. 
fin your ?iti!, considi your lixiil 
fftPine Pjaiintng Centre. 

All oLir (Jentres are imder 
the dirertiim c/( ([uiilified 
archiferts^ wliii will ^ive you 
frre advice jnhout any of your 
building pr«b!eni«L f)(Vier 
.skilln! advisers, ssn'h ss rolnr 
cuiKiiltiinls, ligfiiing eipcn>. 
4ild intrriur deror^turs lari lite 
^ttaif of die Ktare ia which the 
Cenrrefv are Ui*'ate^f, are al^u 
uvailabJe to advi«.- yuii. 

Modifitations can be ni.^dc 
to any rjf the pl^TT^ a^'ailable 
At (he C'entrcj. but if drEiftinq 
and prinjing are invnIiTcl ill 
the alttratinnG :in pxtrn 
char^p la tnad.?. All pl:.inh 
can be nbtained in mJrf^:^^- 
rcvrt^r pu^iiion atid ran be 
phccd ill iiiigir on (he 

Jiile. Cnntempisrary and 
tradiliouiil style homes are 
availsble, [ind window [mmi- 
tiunj and ariras ran be alccriid 
In stiit individuitl requiiY- 

For a ^lI!aM fee. the Centre.*^ 
will arrange for an ixpi!ri to 
inspiiet your proposed site and 


the allractive »eree-a, which ieparales the main 
e.nlranet> and terrain from the hcdroom* opening 
**n to the. ^arden^ 

Mf'a'V I ■ ■■ 

advise to tbe boti^ must 
nulled to your land, your imn 
requLremi^ntJ, and your 

Carports atid garages are 
nut alviays sltnwn i>ii the 
platus bui they can he in- 
I'liided in the dt^ijfrL .^dtf 
apprusimateiy £175 lu £25(1 
ftir a enrport flud £235 l.t> 
£41X1 for a sin,t^lc hrick 

BKISBANE: MeWliirter^ 
The Valley. (Tel. 


!VIF.I.nOURNi!:: The Mrer 

Eniparinni. Uinedale St. 

(Tel, 320-M). 

GEELOMa The Mver Etn- 
purium, ATvlvp jSl. (Tel. 

ADELAIDE: John Marliii 
& Co.. Lid., RnnHle St.. P.O. 
B«i No. "9, (Tel. W0200). 

HOBART; Fiu4rfniltl 4 
Co. Ltd.. Cullinj Si, (Tel. 

TfK>WOOMH.*: I'iioll anrt 
(j). Pt». Ud., Buthven St, 
(Tel. 7733). 

SVDNEY: AnihcniT Uch- 
dem & Soni. L.14I.. Brieklield 
Hill, (Plew^e flddresfl all mail 
tb ihU Omre tn Home Flan.'., 
Ruji 7052, {i.?.0„ S»diiev). 

UNUKRBA: A ni huny 
fTordern & SuTUt Ltd., tUvitr 
Centre. (Tel. JBSII). 

— L. l't?KV . KjnSHeM. MgAlX 

FLOOR PLAN for detign iVo. 907 •howa th« 
spacioax liviitg'TOom opening on to a pimed 
terrace, and the convenieiu placing of balhroom, 
ttiuiidry, and kitchen ftteilUiet. 

£2,860 in Prizes! Now's the time to enter! 


Organized by 
rn coti/unrtion wifh 

HEINZ Baby Foods 


• No entry fee, no labek required. 

• Many valuable awardt in addition to ceih prizes. 

• Open to all babies in AiBtrafia under IB months old. 

• Entry form in this iuue or available »t all Heini Baby Food 

• State l^rtalitii travd froB to Sydney for final fudging. 


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First prize to HEINZ BABY FOODS 


National Library of Australia 

Debbie makes 


4 BASIC recipe for mai^hrnaltow is ^vcn this 
week by Debbie, our teenage chef, who also 
shows thiX'c ways to tisc it. The mai-shmaliow ia 
cut into squares, tossed in coconut, and eaten as 
(lonfeclionery; used as a topping for biscuits; and 
to a sauce to serve with ice-cream, 

Ingredients for licr recipe (a'^iiig level Kpooii 
measurements) arc S tablespoons gelatine, 1^ 
cyps eoid water, 21[). sugar, 1 cup boiling water, 
t dcjuertspdcm Icinon juice, I tea,sptKjn vaniUa. 

Debbie soaks the gelatine in cold water, places 
the sugar and boiling water in a saucepan, aad 
brings it slowly to the boil. She adds the gelatine 
Slid boiis mixture steadily for 20 miautes. ITicn 
she pours it Into a large basin, allows it to cool, 
adds the lemon juice and vanilla, and beats until 
very thick. It is then ready to use as deaired. 

POVR cooked mix- 
lure into a large boivl 
(left), alloK it to 
cool, then fiavor it 
wilft jerPMtn juice and 
vanilla. Then beta it 
Hn'ift an electric mixer 
Of" rotary beater until 
very thick and white. 
Color pole pink with 
food coloring while 
heating the mixture. 

poured into a greaaed 
tlab-tin dutted with 
icing^tugar. When it 
it tet, cut into large 
tqaaret (left), to»t it 
in toatted or colored 
cacoiutL Half the 
marMhmaUote can be 
left white, then 
topped icilh pink 
for added color 
effect, if detircd. 

TO MAKE party hU- 
(right), tpaon 
>n«D-ihnudIoK) into 
greated patty-tint and 
top each with a bit- 
eiit round. When 
"tarthmallaw hm «el, 
t-enwve from moufdt, 
*oi>er each with chbc- 
ofale coating, made 
oy mixing together j 
cup drinking chaco' 
late and 3o», eool 
>nelied thorlening. 

SAUCE. Blend to- 
gether 1 tahtetpoon 
edcfi of cornflour and 
sugar and 1 cup of 
icater, Uir atixlure 
over heal until thick- 
ened ( right), arid 
add little peppermint 
ettence, green color- 
ing, and Jib. chopped 
marthmalloK. Cool 
tauce before lerr- 
ing with icecream. 

Augusi Jl, 1960 

Page 51 

National Library of Australia 


per jar' 

says Miss Evie Hayes 

"In t/it breaks between my tpots on TV 
progfommej. I find Mcrniiie juii the 
t/iinj to lifi my energy. / lore its fiovour 
in londwiihei and broth. So ecanomica\, 
too, v)l(h morf spreads per jar. One 
thing I'm sure of. a little Mnrmltt does 
0 power of good." 

Nm time you feel like 8 stwck, try 
[he energy-lift of Marmite. Spread it 
on toast, cracker biscuitSj ot Ln sand- 
wiches. Marmite is a vdvec-blcnd of 
two of nature's richest food elcmcnK 
. , . vitalising yeast and vegetable 
eatracls, . . It's nourishing, appetizing, 
aids digestioii and builds resistance. 
Because Aiannitc is excremcly rich in 
Vitamin B|, use it often to help your 
family to better health. Add Marmite 
to al! your soups, stews, gravies; see 
thai every lunch you cut includes a 
Marmite sandwich or two. Tastes so 
good, and so economical , , . many 
more spreads per jar with iVtannitc, 

Insist on 

the one and only 


i.RiSP. HOT BACO!\ ROLLS and a sprig &f 
parsley ^^rnah this unitsual C4>rn and muMhroom. 
pie^ whieh U «ur £5 prizewinner this %ecekm S«* 
recipe for paltry akeil and filling below. 

£5 prize recipe 

# A recipe f>or an dudsiibI savory "pie^ 
Bcui in by a reader from Western Ail»> 
tralia, ivina the £5 cookery prize this 
week in our regular contest. 

THIS pie has a delicious 
crunchy crust and i 
fdllng that CDmbines a 
variety of Ila%'ors to form 
a colorful and tasty mix- 

All spoon mfasiirrrncntii are 


Shdl: Two PUDC« trutter or 
ttihstitute, 1) cups brcad- 
fcruinhs, pinch salt, 2 tgg- 
whiicK, 2 tablespoons com* 

Mrit huiccT or sutKtjtntF in 
p^n, add l^readcruinks^ }ind 
stir until all arc well rqialed 
with biitlrr; remove. Beat 
f^]5g-wh.i(cs vrith salt until 
mikiure standi iti axiif peaks. 
Add romflwir and mix well. 
Prei>: avrf base and sides of 
8in. I^\rt-plate. Bake in moder- 
atr oveh I!; to "id nlillut<^S. 

Filling: Kour auncra vream 
cherjic, 2 q^-yolL^ 1^ caps 
millct 1 tablespoon eomHour, 
2 cufK clx^ked whole kernel 
com, I tablcipnon chopped 
mint, ilh. mmluminvi. (wa.'Jied 
and slicedlf 2oz. butter at 
substitute, I tablcspooB dry 
cherry, salt, caycniK pepper, 
2 beaten eggs, extra I dcsscrl- 
fpaoa batter, 2 extra I3j>lc- 
^Toons milk, bacon rolls and 

Home hint 

A PRIZE of £1/1/- u 
anrardcd to Mn- Lilian 
M. Wilinn. 75 SprtHtle St., 
Lakcmin, N&M., for iIk 
FullDWinic hint: 

If d iittif br<inn tuftar fi 
tprinkl^ owr a ftiinl of 
mtmt brfofr. ttroking^ the 
g^^vy wHi be rirher if* 
color and ftavitr. 

II you have a useful hmie 
luaE to pau on to other 
houfewivQ, send it Hooic 
Hints, Box •was W.W, 
GJ'.O., Sydney. We »UI piiy 
£1/1/- (or every one used. 
* ^ — — - 

Mix cream cheese and egg- 
yolks witli curnflour; add ndlk 
gradutiUy, Transfer lulxtuTc 
to tap hall of double saitce- 
pan aiid cook nver hnt water, 
sllrcing eonstanlty ujitil mix- 
ture thickens. Remove frot« 
hent and add mint :^nd l \ cupfl 
of the corn; mii well. Saute 
sliced mushrrHinvH in the 2 
ta!)lespc>QCLi of butter until 
lender. Mix izitP com mi?t« 
litre; stascn with ahcrr)*, salt, 
and cayenne to laiite. Pile 
into tart-shell. Scramble 
be.aten egg? with milk, butter, 
and little lailt. Add remaining 
ftsm and spoon on lo centre 
(^f pie. G^tminh with bacoli. 
rolls and parsley. 

Fint Prize oi £3 to Mn. 
C Walker, ? Scahrook St, 
Motmt Hawrthora, WjV. 


Jj^QCK ciiirken rncnG^c is ihc rome given to thii 
wmk't fairuliy diih oI fricaaiced tripe Havoretl with 
daicken noodle soup. 

The dUh ccrjts apprD:(!mat«ly 5/- and serven 5. 

Onu and a half pAunds iTip«, c(?Ld wsitrt I desivrt- 
spoon 2 i^t^ white OVU^n^, I packet chicken doodle 
Joup, l\ cups inilbf 2. tablespoons Baui blcndird with 
exira milk^ 1 dcwrt^oan butler^ pinch cayttme pepper, 
J tablespoon chopped parsley. 

Wuk tripe tlJarnu-ghly, scrape ttfidcffide vtil^ Cut 
into 4ln. piECM. F\a\:c in snuctrjsaa with cold wftirr l& 
easier, briaK ilowly ;o tioiLhLg pouiL Draiin, cover vfiih 
frrsh roM water, add inJl Clock jl^entiy I hnur, then 
add whijie ^lerlf^d onkim and cook I to hours king^f, 
.according to quL^ljlry of tripe. Remove all but 1} CUp» 
'oi liquid {rciin Mnccpan, chop onion und refilace. Add 
the jjurkngc ej( rhieken noodlt^ soup and milk, sim^irr 
7 to B mmuies. 3tir in hiendtdi ^^ur^ cCN)]k 5 'Oit ^ 
niinut» lunger, fi^ldl In bttttsr, caytone pepper, dnd 
pufJtlcy. Serve hot. 

:in 52 

The AusntAUAK Wohekt's WtEKt\ — August Jl, 196*^ 

National Library of Australia 

iag^Qt, becoming aware at ihc 
<rf the mnifiaJtirn but 

tj^riiiLn«l ^i> diiT**ir'krd ihcm. 

"We've got w mufli r^ghi id be 
hen: " *oyonc eljc. Mv friends 
iijkcd- roc (D come iaAck and 
ICC tJieni. r d(m'( knew whai 
fioie pdioEincn *re hanging 
ahmn tai, but it'i nothing to 
do with me." 

She mimrtrti tOWJTCla tllC 

fhumh Agun, but the Enilitia- 
jncn, who had been Jounging 
in the doorwjiy, smotiiij! lant^ 
ultiboard cnd«i cagitrtitM, 
ItrWgiitRncd up and brtianiF 
itsSlf crifidal. One of tfacra 
barked ttn order At ^tiu BaE- 

^Hr wanu lt> your docu- 
ments/' TrsmlAtrd Jat'kir, 

'*TcIl ihr. silly man J hjvcc't 
(pol juiy and I can't sec wliy he , 
wanU theiDp aci)'wa>'r Mia 

Jtcku! modified this repJy 
coiliidf^nLhl^ ni tnfiiLilji^ ex- 
plaininir plcasMnily^ if un- 
j^MtTLniiiiiti^lJy, tKa.t Nfiss Bag- 
ihot v*R3 a tDunst who wdK In^ 
tenrttd! in uld churrhn und^ 
luvinB vUHed Uu^ churrh once 
tw^on:^ wpu AnKiOiU to sec over 
if i^in. 

"This cfaur^h hai bem dp- 
clarKl A publir ftrehite<'*UFa3 
cnemf/rial.'* fhc mtlitiuman 
■ckajited nHiodmly- "All 
ciuirm lo iri([KCt Jt inuit be ad- 
drstnt 10 the Mitiiitry at 
Architecture and li ii|CDcd per- 
mit obCftinrd " 

'Tom>yroclt," aid Mis Ba^- 
silCit. when Jackie Laid her the 
gui of jhii spcKch. "Jfi noi 
€\m fiUy v*an old ;ind ihey 
wefen't doin^ niuc_h abouc 
■rchit^^cturtf nanoTinJ ytttcT- 
di^. Tell him hjiti e friendi uf 
m iniC who live tbrf r in vi ted 
tnt b^iik 10 sec tluim " 

Conttmiitig . . . 


"] don'E think wc oughl to 
brills your fntrncif into it — " 
j£<^k]e had b^^ufi to ATgut 
H hvil t hf bM vy doqr of Shrt 

church opened Atid a mail tind 
a wum^tt ciunc out on in the 
»[efu. Thr woima was hrund- 
n II Idemj ond st urd y with a. 
plump, iiheerful far« framed 
by a tighiij^ k(i£>ttcd whllr 
kerchief. Miss B^snhoT bo-undrd 
fatrwMrd and c^u^hi hold dl hrr 

"Thii^" ihe caUed lo Jackie 
over hef shoulder, the 
AvumiiA 1 told ¥*u abo^ut — the 
our who had the opeyation for 
Tipprndicitla- And tier hiU' 

She WJivrd her olhrr hajid 
row^rdj the man who aknoit 
ftll doM'n tht itone ttcf» in 
ht? :mxiriy to ktxp in the b-ick- 

But if he was not equal to 
dealing with the fitiLation. bii 
wffr ihftwcd not iht «]i$ht?4t 
rm bumurnirn t 1 n diso wnini^ 
Mlsi BagfthoL Hrf facir beiranif 
a« Item a5 wns pos&ible for jiiy 
OAturall y good-hum ored coun- 
teswnce ami her eye* met Misi 
Bi»E[ihoi''i. vacantly. Qutie 
^tntly iht dcl^ched her Hind. 

'"The farejgn lady must be 
mistaken in jfrrrtiog nir. I 
have nei-'er *een her before in 
my Jife." Sbc t;ulc:d do^vn ihe 
■teps ma jadcalLy, linking hrr 
arm through hrr hii^hand^i to 
:njpjjcirt faim, and they walked 
off inw \hf. d4rkt}e» wiiboiiE 
a backward i^bincc. 

"I c^'t believe ihe didn* t 



>oi lealty f(i«clh>i mitef, take 
Megoffones A) work or at 

Di lislening Ig Radio or TV . . . 
a tough, o cold, or catarrh 
^niborross^A you dnd disturbs 


Stop il - with MEGGIZONES. 
Soorhitrg and cinti$<ptic 
MEGGnONES faring giikk leWef. 
plca^nilv and conrenierrtlv, 
and lte[p la pralect you against 

From vDur fomir Chemist. 3/11 
per pacdol 




r(?c?R7]ii<t ine," rjtrlfiinird lutisi 
BAgithutj •luring afiee them, 
hurt aod bcwildeml. 

"Of coursr ihe rerogniied 
you*' Jackie Mothrd hvr. ''But 
it ukei a lot of pmiaj rcuiage 
to »ay io in front of two militiii^ 
inrfi. I fon't fay f blame her 
— fthc'i ROi a fioixi drill morr 
cliaracLcr than her hushBnd." 

I-Eumpbrcyr feeling ocu^tiy 
uncumfortohlr under ih^ JtKid- 


i « "^i/ things, whot :: 

J Moever ye xhatt aik in ^ ; 

4 kali r*v*?ipe." Mat' a 
% tketr 21:22. ^ 
^ This a part of a Ic&Mm ^ 
4 Jcwu tffa^ g^iv'iDg His dis- ^ 
T tiplc5 on faitk The Ley- i 

word IS "btlicvint.** + 

^ itUtiiti tf'a<ivtl bt See If- 

fair gaie of the milUiamfn, 
trird to nrgr Mi&i fia}(»hat 
atvay from thr cJiorcb, 

"ETfl ohvioui t±iey*n? not go-, 
in^ tii Im yau inndc^ AuDt 
[-^vini^. If you ititnd here bc- 
ini? p^Tiisicni they mi'f^ht even 
dtcide to arrut you.'* 

"The-y r^fi't am-Jl me." Mis 
Bai^hot waj 3j certain of her 
Hghts as J ri|j?^n -u if ihc 
h:)id been lumding outiide yi-tnt- 
mbulrr Abbry. "1 faavcn^t 
done anythini;/' 

But she wai «ciiub)e. <:nouih 
ti^ realise that thr militiamen 
were deicrminf^d lo jarry out 
ihdr orderi utid keen intrudera 
frtHTi entering the church. 

She turned 4W9y, allovdriK 
Humphrev lo taJte her arm. and 
parsed thrQUEnh thr inip in th,e 
church wall* tdthfiut another 
wo^d. 1 1 vrzi tio t un til th ey 
renched the batinm o£ thr hill 
and the bright pooli of the 
jtreet light! that her nomuJ 
rriicllioui ipi ri t began to as- 
sert iiielf. 

"I tluill Mtitply f^o bac:k a^in 
in a Week'i time and soe iV t 
can Rei in then. If only 1 
had rnelE Anna or her laxRiiy 
Vol tijfT ii would have been 
quite differmt.'* ihc taid. 
"Anna would have exptAinrd 
(o Chi>tc policemeit that 1 wu 
:i friend Oi hen nod there woidd 
have been none of ihti absurd 

They ^hfld paused under one 
flf the iiTPtt ljimp£, and Hmn- 
phiry wai juit about to sii$itc!it 
that they ihould retrace their 
steps to rh e hus stop in die, wbe/i Miii Biiiphot ut- 
tered a jotful little cry JWid 
fturted towards a youjii^ couple 
who llild tunned thr comer and 
were ^dvanring down the itrcrt, 
their arirg linked, eomplelely 
abKirbfnl in encb atlter. 

At (he lamr otmncnt Jackie 
cauji^ht »ij?hl ol the tqunre 
fistwrr af their foitower on the 
flppoiite ^de rf the Mrret. Me 
wan standing, huilf-turncd tc^ 
w^Lrdu them, in the doorway of 
a shop. He appeared to be 
i;ngroijfd in the ihop-wmdow 
di^pljiy pf ironiflonRery : but 
thcrr wai no nttiitakmfi; thf 
ilou I'll ha t and. t he gabitrdici c 

"If that's your friend AtiOJi^ 
Kfu9 ^gjhotv it would be 
kiindrr to let her ^ekitowIedKe 
ycHJ Brat." *hc warned. "There> 
a pla i nrlo theimjin itinding 
juii AiziQiA the street," 

Mjfa Eai^ihot rhecked her m- 
vtfluntax^' iijfjvrment towatrdi 
her younR friendi. She looked 
impatienEly aerms the stretit jti 
ihp niiotivnleu frgure. unwilling 
Eo accept this melodrama til' re- 
%-clation or to be restrained by 
it- But there was lomethtAg 
difTertioi and oddly sinister 
about ihat &ohtary £|rurf 

He did nut fit inu die back- 
vround of the luburb^ip »irret 
AS did the twn elderly women 
iwtipins ihc i*3vemcot further 
down or the men who had 
ihu fried pail i:hem a few seconds 

Meti Ua|;shDl heaildtcrd, and 
ihrn. a< though ccniir^nt to 
^tcr-t'pt Jat'kie'& advire. toQk up 
it psiiiiun dircftly bcnc-nth (he 
s tjcn lamp where Anna and 
Sdihit coud not iait (o *ce her 

They had airtndy noticrd 
Heft aiid, for a:^ tiLitant, ilok^ed 
their parr alont^ the street, 
.^na seemed lO he whtapi;riiig 
fomething Co SaJiha. but he 
thru&T hii ar^tt more (ighdy 
ibrfiiui^h he» and dragged her 

Thry had seen the lig^ure 
arrodt th*? (Urirei. tc«fl In the 
Kar«h liifhi of the itreet lamps 
Ann+i'a f;ic:r had -Jtt untia-turnl 
p;dJor. Her lip> were trertih|!nj^ 
Odd ihr hud to bite tlicm to 
maintain the itnpre^ori of 
rnmppiure zii she drew nearer 
Mi** Bag:dhi)l. FTitmphrev 
ftoHced that her frre lianiJ, the 
one which Sajdia wui iinahle to 
impTTMii in hii, <m^s rtrtrrlird 
tigh ti y by her fi'dc and ih c 
scemiid to br mcrhani- 

"Poor kid." he ihnun;ht, and 
hoped rhj.r hi* aunt waj suffi- 
ciently lenntci'^ to liavr noticed 
all ikoe Kigai whi*'h would br 
in\i«iblc to the watrhful fijfurc 
fl rroi* the st rre L But M iu 
Bugahot liad already made up 
hvr mind. 

A5 Anna came into the fill] 
drcle Cfif light, she fixed her cyei 
implorinjiiy on Miss, Baf^hiz^t'i 
AO^ then stared liopele4»ly 
Ahead, and iKr older womiin 
averted her Ri7.r delibeia tel y. 
For one Enitant ahe found her- 
self looking dinrcTly at Sa»ha, 
and tn that Herting imrnient he 
ga-ve aiv im,perL-cptiblc iiod of 
gratitude, winked chccrfiiily at 
her, and without moviijii: his 
head or jdnckdiing his pace 
rnuiased to convey hit mftart- 
ine with amiizio^ cjarity. 

^t w»i all over ia a letiimd. 
TTity were ahrc^i of her, they 
ha^ pAMcd her, their footstcpi 
founded steadily ftlonpr the 
pQ'i'emrnL, growing fainter in 
the distance. Neither Jackie 
nor Miu Ba^ot, Himipfarey 
nor the plaunriiothesTnan |;Uinced 
After them. For a lonu time 
the four fii^ires itood motionlest 
M in a tabhau. 

J_HEN the ploirt- 
clotJieun^ri saun tercd unhu r- 
riedly toward) tht ; 
Jackie clipped bet bnnd into 
Miu Bagiliot'i ^nd »que«ctl it 
wiirmly; and HuftTphfcy cleared 
his throa^t rather too oalcnta- 

"^utle A rtmarkitlite voiiii;; 
man/' he laid, and 
why the phrase xhauld found 
«> patrciruftin^ nod UaJial when 
he meant it only as a tribute 
to J rype of ffay courage that 
had tuuched him more tlmn he 
waj wiUini; to adniii. 

"Yn,*" agreed Miii B;iiK*H<3it' 
^'S{:i4h^ will do Anna a lot of 
good. TTiey'nr yiiung, they're 
in love. I don^t njppme the 
funire caji s-cry tP 


She wai tired and dispiriteil 
and )1 WAt ihe who decided 
ihcy wuEild ED horne. She did 
not tpeak at all ^^n the |:atirney 
\'mck sks llump.hrf V and JatJiie 
argnrd out the bejt way of rt?- 
enteritig the flat. Ucca^onally 
ihc turned lo ttBTr at the in- 
conipicuoui yomaj;^ man tn the 
^bardine fainf t, who had 
unce Aj^in nettled in the h^ek 
leat of the bui and appeared 
,io he toBi in coiiteii]pl4ttiofi ot 
the tnffir light*. 

'7t'> ridieuloui to think ta>r 
can all |^t buck in Agmu ar 
easily as we f^i out," Jaekir 
wai saying. "&u Tm i^oin]; to 
walk in by the front eniranre 
and <reA(e a di^-rnioa, while 

you hoUt MiM Bagibol in at 
the window. Ju«t get her 
ihroiii^li the kitchen door and 
up thr bat k way while I keep 
them buiy oai vu the fmnr 
»t4iTr4ue. Then you can let 
V^ursr^lf out »fv^in arid bcFmr 
to bed at the Metmpok." 

\\, Humphrey had ii> 
a dmit tha 1 Jackie' s boldn ess 
i{oad iirategy. 

"li it all riithi with you, 
Aunt Laviiiia.?" he inquired :u 
they Alightrd from the but and 
wai ked tof^eiher towards the 
blcic'k of flail. 

"Y<t, yes," uid Miu Ba^- 
ihoi,, wliu bad not been IhteO'^ 

"ITten we'd better wait here 
for :i few tninutei and let Jav:lLle 
fto in ^nt . When ihe'i had 
time draw ever^'oiie out on 
to the fnini itairx'ase we'll have 
an eaiier lime j( in the 


Standing by the Wi\U oi the 
hnddinff out of the ilight evert- 
ioR breeze, Kuraphfcy and Miss 
Bijgshm w:uted. There was a 
tonstraioE About hii aunt, 
which IluinphjiTy had never 
noiie-ed l>eforc. He knew that 

she was iCruKifling widi henelf^ 
rriuctant to itdmii that she had 
lj*iCTi wrong. 

"Humphrry.'* MLti Bainhot 
said at lost, "Vuu can «;a down 
to the EmbiLEfv (mtiorrow 
nKKming and ttll Sir Kcj^nald 
I hnve chAnifrd my mind^ I 
now lee thjit it wotiid be much 
nu(re icAiihie if I tetumed to 
En($land u v>af) jn ihc Lmhaasy 
ran bonk mr on a phime." 

Il wai ki tinc;tpected that^ 
for a moment^ Humphrey could 
not reply. 

He wanted to catch hold of 
hit aunt and waIu her g'mly 
across the rflfcbled street. 

He wanted to ihorut and 
lau^ and ceJebrair the end of 
hii nit&siein lo Mo&caw. It 
seemed incredible to hini that 
thii frustrating vigil mijthi fOon 
be over and, perhitpfi, even to- 
morrow, he would be c^orttng 
Aunt Laviniik back to England. 
A j^rcat weie^ht hnd herb lud^- 
denly lifted from his mind ind 
Humphrey fell lightheaded 
with triumph. 

He wanted^ absurdly, to run 

To pogt S4 



Mr;;. E^ilcen ItitliJi rdj^on of 
Atlcltiide dlirln'i ISLf* iht^ itifra 
of doirt^i without Iter favouriLp 
food;* and HWrH?< aitif. wlit?n ^(u" 
litMrd ih^l nl SithmiPtH' nhr 
u'oiildn'l haw to dii*t to Imr 
weight, filtr i^liirtrd lirr 

At 5jJ!fioireUe there are no over^ 
>trr nuou* rnutine^ . ol ou - 

enuipment dtMf^ ■'trarl^ all ihr 
Hoirk niid pertoiinl anperv iiiftr^. 
set ibe pier. Voo peniJ> trm^ 
iiFf ex(<e>ii MtK^ revitatixin^ your 
hnth tiiuneR, ^<M>Lhinf| ^oiir 

Tli^rne ^rc no rbunpa to attend* no ap|H>ititmmlii t-o 
make. Al Silhou<et4e you arraJlf£p your flppointmrnlN 
lo suil your»eif, at often rnt yt>» lik^. 

Inches & lbs. disappear like magic! 

^Ir*. Rirhanlson, in juM one mtinlh. arhirveit 
Hnnir really Wrnnclrrfnl rcsulls. I.aak at thr 
flifferrnt*' Silhouette hub already marie to her 









\i»u. loD, Tin weiglil, wh&r yati wtsal to. add iachxi 

to vour hui^tline ■! SiUtnnrtlr. 

Prrr-aisnliy r-up^vjaed '^fi^ure cDifiuuring'* nrtant that StfAwfCffir 
inn giuirrnilM tetnlLi in joil iO d«v»- 

fboiiF vour nMrt-fl Silfaoarllr Sulon n«» id amnttf jirar Ercr 
li^urr- niialy-Hi^ And iri.ik 


Syiine^399 6eor9« Streti (opposite Fomwrs) — BX3911 
Top Ryde— Rfigiono! Centre — WY 027* 

Brisbane— 173 Eliiobeth Streel— 2-6B7S 

Adelaide — 67 Hindmarsh Squore — W4618 

Perth— His Majesty's Theofre. Hoy Street— ! I -3305 

£2/15/0 per month (on a course bosis) 

Page S3 

National Library of Australia 

Have you tried 

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with the "Magic Channel 
of protection? 

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Continuing ... 



from pqgg 53 

ifter Jwrltie and trll her the 
Rood newt. It was Jiiftie whti 
}jj:id rng;iH«jred ibii diUfcter 
iiiohr, (t w:ii Jackie wfho hLtd 
pliinn-ril thU cvcnintf't rain- 

succciS rjciirjy in her iniad. 
He wiiMicd mj fthu-re the triuTOph 
w J t h h irr. Bn i jlrcady three 
91 1 iJi 11 tcs h4t] t'^^^ iiiit^ 
knew rhai shr was Alniiuibt tfi- 
iuin.]y JLif round L"d at ililn mo- 
rn i^n^ by a mill ing rele 
I irirrc^ijjondenti. 

Hr ami led dcwn nr Mitts 
BfiP^licit- For the firii rinic siiiC'e 
.irrii-'ii^K iji M£^ii^-c>w hc^ feJi in 
sympiuhv wiTh her. 

"Thank you, Aunt J^i'inin.'* 
was :iU hp s.iid. "[f you're 
ri-Aciv, iihoLLld bp itarting 

Jackifr now" 

>divcrsioTia.iy Utclic* 
WW \\\r ^lair^^ mcf wjih comptetc 
iuti-Ci*. Tlic uproar wFiich 
(fjceled her cnlfrinri: into the 
nbrk of fbt^ not Dtily 

»i,jl3u't*h( Ti3 dtyw llffli WiN 
son and! his purita itway Jrom 
flicfr fwjkcr Rtimrj it *ibo 
I'lroLa^ht niDjt. of J:it'icicr'5 dipSo^ 
mwht" n-fighboi* tci ifipir dcm". 
In Ai^^lfifg^i^tns lo ihrm find in 
imrr^ing qucjtions ^om thp 
f cKhrespoTidfiJiH. she wa> eajUji- 
iWr tu nrrtiunl for t^n minutes 
hcfore she reached tht? foiirlh 

"I ufii v*^ry aorry you Jia-ve 
alt been sitTiiig ubcut hc^e 
wajtlng yaur tin^f'/* Jiickif ^licJ 
plc^i3rt^ltly ivhrni »hc able 
!0 make her vcice hPard above 
ifir ruiiiTTiciitDn. "There's been 
nta line in my f^m lh<; whoJe 

"■'Yon wfrt there yDurieif ai 
o'uWii vhrn jpou 
:ii II iwertd the- phon e: for the 
Li5 [ 1 ini r " ditT tis^d 5 tp wart 

^*But you were alt making 
lurh :i din on t^]1^ sliiifa and 
n'ini'in.g ihc doorhtrll kl 
iiMvL' Ei]r ;a hc-Jidnrh*" and I dc- 
fidrd to po foi wnlls,'' 

''How did you gel nuiAidc 
wiihtntf jTiy of us Kcing you?** 
I tied at! my iheets ici- 
!i;riKrr ,'itid iilid do>^ ittio the 
yird." ^ 

"Where did you ro?" 

"IF v^^tlki^d to R*td Sc^uoTc, sat 
(]own for □ Ttrat on Lenin's [oinb 
ind cnmr back." 

thf silly toij- 
I'mation tvent on kiTtil rvcii ihc 
ptraiaitni ^tewsLii: bKi^siH to tire 
nf it. JsickiE wax :i sr^soncd 
L'^mpqiRiiFr ii; fendinit ihr 
Pre.'fs fmtn Sir Resinok], Lind 
llllr jidetrnckcd every que^tbon 
jabingly hui iirmly. AH Mm tirrtf 
the ce]ftcd L'lojcr to her frdill 

'^I'm lurc you're all ruther 
drrd," she snjd wlifn heit hand 
was, on tbi" de>onkncib. "And 
lo ana I, U you wuuld liltc tti 
yu huirir I(j bfid, I'll j^ive you 
my word of hcknor ihrtt 

wi^n'r be opening aj^aLii 
kinti] z\ Irait ninr o^clock bi the 

J;icitie put her kfy in thr Ittrk 
hiitd iuokcd round to set- if any- 
one seemed jv^dy to char$J!e 
the d-wr when ahr c[x>n^d 
Only Slifvw'art ihciwt.'d fif^im of 
fE^llow^u^ hcr„ but hr was 
wedded behind sn agtrtcy cor- 
rrii^H^THk'Ut with a camera, ihc 
Jcit renaoinablY lafe. Thr jlaah" 
bulb exploded. Jickir tu mcd 
thL' key. (Iart4fd ihrouidi ihe 
d>CK>r, and slainmed it ihxil iiiA 
Stcwiiri hiiigrd foTi^nri 

1i ^as Fortunate ihr hnd pic- 
venlcd hhn Itiqm rnieriniit the 
lljt. Evru js ahe k-aned ii little 
bre.ithlcH airajiiit the c!toHd 
dotjr. MisA BH^shol ciimt^ out 
qf Oic liii in IE-room tu join hrr. 

"You're 5.uppDSrd tu br in the 
bathrooTM. Mm Baf^hot/' 
J44i^kir prniiaiffd. 

"Am r» my dirar? T «loni 

see that anything niokiM much 
tlilTerrnrc ntw." 

Jackie, hcjirifig the hopelr-a*- 
nesi in Mlia iJagahot'i \'oiLT. 
slopped and lumpd. Then^, im- 
prltUiiuJy, ahr v^cnt lo hrr *Tid 
put one itrcnif yoitns arm roun<J 
the aid wijm^iti'i shoulderi, 

"IjCt'* go out to the kitchi^tl 
and tnakr ii ^ocd Hfong cup 
ijf ir..i," ihe Said. 

Althoush Misi liagiliot fol- 
lowed her into ihi- kitchen stir 
said nuihtt^g, stjrinR at thi 
blue gnd and the occasion >il 
ycllDvf llarrtes lictinj^ the tidcfi 
of thr altirninium teitle,- 

"You'll t&tm to K.'f tni' whi*n 
you get back Kj Rnyluud, won I 
you. JatJiie?'' *hf picudrd ,ii 
iast. There SoMlird to be nn 
nrcd IP ricplain that shr lipf^clj' 
would bi; rctumitiH almtJst nn- 
mediately. Jackie hnd alrcitdy 
aicepmd it ivilhijui n^mut^ent. 

"Of cuufic 1 will ril wrilr., 
tJM," Jackie AiiEd^ puititiH the 
tea on the tray. 

She carried it into ihr nil- 
tlns-TWtn, and Kl il un tht 
t^Lti^c. Fur a fiEW 111 a tut le*, they 
tLippcd thtfif 104 in silence, 

■ There' « t) tily pnr thing t 
regnet/ Miss bugithot «aid 

""Inai," laid Jarkic, "n very 
i-weky. I'th jure if you'd siayrfl 
longer you woulii have vl'- 
l^rett«d Q lot irtorr. Tliis w-M 
tisouttd li> happen iKKuier or 
later and it'i dilTtf-uh rni3u^h 
to change your mind at aiu' 
tunc, R ifth I ni.- w, 1 1 involve s 
anly you. In a few mtinlhs ii 
m ish t ha vr i i A'ulv r:d a. Rrira t 
mnnir' people — Annn und hfl 

"I WiunT ihinkiii.K that," 
said Miikji Bagidior. "^1 wa^ 
Lhittkirts of I'uu and Hum- 

'TlufTsphrry?" Jarltir pui 
down her tup, toinpletfly b<'- 

"Hfr will havp to tonur hanir 
with rue now, of ccurse,!.' es- 
LiUJiied ML** Biiiii^hfH- "Tottior- 
row or perhap*! the day alter. 
Anf-1 that Iriivrs vcrv Uttlt^ tiinr: 
\iiT you ic^ ;^.t Wi know each 
other. He's reaJJy ft tnufh tiicw 
yoiini[ inftn th;in ypu think." 

" 'Oh . }] un iphrcy'ft a ^'t ry 
stout feJloXv," Jiirkie agreed. 
The ronverEciLion wa^ takit^^? on 
an unrr^J And r^lthcr *cnli- 
mental qiiLilSty and ^xt-. iri^d 
vainly to ateady it bark into 
itiL>t<' nijrnml ch^innels. 

''i know wc artjuf h lut .\nd 
I do yrt very crosi hecauje he 
takes no loiij^ being rcmujuibit 
Uiat hr mflcu mi&sei the poiini> 
Hue. truly. Mia» Ua.E^liLii, 1 liu 
see aU hi^ i^ood qiiuii [leii, too,'* 
H hr Jij i>^l , ' ' J i e'.i «n Ic ft tul Ue- 
ptrndihble aeid one knowa ia- 
S)tijrii tiii;'Ly he d be the sofi of 
£];irtiieE whti'tk r-eally try (or 
every halt Eb a jfuiuc of ten- 

*'That il nol whiU ] meEint 
■nt all/' nxinJ Mi&i Buj^shol. 
"Aful you know vei> well ihsci 
il isn't. If Humphrey wai onlv 
r(>aioiia:bk jji<I depeiidjjblr., hr 
wouJd be a vejfy dull youiiq 
mim. But hr ii xensitivif and 
afTectionaic, and 1 jtti iiare hi- 
could lie quitr- lively, too, if hr 
had i:Jirinji(h of thr right <C3m- 
Y^Wf. jUiuiuphriy ha» jmproved 
tremendi^udV ini ihii ihort itay 
in MoHcnw. In Eiiglatid hr will 
be LivLUR with hi* family ug^iin 
and they arc dull :ind depend- 

"H^ could always tiiavc 0ul 
iind art up a fbt ftii hii own/' 
Jiickie p>oin|i>d Mut. 

"Yd Li ro u Id, he couldu' t . 
Hkjrnphnjv it fair loo -roDrertitHj 
ti btni I olhe \ people' i f i-el i 
to hurl hg^ awn fjimilv's.'" 

"KfeajiinH that I jini quite 
ruthlris ?" 

^'Ju5t very indejiend>fni. my 
d'rnnT, I am myself, lo S under- 
»(nTid itr But if you hn^ti a littlr 
more of Hirmph rev's ileadiness 

To page 55 


so comfortdble — 
so secure — 
a Modess belt 
ensures complete 

Choose from — 

tvtth fJiiis iir l^Hps 



luxury nytati 

fiOiJUCt Of iOHN&ON IL rtSHNWf* 

The AumiAi_iAK \\'ome» \VLi:iij-V — -\Mi;^it ii. Wt^ 

National Library of Australia 921 0 

apd he Iwd lums of yaut livpli- 
ncia, li would Ik a grrai help 1o 
both V«"f cluMctrrs." 

**j " said Jactk- Ajid she 
did ind«d only loo dtsrly 
when ihi* <T>iivc™uon wim 
Mill Bimshol tcadinj, 
■'ThrJi pcrhi|H ju't well 
vou've Uen so bu«y wilh your 
f^rn afTii™ "P 'iU ""w- Mis! 
BassSiot. I know j"«t tiow pcr- 
fUBiim ynit "™ ''^i * " 

Utiod liins Tou have onlj- n 
llay or so left vcncenirjilc 
atl this [MiLnilar prublciil. " 
Jaciio wai laiigliinj:, Init her 
tiasijis wijrdi hdd a binl 
n( grui'iiy- HLtnipliTpy ioomcd 
like a lokniii spirfLre behind 
evrfylJiing tha' Jwckir did. ]l 

Lmpmsible not rt> be 
KioBJ d1 his vajuE air tJ di«- 
appiWJl lowardi h". During 
the [w<i iwo d»y had made 
her iuaiinie an evpn ttjotb uj;- 
jfrrjaiiT and fXHitivo prnon- 
ajiiy. Jaxkic diiEilcd her jciloni 
bt^nR guided, even iubcon- 
scloiul^, by anyone but hcr^ 

•'We'd bcltrj- (!0 In bed." she 
laid abrupdr, clattering Ihc- 
ruj» cm lo iJic Iray and itaud- 
ing up. 

"Yes^'' agreed Miu BEi.i^hnl 
and ligherf- "Thert'i only one 
day left." 

Bill Klliii BagihDt had _ u1- 
ready divided the one da>^ into 
twcnt^^our houra- And twenty- 
ItHir houn, if handled cure- 
laSlj. could bt qtiiu a lanj: 
CicDE. I 

Continuing ... 


as. the ccimftpoudriaij begsui to 
orfE^iic (he compliraTcd aj- 
rang^mcnls for 1 htif Uf taJi - 

Htrh Wilson hud relrnted to 
ihr fixJrnt of offfriTiH his halh- 
rtiom for xfanving, and there was 

hii door, when HmnphrFy ar- 
rived. Ai uec mjjl ihfry Jell 

from pogc 54 

w(: Ought lo try too ■CiftCil to- 
day," yJii- pained- "'1 ho^pc j'OU 
had thr W-nsc ru lu Lhc Em- 
bassy first? Thflfi finr- TU jurt 
let Mill flii^hoi: out of the 
buthrmm and yau can trU hex 
ihr news." 

' 'JafUe. open up . 1 1" i nie. 

It waa ten o'cjfirk iii ihf 
mcirTlilsg. but Jackie Mils 
j^l^bot had jun finiEbni tbeir 
iiTtakrasi. Ttcy wtHild have 
dcpi lunftrr if the aaix on ih*: 

upon him b&i^icjOUdly. H« 
the ftnl itory of die day and 
they wrfifc dricrmincd lo tualcc 
the most of him. 

Ilumphirr had a rough pas- 
up the iuircuc mid, Ih?- 
iwccn llltm, hr AJTid Ja^iie 
Gidy just auccpcdcd in pmhinj? 
die from dcmr of die Hat 

'That's not cixiicriment 


Can friends criticise 
most-noticed room? 

Your friends may not talk about your lavatory, 
but can you be sure what they tiiink? 

Horn, ihtn'i » mn, eny 
way ts katp your tallct btiwi 
(r«h and brigld— HARPICI 

Ju.^ sprinkle Har(iic in Ibe 
lodei lust thing every ni^t 
and flush away in the morn- 
ing, Willie you sleep. Harplc 
desBs Iboroiighly and leaves 
the tnilEt free nf gecms. Even 
Uial lime-scale caused by 
hard water ts r^oved — the 
fartire laralary bowl is kept 
^JarfeUng and hygienicaliy 
cieaa. Anil being delicalely 
perfiunfid, Harpic JtccjK 
your biilhn»<n or lava.tury 
Ask for Harpic «t your slore. 

Hvpic is mxle specially hr clemiing all mnrad 
and tepKc tmk tolloi bowli. 

Harpic deans round the Sbeiiii — where no bnidi can 
i^h' 11 deans more Ihoroughly abnv, as well as 
below. \br. water, betausc Harpic slays on the sides 
of the iwwi. demrans and disinfecling all night long, 
When flushctl awiiy nenl marning, the entire pcinelaiii 
ii spuUing deaa 



Sole fw doohing Suptic Tont Toiet Bcrtirii hffiST 

f ropti 1 he bilhriton] a nd. I is- 
[mud injjialiuiEl^'^ Uiini' 
phrcy dtidUird hia irilrjrvirw 
with Sir;iiiajd earlier that 
morrung, Shfi was fiank^y bcired 
by the ajrajigriiirnL} for thrir 
journry hoizic and tnki sh<- 
was perferlly tjiljifiei'tl to leave 
aU the dctoili to ilumphix)', 

'^'And now^ whai jshull wc dci 
tcdii]!'?" shr ' EAid more chcec 
full}''. '^I luppov thcrr'k Du 
chiiTii'^r uf urcttiBK away froro 
tbis fla*?" 

tmly for one d'Ay. Aunt 
Lavmij_ Tine Gotinul anid ia 
would do his bnt abotil 
reservation! And he'll t:aJ] m 
some time lodny about dur 
pfi^5piorts and exit t-ka?. He 
sepmi to tbink he can hook us 
on sl Finnish pUmr leaving 
Moscow trniiorraw morning. 
Either Jackie or 1, uf caunCt 
will jtaiy hertt with yoit aiU 
clny," ft 

MiM S^Ka^Dt W3i ri^axilins 
tbeiiii both with a !<per ulaLive' 
mtrrrst. Her own situJttitm had 
reaaed to l^ftfirtfls her. Sbt? had 
withdrawn her attention from 
it t:ornpIelely. With tlie vbale- 
hearted zeal of ^which pbe wa$ 
nipabk. *hr wa* concsi- 
trating^ on furthering the oc- 
quaiui;ince of^h^r young ho£t- 
em. and her grand-nephew. 

"Even for one day, wc must 
huvc smne ft»d," laid jactie 
Ln a niattcr-<if~fari fF-aicc, seek- 
ing thi' citsitst method of mak- 
Lng her eicape from the t. 
'^1 shaU p;o uut and buy some. 
And it's eastfrf to get out of 
thr door than in; su^ as long as 
Huiiiphrey ij hrjr lo ieep you 
compaayf Miii l^agihot, I inHY 
u wril p^u down to the Ein- 
bassyt too^ lor the rest of tbr 
morning, i'm tuj'i! the Ambas- 
sador mUMl huvc a lot tif work 
he uranti me to do.*'* 

Mis5 R^^hfit was rwc -at all 
pleased -w i th thii >u ^^^e^tion, 
but. as Hum (jhr^y appeaiTrd 
quite mdiffereD t to J ^ckir' K 
prcsmre in the fbt and Jackie 
benclf determined a^r^iinsi jt, 
there was really no iiitcrtuitive. 

Miss &3gafaot almost rdiKncd 
hcnclf to dcfr^L During the 
afternoon ihf- Vice-(^iuul and 
other off Itiiali visited the jia t 
bearing pauporia;, lickeu for 
the nine o'elock plane die fol- 
lowing iiiomin]^ and mcasigci 
fro EC Sir Ref^inal^, a,po^o- 
gijed io Mills Hngiluit' for not 
ciallrng on her hinurlf. 

"I would Like to congrSituUtf^ 
VTJU. nry dear Misn Hai^^Uot, for 
rccDiuideriiis the poutiofl i« 
■ensibly and jpredlily xad cam- 
iD|E[ to Ki' wiie a det:isi«Pli," he 
wmew "But I am told thrre 
Mfc bC leajft twenty cono- 
pcoidenci camped on your jtair- 
caie and I jun Writing rather 
too old to puflb my way ibniuifh 
thoi- 3 hope t4ie>' iure not an- 
iMjyin^ you tan inurh, and I 

wjah ytiti plrasaTit jutiftiey 
home on tiic phuie tomorrow." 

Thr <'orrc»p»on,clcnli ha<J_, hy 
this dme . I>e<:cimi! more tbji n 
aji annoyance. Always rmdy 
tti sciir iMi the inoot expedient 
method of EaLinini? their endi, 
two of them pused m Ernhasay 
ofTiriLiid!^ :ind actE?d their rolira 
SQ plausibly th*! it was somn: 
time before flufn|]hre^ was able 
to id Rfi til y them and G\'eD 
lanscr beforrr he (rmlld forrr 
Utetn back throuj^ the froiu 

fieavily dlsRubcd om Rua- 
lian janitors and pLunibers, thr 
<:arre.jpoii dents kTi'Oeked at the 
biict dcwr, too, defm^nding fin 
comic open Ruman , which 
Hu til ph rcy waj beg i i m iiiK w 
fecognite] t'j ovrrhatd the gai 
fieySCT^, lo uhbWk tl^c rubbish 
chute, ^id mend Irakini; tapa. 

Miu Ba^sht^t A-rcrptcd the 
situation with ttniarlutbk trftn- 
quillity ^d her ntmnei showed 
not ihe dightcitt^attain. fram 
lhc «rriey of crises and ad%'efl- 
turcs whieb beset them all day. 

'^"rclcRramrni^, Napirr. Tele- 
jjr^irriirui/' another vrrire called 
at the front door. 

fluoiphrey nimxd back to 
the door wearily. 

"1 m not opening up again,'^ 
h^: said. 

"TcJcgramma. " 

' 'I fonestly , Napier . there if 
4 telrgrara for you," 

"I don't believe it," shouted 
If uznpbne^'^ already wonderin^^ 
if his f;ichcr ftad sent tuni ^ 
cable, "Huw would it came to 
this iiddrexs, nnywa.y T'^ 

"Usual Press cDurtesy/' some' 
one yelled from the ataircutt;. 
^'Otie ul lhc btJyi rcroute^l \\ ifl 
you from the Metrtipolc.'" 

"You can reroute U back. Or 
choii'e it under the door," 

Thtfc wai 4 brief argument 
On the staircase. Several of 
the currcspondro t& seemed un- 
willing to Lfllid over the iclc- 
Eram— if thi'rc wa* a telegram 
— witJHiui the spice of getting 
Himiphncy ta open. iJir door. 

"Aw, go on. Let hire have 
it," Humphrey heard others 
wj^ttgliiij^. **H£'i had a tougfv 


waited. A few seccmdi biter he 
Wiii mtpriscd to se^ a bufl-co]- 
cred en^-ekipe pu^ied under- 
neath thi; door. He picked it up 
and rarricd it irito nhe silting- 
roam, haldini; i l gingerl y as 
though t( might explode. It 
Aeemed quite a ge nuin t tele- 
gratn an(l Hutnplircy opened it. 

**\f(«t jrLtd you have found 
your aunt.'' he read. '"And sl» 
d3 not keep ihia very enter- 
taining jtory to yourself. Even 
lit FortuE^I we read 3\\ about 
Mi^ Ba^hot. Ferreira." 

Humphrey allowed himslf a 
half jnuie he rriEiCTnbered 
the cheerful MaaijeT. 

"What u it, Humphrey? You 
haven't been dtnujed by any- 
thing a.11 day " 

■ "Tin not really ^muHd 
now," Humphrey laid. "But I 
luppose it^A at least aooiethin^ 
thai we're entertaininji the 

H imi ph rcy had reached a 
j.i;iite of such weary reiigiLotion 
thai he looked forward lo 
Jaelue\ ^tmL-^l home only as 

excuse fo^ ma kin g htm escape 
back to die calm of hin hotel 
rwm. It hj4d been a fnulraling 
ilay^ watching out of lhc wiii' 
dow for Embassy cars to arrive, 
ajijiweriag the telephone, the 
bell ai the frorft door, the 
knoKrks on ibe back door, and 
endurinjif contiiiuoHBi and ribald 
tc-axing frum the Pres. 

1 1 Wfla lix-thiriy htforc they 
hr-ard J^rkie'i key turn in the 
lock and hw cheerful lAu^h 
<li ihe fii^iibcJ a canvemaiioo 
with the correspondrnti outxide 
jnd ihut the d<>OT. 

Here*3 what to do aliout 



1 See your doctor 

2 Get plenty of bed rest 

3 Drink lots of fruit fulce 

4 Take Bayer's Aspirirt 
to reduce the fever and 
relieve the pain 



THE SYMPTOMS (if the coiimioii cold- — and 
of hi(,'hl3- coiitafjtous Asiatic Rii — are 
similar. i'"t:vtr. headairhe. muscular aches 
and paitiK. backaiif ami sore thr«»at are 
ch.iracteristic.s ol Ixith diseasfs. 
The irioincnt you are aware of any of these 
symptoms, it is wise to gel in touch with 
your doctor. Mtaiiwhile, rest in bed. drink 
as imich fniit jtrice as yoti caTi. and take 
Reiver's A-iju'riii zi'ithout delay. 
reaver's Aspirin makes you fcrl better fast. 
It ri'lii*:vs aches and paiii.f with astonishinjf 
,siicc<l . . , quickly reduces fcT'cr. 
IJayer's Aspirin 24's. 2/-; and lOO's 6/6; 
al all chemists and stores. 
AND I MOTHERS — foT Children tinder 12 
years, buy Flavonrcil. Children's Si::e 
4taycr's Aspirin: Small'takc tab- 
lets corttaiiiiriK grains of .^sjiirin — lhc 
exact tlasaye strength recommended by 
dnrtnrs. 24 tablets. 2/f*- 


Dul jrau wu tending tw details of 
MmsbwSu's ^R£ATBST 

Tht full-colour advertise- 
ment in "Atairalian WtuntTr's 
Wtfdtly" issue dated August 24, 
tells of this auwihiE ^l-volunic 
offer; cofnprisinfi 1960 edilioni of | 


Ai ^esj /Hon one-^^.'rcf cojrf 

of anf CDrrporoble ref«renD boof:; 

NrtiMil Ufwanr tmeitliH Ik. PI}. LM. 

m Nea South Hud Rmd, Doikile B«). ^dn^ 

Sianths in >|1 at Hii CoranuiiiiislUl 

) Ailftes 


Page 5S 

National Library of Australia 921 1 


% A pair of polar hear eubi dUrngard Iheir parrnU' hunting 
leston to frnlir in the annw, Thpy may look eitdtlhsome nwKi, 
but in adulthood Ike mhile monarch* oj the ieelandt bee.ome 
ririottt killers. Polar heart leill deliberately ttatlt a mtm. 




9 break in the severe tointer 
weather hringt mil th^ arctic 
fax, iehn cunninffjy Bcourf the 
countryside for food. Through 
three tetaan* of twift »ummer 
and bitter ivinter, wildlife m. 
porter* faced haaard* icitk 
true naturalist') pauion 
record lhi» arctic aay of Ufm. 



# .4 ringed seal tlotely mstan 
itt ipay to the uHiter't edge for a 
morning dip, Th«!e graceftti 
creaturet, veritttble m^rmaidt ii* 
sea pools, are undisturbed bv 
the lah'Tiera w^alher — *oinf 
timei 50 beloa: — which prortd 
MO menacing to coni^m crdt** 

Tar. Aukthai.ian Wijmew's Wiifjei_r — Auijuii i^- 

National Library of Australia 921 2 

9 From the timber tines of Canada 
and Alaska to the very edge of the 
polar ice-cap, across fhcwsaitfb of 
mifes of tundra, lakeland, mioaftains, 
and surging rivers, a dozen topi 
can and Canadian photi 
trailed their quarry for f1 

Goldwyn-Mayer spectacular 
wildlife adventure in the 

nsney s 


• A iinoK> owl ww.iy turveyt the snoie-covered wilderneag in this 
dramatic pageant of the itrange tareival patleriu anumg creature* 4if 
ihe fr0Tten north, Firtt breMh of winter se-ndt moH tvUdlife 
icarrying soalh^ teaving the polar bear alone to battle the elemenlt. 

# A timber wrnlf Mumeyt hit 
*now-comred domain in *earch 
of food for his young. The wolf 
hai a lifelong ■ monogamouM 
loyalty to hia handsome male, 
an umi^ual attachment among 
aaimaU, tie hat ret peel and love 
from hia wife and youngalera. 

The Austballui Women's VVErj[i.v — August 31, I960 

# A group of lunifra wolf psipt, 
training towards the lime when 
they iviii hunt with fhe pach^ 
prarti$e the art of tracking and 
trailing their prey. Their intei^ 
ligent hunting tactics and amaa- 
ing remturcefulneM hai}e enabled 
them to surTtw- in thi* region. 

Page S7 921 3 

The zip that stands alone 

... for reliability 
colour matching 
and versatility! 


tl't MI *9iy to wtect Jlie riflbl 
ihj^?. i\t» ftnd typo <»f tipper 
Iron ihfi 'lighTnirig' ditpenur 

AIhji^ insijt on 'Lighlniivgi' — 


j^ew Filuis 

*★* Excellent 
A Average 

Ch\<3i TN THE 

Dram a, with Orson 
Welles, Mieiie Greco, 
Bradford Dlllmon. Century, 

llinllcr, thi'i doiiWr- 
biirrellrtl Tilm shtiws huw 
uvii stnii.n of wcio'v run. i" 
I'lTiTi, rnmniir rhr j.imr- iTiiiti' 
yft iiEilv oiif n i>iiiii>habli'. 

JiilintP trrrrn piilk rfT an 
iilTiit'tit-iTiijms-iiblp fraT; ftliP 
Ijiiiyi a Aial rnir, rrr-atine 
iitii riisiinil Hiiil rominrins 

The fifi ii: a pawlonalp 
ir;imp i.r llir Purl-- jiiim* itrpt 
hv it i;m-.s .■fifHtniftloii wnrk^r, 
< >r\un Wi*Ilr.«L vihWv havinp 

mirkninii. Ikiidlcrct Dillmnn, 
.■riipliiyi-d i"'n thf ininic pri>- 
jrrt. tJftfwT.itinn ilrivi-s thp 
liivi'rt ic iimrd'-r W<>Ilr«, 

IntrrMcivfn ihrnnish thfir 
rarriiy stnTy is pi plxuUfl rpi- 

nliiiMtinrt iind tircimlRiiirifC 
1 111- i-lcKim inlntrc-sj of a 

■.iii'ifofiil SCTiinr Inwyer 
Welles', tirn'O is ilJJxiin un- 

fuiififuL laliins VVrllw iunioi 


T'lie iwn fj|»« Iwcotnr 
rlflselv linked IV Ken DUtinan. 
llip juniiir Inwyrr, ii wlociiiJ 
itnfi'nip coiinwl for the 
lirsi (Jrrrn in .1 itripptHj; irrar- 
fiiT trial- 

h a word . . . UNIQUE. 

■k-k Above Arernge 
No itor — Poor 


Camedy - drama musical, 
with Laatcnre Harvey, 
Sylvia Syms, Vo/ande Do! on. 
Cliff Richard. Victory. 

VAl. GUEST, pruduter- 
dirtitor. has set a 
brilliant satirical script ol 
VVulf Maiikmi'iL! to (lie t ™i- 
bali, simniJ?., iintl lli'at music fif 
the- Snhn chiiw and ruffrf Ijais. 

"And he has tlpn« it maKiii- 

Ill tliis irtory of *i«!rtisliL 
its-niiKn fjrijMingpr «.'nmttijn 
n>.iiii;i> HiTh,-ri (Crid Rk-h- 
.irtl; and liis un^frnpiilous 
apcnt ILaurenri' TIai>'i'y', , 
Marik(wtt)' and Um-^t knrwt 
Ihij agp «f ilir Cinlti Disc 

Nnlhing israpra ih^ir guil- 
lolini- — (layola, psciidn- 
rfti^ious pop ?ongs. 
pnni^l* 'HI iJlP "'fifiiaKC 
rfolilfin" — in tiikrr-rapf 
spi'i'd wisPiTHi'lfS anH lary 

and Syivia Synis iidrfsi To the 
ndnli lonp "f fhU film, 
/rr o word . . . BITING. 


A Jciry Lewis comedy. 
Prince Idward, Sydney. 

LEWIS luijacy at its 
besi. This i a u y 
comedy — a type of slap- 
happy ilirmvhai-k tn tin' gimrt 
itUl stlt'tit dav.< — i* niTTipIv ""a 
vlMial ili.iri- i)[ a f™ wi-i-k.v in 
rhr nl tiiir"' 

Ttn'W' nu stunt — no plot 
— jiifl Hitlp dialuirif. Ju',> 
,! »ti iiia *rnay jiirideM'' ansl 

III ciuifiit* ji t"-i>^l«y 'wi^" 

tifTv III J Issinfjnalili' fiutrl ran 
HIM liiniwH Intf). 

And iiv ihi- brlll'iny Lewi* 
is ti-i'initndtiii!.. Mimini; his 
.icttujl, hi' clfiwnfi t*nind the 
»iri-rii with npitnl Lewia nnti- 
I'halJjiid' M unly I«wis can. 
Ismis wiU Inve if. 

(n D word , . . ZANY. 


Drama, with Mickey 
Sooney, Terry Moore, Dan 
Duryea. Palace, Sydney. 


tbi-s filru — a saga of bm- 
tnUty and CDrmptittn, un- 
TciicTcd by humor. 

Hi' hm nn iiifoniiTutms rt}\& 
fts a hi^;in|jrfil£i'n qnd hcnsic 
fathT trying tn find out iicm- 
liis syn Wits killt'iJ hi an i«tand 
mitilfiry « lim)l for wcaltlsy in- 

Mil-try may lir piiil-siiscd. 
but ft* Sltpliitn C'onVi'iiy, en* 
ttinrcrr and t's-n^arim^ hi'^s in- 

lie Mirvivrs riflf biiilcu, 
rannori balls, knivrs, lln t^km 
tn M-a in ii liny ntlibDafd 
mmtsr iKirtt, hotly piir^m-d hy 
tijr nrrnijit i-enintnndiint nf 
thi> Tirfniol iDan Elurysa) in 
a hi^h-potvrfc?d laum-li. 

It's fin iinliki'ly (inry .mrl 
Mitkoy is. itti rv^'ii niori^ iin- 
lifci-ly ln-rn. Voij ini.^ht wijiiy 
the film if vrtit atr Itiuking for 
a riiiirat Innifh, 
fn o word . . 



Spectacle, with Sieve 
Ree*es, Mylene Demongeof. 
In color. Liberty, Sydney. 

THIS [ i 1 1 c d and 
wooden film is merely 
an <'Xru.m- U> display 

tnighiytTiaii Reeves' rip. 
pling, puisaling pbysjijyc 
in a sonlewhat repiilf^:, 

'till! pint rrdwa whai miin 
hiiw hrtu a spfitjtubt Mil 
HiKnilii'd pa<wiigr in himmy^ 
ihr G«-rk»' fomamnui 
Ifin-i- M ihrir Kiiiniry agi;nu 
till- niinhty IV'rdtui ImtilM in 
-18fl HX:.-iij ;i «r^n,|^;„5 
rlifjtiinird. ihird-raic conirdi' 

A.-i .incir, RiTmin dcuri 
riitliiuitingly hr tcritm Us 
h'ni-« ill didi, suneIrM mona. 

h a word , . , WOODfN. 


Drama, with Guy Rolle, 
Allan Cutiifierfsafl, Andttw 
Cruikshanii, Morne Mn/t- 
lond, Jan Holden. Stack 
and white- Capitol, Sydacj. 

THE slory of a ptr- 
\'t;rt['d r('lygioti.>i cuJt 
tif siranglcrs and rrJabers 
which grew up in In^i 
during thv last centufy 
rduld bavc been dec irf 
rtic mcBf horrifying fifjuj 
of thp year. 

This Iiii't ihai film, 
Hert- Guy Rnlfr playj Cif- 
tiiln Li'W is fif the ^Jiit Intli.i 
Compf i^y . i^-ho, ;tppar^:nlU 
smHlr.hanrlfld. disrovCTi'tt jiiii 
wippd out the nativi; ntlt. 
F.nci HI raged by hk udofiaj 

nffiriiuis ^iipcrinr (ifntraii 
fiiirfftn.-ly (".rapliis drath t^' 
jjiufdrriinr Indiam, by ccb^, 
Ijy finif'ral pvi'M, 

Bni hi'"« <.ni'h .1 ismd, titit. 
blur Knttiishman limi ymi 
iii-vi-r t'^K -.\ mimirni dntthi 
ih.ii hrll do it 4)1, 

Thii. iakih( uvvay trnw of 
ilii' ■-|>jni'-i'hi[lin^ (Ir?tTiiji iind 
li-av<5, hiki-MiU'ill indu<l).nivi 
nhii-h hsppen* to Iw >et in 

In a ward . . . CHOKING. 


Baby Rice Cereal 

the new pre-cooked weaning food 
, . . powder form 

RohlnsEwi's Baby Rice Ctreal i* speciaUy 
made as a weaning food for biihici. It is pre- 
cooked rice in powder farm, contsitiing 
vilamins iind minerats la provide easily assimi- 
lated nourifihmcnt essential for your buby''; 
Silretjgth and growth. This new byhy fwd 
has proved most popular in the United King- 
dom and is rccommunded hy Infant Welfare 
Centres ihert. Now, for the first titne, 
Austrahan habiM can enjoy it, too. 
roR nu»Dit GROWTH ahd contektel feeding 

When your baby is ready ftir weaning, an 
al[-milk diet ceases to he satisfying, and this 

is the licn« to inltodim Baby Rice C'etea). 
Babies love ihe delicious ercnniy fliivour of 
thi.s nourishing baby cereal, \vhich provide, 
in -easily di^tihle form, baste iliet requiier 
mcnts necessiiry during the weaning period. 

Hiihy Rice Cereal is prepared in an instant 
by simply ulrring it inlu warm (hoUed) milk. 

Toddlen;, loo. ihrivc on Robinson's Baby Rice 
Cereal. They love it sprinkled on their food, 
or made lip into the specisl recipes given on 
(he pack. 


tbe nukm of RotinHKi's PBIcnt Cinuts uid BarlM 


I'l:: . (rcc trial sampte to Reckitt t Colman (Ausl.) im., Bo, nii. fi.PO,. Sytfrav NSW 

Tiir AufiTn';it.iAN Womkn's. VV"i i-j-.i,-i — iniiu'--' 

National Library of Australia 921 4 

Let's make a fuss of Dad on Father's Day this year; 
butter him up a little. It is rather a special day 
in every family, so lei's surprise him with a special 

Father's I>ay Fiesta. Here are some dishes he'll 
really appreciate. (You'll be proud of them too!) 

Now — during the Sprragume Festival of Dairy 
Foods — is the time to give some thought to the 
wonderful ways we can use those versatile 
natural dairy foods: butter and cheese. There's 
no doubt about it, most of us don't think about 
cheese often enough — particularly as a main 
mealj yei cheese has more body-building 
protein to the ounce than the finest beef at a 
fraction of the cost. And, as these recipes show, 

cheese makes marvellous main meals. There 
are literally hundjeds of ways of serving cheese 
too! — Do make (he most of them by using 
buner in the cookingj because butter brings 
out all the lovely delicacy of flavour of other 
food. Butter improves everything you cook. 
You'll bask in father's favour, not only on 

Father's Day but all the year round! 
Prove it for yourself — get tiiese recipes 
from yma grocer's cotmter and try them. 

PAPA'S PIOa pie 

Jm likalfit '.•i/:-!.-.- Pry- J?^/f, 


Easy mokin cheese ^it /ntcott marvi'ihus 
main disfi Tlif retipt ii wailing 
for ymi mi your grocer's counter. 


Makes any aay a ctkhraliaii! Htrc's a muiri meat 
idea yaa'll use all year rmmd. CiilkrI recipe with the 
mhtrs Jrom — that's tigl'i ■ . . yMr grocer. 


Aloha! Aloha! He'll coiiif hack again 
for more of these make pfertty. 
Grocer has recipn — mil gire. 


Sugar and spire mid all things nice — 
that's what He'll filie on Fallier'x Day ! 
Gel the recipe Jrom your groeer. 

■ this starts your 1st National Festival of Dairy Foods, watch far more new idem mtk foods made- from Milk, Natwe's Finest! 


National Library of Australia 921 5 


Mother's Love 
and Lactogen 

your tender care and safe, pro-v^en 
Lactogen ensure baby's future health. 
Lactosea— tlie balanced milk formula 

1. Pour required quantity of warm 
(.previously boiled) water into 
clean jug, 

2. Sprinkle measured amount of 
powder on top of water. 

3. Stir briskly with a clean fork. 


nil Mra ittiiii t« 


■ To l.Bcl<jg5n Dept.. Neitle'j. Sydney. Mclbdura*, 

• BriibDne, Addaidc, Perth. Newcaillt or Hotmtl 

a Please send me Cpom Xree) ■ capy at tiui Uiaan 

• Vour Bahy" Bonk. 

; Name 



¥T|TK'/)f>(:VC ii'hirl fur Pal Othorne nnd hit (iHriif, 
If fji* briilf-rlecl, Sally McFarlnne. jiiif lianp 
from ahroaiL inrliidrn poring iirfr ^jliieprfnn for 
fJie house tlt«y iriU hiiilfl about a niiffi /rant the 
Osborne family hometteaii al ^'i'-urranilooley^" 

Ii 1 rii bi- oil a hitlsidf jlopr I'tu esrapt thr WMlerly 
with a viiiv of ihc. intKintaiiM. 

An antique diniuE-fdoiTi «uit^. xnd tOOie trttiT cboEce fiiKa 
srltcteid hi' Piif rind Sjijly In l^indtan a tew tmirithv i\gQ y^\\\ 
be ainnnj; tlio inli'ivsiiiig luiiiishlni' Ic-aturra tiE tlwit Kninr. 
ivhirh will be conipkHCd in ahoat six m<]iiihs. 

S;ilK abso stoekcd up hCT liiipn rupboaTtt ov*rKa». 

Pat and SflSly will bi' insirricd iit Si Mark's, Darfin<> Pt»iDl, 
on Ckiotwr II, and Sail y'l. pjifeius, Mr, and Mn, timor 
McFarhnr, nf ".Vlilly Milly," Viiuiig, will rnicttairi aJterwiinis 
;it the Royal Sydne-y Gal! Cluh. 

Juliii jiitj Christina MtFajrlane, Vifgliiia BroWu, and Jhun 
^Vjlitrjii will hridismaids. 

* * * 

ji^LSO t'Dsrosa'd wiili laiiniif-ljuildins arc Yat RctJItr, al 
Tlsllfvuif Hill, and' Bfl(r>' Cliiiion. of Sornenrt Part 
Xarpiliin- ThCy h^ivr di?cid<"d on an L-sbapcd hoaii wiili an 
i'ncli>st.'d coarryard whit-k ivill br. iwrd an pjctm tnm^ 
(or iiuidoor living, It will be built nn a prrferr site at Stunilf- 
l*arfc i*'trb a ^Inriou^ view of thf ntrmntain^ 4nd Caindon. 
"Bnrry ajid Zoc, who is tlii^ dauglilcr oi lli^ Cimmi Jor 
(luan'mala, Di"} Adaiit R^^^^t<*^, :ind Mri K«^rr, aiir (f, vied 
:ii St. .Itisirph'* t^liiiirli, Fid^ridilT. (m Oitiilipr L niirj'lt bt 
attendsri by Patni-la Byriii-. Maria ilcOuitiv Margaiti-Anin- 
Rowc, f,if "'T.i'IlaWfLrLa. ' Willow Tiec. Hriaii Rohhmin, Ran<lv 
t p.ilt. nf '"Cirn.'* Cilijiic^sEef,, and Bill Taylor. 

+ * ♦ 

JJ'AlR-rrAIRED Jimr MatihiTMi. will Ijr altli- tn nvini a mil): 
l^fforc? brrakfa^L ^^he waA a plarcgcttur in Svqki Swimminu 
t^iiimi]?irpr;jihip9 f^veral ycar.i ago] afler hrr tvMrria^r it* S>iJ- 
iicy lawysr jack in OctoliLT. Hr.r fiamr u fiavint; a liltir 
tiled pool in.qtallpxl in the (tlrdsn of ht» iiltra-iiiudcm 
h(X)TiicT"ani^-"5happcl oi't'rlunkinii nutmaniatTa Iby ai 
Bnrranfvr. Thpir rcimartrpi which w-na attnounred itt ih<" 
we*?keiid with thp jirrsi^iilatitiTi of a liuprrb dininund rinje ft>T 
Jiinr, hcgun vhi ii ihuy i;(it tfi tnav. each clhur wnrkiiiK lr< 
help h:itjdii:appL-d L-hildrim. Jack is priiidcnt cJ thr Suilwr- 
laiid Shire Handifapp<:d duldien's Cciitre. 

* * * 

'J'HIi irmii for wi'U-tJr«"s.wd .Sydney tiien "to do llir thioc 
prnpprly" and -vvear tii.()rTiiii;er rluthr*v at fllshin^aUl^l fuiw- 
ftoTis wa.« t;_finfirTnpd at Oarolr Xfuney'i tiuirriaiir - to I'lmr 
Riitjfi^l. Therp wpre 'd^'intrcs ol ^irepf'd Ifmiwr^ and laileJ 
i nali amitng counirv gtvc^ts at the wrddinp, ton, inrludintr Mr. 
Jim Ryrif. IniidL-ntally, I hear Mf. imd Mrs. Ritii- mr 
planning to i!fli^brare iJicir own IwenliefJi \™ddin_t; aimi^'riMty 
in October with a diinco at "MLciietaijo," I heir pTiiperii, ar 

* * * 

J^ET.TGTTTFl'T. corktail parry was given by llii! Cuasnl- 
Genural lor ih<' Npihcfiaiidsi, Ak-jt Laboyrir, luid hit 
aitrartive wife di ihrir home M Belleme Hill tu fnttrmn 
friends they've made since settling in Svdney l^t■^•erl^^ nuintfiF 
aRf>. The Amlriiliaii meaiibtrr uf rhe houpN'hntd — 
twelve - m^nth - old darhslnind dns:. iaii — 
ished upstairs duriii.g the party "heraiise tif ean'l 
erovhd?.," Thf" I.ribriyTie^ ha^'c been marrird Uir 3^ j'.N^ 
Thinr roinaiiee wait !M't in Mnsfmv, where l[ti*v Tiif't ill fWn 
whin Madami' Lat>nyrie Maji wt;r<!far> ici ilii' Ifttirh Ai*!"''- 
odor trj Russia and Alex arrivt-d to late up -in .ipjHriniowiii 
as First S*'rreiairy at thf Kmlrassy. 

* * * 

^yAS intcresle-d to st's a snap id Julie Fiona, tbt 

dauKhter of Mr. ajld Mr.*. Jami't Rtillinwii, of "(jtf- 
field." Cape York Penlmiiia, sleejiing hli*iA(ully in til*" 
iif her mother aflyr her chriiteniMg ;it St. James' Cainrfti"' 
Townsville. Her attractive motlitT, who is an .^SchaTji oW- 
Biri, was Siiianne Chanipney?:, ul "Kinriita," Mt. G^fl*'- 
North Queensland, bcfurc her marriatie li^t year. 

* * ' * 

JUST haefc in tiwn afltr eiijoyius Exhibiticn Week ni^' 
in Bri.il3ane, Fjtdy Berrytiian, preridunt of the ifonioi ■■ 
auxiliarv af the Royal tTtimni<in«c>alih Siirit-ty, luid i"' 
"■Frieuri.ihip and Flowers" to br hr,ld at the Soeifiy'i 
on October 1? iind 18. It ii twins coiivrmd by Mrf ' 
Sintlairc, who lias iceruftcd lots of (leil-Itncwii hihtcwn 
"hnve a vvgy with flowers" to do arrangements ioj' a t^Vt>^^' 
to be npenetl by Mrs. f^urciirc Va^^. 

* * * •, r .„ 
pULBKICIlT SCHOLAR tiarv' Sinipsiin ;iitd his wife, y -"^- 

ar« thrilletJ wilh the design for livinj; they'll h-J*' " 
.■\nierica. 'I'hcy are giyin^ tu rent a ccrilFalfy Healed tw'.^ 
storey hnmeboat tnoi^red oii tin? edge o( a lake in JJCl. 
tlary, wfin ii lo dn rdtn-atlniial psyrliiitugy rcseareli in t 
ingtm State, was farewelipd at a large party 1,'iven 'J> . •' 


parents, Mr. and Mr.». E. J. Sinipaou, at the Overs.'S" 
minnl at Ma.^iT>t bcfrjn; lie look off hf air BI the 
Jiian i.-F following Itim in lh« Mariposi un Sepiroi'i" '■ 

\1ARR\'1NG man at All Sainli, Woollahrji, ait 
'■ McnoMell, of Darting Point, and Siamn .Sheller, " 


o( .\lr. H. (>. .Shcllrr. ol •^r>orset, 

Sheller. Thty have chosen Scptemhcr 22 a* their date, at 
.Mrs, David Marina, of "Wonaa," Vouni!, «iH ailcnd Jan. 

Bowial. and the la« 

ary of Australia 921 6 




CHOIRBOYS fornifi'd o /fitnrtl of Ii^mtir )fl>r Piirr^ Rout^el ^nJ hi* fcnri-jfy Brrlfn* 
farnierfy CaraSt^ J^ntiey. lenrif^fs AH Stiinu" Charck^ W^ioliahrtL. falluwi-^ by hride*- 
Tfiaidg (Jr^im teftj KUmaheth Ffii, Saily SpttrgF.anf nnj Artffeta Money^ far rpf^-jjil'iori 
«f tK& R&j-ai Sy^nry tioi/ Ctuh girfu by the hritipr*^ pnrfjitM, Dr^ and Mrs. ftfx 
Money, Pictured at lir/f arc Id. anH MadattiP K*?fir Pfix firirf thw dntightcr* Chna- 
tintt^ who T^.prp3entf^d ihfs groom^s pareutt at ihf -nMr^jiiony, Pit^rre it ihe ton nf 
Jtf. Ciitmie KauM^tii Madnme JavijuFW Leffbret of Pari»^ 

lADE-GRXm faUte dinnrr^fTBck Km Icorn br Mr*. I. R. 
'■"ifcev, challing aah fello«, ,lni,rrrnii Mr. T. H. Mnrf.tin 
"wr prr-riinnrr ririiiA, ni ill*: ISnhv Biit.tiw,m CommiKn. 

«rrnng,d ,o flirf W umrn'A BaipfW, Crown Street. 

COySVL4iEnF.RAL fur Korm Mr. Saiig Bnn and 
wife cftneiiirji •niifi ,Wrj, K. f(\ S. Tuckermun (an iha 
te/t}, tcho wilt among guttu lit a rer.eption ginen by Mr. 
niid Mr*. Limb tu rehbrali- Karrn't liuFcpfitilf ii» l>iij'. 
Mn. Limb warn midiiiitht-Muf aadn iiwiortiti dr#M. 

COUNTRY COUPLE. Tad O'ltrirn. of Calnr- 
gamtiont*., onti hix hritlf. /vrtnrriir Pntty iMgittx, 
at raccplion at the Wmfarlh Hotrl girfu by 
thf briJe't porrnn. Mr. «nd Mrt. V. 11. Logon, 
a/Irr their icedding at Holy Croit §chooi r.Iiapel. 

Page 61 

National Library of Australia 921 7 


R^)^)AA room ! 

Imagine how smooth - how luxurious it would be 
in the soft flat finish of 

BERGER KEM-COTE flat enamel 

Whai a transformation to a room when you 
paint with Berger Kem-cote Flat Enamel ! ■Even 
the oldest walls and ceilings look smooth and 
flawltes with Kera-cote Flat Enamel. Tliat's 
because it dries quickly to a completely flat 
finish with no trace of side sheen, 

Kem-cotc {■'lai Enamel is available in an en- 
chantine range of softest pastel colours, colours 
which are matched in FuU Gloss or Semi-Lustre 
Enamels for trim and woodwork. Give your 
rooms 1 new, Smooth, luxurious beauty with 
Berger Kcm-cotc Flat Enamel. 


• Completely flat finish — no side sheen. 

• One coat covers most surfaces — no sealers or 
undercoats are required. 

• Easy to apply with brush or roller — bnah 
marks and tap marks do not show. 

• Completely washable. 

• Whitest white and softest pastel colours — ask 
fcr colour card. 

m Write to Berger Mayfair Colour Centre in 
your state for free colour sdieme for your rooms. 



Page 62 

National Library of Australia 921 8 

MiaHyw€^ad% wwew starts 
desert fawiBaus ciiy 

TsLeViSION PaRAdVT^ by nan musgrove 

# Hollywood's new aristocracy — the TV stars 
— don'l. live in Holiytvood as the old movie 
stars did. They mostly live in "The Valley," n 
once rural area north of Hollywood, 

EVEN though the rural 
aspects of Tht Vijlej' 
are gradually disapptiir- 
ing, ȣ k still coLintriQcd, 
and tourist buses making 
the rounds (if the stars' 
homes in HoUvwixid still 
by-pass it. 

Cllnl Walier lives lllcri.- 
in whjl is Lnown a* Wood- 
Und rifll* in th*- tmniit" 
farmer srctimi, and Man Dll- 
\\m (JdiUf^ Arnpss) of **tjun- 
smokp'' Hits not far away. 

Ikiini* "VVVavet, Amanda 
Blnlic, and Milburn Stnnc all 
live in Tht* Valley, idwi. 

Bob Hurioii ha« just fiiovetl 
U) ncr far frnm the rsnyrill 

whrrc Ward Bond has settled. 

t>llirr r^'.sidenis in tttht 
rlwf.fentt Lnrriiiiuiiity xct 
Siov*^ MrQu*Tn of "tVnntf^ 
Draid or AlivT," Dan Ulnckpr 

uf "llniLiii/a, ' ami John Riis- 
•■I'll ii[ "Thr LawiDJin." 

Thr \''al]*.'yii(r* drive Lo 
thri? Hf^llvwotjd studio& in 
tJic mtiniins iiiitl twrk in tfie 
flfipmcfin. and tliar scemi rii 
bi' rhflt as far as Hollywood 
w conrcrncd. 

•■'I can tliink *>f ni* reahfjn 
in thr world jKf into Lr3^ 
AngL'li^s," siiys John RiissrII. 
"It's almnst likf crt?S4iii|j..aii 
invi^hlr frontier into a'farrigo 

Riissi^ll avios a lypiral Val- 
ine iioiiM- — ru^ir, fartn-stylr, 
vt'jili lieainixj rfiling-s and t^arJjf 
Ami>rii."iui riiriiirurr. 

'ihr sturi of Tfit' V'alk'y 
:iri' vLTy differpnt frnin thj* 
iil(t intn'ic kings and C|UCC!15. 
Tht't arp fridndliiT and havit 
li?4« preiflFir+'s and erijny thf? 
Mrnpir life. 

And nut only die stars 
of \\w WiiflHrns that likv Tht" 
V'allry. The lamoui privatr- 
t^^fs arr all mrtvini; in. 

lli)llyvnn)d itBclf in riihrr 
ior wlmt ihe new TV siari 
tall ''tlic old guard'' — Robcr) 
^'ouii^, fji^rptta Yoimif. I)ict 
Pawcll^ Jijiif Allyiciiu Ann 
SnclHirn, Dorinn Ri"(?d, Thry 
arc ihp IriTrti^ and xnastcrs 
of the grpai HuliyiviHjd man- 
rians of tnd^y. 

Bui as die new slars say, 
ihe old stars ari: not TV pro- 
ducis — ihcj just happened t» 
stray inlci il. 

RjtiidEiIph nf "B<jiirl)ivn 
Strrfi Bi-'at," having a try- 
injj rinip rKc?S(.* da^s, Ht' 
switched to "77 Sunspt 
Sirip" -vvJipn EfrtTTi Zitjibali'^ 
qinl. l-onE bfitng i^roomcd 
to replarc juiivp Elfif, who 
wanird to mnk*" mnvits. 

Hr mfldr thrr;i^ **pisodt% 
tht^rt ZTTitlsnlist drrided he'd 
naif n big rnisiake — hf did 
like TV", and an Mwin a* hi^*» 
finishi^d ihr innvic he's mak- 

ing, he's ^oitii^ lu malis- mori- 
'*77 Sunset Strip" *^pi5*jde.5, 

"1 iic^-er w;ijiii:d to jzet oin 
of TV," he Slid. "I jnv[ 
wantpd to tiiiikr an uccatioiiiil 

Kicliard stifl plays hiv old 
ruk- of Ri-Jt Randolph in "Sun. 
sc-^l .Strip." %\'hiih TiTnkes ii 
Ka%y ffir him. if n little flin- 
funinE; fnr viewers wlip> haven'l 
raugl\t up B'itii tliB rhanBiv 
H[c\ Btayine with "77,'^ Kitie 
nt il« EfTitr. 

Al Rex. he ii j^oing ro br 
the sami: uld tadie*' man, but 
mure brtray and amusing. 

T\''s serial about C^nprAin 
Bligh, i-v Mill liririp talked 

AflET it finished, I wratr? 
aijout «onie of ihe niiiin cliar- 
aeler.x. and mentioned that 
thi* wilerratn:ji]L«; of tfie Jil'ave 
nf Jnhn F'lilland, the lir«t hns- 
hand nf GowTMr Bligh's 
daiishier, Mary, was un- 

Since tln:T3 itiAny readers 
nnd the Manly-Wftrrinjpili and 
Pitl«;iter Historiea) Sficiety 
have writfrn nr telephiMi^d 
ro tpl] me where it is — in the 
graveyard surround* St, 

WARD BOy'D, photographed oiilside hit 
home in ''''The FdJIey," said lo b« typical nf 
the. simple koiiaet which today'f TF »t«r» 
prefer lo mttrhU>d mansiinm. 

St Bphrai'i Church of Eugknd, 
al Ncwtfwn, N.SAV. 

t^aptain Putland wis orig- 
inally buried in a v,iulE under 
rhi- iirsii Si. Philip's Church 
en Qiurcli Hill. His body was 
removed tin" Gantperdown 
<>inetery in 1857. He died 
on January +i IKSB, when be 
vi:i« only 27. 

Mary Puttand's seonnd liu«- 
l)and. Sir Matirii:e O'CimneU, 
also burieri lu the f-ame 
cemclery. He died in IBlfl, 
3f! venrs after his ma.rriage to 
Mary, on May 8, 1810, 

Sir Matirlce actually ouned 
the land used ai ^ ceme;t<^ry 
before llMfi, when it was sold. 

Kir Maudcc bad a cl<He 
link wilh the .Sydney suburb 
of Ncivtown. He ajad Mary 
had ihrir miintry rpsidirnfc 
ihErc. Ttirir bouit Mill siaodjt 
3t Lilt comer of O^CumtcU and 
Prospect .Stretts, idtltoujEi ii5 
hi; i>round<> have bccD buill 
on, and nowadays Ncwiown's 
former ^'ice-regal residcnee 
now stands im only an aHoI- 

Sir Maiirire's headrtnne 
says he died at OConnell 
Tnwn [oow part uf Ne.vvtown). 
O'Ctmiieli TiJVtn was named 
alter him, and so was O'Cnn- 
nelt Street, Newtown* and 
O^Connell Slreet, in the heart 
of Sydney's bi.E; business ccnirE, 

No other beauty soap 
quite so gentle" 


As one of Htillywnod's most 
beautiful star.s, Suzy ParkiT 
knows how importaiil it is to have 
a coroplexion that looks lovely at 
ail times. That's why she uses 
Lax loilei soap regularly. 

Discover for yourself ... the 
caressing lather that makes your 

sicin feel so smooth . . . the subile 
Lu.x fragrance that blends so 
softly witJi your own pei-fumc . . . 
and the natural gentleness of Lux. 

Be a little lovelier each day . . . 
use mild, creiuny Lux toilet soap 
— ^it can do as much for you as it 
does for any Hoilywood star. 


4 lovely 

SUZY PARKEK. stai tjiis; in Jei ry Wiii(l\ pnnJiKiiiin ot 
-rmi BEST Ob EVERrfHINC"— a 20th Century box relctise. 

Paqe G3 

National Library of Australia 921 9 

■ is 


ill I 


Ill <i^' 

Our Man pauses in Paris 

Pausing ia Paris, Our Man contemplates a wcll-Eamcd glass. 
He has travelled fat. He lias bct-n to Holland and Belgium, 
lo Gci-many smd Austiia. He has scouctd Scandinavia and 

scartlicd Italy from top to toe. His purpa«ie? To find yet 
nvorc nciv designs for Sanderson wallpapers and fabrics, 
ami y« more new and stimulating idc«s fur making your 
btime lot)k just as you've always dreanu J it might. 

Before him are spread sums of the triumphs of his trsvels. 
As soon m that glass is empty, he will whisk them back to 
England to add to the thousands upon thousands of home- 
produced fabrics and jsapcts that at*; Sanderson's pride and 
your delight. 

Sanderson go to all the ericis of the tarth to prf>vide every- 
thing yovi could wish for in wallpapers and fabrics. They 


Page 64 

& SONS (AUST.y PTY. LTD., HOX in.j, G.P.O,, SYDNEY. 

are there, fcatiy to be admired and chosen W 
Icisute, at your nearest Sanderson stt>eliisi's. 



The Australian WoMiiN's Wileillt — Augm* 

National Library of Australia 9220 

Coatinuing . . . 


Sie rami- ii"D if" lUtins- 
■oaiti th'Mi<ia parrels and 
■«disting SD«i U-mpcr. 

"Diiln'l you pour >™™U » 
Ji-nk, Humphrey? I'm luir 

L icmrChiag for yoiincl{ .md 
lijisj Baphoi while t S't on 
«jih rfir diiintr? Vou muM be 
linili ilairviDg." 

"Now vou re liacl. m a mat- 
Itj dI (ml. I t'linl' I'll P"''' 
JO Ihr; ho(r] far diiuicr,"' Huiri- 
rihrfy laid. J.ickif"! sunlhine 
wji almtiH ihc »lraw. 

•■Mitii lUii? Tiiari lUL'h a 
pily when I't^ heii^bl ill ilie 
land. At ihLl ii ynur laii 
^hl 1 thouglil it wnuJd be 
rathfr ni" tu have little 
.tirfiration dinner. Tvf hetn 
iL'n'ins MiJii B.igiboi bacon dnit 
for ^hiauxr cvrry mt-ji, so 
ir'i bi^ll time f tried L(i a 
better htjiiefa. Ju»t aer what 
I've <tnJ35)|(li:d to get huld oF irt 

Jarkir wai jlieady tipping 
(be I'Otitenlii of hor packages 
li> the cofTtc mble. 
■'JJerfl"l Che caviiu'e and 
('tana, 111 rtirf with toast, 
fi'but. if you don'i tnind Wjtitiiit; 

0 bil loiigtr, I could mate «omr 
[MtirAka and have it Ru^- 
itan style. And tkrtfc sprinR 
»:h)tikpii» — I got thr «nall 
Ifnrl ihey woiEldii'l ta^e long 
10 coijlt- -^rtd hftre wc hftve a 
i»ottie cf Arrnenijiii while wrnc 
and imne Georgian red. I ll pup 
the wiiite Into the fridi^e 
jifdtshl away." 

Jiii'Jiir dittired off to iKi- 
klt^'hen withatiL waidng fcir 
EIiimplirr^^'4 rrply lind Miss 
BtiK>br)t taunched it dettrmined 
laiiipaign to rncouragf him lo 
>tiy The food al the Uotd 
was nnt VTry ^TT>D-d: some of the 
'nrntspM^mdents might, in any 
rase^ {Olltiw him there ^ it was 
ticry iweet of Jackie to have 
nfceii iroiiblt: ovfr this din- 
Ixr tonfliit'r. Humpbrpy bai- 
rated and wSi dcfe^ttcti. 

Il liui! thai JaciVt^ was 
in extremely rofllidcrntr hf>\t- 
CBB, whrji she clpcMed fo pbiy 
ihe part. .She Ircalrd Miss Bai[- 
llhol and frumphfc^ as iHou^h 
Slicy had }uit arrii'rd in the 
'Ilal for (linntfr instead of 
hdtiR priJOMrt thefr lor nrariy 
two days. She mttdr them coclt- 
|taiL and settled thern comfcrt- 
fllhly bi!for«< she prepared the 
attd djalicred so enter- 
[faininf(l)f ihai iht Atmosphere 
toxM not fiiil to heroine re- 
laxed. OuE of her Hori™ about 
Toby, the Pomrrajiian, drew 
m Uiiwilljni; guffaw from f funi- 
phrcy while they were sltjl sip- 
oinjt llieir mamnii .^nd J.Tckir 
was srttlns tht: t.lljh with Iter 
'■frst mat^ And arranging 
'laburalc rcntre-pictp ol flow- 
'tt zind rfuidlrs. 

"NiiM ttr'ri" all ready," 
larktr ajiTiounrcd, brincjing in 
■hi- ..iviarr with a siraminfi 
' ' E IJ.incakrf. "Humphre>', 
tkr the h<^nd of ihc- l.lbir 
■lid Mill Haiishnl, will you sit 
nrrc? ij-Ci ilarl off with a 
'-■r.' Ta MiM K.iishai and her 
'fuJ ittvaiiott of Grmi- 
• voarl" 
^hr'i already been tt» Crcen- 
[^■-nd." ob'pried Humphrey. 
'.\( lEiart mv father has and 

1 ran t imagiiir imv olhcr rea- 
nn for hiiji s;Dinj; tlicrc." 

T ' ..^''^ iio'rr burn id 
Tibi-t." rrmarlied Mits [lag- 
mi)i with a wrv «mljc. 
"Then bere'i to Hmnphrey\ 

Notice to CofitributOFs 


h« IbMl nr^^ KniYfwic lUmnt 

Kt-tit ii«re I. ulim at 
inAntirhrrkji^U, bat wt mccv-wI «• 
reptnBns.l.iltiT hr thm. I-Jnp.i« 
fc.Pfp 3 dupllriKtF. 

AfldfTi* ttiKauierlfit 1« ihe 
E*il»T, The AuiLr^llia 

/ram page 55 

Kclidav irj Tibet. ' fried Jackie. 

mcfiff gaiety in Jackir jWndrd 
[o bubhte over more quickly 
ihjn tnilk ai Ibr boiiin^it 
point. Any priv«tr .TOJtictit* 
ihp Fiav hfivf Ikad iibain Mi" 
Baqihnr'i prriernc in her flfit 

there w.Tii only thii unc evoninii 
Iflift 10 wnrry about ihcm. She 
plied her f^enia with wine, »hc 
rplrl iheni amit&lng 
i^fMiiipr she |au:i];kcd fnsily ind 
oftrn. carrying Miss Bneiboi 
ancE Huinphrpy along wilh hrr. 

tiy iht: [irtip tViry hajii fin- 
Uhi^rf rhrlr iprinji chickens, 
rruiijphrey faati i^rased tr> noijcc 
Ihp stfHidy drnai- s*nci tht m- 
r:i\iciniil ri-w and fall □rsu- 
rn E'ii t of t hf r ojTPspfl nd r n lh' 

t m To cleon o teapot | 
t spout, pock tighHy with 5 
i' damp 5 n 1 1 pnd leave 

ove^rnight. Empty o"*" . 
^ r*ie salt in l-he morning -j. 
j; and scold the pot with 4 
-f boiling water ^ 

vc»icr( on tlie iUiinaAc. He no 
Wnpcr tensed every time rhr 
dD:>r^!l 5|tniind<Tl . Jadci*" h^id 
derided to ignon: both llie 
ph.irir: :ii]d tbi,- dcor and it w^^s 
itiitprising how quickly thcic 
irrititing noii^s, which had 
k^'pL him on t^dge aJl diiy, now 
fadtrJ imri the hrtrlcgTOnml. 

"Weil carry ibc I'elrbration 
d step furthc-r iind not du any 
of the w:i)thirig-up," .innflunccd 
Jackie when thry fiot up fram 
the table. 'TIJ just wlit' The 
dlihciB. out to the kitchen and 
Ipsivi' ihesn fof Fenya to do in 
ihe miJmifla Poor old thtng, 
the ibinks I'm crosi wifh her 
hcraLi^e 1 told hPr li» Hop rom- 
ing, But I thtmtfht it would 
only conipltrate injittcrs for her 
if jhe wai seen riiiming into ihe 
fbi s^rtd thp rorrespandenti i^ol 
hold of| her,'' 

It occurred to Humph risy 
that there was & more con- 
iidcr^to side to Jackie's ciLir3.c- 
ter Misi Bagshot. intcrrcpllnK 
the HipiJrovjng gliuic*.- he gave 
hctj felt encourag"ed- Then ihc 
rcn]riT]?>cred that tbeir plane 
kCi for L.cnidotn .11 nine " CtiWk 
in. thv mummg and nhe fighi^d. 

M hs B^gibot , fli an Qnloakcr , 
tbni the icnjioD beiwecrn Hunt' 
phrey and JarJiie - the intjon- 
siitcnry in ihfh rt- Action* ta 
eai:H- other - wim an old- 
fashioned tymptam whirh rmjld 
CA^lly blosiom info somcthitiK 
wortii HiVhiJc. Thnt ndther of 
them wcfr aw^^^^ of it tnadt 
Iicf Imp^atienl, even when thciE 
blindness moat divrrt^rd hrr. 
Bf^th of them had eotne to rne'An 
HHnrihinr; io Miss B^sihot. She 
wai nut conlcnt to remain a 
tolpran( ob^crv^^, lo Icuvc lh*fm 
la manAge their zrwn livex. Mis% 
B^gvhMl h^d never frh lo ttr- 
lain of her judgjnent ^lut she 
wmi b-ting ^ven no ckaniie to 
prove it. She made one Lui 

I ihink you show Id take 
Htimphrty out for jlame fresh 
Eiir,'' ihe told JarVif when she 
bruught in rhe coJffee, *'Hc* 
been co-opcd up in the flat aJt 
day and 1 iVflnt the flat tO 
rny.i-tir for a few hours," Miia 
Bugnhot ia id wi th deiexmina- 
tion. "I must pack iny tuit- 
raic.. finish a few letters, and 
iron, taniK innall things, I'm loo 
old lo da il quickly; I tike to my lirne ovitt everyihins." 

'Til help you," ofTered 

"Nq, no, I prefer La do my 
nwn ih'tn^s for myself. You 
would be talking, Jarltir, and 

J find tliat diiiracti me I d* 
wapt to ftet a good ni^hl't 
deep before thf journey. £0 t 
itiust i^et all Ihesr tUdt jobs 
Over in the next few hour*.'' 

Jackie iuddriily rrlcnird. 
She did not wunt anJihi:f prs- 
va I V CO n ve riatian wi t h M»« 
BagiJioL And ihe uould n-ot 
ace whiil harm ewild C*jflie 
from taking A wfllk with Hum- 
phrey thruuj^h the M«4CPw 

Mi53 Ba|^sh<3t pTOmbed faith- 
fully tfjopf.'n the door in nobocly 
while her bixlyguwrd wai away. 
She v^CNuld not nn^wiT th^ 
phprtc, waih up tlie di^bu, or 
ih^ait up for them if she wanted 
Eo go to bed. 

V nder theae comii ti dtu, 
Jackif agreed id 1«lvc ihu flat 
with Humphrey. He was look- 
i It rtf il and hn ni sseH Lind a 
walk WtmUl da hint good. 

It would, she knew, pleaie 
Mhi fkigiihot. But if ihe had 
glsncL'd bark us ihry left the 
a LLlims-rooni mid no ticed the 
took in Misi Bapihot'i cy« — 
of pkfis. bKi:"!^ iTBlculoied, rc- 
viflcd, ;ind ^tmeiide^l Jflckiu 
would not have oltowcdi her- 
self lo be jjersti^tlcd id easily. 

^'Hold on a minulc, Jackie. 
] wsfcnt to t:d.k to yov'' 

Only Sicwart Frr^uwJn lifld 
followed thfsn ihrouj^h the 
dotible daars nnd cj^ught up Sf}> 
they crossrd the .iftphall court- 
yard- The cotrrspundpjiiti h;td 
bctomc uK'd to Hiiniptirey and 
Jackie p4us]n|j; Chruugh their 
ranipiti;.; .tffoiind on the atiiirs 
without prDvidinff arty mipptii 
of nrv^-i worth ihi* trouble 0/ 
rnblini;. It still amuird ihonl. 
to half the wfly. to let off their 
iiasbbulbs^ asd make f^ond- 
lempcrGil wiaerrflcki, but they 
had epven up Any real hope 
of a sicsry from thrm. 

"tt'i Lin uie being pflr- 
sislfrnt. Stew. Voti know very 
well Vm not ^oing to tell yon 

"f di]!)'! want to talk abouJ: 
Miss Bns6hf>t," Slfw^n 
,-ind. for once^ hii vo'ku h:id 
loat iti brittle nolc of haiLter. 
'"T want lo tult about yna.. To 
tell yau bow sorry I was to 
hea.? voij'd IcHl j-our job." 

They were midway acrCKs. 
thf> t;QurO'i^fli sTr-ffliniS i|mfkly, 
Jockir Ituhed, iiirned her back 
on Humphrey, ftnd swuni^ 
roLLTid furiotufy to face Stewart. 

"Who tEjld you thitt?" 

"Now don't gel mad, Jackie 
Vou know T always hrar any- 
thtng thai foei on in this liOWn 
smincr or Liter. Actually it was 
young June McGuire, She al- 
most tore a piece out of rno 
when I phoflcd the Kmb^jiav 
lKls afternoon. Pra.rti-c;aUy told 
mc it wai all iny fault for n^tart- 
ing this (illy uory in the firil 
place. The whole of the typ- 
ism" p&ol icfm quite tearful 
ribou t i L - And ai they can ' i 
blajntr iinyong else, they've 
!:ett!.ed on me. I'm .Hiomg- to 
hai'e X dojc^s life in this place 
nJtcr ynu go"" 

JarVic bcisan lo laugh. 

"1 njig]]* have ktiown you , 
WTe rcalEy thinking ol yoLii'- 
fclf, Don't l(>i>k so wcebeKonc- 
ril [fll June Lomorrow you 
had nothing to do with it. Sht 
knows yoa didn't, anyway. Il 
was all my own fault for being 
such A bujybody and H.E.* 
been perfefily tweet. But 1 can 
■ee it m;ikes th>e positiaix ver^ 
difficult ivr ihc Embast>' if I 
stay orj here alter this; and 
it'j just eornTnooaense f&r the 
Foreign OlTice to post n^e ttack 
t<J fjsndnn- Oh, well — it's all 
meh a. mcEi. Let*B forget al»uL 
it. Slew." 

Biil Stewjirt k>d r^o inleotlon 
of letting it fio at lhai. 

"YduVc siCt mt; ^tll wronjj as 
tisual, Jackie. 1 don'i carr 
what the Embassy lypiiiis' pool 
thinks about me. I don'i earr 
if (hey siop ini itit^g me lo their 
partics-i-tiiry won't br worth 
coing to now you're leav^n^- 
Vni thinking about y<>« I know 

The Ait^urtv Women s Weehjlv - .-August 31, I960 

National Library of Australia 

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collection of 


fabrics and 


From the fashion centres of -the world 
comes the inspiration, for the 
wonderful complementary designs 
in Sanderson wallpapers and 

To choose from the Wilson col lee- 
tion of Sanderson fabrics and 
wallpapers is to choose from a 
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The wallpaper is "Mayfair," 
No. T30656. 

The fabric; "Springtime," 
No. SO 1 555, a screen-printed 
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shades available on heavy 
cotton satin, or linen union 



fabrics^ and wallpapers. 

Page M 

Ctmtinuing . . . 



rhil RiLitP 

■ It -rHIE/*^rvl 

Wiil|i:rn^ an Df, 

^a'l ltt*m toAni 

IrctL ullinjitfir 

nFi-q". i*Ftd«mfr«k. 
i * pr ifor Mpn 


start the Weekend wdl 


1 / - from y i>ii r N pw lai? f n 1 

hvvf you loved vofkins in a« 
EmbHwAy, md how tatrn? an «t- 
dinarv job m London ts Korilg 
iM &«em , , . " 

"I won't itay in T,i*indon.*' 
juc^ir Kitd. "if the Forfinn 

.is^iin. tbujc miiisi Ik" 1"rfi of 
nrhrr jab* (jpm? i» buainrw 

"Don't pill or\ an ¥firh 
me, Jarliie, I I'ifl !H!r h«w mp- 
ict you iij^. Uh't therr jioy 
plane nOLdrl tia tf? taJk? 
Hit tvev vc(tl«E un Huniphfcy. 
iM.ncIiiJp srErntlv beaidc tKcni. 
shoflii-rf and ^ympalhctir m 

i iigv 

■"Inook- old mati. rould vou 
iLikr yoiirjLtrlf off? I want 10 
ui!li ft* J;irltie priviittrly " 

"No." tluQUihfpy- 
"WcVr £;oine for ,i Irait; w:ilfc 
111 ihv fresh air I think It'll 
Ur bi'tier ihrtii i.^lkLne. " 

"Miifh betlirr" J&ckie, 

Sicwari inadr one ItiJil n^jip'tAl 
ffi HLunpliTcy. 

"JunT walk tkiTJUi^^k the nrtfi- 

Jnrkie fi>llwv on in 5vt 
niirmltriL This h;i* ncithinf! to 
du with Mifis B^q^hut. I nwear 
ir h.isTv't." 

li tiHiphity (hcHik His heati. 
Jit; iiiot'iicl .iway a lew piicffflv^ 
but wii3 still well veithin car- 

"Oh. all fjpht, haVT it yout 
tfwn wtty, But. Jarkic, rhi* fsa't 
the way J'd tifcr i*. If I hnvrti'l 

r:iiiNC I nlways thoUKhl wl* hLid 
ptcnly nf timi- h«e. MU-rtty 
iiJ tiBiif: nn-d rio comprticion." 

f^iewait inilled rathrr wryty. 

' ' J 'vM- biT T! I If I* 1 1 y iuf k V t h U 
jj.i&t y-ea r h [ivi n ir I b i' TipS d tn 
riiy*i'!f. Ill dny nDrmfil pLicir 
] ruulfhrt [-^[kfi'i jj. ftTf] Ukf you 
lu look .It nir iwi^p Bui in 
MLitrow ihrir's n prrtry liTiiiied 

from page 65 

tenapwny of tj^n'heUir^. whicli 
the oaiy nrAson I'vr jft>t tu know 
you to wcli- D:tih ir .ill, 1 can't 
]irT'teiid I rfon'i kxiow what ihc 
iih<W(!f will be. bul 1 th^HLght 
I'd UJik just Ulc WiDe,"" 

"Su'w, dear Stew, what aiw 
yau trvrnp 1u ia.y? Thili 'ut]'i 
— you can'T possilaly — t^h. 
SlJ"Ws|-t< i.i thin i» propos-^il?" 
Jat kic H4id shiJkTly. 

'"Go fihirad, hiivc a gfltwi 
Lm^jh Wr'vc Uui?hcd nt al- 

ivi-i: the jdlte irt thi*, too. tland- 
mv. uui htr^ witK kivlf Moj^fow 
lijtrri]'ni> iii " Hiimphrey, iin 
finbi^missfd c-AVPBdtwpp^r. IxiiH 

the very pr r&t>nal nutu re frf 
the njnviTMticm dawned wti 
hinj. "1 tliire say 1 rcjuld have 
mcidr ir imr*: rouiantit^ if rd tinit? to ihihk ahoilt it — " 

tf ACKIC wjis, ill 
^iic;t, in a s:Hghily 
* ta le be twrr n lnu e"h Iff ^i Jid 
irrtr*. "StJ-'w, I'm awfully 
touched. You fcnf'w tiow food 
I .nn (nf ytiu und ;ill tlir fun 
we've had losi'l^ier and — ' 

"*Ytp," ^lid Siirwari, ruttinR 
hi'f ihiirt. '*Ycp. Dati'l staFt 
being laLtfuI, J;trkle tbrlrnij. 
Vou iJo«'t havir to «;rt it aill oui. 
I wji Ti ted to ti'U y uii liefflfc 
you lefl. thni'* No hiird 

frciiniiS- Til Hf t h;ir k "ii to 
my hf;*i miw. .Look vtm up 
when I cyme 1<i Ltiiidoii on 
irtivt. if >'Ou'r€! Dttlt iUkt*' " 

(kqalts. anywiij.', Sli:w, dear." 

"Thfunksr anyw.iy About 
aiitiifl up what I e^peei^d." 

Sii wart ijrlijnFd hi-r .iiid 
would tinvc iiJrftf>d h:tck to rhr 
IdotL «f fliiTs, IjLit. wilf! H little 

4:ry, ^ncJsTP miJied imiidalvrly 
ini" his .inna and burst iaia 
ttur*. The lean hrtd not birrn 
frtiai the mrfjci- all dnv. 
but nprt they nvcrfiowcd on 
Stewtirl'i I weed coal m 
5;tvr up thf L'fTort !« cofiirol 


\>ry irently h*- atrok«:d her 
hair and kitifd the tap of her 
liriid, onr arm Jtill n>ijnd her 
pOftl«*ivrly. Jackie'^ lear* 
moved hiai thr mifif- deeply 
cauic he hJid Jievrr kouwn hef 
|]kp ihu bcforf. ior the first 
time hr law hrr aa vulnerable, 
and he eQiiiforltd h?it lite a 
hurl child. 

"Coine fin^ Jai'kie Let il .^U 
oul. Ccw 1CH> conijiliritpd if 
yoti ht^p il boiili^d iip inside 
for too juns/' 

Ft waA mitiutcs brfafe 

Jackie even tried ti> lHctIc her 
icart TliPit she drew nWiiy 
frra-in Siewari'-. proiei-iinii ami 
And hesiin BCitrcliin.^' in her 
packets for n hfliidkeifhicl. 

"Kavr mine, Givt ycjur avw 
a gDCNtI blow. Fine- Feel Ibet- 


"Th.i t' a the .ttrri - Wiah I 
cOLild takr; yoii for thli walk 
LcLSt^rrtd. ^l^ tieiuR t>Mrk<!d on the 
atairs." Sirwiirt Jris^^i^d (u 
iioiice Humphrpy once au^nin. 
He bad hem ilanttlng by awtt- 
WLLfdily chrouijb iliii cmDtionat 
secne, hopiQK thtrv hid botll 
forpotlen nlMaut him. 

"Takr hrr off, Napier/' 
Stewart Kaid, brckonirtg him 
ni-rass> §cJt?d brisk walk 

jnd Sfir you luuk after h^r- 

He turned abniptliy hack intn 
the darki^rA^, wai viiiblp for a 
mc»ncni in the harsh lis?hl over 
ihc cntrtinct, and vmnishcd b*'- 
biiid I he 4V.-111S doors. 

"Lcl'a Witlk" siiid Jacfcit. 

To page 67 


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in, 9/S 

pf tncftitifrtmy ftBirwffltrtr *raHT«iii.« 




Page Be 

National Library of Australia 

ud it wundHi forlorn. She 

lnDdkrrehirf and 
J- yiiihoul bothpnng lo loofc 
^ fcc jf Hlimplirty wi> i€. 
.fflofianyiiis her. 
n,ci> w™' i^ifough the irch, 
yl ibff niililiiniiin, turned 
'lull tit main boulcvnrd and 

^u, walking f"l 

Jnckic did "oi seem to want 
B utk and Humtihrey did nol 
know ha- to begin In 
hi an hou/ they tad traiScd 
ceotir oi Molcow mnd wore 
' ijjwn Isnidc the ri™r. The 
IrtEl lighn dinmirr here 

'iJ they cirajed tlic Jlrect id 
tmbiinkment, where the 
iiiern of liifhu atfOM 
tidge IwinHed Ij.ick »1 them 
■I'm tht water. Jackie slatk- 

fltd Ihc fMM^e- 

T Md no idlea aboat ynui 

((lob. It didn't o<:cur to mc , . . 
I^B rcully very inrry, too." 
jjimphJ^y laJd, fceting that 
^ lyinpadiy ftoutuJed rather 
eidiKjuatr after Strwarl'j. 

"Don't tell Miti Baj^ol. 
aii all" i^kie retorted. She 
III more like hcr^rlF nav. 
"It wai til my own fault I 
low that. But Mils Ba)tiJiot 
E^t think same oF it wai 
bi- S^e'i leaving tomorrovi/ 
mmiaf, with any luck ■hc^ll 
piUably never know.'" 
"Bdt need it have ^ne ai 
a ai thia^' tKniited f-ltrm- 
jury. *'rDi to blame, too, 
m'^i for|[et. IF I hadn^t come 
1 MoK^ow looking for Aunt 
livinia there r|iight never have 
BB all thil fult," 
'^l know, t knoWk" Jackie 
gld wearily. "I>t'i not iiart 
ircellirs out the hl.imc. I 

Cmntttutitig . . . 


didn^t want you to hear nhout 
ir, either. I did my level hcst 
iZiii c\Tnjn({ with thr gnycai. at 
little farrwclt parties so yi>u 
coiiH both Irjtvc ruThrjtmw with 
clEfir coniirit^nm. tfi just bad 
IucIe Suw^t H'cDi :ind h]uried 
it our in froni of yov." 

Humphrey caught 3Ll her 
ann. They hd.d wiillted mj f^ir 
nnd so ftUt thnt J,ickic dlti riot 
resLft when be pmlled! ber tu 44 
aittaiiut thr ttoiic wkU 0f 
LhF embankment. 

■^"Bu ti Jackie, why bother 
iiboui Aiint Lavinia and mc? 
Vr'hy did you try to uuf 
feeling? ?" 

"I don't knuw. Why do« 
one do aiiy thing? I suppose 
it just Itemed lidier tO' nH. Do 
ytsm (fo round lelHiiK evtryunc 
when you're hurt and upnet? 
Wdl. 1 don't, either. Oh, come 
on, Homplirey, lel'i wallt." 

I'hry Ml off agsirif raorc 
ilowJy DOW. Jackie'* cyr» wcrr 
OD tbf dioDciiLg n^fiectiaiu of 
%hl in ihc water. Humphrey 
j^kvt hr.r h few sidcwayi glance^, 
an'd thcn^ dccidini^ her filce W3S 
Averted jufTiticrilly not tn 
noti^^e, be itroUcd on watrhinf^ 
her pccHfy^ rtfhi^d agt^irtii the 
moving moooliglit in the river. 
He f^Tt eXiicily he had in 
the Amba^a-dor^s iludy when 
Jaclcic made her cpn/e^aEon 
with her chin up and lurr ^'oicr 
qsiitc Steady- Otily mote 

In a_ii uiatant of auddcn 
awHrcncu. Um m phivy rctog- 
nised a tFulh. dead to himsell 
uittil then, but now so astonish- 

Denture Breath" oOenders 
are the last to know 

[ianhirai un harbour faad (Hrtlclas whleli enter 
t\HY crcidce* and diacoinpqte, caoting "denture breath" 
— which cannot b» ngtked with toothpisle. Dentunit 
th«(r own purifying clsjns^ ^ STfHADENT. 
lham fn Stendonl For 70 minuln daily. 


Whtt STERADENT does for 
dentures that toothpaste cannot do 

1 0)tyfl«i^|„n» — p«wtrat»» trevicoi. 2. Brightani 
— fBirvovw iiaini. 3. P«rffl« — remo™ otiovir^onn- 
Infl oenni. 4. Dwdoi<i«_ frnheni moulh. 5. Clcim 
— 'oduMi luffan wear. At thumiiH only 



from page 66 

inftty And vividly alive that it 
mu*t always have hetn there ai 
thfr b-3ck -of hut mind, 

"It'i idioiJC," he tai<I to him- 
self. And^ even 35 he uid it, 
he kxiew lhal ■( didn't mattci' 
at oil. lliu was wh;3it miattcrcdi 
Walking pji^ng bealde her and 
wishing tliAi U could go on for- 

"I'll get in touch with her 

Eilwnyi pasaiottdtdy Uliereited 
to Jieep Jji. Eouch With llirm ;it 
tbc time. And haw often du 
yoa follow ii tip? But I do 
k na w wha t you me-a n , EI ura- 

Humphrey njddcnly th rrw 
riiuLion lu the windi. The len- 
siblc counc might be to wiit 
Ltn til Jackie cnme back to Lon- 
don, bui for once the legible 
cQLine did not appeal to Hum- 

"You bawn'* ihc ^lighlcbt 

when ahr i:oin« batk to Lon- 
don. It^g iheer tmidnesi; to day 
jnythins now. Difficult to 
Mr'^ii when it leemE so urgent, 
bui murh the must lenfibtc 

Htimphrcy slipped *hij aim 
shrough Jaricie's, A lalc. con- 
vT'ntLcinal beginning to a court- 
yhip he would rontiiiue InCef 
.It a proper and conv-enlional 

"When do you expect to be 
^rjclt ill Londcni, Jackie?" 
Evfh tg himfeLT hli voice 
bounded quite normaK unemo- 

"^OK^ iDmctimer" Jadtie aaid 
i:Tguely. "I haven't ihowaHt 
J bout it. A month or two- I 
Tuii^hi taike A holiday in Sweden 
un the Wily." 

"But yiou 11 let me know 
when yoo do get back P You'll 
civx mf your homr address so 
r ran gel in touL'h with you?" 
Humphrey was beginninfi lo 
lunic already. 

"It'd be much better if you 
■.iidn^'t/* Jackie laid. "Misi 
B.igithoc's bound to bear about 
LOc b?in|( posted Kac:k 
Foreign Office if I Jook >'ou up 
ui London. I can hardly let 
vctu and nut her." 

"Ytru mean yoiii're ^oing to 
sorbet the whcle incident oni:c 
v,r leave? You won't even 
write lo us?" 

"Oh, yes. I"^!! Wrile. Next 
week pmbahly and ag^in in 
.ibout manthi. .-^nd a Chriil- 
mm Ciird for a few years, The 
way one do«. Miu Ea^ihot 
would K- hurt if i didn'c do 

JJ^jmphrey woi be^aamif to 
he irritated at being coupled 
wish Miss Bagshot in Jackie's 

"But. Jackie, you ea-fi't tarA 
friend^ip on and off like a 
i,ip that way. Whether you 
like it or not, thli week you've 
aL^qulred ilu— Auni Laviiti^ and 
ine. We're interested in Ever>'- 
tlung that happen* to you. We 
WL\nt to know what you're 
doijig, whcrip you arc—*' Hum- 
phrey wai aware lhal his raicc 
was be:tr4ying him and be 
:itcfpprd. He niiwt be careful 
1 o control himie No [join I 
i n letti n^ emotion get the 
better of him. 

Jfiekie fhot him a friendly 
look. ^ 

"Right 3k,\ thil tnoioent I fed 
the same way about you and 
Mm BagihoL I'd like 10 hear 
rrDm you again, but ihe weeki 
•ind the month* ro by and 
r'^cryone scttlci back into iheir 
own lives, meeting other people, 
doing other diingi. £>omeb0w 
you never keep it up. It's like 
ihipboard acquaintanceft. You're 

idea what I mr4.n," he i4iJ, 
standing in front of her and 
jerking her roimd to face him. 
■*1 am not a ihipboatTd acqnaint- 
ati cc an d T am not Aun t 
Lavinia. I don't w^ant lo hear 
from you every few imintha and 
take a casual interat in what 
■you do. f want to hear from 
you every dngle day. I want 
Lq know what you do every 
blasted minute."' 

Jackie did not eve A Laugh aj 
she had dune an hour ago when 
canironted by Seewari., She wa4 
ao surprised that she itood 
gaping a I Humphrey, complete 
disbelief wriuen .all over her 

"But you don' I even like me. 
Humph rey . you k now you 
don't." She sounded dbcon- 
ccrteid and unhappy. "You'vr 
no right to f^'ivt me tucb 
shock. Only tbij evenlno you 
dJjliked me intensely. I rcU it, 
Jku( because I've lout my job 
there's no need lo be sorry for 
me. Keally, Humphrey, ibis 
juit complicate everything, [f 
you mean a word you're lay- 
ins — '* 

" I'm not in the lesiai bit 
sorry for you," Humphrey said. 


,T wli the wrong 
time to begin. Ffe knew thnl. 
It was even the wrong begin- 
itiiig. But novk- be had started 
he might a9i wtll finiilk it, "You 
should feel Hattered. Not nmny 
girU could boast about reluBitiK 
two propotali in one e\*tnjng," 
*"Pjopo!;al ? Humphrey, don*i 
be luch an ass. If you and 
Stewart arc iryitie to make tnc 
feel like Heleit of Troy you're 
making no headway at 3JI, 1 
Haven't even got any powder 
on my noir/' she added in ^n 
aggrieved vijice. "And beitdes. 
ynu've never even kisned me." 
"Hu Fcrgu*on?" 
"Wcllp of course, Dozenj oi 
times when we've bem out tj 
pftrtitii Of coming bonie from 
tben>. I mtraft' — well, I knew 
he liked nif at leait, more or 
iejia, and Lt didn't take me by 
surprise. But you can't jitmr' 
out of character tike ihU, Hum- 
phrey, Ii'i not fair." 

"Coitldn't I ksM you now?" 
''There," Jackie laid crouly. 
"K.iuing h(it a thiu^ you ask 
aboiAi. It'i a thing you jmt do 
If you ask first it lakes away 
all ihr fun a|id makes it uncom- 
foTtable, convcniional— ihe side 
oF y^u I can't ftiaad." 

"Stoji being *o boisy," Hirni- 
phrey commanded. **That^i the 
side of yoii I cun't itand. t do 
dislike vov -— heartily. Vou're 

a,fgreuive and headitrong and 
uofemininr and — I caiiH 
imagine how I could tmve fallen 
in love with you" 

His armi went round her 
then. pnrd^li\^ hcf ^S^lnnt him, 
stining argument. Jnckte liftf.d 
her faci- lo proiol and he kissed 
h^T. quite dclibcialely. It 
wai a iharp, firtgini^ swcrliicfs 
to mere her lips, so soft, so un- 
believably willing. 

"My imposiiblr Jackie," he 
whispered into her car. "You're 
wonderful . Impossible. lmpc«- 
aibly wonderful. I couldn't love 
anyone else." 

Jackie drew apart from hint 
rather breathlessly. 

"'J should never Have ini- 
agined you'd br able to kiM 
like that." She tried to souji-d 
dispassionate, uninvolved- "Of 
all the men in liie world you're 
the leitflt likely -" 

"Now admit, Jackie^ you 
liked iL T{'% humati nature to 
like kiisins. But a few kisdcs 
don ' t make a ma rria ge. Even 
a con%-eiitiam)l nurriage like 
the 6rtp Wc*d have. But I'm in 
no hurry. This may be my lasi 
night in Moacow, buc^ once E 
gr-K b^ck to LondoQ 1^11 bo ta- 
bard you with coblei. I'll phone 
the Foreign Office every dwy to 
find out when you're cij<ming 
home. Tll bring a whole doriii'^ 
ahop Lif "ftowem ta meet your 
pLaiir- I'll " 

At lut Jackie began ta laugh. 

'*Humphrey, you are an utter 
idiot. Even wben you decide 
to be Unconventional you do it 
in the moat convemionAl way," 

"You naity little garl." 

"Tbflt'i what I mcRfi " laiJ 
Jftcbic, but *he let Humphrey 
ki» her agiiin, "You can't 
simply kiia all ynur lifr. There 

hfu to be sotuetbing eUr to it.'" 
"There will be soinelUjjig else 
to it. Ky the time I'm hnishcd 
with you you'll be quite rcipeel- 
able. And you'll probably have 
made toe fairly human, (Oo." 

"Three cbeen,^' aoid Jickie. 
"But *hc answer'* (till tio/' 

She might never see Hum- 
phrey after this evening, hot he 
<.oiiild jncver Again be a casual 
friend, elthrr, Tt Oiade her feci 
Awkward to be stand iitg beside 
h i m, and »h e s^ea rehed for 
something to change the su^ 

''See all those li^hta Acrosa 
the river? That's the Corky 
Park of Guhurr and Rest. Let's 
walk over there emd then back 
to the flat."" 

Jackie was getting out of 
hand again. She walked him to 
the cnirimce of Gorky Park. 
She climbed on mcrry-go- 
roundi and razzle-dazzlca.. She 
watched for hij reaction as they 
swung off the movijig Sooir to- 
gether. But Humphrey had his 
anarii round jackie^s waist and 
wjis no longer thinking of bU 

Humphrey felt that^ in ..some 
teasing way, she was testing him 
■Jilt and be kept pace wiih her. 
He even succeeded In surprising 

"Here," be said, thniatiug a 
handful of batldon strings »t 


"What on earth are these 
for?*' Jackie demanded, hold- 
ing on to the dozent of bat- 
Inon ttrtniTK. 

"No flowen in lighli," uid 
Huttiph rey tranquilly . "I 
bought th^ frcnn thAt Utl^ 
woman over therc.'^ 

"But why?" 

''Oh. nothing. Ju!st begtnnii>g 
To pa^e 68 

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if tliCff wtt« ftjr JH 

Tlic fir^t thing IFmnphrr)' 
.ir>t| Jafkir nPtiml vfhfii ihrry 
rantr iHrtiufrli thr rkmblr rluon 
<tf ihr. iAovk t>l fijiTj was the im- 
hatuTnl husK tin ihr ilairr4ie' 

up liir SEniri bill ta inkt: liiC 
noiiy lift And t'iik yt^iVittg iho 
Pn5*i contiiigftTt. HtjT ii* iht? 
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pletely [Jrfteit«S 

'VVhsT oti PiirTh cDLtld liftVr 

glunemg up and down tlir 
rflira. ■■SujTly tJj*=v (,r>«ldn'l 
iill have (fivftn up and gOTiP 

'I iUi Lil3t t haU" I fun lijii rc v 
wkl ^ioily. "B\jt Aunt Iji%-]ni i 
rrnghi httvr gtvcn tKian uj 
irj[erv-iw nnd ihty'd hmx gone 
ofT W filr their ropy," 

"She- wou]<ln't hnve dont' 
[hut She premii^ft) *h*f 
wuiiMn't But vfhu kjiEJW — 1 
wai jiiit tcmcnibtfing — (he 
did leeiii rtwfiilly krtn to get 
Hi! of ui Itis ctciiltii(. Yotj 
dfni't Thint Oaat pcrtiapt ahr 
might h'Avr wanted a* iHit nf 
thp wny berauitf shr w/isi ilUn- 
nini? (u i£0 off and lt**e htT^ 
«if w^nrivhcrt in S-UMia? All 
thiit tulJt iibciut (ki-j-ctint; ta ((O 
hofTir after itU rciahi have been 
(usi 3 blulT ret pui LIB iifiT itie 

Continuing * - • 


purjKMc. The only . »';( 

brforr I met yaa t^"'" f 
lliivr known rish, iL""""''! fe 

wuuid iMti to s' 

con veil tional wqrld Jj &iLL^i- ^ » 

|,ukic liiicl licni ^^rarl:lllns 
lur hiT kcyj in her hmdimg jjid 
ihr found tliwn, f'"''' 
right eac into 'Vip In^k. And 
luncd it BS Hiittiphrcy oij- 

"Shr wiruldn'l «« vi;r>' fai 
With her plans foi Icisins hcr- 
itU with all lliuw ™rrafK)inl- 
(Titi in tow. T vf never mci 
!Ljfh a tenacious s^oiip "I 
)Ui>ple in tlif life. Thei-'ie 
loufili rnoiigli to (allow :uiy- 
tji>e intp Siberibi i^tht'r than 
loir il itory. Thf imly thioR 
Ihnl pttadcs mo id thiiT the 
Soviet Gwrmincjil hadn't 


''ni llM 13 iiitjfc than ju!ir n d<^tTjFitinn <if 
pbcis. 'I'htr author, through «cine 
ribsi: r\ n ti t*n. pprc e jjliun, ii iid Jinowl I'^v 
vt kuvAum liirrfltiirr, ha? trapiiirt'-d jhn 
f,piiril and fe-eUn^ tjf Le-'niii^rtid and 
Mostttiv. liccausp hpf Atii{?riri!in hiLsliantl, 
Fauhion. Bawers. who wrnc let RLusi^ 
rriJimly to v,T\Xf iibniif riir^trc iuiil IwiU*'!", 
<:nu\d spi^ak llimiiin 'ivi'tl i.'nniJ^h fnr cnti- 
vct^^ t i uii . ihfy 'ft p n- n hit- to 'alk witli 
ihnnic arquaintautdt mi-i: at tiprii-jir 
r;ifi"s. In thli w;iy ihuy rniid-i' friends wtrt 
ralinhitiTied ihrm corisidfTjibly on vnrions 
aappcls E>f ninrtrm Rufsian iif<". RusfiEiIts 
nrfc cilirLittpd [u ihirir Hulf i^friiip — Liri 
lurJiari vroman, Imt Amt-j hnmi hiiAb^nd, 
ihoit iive-jfiir-(Hd son. and hi* jwgra 
iiiiMp, An intervic^v i\]ih i lammis "p^rivi- 
li>Sod'* woman inTiirt and :i visit to hi'.t 
hrgc wi'W-iurnl^hed iip-irlincni, fli]d with 
L'ljujfn'a^ were LipMiahis, iViiutifiilt/ 
wrtUcri, wilit kIi ami hu/ni^r, \Wik J»nok 

[hniivfi Nicsr inrerrAling Ughl an thn jnodpni 

Jjit^k Pollard Mnlkr> 
JJ[iHJ'7!S a Jirjot iliiiE lould tM.*:(jWii- a 
icunls "cJaSBit. ' bcLQiL^c oi ihr iH- 
uitiil il ^ivM thi: rrader intti ritp itiurna- 
m ("Ti I W-nn i*. B ii^ gajnf s hj vi; I«?l'u rp- 
catlrd with s^ivld dciail, Trifk^ slluaiiu™. 
nnd hitherfrt uni'sptiiitifil al (LTcatifms havo 
hrt'u ibiillpd in waj [bit will pk::tx(- 
fiUH, ThnM' whfj Me iint ^[f avid about the 
i*2.tTie Lun iiojov ihc cstrtrrrii'Iy wi'll-hancllril 
t ]]^!!!^^? on piyrsonalitits, sui'h a* AJthea 
Or^jL*f>nt tHi' mixfd-up kid frijiii Haricm^ 
BTiri "Uttti.* Mp" CrmtmUy, whom Tht' 
.lU 1 heir rnn tirft' rs Lh i: r4*ii Trst ^v<WTT;in 
pj.iyt;f, Diubity, and H^>ad, vi'ry ]:inguirl 
ui/iird," rbtTi- some i'nlLghlmiii<; in- 
fomiyTtlin ijn tht": Krarnrj- srt-up and niurh 
fair ct»mn]rriir:iry m nthcT noiahlt^ connls 
inures, int'lLtdinff ^^l^y i lopmnn. f'rfissip 
jiid tranT'i fact'^; ^iri-> intrrniinglcH jn a 

from poge j7 

throw w tlirm all out long ^go. 
Thc)'d uianiiSc tp ^et an iincr- 
\irw with Lenin m hi? totub 
if thpy iliDught it wai a really 
hot rrrwi utory/' 

"Thry wuti'i yet oup aiil df 
Miss Bfl^ifhOt;' JncVit fluid 
'rvit'h conviGtion. 

Shr Kwiii:,4ied on the hull 
h^hx and wa> .ibmii to tiploe 
dQVfP- tile liny totriclur to pncp 
in Lo t Jic iJy tkf- nwd bedrotinii 
when her cyn feli on a neatly 
tuldit*! nuti: tm thv Urlcphonr 
tiiblt^. Il WiM brief aird divrct 
and, liLr Mil* Bacfshot's cun- 
vej-imion, Vrtwtrti na limp In 
polite pi«liiii4iiHrJes, 

tiACKTX; read il 

cm. "1 havp dcdtied it will 
prohflbk be nioje eomfDriJibk 
ItiT luc bark si\ tiie hoiel. Thm 
rppoHrr* hjtc bi?ifii ringili!; 
Lbii- dfjartrell cvre piini:*' yju left 
^ind 4t W:^st kuirl roums Uo-ci^t 
have helln. Also it wilt be more 
pejtrefid. for you and ymu 
imr-i^hturs if T tiikr ihnu £ill 
away. siJ I ^hfljl us*; Kum- 
^hrry's TTOtti at ibf Mtrlropule 
r^jr it^nii{ht and ^r.t u i{Uod 
dtttp brforr tht journey. 

"Tcfl Hii]npIinT.y to. romr 
and roJlert me in the muraiiig 
in gi3Q-d iimt tot ttic airport- 
Many fhanJti for ynur hoipita^- 
ity, tnf dnir. F.tvrni.i E4KBk«t."' 

'"Biit. »lu- cjti'i Hie n\y 
fiKKit," tifirt Tt'd llumphffy- 
nnvrr ht^ard nf iuch an 
idiotic ichcmc. No hotel wuuld 
lei .-|.nyoE)f* have ,i ntow Kh^i": 
hwn h<;tikcil urni wif^i by soiTif- 
on IT clic," 

Pcntiid to Canpl^l :Prmting 
ttmUrd for Dj^ pubUnhi-i' ^luv- 
rii»1:nn CatisoJlfljilicil Prca? Lii.iiU'il, 

"I dtjn'l know .ihoiit no 
oihtr hotel le:ttinB anyone else 
da it, but I'm perfectly ficrtain 
Misi [liii;,*itiaL will think up 
■onic I h ins i o pcriiiiitJr the: 
MetTopolt' idin it," Jjickic 

'"She's perfwtly r^ht about 
the r-(itTi:5p*indents hmnjz morr; 
ol u nuisjiiicc here Lhan ihry: 
would be fit the hairl. After 
all, ihU la a. diplomatic block 
and ihr Scrvirl AuLhoriiiea can 
liiirdly Kod a plalQCni 
niUilmJtutn Into it, Ilut Ihry 
*tMiti[ rauly itap er'eryone frum 
i-:inipLiiff Dtinidf" iler door tn l* 
Hclrli. Th*i eorcpspcndonlJ will 
be fcirrfd to Mr in wait for her 
<Lawn in iht ftiy^-T. -wUtph will 
tc a much morn f onifcfrtahirr 
arran^tfrncni for hrr." 

"H^fiinforfflble fur hrr," Hum- 
phffv bia?t^d. "Il s aw lypinil yf 
Aiitit Laviilia tn torisider only 
whtiT wntild he; cninfortriblfi F^r 
h*fr. I'vp never L'oiqe acTCisi 
□ nyuiii; so thotji(hr]oa of cvcry- 
oac die- Aiui whrrr docs »he 
think I ajn !i?oin*? to 4pend the 

liVt?ll. f ^ppDSi* shv meant 
yqij coulit ^i^y hL-re," Jatkir 
x^Kfce^tRd r..\kniy. 

'If shf rciilly fchoui^bT abi3ui 
ft at all shi^'d hnvr realiicd f 

"Llh. I drjTi't ItnoWj the divan 
in thp ^.iiting-rrxiTi* isn't ^9 
^jiKiomEortivble as rdl tliat." &hfi 
Tvaikedl inn.* tkc nwirn, switrhing 
im ihr li^ht inr Hurijphniy to 
jn jMn t the divan. He foilowed 
her, itjll n^uiftjT. 

Ictirjw ireiy wrll whAt 
I ftuWJ, JarJtie. flnej I fAn't 

"But nrhfl.! wl^ ytm do?" 

'Tfic phiJiP If^vei 4t nine 
o'rltifk. Ko Td be up nbout ilk 
in any caflp, Ptl go fnr walk 
Tiffw. I've never stayed up all 
tituiil Ijrrolti- Al Icajl not nri 

around me. iVim't tmj^^l"*' 
ihal^j at Ipafit some irSf. 
yuu, >Lk;c?- iliimC' 
even tnildly ajnu»H it ^^j^j^^^ 
Jackie hwiiatcd bm , ' 
rt wtond. Fof hsr Hto h j 
been no floe instmjt J 
nrw. Thr rvming ^^1^- 
full uf iniilDJiti—iTicntiriiu 

d(,.er tu,pb^ f 
inomentsof reRrC11<,„ 4^^^ 
biii-kxfd .twJiy fignj him i,. 
She was too hnpr]|i<-, 
to decide Vfhai il 
Wrtfit, hut she km'^^■ 

Hn'ont"'' "^"'^"' fi^^l^nK l 
'Tll .Mine for * wiOk, I 
ifir »a!d abTuplly, "| j 
itiink I MuleJ rtalfy g^, ^ 


"Now dofl'i rtnlfet 

one. I only raid , . « 

"I heaid whnt ^au f, 
».!![ vrry encoiinmni^.'' 

Hunjphrry piH iij 1,,^, „„ 
her §boul(ipri. Wtllim;' i,... 
Jih'^^V fmm Ititn and tiT^i;;..-,;. 
down iiilii her cyiw wllJi , : ' , 
inK i(;iTdtTnesi. "If 1 tj, 
that far in ihirx htiun m, ;,. 
rtill icjiue hope now [ J^sr 
;iilDther ifcveH left.** 

A itartlint; ilioupiht BiMpiitv 
yccurred to Jackie, 

"Do you su^tpMt thil'i ^li.i 
Miji Baifstiot did hf Vfty ikt 
Irh Uic flat hen whom »h< 
UTii-; jo L'cmfortublt \^ ^ 
for the MElfupole in the mliidl, 
• if the niglit,? She'] hcraj try 
tuR to thimi? ui tognlicr ill ( 
diiy — ytju inuf 1. h.ivr atxkrd it 
Obi what ft family I'vt got itJV' 
Mrl[ invalvt?tJ with!*' | 

"Yci^ admit yfiu |£Alblv»' 
then I 

To page JO 

A whoEes&mc mouth . . . kissable-elean breath always . 
Be sure you have that brea^Iess charm; Make your teelh 
'Ijiatia Pearls'. 

Teats \mve shown that New Ipana with Hexachlorth 
phene penetcates the harii-to-roach areas where tosjth- 
decay and baii-breath germs lurk . . . 

New Ipana with Hexachlorophens kills bad-brtiaUl 
germs luorc eifectiveiy than any itinuth wash. 
New Ipana with Hexachlorophene kills loolh-decfly 
germs iiiiiri' effectively Uian af>y Other tooth paste, 
^ New Ipana with Hexachlorophene is even more 
effective than using botli, 

IPANA — always first with the latest discoveries — i- 
the oniy tooth paste in Australia with Hexachloroplicru' 
Ordinary tooth pastes are now out ot date. 

when you make 
your teeth 


National Library of Australia 9224 

«uUfi rum" o**'"' orim to 



lor a fjfplty, caiy-icHmMkr 
b\ou3^ for I iifli rttf.r- S iits 
32 to 'Atiin. bust. Require* 
2yciL 3fiiD, mnteriai. Frkr 


F5891. — Simplf termin !tar}i lias iquaxp neclllnt, no 
.-^j flccvcs, with pluti Irani [he yokr Sil« Hi! to itBin, 
buit Require! SJydi. H6in, rnntedaL Prirr ^VFi. 

F5892. — Ttiinii fruck i» ILttcil [o the liiplint' aiid 
finished with a iwirl uf tiny pleiti. Siies 'i'i lu 'S&iti. 
bust. Rcquimj 3ydi 36in. miitcrial- Prcet 


r«« AomwLijw WoMS«^s WaeiLT- August Jl, 19«) 

F3SS4.^ritted plsysuit wiih contraitiiig lash tan he worn witli 
matchins cjuual jafkiH. Sizci S3 to HSitl bu3t. Plnyfuit takci 
SSin, rpatFrial and -^yd^ contrast^ jackeE rcquiici Siydi. 
36lii. loaicrial Price 4/6. 

— Barc-nccltcd, deevclEflB summer frock has scJf-ciinuncrhund 
2nd full mkirt. Sizci 32 to 3Sin. bujt. Reqwrei 41ydi. i6in, material. 
Price V6. 

F5857 — PKity buftDn-throu^h dre» bai puiTcd ilravra aad sloping 
pucketi. SizEi 3i to 38in. bust. Requirti +ydi, 36in. raatfrial. Pricr 


^ , ^ „ , Jf». .wt— SHoam: ffjuus 

CmJ pftorltii prJiUBM (IF ivAU.We cuL oue cejiiji to uir In cbicis ilniJunii 
color* ftps plTik, BlLiE, stssn, nil, and irpUowf, ^11 with vbite. fiiMj IJ 
3tltl. tlU!. JI.H. X uid ISlu. tujt, l%Uii|< 3 . «itrs 

'l,'*""'™* "I.'.' cul ouv wd cle.ny it.crt to tmbrolaer l!^ 

pint, hllie. ereeil, vnlts, ere Aim Jrljh linen. Prjco L> a/6 a. get PaslaffB 1.'.. 

Ha. asa— WAisT-APaoN 
Hftnrlv tr.Mt-ftpron liai omtriiilnR wblii oraandlt (nil. it u avall»li1» cm 

JS^K ili^-'J'Sv.'jT^v'' 'SJ"^"'}*^ • =">'" in I'l"''- til"'. 

fttLd iHBon btidfiCQtlL Pneed ht 3 6^6. Pdaia^e a/- Eitm. 

^ NO. rM.^lRL'S FBOCI 

Ftpltr «Tle » dilli(h! uij: llllk girl 11 iv.iiiblc cm out rtid, ijj make lo 
mrnuoii* mil white, rajim-biut i.n» nhite, iim mlni.^Mo ,^3 iiiiS aoril 
couon. aiua 4 and 0 yBnrt, n.S: s ina lo je«n, Pomma i/. citr». 

teerki from datr of flublication. JVo C.O.D. 
ordorj acceptrd. 


yl« / READ 
the STARS 

II > Ii: % E II I L L I A K n 


Oft.niB>1ris colnri*. rmry-EiJim' rcsl. 

♦ wnnbet at jxiu iftll bf ifcUv^t 

nelivc La KQVk-ina far Ih-r WC'llkfr' 
of thi* cauiniLmJi}. VtrKDnoJ 

u\ tft-rnr nf :hr rlnirti^ of nther* 
The* cflji mtff ;bB (orm n-f vi^iitn^ 
I Jin st£k. Iwljj-ilttniH \n kti 
cmrrMDbcF, qj- ruDnlun errnndi 



Lucliji -cfilor Jar Idt*. nssit. 
QiirriEillt^ii colLifii, rCRfr, QD-SiJ 
Lucif da:>'li. WndQc£dny, Fndtjr. 

* Duty ttif bimvt ft» liJcfllY tQ 
u.Ln ih*- prtKf-. It jMn tiRns ijntk, 
Lht^ upiiifrr.iiimv will vAtiiih. 
TJiiifiiii foil lire KHiTip lo try nut 
nrK nil:tiii]d:& [ar^B. RJiEirrimcni 
H.]drfiE tsffw lliini, vpy-t] Up nlUCk 
Ln CI 1-ut tt^ tsUia. ol M.D ocGm^ 
yltiUAl iAiilitc. you'll bf l-UTritoE 
ynu BB Take thp mitl*llV4i, 


Tlii* Twins* 

MAV il - Jl'Sh -11 

LLltIkr> cular lor lUvn, browil. 
UaiU&Unc cD)ar\, tfrairn, rrBUft. 

Luck in niiel frutn a ^mdcti 

A TtiEm ramf he wic ^ob jfim 
aread to f^ckir or a fMmion -upbt 

Vdli Whi} UntASCltlllJIiiA yiQll DT iLrlU' 

clici 1.0L1 Oft ETcr^f trcculon. Poi-' 
slhly yf^a K7C icatrJiEij aval ^ 

ikU reslkinc a IrPftni In . Thli w Ml 

Rlyc n lis*- uttH-udr; en- 
^QUrAEl? Ttm uiBkj frEiJ} ptasu 


Lu-ck itt a. cuiiHinvmLcatloii. 

CkiiKl lo-mrnr tqap knock en 
srauT (Janr wticft thF (lOllinnAn 

mean nil uivltiLUijn Ei* n ^fcry 

aid Frl^nil ilrro>i>i dliLBnrr ur 

b* ti^ty, |i luVr I'tttirx Lhht W*rm« 
yaur tlF-KTl In D. \bv t:m3.n. Itlhi 

wiii^h Lhuiilii jroti 


* Yuu spmt rtewii out tup 
clouds To pave the <ahi' for a n«w 
Lindt^rEAkina th^t rts]uirr^ ulLi;n- 
tioEi Lo detfti], anti (nottahl',' 
mcfttla Lbat full auuulvmrill tike 
amnLjivt IKuaey you kre pro- 
ptttra to ni^lirl wlilk tnllLl liafd 

„„... „ , ^ wnrk You utATt out bruvtlv tJilt 

Gamliiiiiit eulora jcUow. Wact you mar ln-canif diaconraeKi Oct 
],.ULky day.^, TbuTadfii^. Qynday. Lliruugh tliaL aril.)ca4 mommnt and 














ir L.ncky number thtM TCftlc. 1. 
Lnckv c'llor for Iqi'*. yellow- 

Luok In pracclcaL mattsci 


fjUcfay cnli^r far Un-t It bilui!. 
□•.tnbliiiic t-DLorf. It biuc maiiTc. 

I.ul'Jl Iji pErnonikl rclaLjeiiuKlp:i. 

it An AiactUftlAliincf- euulil erow 
lnt4> » TEtti ErleRd iktid ticcuihc II 
prrmttHRTit Tuf tJjr Iq jjnur U£i* 
YOU muy hnvt^ % n*-^ nttiihUsf 

winc^prnrCA partfcula^-ii}' conSciliA-S, 
wUti li]E«re:ALb a I ml Far U ^niirn 
Sflmc iif fuu. dev-eSnp nenif Irlrail- 
jthtpa lUfdUElL sen'inn j^li a cum- 
isiutpf It nloRP m Lhr w&rld. 

tnen.[i£ALp wllh tint; at th^ op- 



Sl.fTETblBF.n ,** - Of'TOnVR -J.I 
■# ruck* nuEnLjiir thiis i,fispi:. 3 

CinmBUns iJfilor;.. WhUif. lK]ii.Cfc. 

Duu't ](t itnpft tlemc^ di4irt :7«u 

Mariy maLLcri flip shflLpinic n* ynu 

nrit-.y*1 vLilhli- C-DfttctUmrut, b 
culm Efif4*lle^ flt.lht.udc. fEnri titci 

j'^ryfit']! dbn vtrrk wcFQdrri and 

Luci^v UciiEd.Ay, Biitkirdav- I^^^I^ hftfipy until ^4ur 


Ot'TUBIlEl H - M>VlvMBil:e 

LilLkv cOEOt [of Jfl-ve, mmUiie. 
(4H.rntilinf cfltafS, maUlfr, roWl, 
Lucky daj.!, tytiidftif-. gMutdity, 

■ir Whtt^itr you Atfl It ^i-yifuffp 
an ExpierH:QCEd {iSayHr, sport lb A 

ijiBtar ((I vmt litr it vuu Jicvn« 10 

^11 ATf poniing ta fht and at 
a K^i.'']niL iLnd ^l»yliJg id cti1ii|]ii:'i' 
tlaiik if y'3u pTnn nt> lEm-n, a^ri- 

•otiiU >cuji4id?r tnkLUit tmir Hit. 
VHsijiHAi'if pDBRibiJuifk tun >'ii:?ur own 

fiuilLl|itC£ thwui yciu ttilnk. 


Tlif An lif r 

NOVElhlBLER ■ ItlCCtAlf^l^R ib 
it l-Tjcky number IJiii week. T 
■Lutlc* fiolflr Jar lovf. jvFLKtBi 

Luct ihroiiqrk tJlPBf- in »uthnTil-v, 



Tlir (a<*al 


it Ludty numli^r trtw Wftek. S 
Lyr^r flulDr for tnvr. red. 

<jBj]^a]][i^ oolDr;^. red, grej 
1.!irt5- t1i"y!'. Mnndfty, Sunday, 




unrEiimlliar flntBrpt'j£«, uek 111- X 

formaMnn Irons the mwK (jfiiiri-^ j| 

Cullv In uslni; matfTiult O'^v lu X 

jrou. In domcinic «riH und crmtEj,, T 

It mdv ijr wiif. I'j iry out a itsKit T 

ftAm p]c (iclorc B t temp tl^i; did T 

mmn prfjjBf:: The merf slc^lla J 

joii ftcfimrr. thi- Duippjcr and "* 

more IisEcmUng you *IIJ be. * 

■lit IT B levnMitrt. ^ou mAy can- 
vltlce psxr nl> tliBl, yau par' 

iaaj-lritjnil. fl plflf t, In pB;iJ 

to Hriinl A it^Wst, hjcItb pHvi- 
lesB*. tn flinBiHTlfli If yui] ha'ra 
Anv dcAllngfi wliti tfuhrerniikmlhl 
auiliDnticft, yntiT m.pp]n^miim 


it Tb^ p«Lji tci SVCCttJ DimT bftTp 
main- II fttliinlllln]! block. Pemplg 

inarn ch»n one trht^rrit tJtL Thl^h 

rVtiT ymamlii m i ine ta 1: £ pa 1 Jfhc r 
tBthrr ibfl.R out sF^d uul <J<riV.''^ 
Tht-i vri-k dv-Oiandi cooil CcUrjul- 
*hll9 Lf iiULi &rc to Kchieiv. T;3Ur 

lAVl .^ilV ■ »'h AB|-.lHV' iU 

O ii ni ti] I ntf colcnj, orinRC, hruwn 
l.:if:'KY day,-!, Wt^rtrrf '.iHiy, Sun 
Lilfii ifi overborn Inff tib9Ld?l«, 



Page 69 

miUtir. iL m^iHtacr 0^ tbi; op-pcititr 
ip^ U|ceij' 113 l)ir spf-^tatJj hfljJ- 
f leI If plAmiln^; ^ nnruF cvrcii 
taakn Lt fcn ^vrnliirf nlTai:^ wild IT 

Kill bf. mu&t Aueevi^sttiL II u nat 
nnd fnrtrV Irrv; vaU an abgu; 
ca mpfft itif hard oi ynnf drfMunn 


Lucie E.hriiiifh^t^"a^fiao]te ■»! mnrrltfd. yoli attend a wrd'diKi. 

l! (Thr AimUBlliiti Wnmrh'ii Tl^echly ilrnEnU IbW hltriklojTtraJ dfirr 
J, *i Ji rr*lHrF fli Inlrr^^t ant* ihU^uuI i.^r'Tpi'lf^K r*!«puJi»iblU t> 

|r nli|i£r^rr frrr Ibf flJlFi-nrnlM Tnntflmrd In ll | 

n iinr>\hv jn • iiijiiRii H 

Gam II I Lug calcnri nJvirr <ti4ll -- , - • ■ - — ■ - . — » - - 

1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^HB^^HI 

National Library of Australia 9225 

Continuing ... 


■'To :i iJlKhi j.iilit 

"To an fJLliml that you'll lei 
me lec y;>u in London ?" 

"! sup[)aR£ BO." 

fluniphrf^y took bit liaudj off 
her thouHcrj and impiiioned 
Ihprn in his arraj. }lr, Vissrd 
tier ?gain. 

"To Jin cxtMt thai you'lJ Irt 
mr ailt you ^gain wocfl yoii 
have Kunr pawitr on your 

"I don't know. Oh, Hum- 
phrey, there im't timt trow la 
[tiakc up my mind," 

from page 68 

"Therr'i ah ihi- time in the 
wttrfd," Huuiphrty aaiij. "Now 
Wt'vi; rdI j** Jiir :i5 thi.». I wa* 
juii thinking how pli:i!ed Aunt 
L.niiiia would he if wc fold 
Set about it in Ihf morninff." 

Bui Mia Bai-sJicit did not 
have to be lold. WKcn ihr saw 
[hcpl walking into her holrl 
rooro. their faces glowingly 
Sklivc, iht kiirw. Slic knew tiai 
thia Iflst jtmmcy of iicrj. bitd 
arcDmpIished JomrtliinB mori; 
thsn she hsd cvei hopnd. - 

Our new serial is dramatic 
murder mystery 

\rEXT w^k yffr preti^nt the firnt ]nns ImittdmtQt of 
the Ifliicsi inyti'tprT by iht." papidnr A-mflraUaa hulIiof 
MiiFifut NeviUe. 

"'Stvc*:! JNlgtht (or Murder" teils hov^ yaufit^ and 
prH IV r»lliy ^[inpHin ram r.t iv Sydn r y in npend n 
/cw wwks wnLb frimdn tsfforc her vnarriufce to wrrallhy 
eracii^f Ro^er {'k'Jnenla, Bnl !l is with hoirtir that 
hiT Wtndsi Keilh and Jeit* Wbimib Tiad her iTiurdi'*ird 
im itiirlr Irfrure one b^rautifiil Numitirr ■I'vcninK' 

tlowpvcr* wJi'^n tnnptctor GTOfim and Sc'r^c^uut^Man- 
ning^ of llir Svdjii^r rtlart. lli«r iDi|uiri>rwi n ifnil 

df df:i:£Ll nfitl e.vmi bt^rkniBli UQearlhedn and il Hcpms 
lltAl nuu^ of Cailhy^B ef><-iilled ffirpda hi*\r j^ood 
rrnmttn to dUlike nnd cv^n fear heri Dut with lliiur 
UN u al c fl \m 1 tiv I":!!:,! I ioii^ Grog an and Ma »n i 
■uaihane 14 a^erlBin the idrntity of thr murdciLrt^r aft 
thf^ silurf i!atttnd Id A thritliiic endiriE^. 

U-on^l miaa ihc fvr^l in&tti!iii]ii>nl -of this snspcnEefnl 


of pounds 
In prizes 

. entry iarms svailabie 

from your family chemist 

. . . babies need 



'Savlon:' q u 1 ck \y a nd saf el / 
soothes away the cause of 
baby's skin discomfort. 
'Savlon' is pleasant, safe and 

Made bff ths manBfactarrr^ ol: 
'^vlfln' Aiiti$tftic lltutf 

'Savlon' |pniit« 
'TwD-PirHse' Prvteclin Grean 


OF mmuti I NEW mum ltd. 

ABain jhc fell the auddrr. 
<wnrni ematmn that had flutMlfld 
over heJ in ibr iitiJe Russitin 
chiiich flnd thai zhv bad foiiaini 
imismiibic; in put into wordi. 
A fonLmtcd feeling of ffr.tntude 
sim^iiy TO be liviHg, Witrrhing 
DtiiFr pciSple. Tliic iinT^ipccied 
in their brhaviotir always ab- 
sotHrd her; ihc predirinblc- 
cxiirrtained hrr. 

It WHS u tcinsolation to MLis 
Baj^hot to inow ihiii, ufter 
He\-cnty ytiH, her intcrejl Jii 
pcoplr nnd the ways thtir lives 
tjtjrimriii; cntnnKkd find not even 
frayed ulitiLat the edi^Es: 

"Well, Humphrry," she *iid 
And thrrc WAS, 3. aatiffiH^d .lir 
shaut htf ^ ihflti!;l!i 4he had 
Wf-llefl her businrii and Waii 
JiiipntieiiL \a Jravp. ^'Ai you 
5pr, I'm quSlc rtndy for thr 
journey home.'' 

Now tUf TS:ii;-hc>L riic 
nvns no Eonj^e; -cir pcilltica] ini' 
jYiirt^^ir:!:. il Ikud tuiTtt^d up j|g;jiji> 
on Mr. Biic.kineh;(m'j dr»Je- 

1 1 wnx i>t:At i^f u1 in }i li avfn 
iuiie offiCR: und full liUmrncr in 

ihr p^rk ^'Utfttdc his ivjndcjH'. 
Hack ir»m pinyiiit: hi^ role 
t 11 r Fii r i:j(;n O ffU" r- spt>k esnia rt 
al the nirpofL vwh-ini Jfumljhrrv 

aniJ hi^ auni atepptd off thi- 
ploTie. Mr. ^usikinghaiD setd^cl 
down ItJ wjltc thr last paprr 
on rhr hl^ of ^'MLu Liivinia 

"Ai instructtrd, I arrived at 
Liyndon Arrpurt at prcriscTy 
five-tweniy i^nd Lnforraed ihr 
Frcsj correspondcnu who hrttJ 
a^cmblcd rhnt I wan r^picaent- 
iiig the Foreign OfTkc and (hni 
Mia] B>tt;^hot hud ipc£Llfi,caLl) 
st:iEE!d she would gWc no inter- 
view. ] therefore requested 
ihem (o difiprrsr. But ihr nor- 
rcapondentik sonx twu hundred 
i n n u mbe r, were qui te uiico- 

*'Al five forty-five the B.E.A. 
VLarounl touched down, and by 
Fpcciaj iirmngcraejnt wilh 
^jrpurt .luthoTitjcs I ivm allowed 
la hoird thr plane before ihr 
paiAtnjjeri ^lijj^htcd and warn 
Miss Bagsfaol ;ind her .^rnrid- 
nephew, Mr. NaplpT. nf ihr ti"- 
EiepEion awo.illng them. 

"They both actcpted th(r 
^iiiJiition with remaj)t;iblc ironi- 
posuri; and 4?ncE Again aBsurtd 
rJSt; they wnuld add nolhmi^ to 
:lie ofFici^l Foreign OfJtrr hnnt]- 
i«uT, which waj ruprinicd in 
JllH in tcKiiiy'j copy al 'The 

"MiaiS Bagihol, whet hai an 
undguhted flair far hEmdllni; 
proplc, then niad« her 
fhrDugh i| mosi unqiir^'ing hdt- 
Tt;*Y of flnshhulhs and ncw\- 
ree! cainrras. She did not re- 
inaiii conipit;iety lilcnl. a\ 
I'oreijn Office insiruttions had 
'-.j.tfKesled, On the olhfr hand^ 
hitr ffEcndly nnd entirrjy 
natural ailitude tow^rd^ thr 
PreM did mufh lowaiEls iji^^icjT 
T^jLning tx EfHid-humof't-d :itmoa- 
pkerc in u situation whirh fould 
i:asily have gtrt out of hand. 

^'Althou^h the full alury of 
Misi Bagshoi's stay in Moicow 
will nevfer be kna^vn to the 
i^eneral Jiuhh'c and varioui wc- 
sidni of the Press may ccmlinuc 
lo ipvc conlradicsory a.nd luis- 
Eeadinir inLerprEtationi of the 
• ,i5e fqr Btumc time tti come. I 
have riD d^jubi that, in diie 
< liurae, iht preieait publiciiy 
will die down and the whole 
incident will eventually be for- 

The £iid 
Copyright, Anne Tefecombt^ 


Thia tiflv*| it puWiahcd hj 
Harrill PrtM. 

tffow TMt Lots 
of Ki4&n/(U 
Be goinfr To 

here f6 d 

mm Df 


Lifce for iteTftTiTs YoU Tf^U5T'/VT'neVe^ 
iN SiAi'it^mihli. Unless tHeR^ Sa^^fconyB) 
SRoUTid Who CM Wo\fi ■ 
You A titt ^Avep. ^^^^^W^i::::-^ 

Ana If >^)tJ^ p/ffrf5,TOflf£&uRt i^t 



if Yaur 
fAKenr^ set 

cPVfiUr ■ 
ffie Life 

hE W)t| 


ftvfi You shouL45/jr go in Si^liWin^ RsfehT^ff. 
er You e^fj bUfiHoutci slrarounD 5 wftu <^ 

^ T>3d4Y The^aiNdJRv I'^rt^^^tj, ^ 

Fhla «ory i» fiction and 'm 
1101, intcndi^d to drplxl any 
rncmber of any Foreii^ OfPic*.' 
or Diplomatic Cfjrps wfiLaiAo^ 

Whci\J -^tuR all P/¥Sp'/Pecl, 
Mew Mo?iia* 

'^mt^ is Worse eiteN 

TrV A/or To swallef 5fJY 
Df T/ieOce/^n,onaC(Ju/gt 

ifJ 1^ k//lfch tastes 3aiTY--- 


,^^3J w//irel)lfaUTi)£ire -5 

5fouK mm 


By RfP 

National Library of Australia 9226 





I Happy y"" ' '^o" re ^""■^ °f 
|lf{ wJio won't seStle ffir sfime- 
ig)S- VcfU try whatever * rsw 
0d' iranderful— new lines, new 
ftlpcs, newcolouti— sranrl new 
nyi of Ih'ing. Like so many of 
lay's imart .vouiig niodoni!;. 
i'4;hi>pse the nicest in s^ni- 
fprntictian, loo . . . Tampsjf 
al sanitate proicdion! 
use it's invisihie artd unfdt 
In place, DccauKc ti'^ so 
nty to uic, to cltange and 
po^ of. B<^u!ke you never 
wanics a'bout odour i>r 
blcjns of carryitig ' spiircs", 
auie with Tanipix, you mil 
I bai ttJiEtt ^iboLit differences 
^ days of the month! Who 
^ldn'l use Tampax', ym sny! 

the mudcm way! tn two 
isortiencics — Regular a.nd 
[Super to me«i personal needs. 
1 for Tainpax at any chemists 
p 31 ore. 

' 'lu'ij 1 i ke (I sMnp b I in plain w rap- 
;|jun srnil naiue,tt(fdr«i and 7cl. 
'.lampi to Tht t^urac, IJcpl. A. 

''tM Agcnciu Pty. Llli., Ban 

■■£5, O.P.O.. Sydney. 

Orl fid of ScTiKu pain 

■ ■ - *li »KtT pillrr, wJiS 

A* IjLl, hfldr I a tmii 
rvmfld^ fo. thaui 

dFfq^iofii ffliihl^tUr and 

'alt. Fn ivii « raw da^i 
•It ilM siin. ...0 >ih., ,smpl.ii(lr 
A.K iim will .„i ,rr«i nt 

. POWrtuI, A H 

-D/i W IV .1 .11 


For iMtupie who uilnk— 

The Observer 

Airitralln's flrnt 
tnriniehtiv reTietr. 
"6 from jouT Nmaageni, 

M.-VNDIUKE, Master Magieiau, ia IrarinK 
(he AI>t»rninablc Suowmaa in the Hima- 
layas, A piirl rtisgtluctl in a furry sitit Iryads 
him to a L'ily tn (he heart cif a mnitntaia, 
where he meets Zens, the niler of tllympu?!. 
Zeus [ells Moririrakc ilial hU people are 

leavins Earth lest ihey hr disiimen;± 
Mandr,ike is taken to the slopes of Mt. 
.\ral, .ind the C)lympians hhst off in a 
r(H:ket«t)ip. Meanwhile, Nitrrfa .ind Lothiir 
M-e tliP blait, ihrn find Mandrake. ISOW 
RT.M) UN: 



Sueh bred IN rewarded with mvcitcEtzatt, 
erfepirii; creatures (3, j). 
7. AaciquarM with a pre-emiiteni bead C7), 
0 . With M.\ Ji L)Ig^ in Kew Ynrk it i.i 
money (5), 

9 Claw, reniainiii^ c&xM or part a swftrd- 
blade (j), 

ID. Make restitution 


11, HTicre thcrt a,fic dim nose is m tbern 


13. Set in a donkey fur the ptojierty oj a 
periHin |6|, 

15. %c race (Ananr.. 7). 

16. Hnnioil autoniauiu deipoD tn turii (5). 

18. Brisily like ihc heard of the barley (3). 

13. Green though miKlIy consuls nf a ted 
van {!), 

20 Thh child't pJay is 
a boiischj}ld pet's 
bed (4. 

RutT ii ihieyd of Sheen thrti your 
firjiers . feel the imoQth. .silkj 
finish, ihu ftpene^^. the sirenath. 
Sew ii sciim and !iec htm Sficcn 
snuggles right down into the fab 
ric viilh mr putktrtii^. letting the 
fabric take the wear ami ti;iir- A 
Sheen seam always looks neuter, 
and wilj far outlast the gaimenl' 
Yoii don't hiive to he a profes- 
sional dressiTukcr to know that 
gond sirwing starts with COATS 
Super .Sheen size >0 

fioluiion vriJi be puUi&hed ncnt wecli. 

boiutiun D-f la^t week's 

T"«E AusraAHAN VVomts's WoEitv - .August 31, \-iW 

t. UcEoiBc and cxtartiiii; de- 
mand [5). 

2. Clear car lint (AnaKr., 12], 

3. Filled with longing fnr Miinp- 
what IcHifjcr than twcKc 
mouths t^], 

4. Brings on oneself in worth- 
V-M dogs (6 1, 

3 Set right with a change of 
cioihinK (7). 

6. A modem braTo (.^nil|{^„ S, 

8 Acrtfurai and completely 


elastic tlujdf triade by 
sages (5J. 

Lazznroiii a pingc't liircc- 
ton prodnee thin cataract 


I>argc South .'Urieaa ante- 
lope (51. 

Cavities in (he dtidel ves- 
tiary (6). 

16. More uaufual arc ia the 
centre (31. 

17. Let U lor a disuDgutsbJuf; 
appellatinu (5), 





to WMir-iiti ciir njc. pasutiH- 
EFiS Sj':i?VJCE. for rict»Ufl or 
submljiif Lon Antt t^omm LbsJu N 
rjitPJi. TfiR Monml^f Wrlti!r.i 
KfiFKlrttEr, putilLali^ IXtt far 
tzltc ifuifiAni'p *>\ AiMtraUvtifn 
tvritETB, fi^if inEtrUCtlEJliA an how 

iimtiilei. will btr ftpal ffcn upnti 


P.O. ao.v wii.i., 

Ei-l'.ft., nntdBANt^ 

W W,L/i 

Keep up-lo-date . . . reiul 


F.Tery ninath 
in (rom your NewiaEEnl. 

m^immi of aonif 

FL lyS iirr atiaiUblr /rum uur 
Hnmr Ftatinin^ Centm totntr^ 
ill iKudiitK Ti'lad aJtrrcM throufih- 

.Vl-e ihii Mnk't nrrhi- 
liTt-ilMljcnpd homr on Hemr 
Ftmi II" ff' 

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There is no Substitute for Quality 

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